Crawford v. Maggette Beef

Uh, oh. A rift in the locker room.
According to a team source, guard Jamal Crawford and forward Corey Maggette had a heated exchange during Monday’s overtime loss to the San Antonio Spurs. It took me a while to confirm it, but the argument started on the court, believe it or not.
Crawford, apparently sparked by a comment from Maggette, began yelling at Maggette about his selfish play. The usually mild-mannered Crawford was the aggressor in the exchange, according to the source, and told Maggette to “contribute something other than scoring.” The shouting match extended into the locker room at halftime.
Crawford, reached after the game via email, sent a one-line reply when asked about the incident: “Don’t want to talk about it. We’ll keep that in house.”
Is this an issue to be concerned about? Or just the usual brotherly squabs that happens during the course of a losing season? Guess we’ll find out.

Marcus Thompson

  • AS

    Crawford needs to be more selfish for the team and Maggette needs to be less selfish.
    What they need is a balance.Yet it’s true that Maggette doesn’t have the skills to distribute once he makes his mind up to bull the lane for a foul.
    I wonder what Jax opinion is or how he dealt with it. If he even did.

  • J Canseco

    Direct result of absolutely pitiful front office roster management.

  • Nuck Chorris- Dr. Fegan

    Maggette needs to move off ball more in order to create for others. He often stands in the lane that would be for driving while he calls for the ball. Rather than juke his way in and out of lanes or around the perimeter WHILE calling for the ball.

  • Thor

    For f…. sake dismantle this team ASAP. Fans, especially Warriors fans, should not be made to put up with the retarded front office, coach, and players.

  • AK

    Maggette gives the Warriors the best chance to win. He takes very few field goal attempts but can score at a high % by getting to the line. Crawford, on the other hand, is a 40% fg shooter. Crawford needs to understand that he’s not the primary scorer on this team and allow Monta/Jackson/Maggette to work things out.

  • ts

    This was really only a matter of time. How many shoot-first, one dimensional, wing-men can you put on the court at once? Better yet, how much long-term money can you tie into those same 4-5 guys?

  • alizarin1

    Maggette doesn’t pass the ball because he knows that he’ll just turn it over.

  • rubadubdubber

    it’s about time someone confronted maggette…that ball hog has done nothing but put himself first every time he steps onto the court…cut his ass…crawford get’s major props in my book.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Analysis of a player: Very streaky (but capable) scorer, major defensive liability, not much variation to his game (limited skill set), doesn’t have a specific NBA position and plays with a lack of passion necessary to be successful on a good NBA team.
    Player: Jamal Crawford/Corey Maggette – take your pick. Remember DunMurphy? How about Jamorey Crawggette?
    Trade them both to Portland for LaFrentz, Outlaw and Fernandez!
    Or trade them, Jackson and Marcus Williams to Toronto for Jermaine O’Neal, Jamario Moon and Anthony Parker.
    We need to shed salary and begin rebuilding now!!!

  • Sleepy

    Harps where did you get that Crawford has a limited skillset ? He and Maggette are nothing alike .lack of passion ? Now you are trying to compare either of them to Murphy and Dunleavy is even more baffling .

    The problem is Nelson. They bring Crawford here to man the point until Monta returns and then they can share the duties but there can be no pg on this team with jax on it. Maggette just duplicates that problem and this started in training camp with nelson basically saying do whatever you want because Monta is injured .

    Crawford saying something with his history(hes considered a class act on and off the court around the league) basically says something about mags behavior right there . The joking practice confrontation with jax where Crawford is calling out assists and jax is talking about being guarded on 27 ft threes shows you mentally where these players are at at this stage in their careers .

    Crawford has 3 50 pt games a ton of 40 pt games but knows winning is where the true respect comes from. Jax and maggette dont care about this.They have their money now and a team/coach that will let them do anything they want.

    We are in a total state of disarray right now as a organization.

  • sad_panda

    Portland probably wouldn’t give up Fernandez, but I’d be fine with losing Crawford and Maggette for Lafrentz, Outlaw and a pick.

  • sad_panda

    Or even better would be Jack & Maggs for Lafrentz, Outlaw and a pick. The pick might not be included though because we’d be killing Portland’s cap much like ours is currently killed.

