Was Morrow Jobbed?

The Warriors rookie guard was left off the roster for the 3-point shootout. But check out who made it. I put their 3-point percentages in parenthesis:

Mike Bibby, Atlanta (114-279, 40.9)
Daequan Cook, Miami (105-256, 41.0)
Danny Granger, Indiana (120-299, 40.1)
Jason Kapono, Toronto (52-124, 41.9)
Rashard Lewis, Orlando (137-327, 41.9)
Roger Mason, San Antonio (103-229, 45.0)
Anthony Morrow, Warriors (42-84, 40.050.0)

Should he have made it, or has he not taken enough?

By the way, how about Azubuike? He’s 53-118 (44.9 percent) before he knocked down four in the first quarter tonight. He’s got a strong argument, too.

Marcus Thompson

  • potrero joe

    1) not enough shots
    2) no reputation

  • Peter

    Do you mean Morrow, 50%? You’ve got 40% written there. Just a typo I’m sure.

    Thanks for the great blog

  • Da Mathmatecian

    Although im only a street mathmatecian, but 42 of 84 is 50% and not 40%, MT2.

  • Kevin T.

    Kelenna Azubuike just showed to the world against Phoenix how much of a three point threat he is. Maybe he was angry that he didn’t get to the three-point contest so he took every three point opportunity he could and knock them down. good job Azubuike. Keep on jacking up those three’s. The warriors live and die by the three.

  • A’s in 2009

    This is Nellie’s fault for not playing him more and getting more shots. Right now we’re a billion games under .500 and Nellie is sticking to a 8-man rotation. Why? Randolph and Morrow should be getting major run right now.

    btw, Morrow is 50.0%. 🙂

  • PJ

    42/84 = %50

    %50 is good. He should have made it over Bibby.

  • TheNatureBoy

    Kelenna is more deserving because he’s taken more shots, but there’s no way he would have won. His shot is way too slow and deliberate to be effective in a rapid-fire 3-point shooting contest. If Morrow can be as effective next year (or even for the remainder of this year), then he’ll get a spot.

    Although I am curious about one thing. I thought that every team had to have at least one representative during the weekend – even if it’s in the Rookie/Soph game. Last I checked, the Dubs will be completely shut-out during All-Star Weekend. Talk about getting no love….

  • m8e

    wow, best 3 pt sooter not invited to the 3 point shootout…
    i’m not watching that douche-fest…F the NBA.

  • Al Oha

    Mo’ Money GOT JOBBED!
    And he keeps getting JOBBED …………..by Nellie.

    For a team that’s 16-34, there is absolutely no justification for not giving him any burn.
    In fact, the games that were close losses, he could have been the difference.

    How much did Nellie lobby for his inclusion when all he had to do was give him more opportunities?

  • GSWFan24

    Nope, not enough shots, which is funny because he has the green light when on the floor

  • Robo

    Both Morrow and Azubuike got ripped off. If Morrow didn’t take enough shots, then Azubuike surely did. Kelenna’s numbers are better than Jason Kapono’s.

    It’s just another example of the league’s bias against Golden State or doesn’t anyone else think that the W’s get more than their share of bad calls.

  • earl monroe

    The all star game and its activities are meaningless, it actually demeans the game.

    Who enjoys the All star games because of the comp? And the players don’t really go hard, because of the risk of injury, so its pointless.

    In the old days, all star games where fun, the players played defense and went at it.

    I am with Rasheed, who cares?

  • gswfan4ever

    yes i think nba is looking more at the 3pts attempted (with a relative high percentage)… i also think they want to find more opportutnities to promote some of the guys they wanna promote(Granger)… it’ be a shame if they get some unknown undrafted kid in and he makes their endorsed stars look silly

  • Chris

    Who cares if he’s not there……….let’s start winning some god damn games!!

    Forget the stupid all-star festivites.

    We gotta worry about our squad.

    Forget about Morrow’s all-start hopes.

    Morrow has to get more exposure, more PT and become a consistent part of the rotation.

    The names mentioned above have been doing it for years.

    That’s why their there!

    Anyway, who would you rather have taking a game winning 3 pointer wiht 0.5 seconds left in the 4th, with our team down 2 on the road, …………….Mike Bibby? Or Anthony Morrow?…………Come on guys, guys like Bibby have taken big shots in big playoff games against great teams………Morrow has a couple of 25+ point games under his belt!

