Warriors Trying for Bosh, Too

I agree. This is from the “duh” files. The Warriors put in their bid for Chris Bosh, according to a team source. Haven’t confirmed if it was just talks, or an offer was made. But unlike Phoenix, who is trying to dump salary, Toronto is looking for some ballers in return, but only if they are convinced they will lose Bosh, who can opt out after next season.
The Raptors, according to an insider, aren’t likely to move Bosh until this offseason. Though they are last in the Atlanta Atlantic Division (thanks, Jo Blough), the Raptors are one move away from competing for the eighth spot in the East. They are only 5 1/5 games behind N.J.
They’d prefer to find someone to put next to Bosh (I’ve heard they want Biedrins next to Bosh), but could end up moving him. Again, all this is just what I’m told.
Obviously, nabbing Bosh would require the Warriors to move a big name — Biedrins or Ellis — and some young talent to help Toronto rebuild. So this just shows that they are willing. The fact that they are throwing their name in the hat for these big players, even if futile, is a change in pace. These two were untouchable. Now, the Warriors are willing to play all their cards, even though they haven’t seen everyone healthy for a significant length of time yet.
Is this good that the Warriors are willing to make such big moves? Or should the Warriors stay the course with this squad?

Marcus Thompson

  • earl monroe

    Here is the way this works, Rowell is full of it, so is Nelson.
    If they make a trade it will be short sided, and hurt the Warriors long term.
    Who ever they trade will become All-stars.
    Reality hurts

  • M.Squared

    Moving Biedrens for Amare is a huuuge mistake. Biedrens rebounds every night, plays D and soon will be making about half of what Stoudamire is going to get. Additionally- he is 22 and is getting better every year. Meanwhile- Amare is a malcontent, he rebounds when he feels like it, complains when he doesnt get the ball, complains whether he is playing the 4 or the 5 and has had a major sugery already. In 2 years – he will be the next Z.Randolph, talented big that doesnt D up and is way overpaid. Whoever signs him will be trying to dump his contract to clear cap for the next FA bonanza. The Suns aren’t taking Jack or Maggette as the centerpiece in any Amare deal, nor are they looking to aquire Ellis or Crawford- so this deal is not happening without Andris- which would be the worst trade since Webber for Googs in ’94.

  • http://cctimes ECJ


    The last thing the W’s need is yet another thin, ultra-athletic yet undersized 4 who plays best when facing the basket. (We’re currently developing two of these players in Wright and Randolph)

    We need to keep our eye on the prize, which is a back to the basket post player, with size and toughness ALA Amare and Carlos Boozer. The W’s need to add some muscle, and Bosh has very little.

    Trade Magette and / or Crawford, Belinelli and or B Wright. Keep AB, Monta, and especially Randolph. It does no good to trade away your nucleus for players that could leave in a year or two. Deadline trades shold work to improve the nucleus of a REBULIDING team, not blow it up.

    Why don’t we trade Magette and B Wright for Boozer? The Jazz cant keep him and Milsapp, and the money works. Boozer won’t leave this summer, coming off an injury year. Pull the Trigger W’s!


  • OptimusPrime

    Bosh is a rare amazing talent. Hes one of the few players where you ask Toronto to name a price.

    Any and Everbody would be on the table for Bosh (only if GW can get him to sign a LT deal)

  • ACC

    Like some of the bloggers here, AB is a definite no no for trade to get Chris Bosh or even Amare Stoudamire. Nibble and sturdy big men are hard to find nowadays. What the W’s need to dump are their smaller players. They’ve got a bunch of them:

    Kelenna Azubuike
    Jamal crawford
    Stephen Jackson
    Corey Magette
    Monta Ellis
    CJ Watson
    Marco Belinelli
    Anthony Morrow

    While at the PF position they are quite stacked up too:

    Ronny Turiaf
    Brandan Wright
    Anthony Randolph
    Rob Kurz
    Jermeo Davidson

    From the guards and small forward section, I’d say trade Corey Magette and Jamal Crawford. W’s have younger players playing the same position in likes of KA and Marco Belinelli and both are cheaper.

    From the PF section, I’d say get Anthony Randolph off.

