Pre-game Tidbits (at Houston)

* Azubuike is out. Left knee tendinitis. Guess who’s starting in his place? Ronny Turiaf. Nellie reads my blog.

* Tracy McGrady is also out with a sprained left ankle. Ron Artest is starting in his place. So, my guestimation: Ronny is going to guard Yao. Which puts Andris on Scola and Stephen Jackson on Battier. Monta matches up with Rafer Alston and Crawford gets Artest. See any problems for the Warriors defense?

* Nellie expressed some regret for playing Jackson so many minutes. Ellis played 38 minutes, which is a lot considering Nellie said he wasn’t sure if Monta was going to play, and Crawford played 37-plus. I would expect to see more of Watson and Morrow early, especially with no Azubuike. The only question is, can the Warriors stay close enough to rest the key guys early.

* Still no word for Morrow in regards to the 3-point contest at All-Star Weekend. He remains the last home for Warriors representation.

Marcus Thompson

  • jsl

    Just curious. Is Anthony Randolph still on the team? Has Nelson just decided to go all CD-DNP with him on us? The last we saw of him he was playing well in Dallas — and, so of course, Nellie pulled him.

    Last night we got away with it. It helped, also, that NO was missing two key guys — Mo Peterson and Ty Chandler — and that West was just a shadow of himself in his first game back (tho he could easily rebound against the small ball Warriors, his shot just wasn’t there). And, the team actual played defense for four quarters. Plus, Ronny had just a fabulous game, and Jack — except for his continuing shooting problems — played very well too, limiting himself to two throwaways.

    But I don’t see the same thing happening tonight — even if the Rockets are without McGrady and with a shaky Artest. Good thing Nelson’s starting big. But if he ain’t gonna let Randolph play we won’t have a chance.

  • jb

    Marcus, is Kelenna’s tendinitis a serious issue?

  • earl monroe

    Jacko- 5 assists 3 turnovers. horrible shooting night, 2 rebounds, still played 37 minutes, can you say bad distribution in term of minutes by Nelson?

    And playing on a back to back and Randolph does not get in until 6 minutes to go.

    Just sayin’ seems like many of the w’s could have benefitted from a little less time so perhaps they could have been more efficient.

    This whole idea that Nelson makes decisions on whim and fading intuition…………..

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Maybe Nelson got wind of some of the blogs and figured he better start to develop some of his “Big Men”. He did the other night playing Kurtz.

    Now that frickin idiot coach gotta get wind that he supposed to give more playing time to our lottery rookie and not the fuckin walk on on rookie.

    Oh well…….. That’s our good coach Nellie!!!!