Post-game Tidbits (at Houston)

* It was odd to see Randolph checking on for the first time with six minutes left in the fourth. Ronny and Biedrins were in foul trouble all game. Azubuike was out. Kurz was relatively ineffective. Not to mention, Randolph has a history against Yao. He dunked on him twice the last time at Houston. The Warriors needed someone willing to bang down there, but with the quickness to get to the ball. Randolph seemed like he could’ve been valuable. He immediately showed that when he checked in, too. He did take one ill-advised jumper, but that’s Warriors basketball.

* Jackson’s mom sat courtside. Wonderful lady. She got on Jackson about the technical. She reminded him that was 12 and he only had four more to get suspended. She even gave him a look. He reminded her that his tech didn’t count towards the suspension total. Still, it was a trip to see Jax submissive.

* The Warriors were definitely affected by the presence of Yao, on the offensive end. They looked scared to drive to the basket. Houston was physical and aggressive on defense, and it seemed to me the Warriors wanted no part of that. So they took jumpers. They were obliterated in points in the paint (48-22) and lost the free throw attempts battle (32-23).
Why not go at Yao, get him in foul trouble? A couple years ago, the Warriors ran Houston out of the gym. They put Al on him, gave him help, and they went at the Rockets. Houston was preparing for more attacking because of that. But the Warriors kept firing away.

* If Saturday’s game was any indication, the assistant coaches made a good call selecting Aaron Brooks over C.J. Watson. He clearly was the better player head up. Of course, he got much more of a chance than Watson, too.

Marcus Thompson

  • OliverStone

    No national TV, Jax back to normal, 6-17!

  • the Seer

    Is there one reason that Don Nelson is coaching this team beside him having a contract…This is not a team he would ever like…Way to many young players…Its such an obvious mismatch…Its sad to see him on the sidelines trying to look like he wants to be there…

  • jsl

    Clever move, keeping AR out of the game while letting Jack jack ’em up again at will. That Nelson’s really got it going, doesn’t he?

  • earl monroe

    There is nothing sad about getting paid millions to coach,
    he needs to coach, not talk about coaching, he need to teach,
    not talk about “they, don’t do it” “we had the play covered on LeBron”
    the play was not covered, he did not re enforce to Monta he must be
    over there, he was fooled with the little slide LeBron made.

    And even if it was Monta’s fault, its a team game, you don’t call out
    a player like that, its going to come back to haunt him, and the only friend he
    will have left is named Jacko Jackson, the turnover king.

  • roy12

    Nelson has set it up perfectly, him vs a potential star player, Randolph. Its one or the other, so Nelson can go to Maui with the 12 Mil retirement benefit. Or he may just go to Sacramento for two years.

  • danikil49

    If another Warrior player says we are an offensive team I will scream.They kept jacking up bad jumpers and no one seemed to realize they have done this many , many times to the tune of a 16-33 record. Get a clue Jax, Jamal and Cory, it is not working.Try moving the ball around and Nelson please just play Randolph and Wright when he returns. Why is it that these SF teams like over the hill useless veterans. I don’t get it, young players tend to be cheaper and with a couple years experience some of them blossom. Apparently no one on this team is smart enough to see the pattern in these losses. Fire Nelson and Rowell…these players and Nelson don’t get it. You have to play defense to win consistently.

  • Chris

    Well…………here we are……taking on the second best team in the West Monday night at the Oracle.

    No pre-game tidbits yet but I’m too excited to blog, I can’t wait.

    At any rate, the Spurs are coming off a big win the night after we beat the Hornets, they did the same thing, capturing their division lead and probably sending Byron Scott to think further about maybe wanting to coach the Lakers when Jackson steps down, because he knows HIS team will never beat the Lakers in a 7 game series.

    The Spurs are healthy and playing well. I imagine Stephen Jackson will draw the Ginobili assignment and that should be a pretty good match up with the exception of Stephen’s 3-5 turnovers that he should have tonight.

    We will have “0” answers for Roger Mason, Jr., the Spurs new found “gem.” I expect Mason to go for at least 16 points this evening. The PG matchup pitts 2 similar offensive players in TP and Monta (but who knows with Nelson’s rotations), who will be playing PG. You might even see Stephen Jackson on TP once in a while to employe a “tougher” defensive stand, as Europoean players tend to be “soft” and buckle to physical play, Tony Parker, while a nice player, in my book is no exception. If you stick a Chauncey Billups type PG on Tony Parker, Billups will eat him alive.

    And of course, the “ever so dependable” Tim Duncan for whom we have had “0” answers since he was drafted in the league…………..tonight should be no different.

    But it is a home game,……….we do play better at home, even against “elite” teams.

    Let’s hope the Spurs defense does not hold us under 100 at the Oracle,………I don’t think they will!

  • NotaNelsonfan

    We got burned from the official tonight, but I guess that’s how it goes sometimes.

