Warriors Want Amare

The Warriors have thrown their hat into the ring for Suns All-Star PF Amare Stoudemire, who is available if the NBA insider scuttle is to be believed. According to a team source, the Warriors have and likely will continue to have talks with the Suns about a deal.
(UPDATE: My man Tim Kawakami’s hearing the same thing.)
I haven’t gotten word yet on who they have offered. While they would probably love swingman Corey Maggette to be a part of any deal, one would figure there is no conversation without the names Andris Biedrins or Monta Ellis coming up. That’s the minimum of what Phoenix would want in return. The Warriors have to know that going in, which likely means they are willing to move either of their two once-untouchable centerpieces.
There are problems, though.
The Warriors don’t have a player Phoenix would take who isn’t locked up for a bunch of money. Phoenix, according to insiders, is trying to cut money. Adding players with four or five years on their contract probably won’t do the trick. They need expiring contracts, and the Warriors don’t have any worth anything.
Biedrins is still a cheaper option than Stoudemire, especially of Phoenix can move Shaq. Still, other teams have more of what Phoenix might be looking for:
Dallas – has Jason Kidd’s $21M expiring contract, and Josh Howard, who has one year left at $10M plus and a team option
Detroit – has Rasheed Wallace’s $13M expiring contract, not to mention Iverson’s $21M expiring contract
Chicago – Has some $14 million in the combined expiring contracts of Drew Gooden and Ben Gordon

Marcus Thompson

  • Every team is calling on Amare.The GM who doesn’t should be fired immediately.

    Due diligence is not a story.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Chris Cohan,

    My bad. I forgot you determine what’s a story. It won’t happen again. LOL

  • Thomas

    You’re not the beat writer, so take your condescending attitude elsewhere, Chris. This is news worthy if they are really making a push for him. This is his job, and its a blog, so go elsewhere if you don’t like blog postings.

  • Good lord almighty.
    Look, Marcus.

    Nelson will trade anyone and everyone.
    The story will be: Amare Stoudemire rented for Nelson’s swan song since we couldn’t move Ellis and Biedrins for Garnett successfully.

    Then it will be:

    That was stupid.


    Nothing at all will happen, maybe the Warriros talk about fecilitating something.

    But you’ve got two BYC players there who will be awfully difficult to move…..

  • Road Orange

    Cohan is wrong as ever in #1. Not suprising.

    There are only a handful of teams who can make an offer
    comparable to what the Warriors can offer.

  • Road Orange

    And wrong again in #4. He’s unstoppable.

  • Tim’s got the right read on it:

    Noise for a dead season.
    Nothing is coming of this.

    Book it, toolz. I’ll head over to the other sites. Have fun here “Road Orange” and associated blog police.

  • Norm

    I hope the Dubs can make this happen.

  • Squall

    20 bucks cohan if there was no news of warriors wanting Amare, you would say “whats wrong with the warriors why aren’t they trying to get Amare?!”

    So what if this is “noise for a dead season” atleast the Warriors are trying to fix this.

    But I still wouldn’t give up Andris or Monta. Neither of these guys have reached their full potential.

    Either way, this really has to be a 3 team deal for the Warriors to get this to work.

    But if it was a 2 team I would trade (without looking at contracts so contract whores correct me)

    Randolph, Wright, Craw, MW? for Amare + Throw-in(s).
    9 man rotation


  • Amare has peaked, plateaued or whatever you want to call it. He’s good but not going to get any better. I’d rather get our young guys some PT, ride them to the basement and see if they can dig themselves out before throwing them overboard.

  • Dave

    Marcus, unbelievable. Who will negotiate this with Mullin gone?

  • This is the lamest article on the Internet today. Marcus please report on substance, not rumor.

    “In other news, the Knicks may look to sign LeBron James in 2010…”


  • Andrew

    I really hope it Monta over Beans. If they do it.

  • Josh

    Chris Cohan is an absolute moron. He should sell the team and get out of the business of basketball forever. And he needs to take that idiot Robert Rowell with him.

  • shanimal

    trade anyone and but monta and biedrins

  • Mike W.

    The Ws would be foolish not to check out Amare, a 3-time all-star. But giving up AB would be dumb – trading a 5 for a 4. And offering Monta would be crazy when the Suns have Nash and JRich. There’s bound to be a better combination, Marcus, but I guess you’re just trying to stir the pot by tossing in the big names. You can do better. Don’t emulate your “man,” Kawakami. It’s not good for your credibility.