  • Ra

    Corey is selfish, but I didnt see much better from Crawford last year and he was running the point

    Trade Corey before the deadline, there are plenty of teams that could use his skill set

  • EJ

    i was at the spurs game on monday and maggette didn’t box out for ****! a couple of them happened in the 4th quarter, too!

  • Phil

    When either of these guys plays some defense… let me know.

    Crawford is a gifted scorer with his 4 point plays and And1 crossover highlights. He could be a distributor next to Monta in the backcourt. Unfortunately, he’s a matador defender, which is bad news when Monta isn’t 100%.

    Maggette can score, and get to the free throw line like no other, which is good because it gets us into the bonus. Unfortunately, as a 3 and 4 man, he gets killed on the boards and his swipes from behind produce steals(and a whole lot of fouls), but cannot be considered defense.

    Until then, it’s two gunners upset because they don’t get all the shots anymore.

    I understand Nelson’s philosophy of everyone can score, but please get a defender or rebounder out there! I liked seeing Turiaf and Biedrins out there at the same time because that means we have 2 guys out there that know they aren’t out there to shoot.

    Maybe when Belinelli is healthy we can trade one of our 7 or 8 guards/swingmen for some bigmen.

  • Ewok

    In this case, Crawford has the premium because he is the point guard. The court general, the court director and the guy who brings it all together..

    Maggette should listen. This team is about speed and not post ups. Space and Timing is very crucial and ball distributon is the air this team breaths.

    Maggette should be an impact other than scoring.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    It’s common for player to get upset with one another during the season. The mere fact that you brought it up has spark this whole debate. People commenting about players having friction, and talking about this or that player needing to be traded make don’t realize that this is not the problem. It’s the losing that starting that shedded light on the obvious. They need to come together as a team and the Head coach needs to earn his money by establishing roles and being consistant with his rotation,as well as coming up with a plan both offensively and defensively like all contending teams do. It all starts from the top down. The front office is in disarray and Nelson is not committed to the future of the team. Its all ego with him. He’s the boss and he simply doesn’t care what others think. It his way or the highway. Get in his way and he’ll dog you out. Never mind getting in his way, he doesn’t need a reason at all, he simple doesn’t have to like you to be in his dog house.

    The other thing is that there is only one ball. Magette is who he is, and nothing has change. He is quite simple a scorer off the bench. Thats not a bad thing having fire power off the bench. I like Crawford but the reality is that Monta and Crawford both need the ball. They look awkward out there together. Who is the point and who is the 2. Crawford has to look in the mirror as well and make more of an effort of moving without the ball and getting into the flow of the game when he doesn’t have the ball. He has a tendency to go one on one while others stand around and watch. Nobody other than Beidrins wants to be a role player. They all want to be the man, but at best there all complimentary players. Last year Baron was the man and the rest followed, point blank. This year the W’s don’t have that star presence, hence the reason why the’re having problems closing out games. Again the real culprit is Nelson not the player. This is happening on his watch, it fall at his feet.

  • DW

    You think we can trade Marcus Williams to Orlando for something since they need a point gaurd?

  • KennySeagle, Emperor of the North

    Crawford is right– everyone know Magette is a ball hog…but in response did Corey ax, “Say, Jamal, are you ever going 2 play defense????” jamal crawford is the WORST defender 2 ever wear a Warrior uni, philly, the cow palace, or Anacle.

  • blah

    Big F’ing deal. So they had an arguement? So what! They should be arguing, they are losing. If they weren’t we should be more concerned. I love this team as they are. Keep them together. When AR and BW develop we will have an awesome team.

    Miracles don’t happen over night & we’re not winning anything this year. But we have a great team, be it a very young team. I love the Nelson. The team has been playing MUCH better for the most part in all areas. I like nearly evey player on this team. They need time to gel.

    Nelson is right, AR is not ready, but I would like to see more PT for him regardless.

    There’s some great talent in the draft to.

    Keep this team together.