    We still had chances to win. The last possesion was a joke. We didn’t even get a shot off. Hmmmmmm

    We shot the ball good for the most part, but we went dry for 5:31 seconds. It should not take that long to figure out were cold, stop shooting the ball so much from the outside and attack the basket more like Manu did shouldn’t we??? And attempt to get easier buckets by attacking the paint?

    Crawford once again was invisible offensively when he plays with both Jax and Monta. It’s still early, but sure doesn’t look like he will get his touches on the ball when playing along side with Jax and Monta.

    Oh well.

  • OptimusPrime

    Warriors got hosed 2nite. When they went into OT we just knew that they didnt have anything left. Credit to a Championship team (Spurs) they know what it takes to win in the end.

    Its okay…we are out of the Playoffs and I am officially on Lottery watch. Since we cant get any other balls to bounce our way hopefully a lottery ball will.

  • Ignoring the crap we pulled to lose that lead and not get a good final shot (Jackson again!) is stupid. The Ginobili call is the LAST thing we should be talking about but of cours,e in Warrior Land, find the excuse and RIDE IT HARD.

    BS team.

    Stephen Jackson got his numbers but he effing sucks. We’re screwed forever. Again.

    Cohan Rules!

  • ryder

    So Nellie says Randolph needs to do what he’s being told to do in order to get minutes and no one thought to ask what those specific things are? And we’ve got Nellie complaining about columnists and bloggers misrepresenting what he’s saying, running away with conspiracy theories–yet he’s giving us another cryptic answer?

    And can you please go and ask Mark Grabow about Wright’s body’s development, training regimen, etc.? We’ve been talking for two years about Wright’s slightness and no one has thought to ask about how and when that’s going to change?

    Maybe one of the assistants will be more forthcoming…


  • Sleepy

    NotaNelsonfan – I agree Crawford wasnt aggressive offensively but all his looks were good looks and Im glad he didnt force it .If everyone tries to get their points it will only make it worse .

    Crawford is a calming influence over this team offensively even if he isnt shooting it well and when the ball is in his hands good things happen afterwards the other scorers dont force it as much .

    We held the lead from the start of the second quarter until 5 mins left in the game when they went on that run which coincides with Nelson taking Crawford out when over the last few weeks he had been our most effective late game player and Im talking ft line/shooting and passing.

    Instead of going for leadership and execution nelson tried to leave the hot players on the floor but the Spurs defense was gonna clamp down and he shouldve expected that and went for execution and the valuing of possessions .You just cant go with so many poor ballhandlers/decision makers at the end of the game.

  • danikil49

    There were a couple of rebounds that we didn’t get that led to second chance points and ultimately to another loss.Instead of Randolph we get Watson who I like a lot, but not as a rebounder. Please Nelson give us fans a break, get your ego out of the way ( remember what happened with Chris Webber and HIS uncle).Let’s not repeat what was a mistake.

    Where is it written that rookies have to earn (based on your judgement)minutes. You have never won an NBA title only a couple of playoff games. Come down off your high horse. I have always found the way to success is to get yourself out of the way and you can see a lot better. Work on it PLEASE!!!

  • Chris

    We can talk about the “phantom foul” called on Roni on the Ginobili “take” that essentially sealed our fate all we want.

    But if you go “dry” in the 4th quarter, not scoring for a 5:31 span, how the hell do you expect to beat the number 2 team in the West?

    We gave this game away because of our poor shooting in the 4th quarter.

    All my previous posts point to the fact that among our many problems such as lack of defense and lack of defensive rebounding, we also can go through stretches where our offense is stagnant and our “motion” and “ball movement” is non-existent.

    Many Warrior fans seem to think our offense is “fine,” “We score 110ppg.” That’s true, but what good is the 110 ppg if you do not convert at the most critical junctures in the game, especially the 4th quarter.

    As I said before, scoring 110 ppg don’t mean shit if you cannot score in the 4th quarter. Add the problems of defense and rebounding and you can see that we have a long “f-ing” way to go.

    What is the best remedy for improving your shooting in the 4th quarer? Answer: A “STAR PLAYER” like # 24, #23 (James), last night Tony Parker, Manu and Tim are all stars in my book who are capable of winning games.

    We don’t have anybody like that, we are forcing Stephen Jackson into that role, a role that he simply cannot fulfill. Yes he can take and make big shots and he DID do that last night down the stretch, no question. But his shot was absent for a span of 5:31 in the 4th quarter, a span where we didn’t score a single basket. Stephen Jackson is a number 3 option on a good team, like the Spurs. He is not a “go to guy” because he can’t dribble, pass or create for himself consistently…………”sometimes” yes, but not consistently. I can dribble, pass and create better than Stephen Jackson,…….yes,……. me.

    Can Monta be that guy?……….Maybe,……..but I just don’t think he’s assertive or aggresive enough.

    I like guys who take the ball to the basket and try to get fouled like Manu, like Paul Pierce, like Kobe Bryant and sometimes like Corey Maggette.

    That being said, the only guys on this team that can do that are Crawford, Ellis and Maggette……..why don’t they do it more often?

    I do it all the time when I play, that’s all I do.