  • Mike W. is such a prick.

  • earl monroe

    Since we are talking pie in the sky stuff, I say we take all the smalls
    and trade them for Gilbert.

    IF and its a big IF, the Warriors somehow managed to get Amare, without
    giving up Biedrins, can you imagine Nelson playing the two together?
    (when hell freezes over)

  • MountainJim

    Amare probably shoots just well enough for Nelson to play him and Biedrens together.

  • Sleepy

    It doesnt matter who the Suns have right now .That wouldnt stop them from making a move.Common sense says they wouldnt want Crawford or Corey or jax as they are too old .

    We dont know who they have been offered for Nash or Shaq,Barbosa ,or Jrich .

    I think they would want our pick this year unprotected . Monta is a BYC player so he is only worth half of his salary in a trade until the Summer .

  • LosT

    I’m confused…

    Is Phx trying to cut money (which means they wouldn’t want Biedrins’ or Ellis’ long term contracts) OR do they want comparable players (which means they would want Biedrins or Ellis)…

  • jermaine

    I would think the warrior would be a good trade for Stoudemire, because they have young piece with the phoenix suns could build around such as the multi-talent Ellis, and they also have some of the most intriguing powerfowards in the led in Brandon Wright and Anthony Randolph, the only think they can’t give Phoenix is expiring contacts.

  • John Starks

    Why are you all getting excited? Remember the whole Garnett episode? blah blah blah Yeah, all talk. Need I remind you that the Great Baron Davis was in it to win it with Golden State….until the 11th hour when he opted out and signed elsewhere?. Listen, I’m not trying to piss on your parade, but get a grip. Why would Amare, even as mediocre as the Suns are, want to play in Golden State? The Warriors can’t pay him enough and would have to give up too much to get him. It’s a great story, but that’s just it. If it happens, then great but I’m not holding my breath. Until Amare shows up at a press conference wearing Warrior blue, this is all talk.

  • OptimusPrime

    Amare would definitely be an interesting addition.

    Does anyone know how many years Amare has on his contracts? and how much?

    I just dont see the pieces on the Warriors for this to make sense for Phoenix, but then again they traded Marion for Shaq. I never saw that trade coming.

  • Dirty

    Warriors do not have what it takes to make this happen.

    No salary cap relief (Foyle’s expiring contract would’ve been helpful right about now).

    Jack, Maggette, Crawford all have contracts past the 2010 season, something the Suns would not want. Monta has still not shown anything worthy of Phoenix wanting to take a 5 year contract back.

    Would they want Biedrins? Maybe, but Nash is only going to play for a few more years. Biedrins still can’t initiate his own offense outside of offensive rebounds and putbacks with the occasional “look-off” drive hard to the basket.

    Sad to say, our best trade assets are Anthony Randolph, Brandan Wright (who is overvalued by Warrior fans), and Marcus Williams (very sad to say).

    Our best offer of:

    Andris Biedrins / Monta, Anthony Randolph, Brandan Wright, Marcus Williams pales in comparison to:

    Shawn Marion + Michael Beasley for Amare and fillers

    Ben Gordon + Drew Gooden (both expiring) + Tyrus Thomas + Future Protected #1 for Amare

    Sczerbiak (huge expiring) + Whatever the hell Phoenix wants not named Lebron or MO Williams for Amare

    Rasheed Wallace (huge expiring) + Amir Johnson/Jason Maxiell for Amare

    Detroit’s offer probably makes the most sense for them if they still foolishly believe that they can still win it all. You have to figure Miami’s offer would be extremlely intriguing if they could pull Beasley, but how would Marion treat a return to the desert.

    All in all, it’s a losing season. Warriors have been and still are trying to find a way to sell tickets and salvage the relationship between themselves and their current season ticket holders.

  • sweetestbaby

    Trade Amare Stoudemire for Chris Bosh.

  • don

    Hi Tim
    Enjoy listening to you on KNBR as well.

    I was bored one day and looked at the world champions of the NBA for the past 50 years.
    Only 13 cities had titles in that 50 years.
    Very few had just one title. Golden State Portland Seattle Etc.

    I’ve concluded the NBA is the NO BRAINER ASSOCIATION.

