Biedrins Injures Ankle

Center Andris Biedrins sustained what looked to be a pretty bad sprained right ankle.
He was turning to run up court and, according to a Warriors official (I couldn’t see), stepped on Jackson’s foot and rolled his ankle.
Biedrins immediately went to the ground, his right foot in the air as he clutching his shin and grimacing in pain. He had to be helped off the court and into the locker room by back-up forwards Jamareo Davidson and Rob Kurz. Biedrins right foot did not touch the ground at all.
He is getting x-rays now

Marcus Thompson

  • If the Kings get Griffin AND move their vets for more kids and picks and cash clearance for signings… um.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Oh shit!

    Looks like were gonna really see the “Ultra small lineups now”! Especially with AB probably being out at least a few weeks.

    Maybe Nelson will use AR now.

    Yeah Right!!!!!!!!!

    Turiaf will now start at center to be backed up by Mags who will rock, paper scissor vs Jax to see who plays the center position. Kelenna will play some power forward, Crawford may play some small forward too.

    Hopefully that won’t happen, MAYBE and JUST MAYBE Nellie will have no other choice but to play AR., and give the kid some playing time experience.

    But don’t hold your breath on it!!!!! Stay tune W fans!

  • It’s all over.
    This team is such a frigging joke.

    I’m THIS close to saying Go Kings.

    I already feel dirty.

    Come on, Rowell/Cohan.
    Can’t you beat the effing KINGS?!

  • earl monroe

    Jackson, talking about the team not playing defense is like the pot calling the kettle black………If I hear one more commentator say that jackson is a defensive stalwart I will puke, 6 assists 3 turnovers…………

  • run dmc

    now i want to see jamareo davidson play, he could be the rebounder we’ve been looking for.

  • blah

    I don’t care about the injury. We weren’t going to the playoffs anyways. Maybe we get a better draft pick now. Maybe AR will get to play. We’ll really see the value of goose now.

  • Mr. B

    If the W’s were to get a true post up player, I think Jax will need to move over to his more natural position of 2 or 3. The less post up or playmaker for Jax, the better it is for the W’s. He plainly gets stubborn and holds the ball stalling the offense.

  • earl monroe

    After last night I think Ramon Sessions is off the trading block,
    more like Luke Ridnour will be available, earlier in the year
    Sessions was probably available but 44 points 12 assists 5 rebounds 4 turnovers.
    Ridnour will never get his starting job back.