  • Jaysohn

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been more squawking on this team given the tough loses they have had this season. The problem with the Warriors isn’t Mags, Crawford or Captain Jack it is the same problem that has haunted this team since Webber was traded; no superstar player. You cannot win in the NBA without at least one elite player. Somehow throughout all the years of drafting in the lottery the Warriors have failed to come up with even one yet alone the 2 or 3 you need to be a consistent winner. There hasn’t been a Warrior to the make the All-Star team since the RUN TMC days. Even as good as Baron was for us he never made it either because he was still only the 4th or 5th best point guard in the West. Yet he was the closest thing to a superstar the team has had in a decade. That’s why I’m not so sad about the Mullin situation. Less face it the best move he made was getting Baron at a time when NO ONE else wanted him. I mean come on Speedy Claxton and a bag of beans. And even if you examine that good fortune what did the Hornets eventually get out of it?? Chris Paul. As much as we loved Baron who would you rather have right now?? CP3 and its not even close. The other deal to get rid of Dunleavy and Murphy was more of Nelsons doing who flat out stated he couldn’t ever win with that combination. So another stroke of luck, the Pacers were dying to get rid of crazy Jackson at all costs. Remember many people thought the Pacers were getting the better of the deal because of another great Warrior draft pick, remember Ike? And unfortunately I don’t see Monta as that player either. He might end being a good scorer but he’s not a difference maker. Just look at Kevin Martin in Sac scoring 30+ some nights and the team still losing. Until there is another Rick Barry caliber player running up and down the arena in Oakland the Warriors will continue to struggle.

  • Matt

    What is it that you contribute Jamal? Surely your 30% shooting over the last 4 games while jacking it up 16 times on average. For a point guard, your 4 apg are rather lackluster. So basically crawford shoots more than maggette, at a lower percentage, and contributes in less areas. Is it just me or is crawford being hypocritical. Not to mention the fact that Jamal is coming off one one of his only good years in the league on the lowly knicks and maggette was on the team before him. Know your role and put up or shut up #6…

  • Warriors Dude

    I say let them fight. It is good for the team. If they want to win, they should get on eachother if somebody is bringing the team down. In the end, this team will find itself if they want to win, and listen to Nelly.

  • NS

    Last all star was Spree, he made it thrice as a Warlord.

  • JT

    its usually the other way around but i think its obvious we have too many indians and not enough chiefs…where’s captain jack at? if your gonna shoot sub .400 and turn it over 5 times a night the least you could do is step in as captain and starting checking everybody including himself…How about some accountability? Monta paid dearly for his accident but what is he paying now that he barely pays attention on defense…im his biggest fan and i can be patient on offense and explosion but not laziness and carelessness!!!

  • All the posters suggesting the trades G-State needs to make, have lost their minds.
    The players the Warriors have on their roster, are not valuable around the league. You don’t see San Antonio, Cleveland, Orlando, or Dallas looking at the Warriors roster and saying “if we just had ‘blank’, we could be a championship team”
    Maggette, Ellis, Crawford, Jackson are not going to put any contenders over the top.
    Rubadubdubber suggested the Warrions ‘cut’ Maggette. Look man, do some research. The salaries in the NBA are guaranteed, not like the NFL. You can’t buy out the 4 or 5 years remaining on a contract like Maggette’s. (Unless your the Isiah led Knicks)
    Harp’s Dubs suggested the Warriors trade Crawford/Maggette to the Blazers for 2 guys on their rookie contracts, and expiring contract. The Blazers have finally rid themselves of malcontents.
    Warriors fan has to realize that your players are not worth much league wide. Randolph is, and Biedrins is. Biedrins is worth his $, and Randolph is talented, has upside, and is on his rookien deal. Unless you part with these 2, or Belinelli, there is much on the Warrior roster, that has much value.
    Stephen Jackson is the smartest guy in that whole organization. How he got that 3 year extension is unbelievable.

  • Sleepy

    I dont think its about who shoots as much as it is about working together to get those shots.

    If mags isnt the one shooting then ball then he doesnt want to set the screen or even get in the right position.

    In the second quarter Crawford only took one shot and he played the entire quarter but he was moving the ball and found Ronnie for several baskets and thats when we took control .After pulling up the dvr I can see what Crawford had a problem with.