    Looking at the title holders it is blantantly obvious.
    #1 Incredible luck by drafting the once a decade big man leads to a title.

    #2 This is the area I feel the Warriors just completely screw up.

    Three inside players seem to lead to the title.
    Walton Lucas Neal
    Bird McHale Parish
    McDyce Wallace Wallace
    McGinis Irving Dawkins
    Michael Jordan teams had
    Cartwright Rodman Oakley not up to standards of the others, but non the less formindable.

    Look at the guards on some of these teams.
    Dennis Johnson Cedric Maxwell
    Dave Twardzik Lionel Hollins
    Jason WIlliams
    Derek Fisher
    Chauncey Billups and Hamilton

    The only player I would try to hold onto is Andris Biendrins because he does what some of those centers do on the three big man teams.

    The Rest of the Warriors are absolutely available including Monta.

    The other thing the Warriors keep doing is giving long term contracts to non impact players.

    Go to realgm.com add up the years in contracts the Warriors have commited and NO KIDDING
    There isn’t a team in the league that has more years in salary cap hell. The Knicks under Thomas were the only other team put togehter with 33 years of commited contracts. Most contenders have 17 to 22 years in commitments. Monta Magette Jackson should never have 4 or 5 year contracts because they are in huge supply relative to big man supply.

    The perfect plan is to get three big men and then have the smalls say I’ll go play for them because they have a chance.

  • Warriors Suns
    Corey Maggette Amare Stoudemire
    Brandan Wright
    Marcus Williams =
    2009 2nd round pick
    2010 2nd round pick

    The trade works for both teams. The Warriors finally get a superstar that they need, and a person to finally fill there power forward hole. The Suns however get a wingman in Corey Maggette who can shoot defend and start at small forward, Brandan Wright a power forward that fills Amare”s spot and has a lot of talent but is still young, and Marcus Williams a back up point guard that the Suns have wanted for a long time, and a couple of picks to make the trade more realistic.

  • blah

    You don’t trade a Franchise player for a guy (no matter how good) who has an expiring contract. Get REAL!

    Think about it! Okay now we ahave AMARE for one year and they have Goose, or Monta for 5. Amare becomes a Free agent, someone offers him 30 million a year and now we loose him or have to match. This is just the perfect way to keep us in the cellar for the next 10 years.

    Am I the only one thinking over here?

  • KennySeagle, Emperor of the North

    carefull, marcus, ur man tim lies like a rug

  • BigBlack

    I still think the Warriors should trade Maggette back to the Clippers and get Baron back. They were foolish to have ever let him go. Yes having good big men is important, but having truly good point guards are even more important. What the hell was Robert Rowell thinking about when he undercut Baron’s 3 yr extension to 2 yrs? They’ve already lost the money in ticket sales it would have took to pay Baron. I don’t know about ya’ll but every game at the Oracle last year was a near sellout or was at friggin capacity simply because the Warriors were a fun team to root for could beat any team on any given night. Forget about winning championships, only one team gets to win it every year so it’s not like you’re doing something wrong if you don’t win the championship, because 28 other teams are in the same boat as you. That’s where The Suns screwed up trading for Shaq, Dallas by letting Devin Harris go for Kidd and look how that turned out, Detroit trading away Chauncy Billups when they were a title contender year in and year out the last 5 years winning 50+ games every year. Man, I think Warriors screwed up with the best of them in the above mentioned letting Baron go, I will never forgive them for that. Just like how they screwed up a decade ago letting Webber walk away for who? Rony Seikaly? And then for Donyell Marshall? I have not and will not go to another Warriors game now that Baron is gone, and not until they become relevant again. I’m not gonna waste my money on their overjacked up ticket prices anyways. I’ll still root for them watching on tv at home on the comfort of my reclining sofa, instead of elbow to elbow and kneecap to kneecap at the Oracle for $150/decent priced ticket. I reiterate, the Warriors really screwed up this past summer, they may never make the playoffs for another 12 years. So pathetic, just pathetic.

  • JustPuked

    Good lord Marcus, what the hell happened to the blog? When did civility and mutual respect get replaced with infantile one-upmanship?

    P.S. Why’d you stop sitting next to Tim at the games? Are the press seats assigned? Just curious…

  • jonathan

    warriors should give corey maggette and brandon wright for amare datgs will be a disent deal