    But I still say, “Who Cares?” …….let’s win some god damn games!! That’s the important thing!!

  • Chris

    Tell me if Steve Kerr’s job isn’t on the line after the debacle he has created in Phoenix since taking over?

    This guy would fit in perfectly as “our” GM because all he does is make mistakes. He hasn’t done 1 thing to help his team win since he’s taken over for Colangelo’s son.

    The Marion trade, the D’Antoni firing, the hiring of Terry Porter and the J-Rich trade all have backfired on this organization.

    And to top it all of, they got wiped all over the Oracle Arena floor by the Golden State Warriors!

    Time to fire Steve Kerr and bring back Colangelo’ss son from Toronto!

  • commish

    Marcus, the all star game is fun and all of that, but if we want to seriously complain, how about Nelson giving Morrow 0 burn in the Pho game with Jax playing the whole time while we were up 20 on and off. I mean this is just ridiculous and I don’t want our attention taken off what is important compared to what isn’t important. Nelson is doing nothing to develop the bench, just like the last two years, which was a little more justifable considering we were in the playoff hunt. We just keeping taking it in the you know where with Nelson and his insane lineups and (non) rotations.

  • Ewok

    Morrow got left out.

    It’s the same old adage, “You have to come from a winning team.”

    If he were here last year, he would have been recognized easy.

    Stats don’t mean nothing these days.. It’s the publicity now which translates bling bling.

    Morrow will not make the TV ratings go up. Not yet.


  • We_Are_The_Littles

    The NBA looks strictly at numbers and name recognition. Nevermind that Morrow has the sweetest stroke of all the above mentioned contestants. Anyone with an eye for shooting talent will recognize that Morrow could easily win that contest. But he’s a nobody right now from a bad team, hence the exclusion.

  • Joey

    It’s simple: The NBA hates the Warriors. When have the Warriors had any goodwill from the NBA or any breaks on anything?

  • Biedrins is getting jobbed.
    Read all about it…

  • Dave

    Marcus, I agree with A’s up above. Don Nelson jobbed Morrow because he does not play his rookie players enough. Even with a crappy season going on now he goes 7 or 8 deep, I suppose, to win a meaningless game to get his coaching record? I notice no Warriors go get invited to rookie vs soph games either because of the same reason. Nelson is too stubborn and selfish to let the league see what the young players are capable of. What is he saving them for? This team is going to lose 50 plus games with the vets playing no defense, we might as well see if the rookies can defend.

  • Spursfan

    not enough shots attempted…period

  • goingforthemoney.com

    The NBA league officials is to nobody’s like CEO’s of companies are to middle America. They want to control everything right down to a stupid 3 point shooting contest. Underdogs rising to the top make for great drama. Get a clue NBA officials, Morrow deserves a shot. The number of attempts is not a prerequisite just pure fun.

  • We_Are_The_Littles

    I agree… the Dubs get no love, not only from the NBA, but from the media in general. How many times have you watched ESPN highlights of a Warriors win, and they show more highlights of the other team. WTF?

  • danikil49

    Can someone please speak to Nelson about playing the rookies win or lose. The more they play this year the better debveloped they will be next year.

    If Rowell really wanted to help the W’s he would suggest to Nelson that the number of wins he gets as a coach doesn’t help the team or the fans for the future.

    This situation is not acceptable. The Warriors don’t need to win games this year, we need to be getting ready for next year. Even if we could by some miracle make the playoffs,how far could we go. 1st round and out. C’mon coach give usn break, youhave the best fans in the league and you subject us to your childish stubborn, egotistical moods and indifference. Get a grip Nellie.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    NBA will never take notice of our rookies, because they won’t get legite minutes during a game.

    You can blame our big egoed, f***’n coach for that. If he won’t play Morrow or AR during the last Suns game,while the Suns played their bench, what’s to say he will play them in the future.

    Tallying up the wins for Nelllie’s career stats as a coach is obviously far more improtant for him, rather than developing his rookies for the better of the W organization, and for us fans.

  • Don’t be a homer

    They took both good percentage and 3PM, that’s all. 40% is already hot, even if 50% is better, but 100 3PM is way better than only 42. The chosen guys make more than 2 3pts shots a game.

    The only one not being in this category is Kapono, but he’s here to defend his title.