    Maggette comes into the game at the start of the second quarter grabs a rebound off a ft .Crawford calls for the ball to bring it up Maggette ignores him runs up the court with the ball puts his head down and rams into manu for the offensive .That as just a dumbarse play there .

    Over the course of the quarter every time maggette got the ball he tried to go the full length of court with it ignoring the guards or looked to shoot .He hit some but surrounding that we were getting any shot we wanted from within our offense .Jax was hot and we were finding people off of penetration. Corey wanted no part of running the offense .

    This is a problem Ive seen with the team this year when someone gets hot guys like Mags and jax decide they are gonna force their way into a zone as well instead of playing off that guy who is playing off that guy who is in the zone . This forces the hot guy to not pass at all because he feels he wont get the ball back.

    I agree that we dont have a superstar but thats not the reason we dont win .

    Wee dont win because this year nelson made it about the players (Corey and Jax ) instead of about the system and making the right decision with the ball.

    The knicks dont have superstars either but they have found some success this year because D’Antoni has made it about the system and running it and then the natural talent takes over from there.

    The knicks always seem to make that extra pass to the WIDEOPEN guy .Just our guys tonight watch when the ball goes to wing and then count how many times a second pass is made . We shoot on the good shot instead of passing for the great shot all the time .

  • Jake

    In the loss to San Antonio Crawford played 46 minutes and scored 4 pts. On the bright side, 5 assists. What is Crawford talking about? Time indeed to redo the lineup. Anyone who thinks Crawford or Magette is a gift is simply blowing smoke. They have both been expendable and for good reason. Its a lineup that has the high expectation to play .400 ball…and thats the best they can hope for. Duncan said he gets tired playing (beating) them which is something.

  • A’s in 2009

    LOL@MAGGETTE calling anyone selfish.

  • A’s in 2009

    Oh wait, it was Crawford. Thats just as funny.

  • A’s in 2009

    Marcus, I see Anthony Morrow didn’t make the 3-point shootout. What’s up with getting no representation on All-Star weekend, again? I can’t remember the last time we had any player in any All-star event. This is getting frustrating.

  • Mr. B

    This is expected as some point. These guys are competitors and they are frustrated.

    They train during the season and off-season and have to plan out on areas of improvement for the Summer. I doubt its anything personal and hopefully the outcome is one that drives the team to be closer.

    Of course its more exciting to say that the locker room is now divided between the crips and the bloods…

  • Mr. B

    BTW – I agree with Blah (#20)

  • NotaNelsonfan

    You knew this type of argument was bond to happen. Crawford seems to be less selfish of a ball player than Mags, but don’t feel too sorry for Crawford though. Feel sorry for Morrow, AR, MB, and maybe even BW (When he comes back). Those guys will get hardly anytime at all to play.
    You honestly think MB is gonna get legite time now that Monta’s back? Gurantee that Morrow and MB is wondering if they will get time to play.

    Look at tonights victory game over the Suns. Nellie was gonna finally put Morrow in with 2:35 left to play and got none. He was NOT gonna even play AR at all!
    Even the Suns put their rookies in with 6 minutes to play!

    Lets face it! It’s gonna be the Crawford, Ellis, Jax, Maggette, AB, and Turiaff getting all the minutes! Not that I mind a big man like Rony getting minutes.
    The rest of the guys will be lucky to get a few garbage time minutes! Still wondering why we signed that Davidson guy especially! Probably Nellie’s scheme to sign him was a physch job on AR huh!

  • blah

    Mr. B,

    Crips and bloods? Come on get real! It’s an old West-coast, East-coast thang. (NY vs LA now on the same team) Biggie vs Pac. They were arguing who was the better rapper. Ha.

    Love the humor.

    Tufiaf has been God sent, and to thing I used to hate him.

  • Mike W.

    Wow, Marcus. Such a big news story. You really worked your tail off to dig into this scoop. Teammates argue briefly during the course of a grueling 82-game season. Do you think no one argues in the Celtics locker room, with KG in there? That’s not news we can use, it’s gossip, which is apparently what you and others in the media like to publish these days. Spend your time on something that matters.

  • Mr. B


    come on now… We love old school stuff…

  • Spursfan

    Glad he declined the spurs offer, what a ball hog.

    And why is Al Harrington still on the banner?????