    So for trade purposes, get Anthony Randolph and add either CM or JC to get what the W’s want. Who knows maybe Anthony Randolph might turn up to be another Chris Bosh or Kevin Garnett in a couple of years.

    With this addition/subtraction players can have more playing time and less crowd in the 2 and 3 position.

    Starting Lineup:

    RT / Jermeo Davidson-C
    BW / Rob Kurz – PF
    AM – SF
    MB – SG
    CJW – PG

  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan

    Nothing’s happening.
    Marcus is playing company shill again.
    Good man, easy sell.

    Dubs are just telling the league:

    “We’re idiots, you can have anyone if you’l only TALK TO US. Please, we’re desperate, pick up the phone. Why don’t you return our calls?!”

    Neither trade works with just Biedrins+Randolph for B. or S. And adding Belinelli or others doesn’t make it work, either. So the Dubs are either going to have to get into a multi-team deal or they’re going to have to figure out a way to move non-BYC players.

    No freakin way.

    All BS noise. Nothing coming of it.


    Marcus Williams will be waived after he is not moved by the trading deadline. Wheels spinning………

  • ACC

    Or just stay put! Just get a new coach who is willing to play the young bigs and hope they turn out to be Chris Bosh or a Kevin Garnett.

    If I were the W’s just stay put and play with what you have. Anyway, its a lost season so might as well tank the season and play the young guns more.

  • al harrington

    Isn’t it about time to change that pic on your blog? at least change it to baron?

  • blah

    Blake Griffin would be a perfect compliment to Goose. Big body, can rebound, and play defense, can score without having plays called for him. Will be relatively cheap because rookies have caps.

    That is the move i’d like to see the W’s make this year. Should try to package a one of our smalls, with our lottery pick.

  • Jaysohn

    Bosh and Amare?? Not Happening. I wish it would but the Warriors don’t have the right pieces in return to swing it and even if they did they would be setting themselves up for having nothing in 2010 when it would be likely these guys would go elsewhere. I think the Warriors have to look at moving a couple of their wing players for a decent power forward. Its not going to be a superstar but a solid rebounder/defender or one who has upside to be that player. This team needs a Brandon Bass, David Lee or Milsap type power forward in the worse way to go along with either Randolph or Wright. I would use Crawford or Maggette along with either Wright or Randolph to secure that player and then hope we get lucky and finally draft a star big or point guard.

    PG – Belinelli/Watson
    SG – Ellis/Morrow
    SF – Jackson/Randolph
    PF – ???/Wright
    C – Beidrins/Turiaf

  • chris

    even if its in the offseason–ellis, randolph and (crawford, maggette or sjax) for calderon and bosh. Seems like its a fair deal for both sides, especially if Toronto knows that bosh is leaving. Thoughts?

  • geode

    Amare? NO!
    We don’t need a primadona, we need a grinder who will do the dirty work inside.
    How’s Hendricks doing down in the D-league? He’s a wide body and he looked tough.
    Maybe Milsap, Lee, or Bass would fit in.
    Boozer and Bosch are the only guys for whom I would consider giving up Ellis. They are just that good.

  • Ron Redwoods

    Biedrins “won’t get any better”? He’s 22 yr old! He’s already the best C GSW has had in over 20 years and he’s signed for 5 1/2 more years at a good price.

    Wright, Randolph are also very young and also will be around awhile. If Nellie is gone…no problem. He’s like a stubborn child at times and wastes a lot of opportunity chasing his own agendas. If we swap one of our veteran G’s…fine if it’s a decent deal.

    I have SEEN decades of “quick Fix” schemes that looked dumb at first and turned out worse. I’ve seen GSW fail to develop GOOD prospects and think the greass is greener. A manic Yo-Yo plan, freaking out over salary…then impulsively getting a guy who costs MORE,then dumping him at a loss because he’s…expensive….how is that sensible?

    Sure..it’s tempting to grab a star in his prime and skip the process of FINDING talent and developing that talent WELL, and promptly. Here…it’s a sucker deal because Bosh or Amare WILL go the UFA route. GSW is going to be reluctant to go deep into Lux Tax,and if they did…and overpaid…they DON’T get better by much if they gave a huge talent package and are in Cap Hell. More likely..they’d end up the suckers,as Bosh (or Amare) leaves.

  • goingforthemoney.com

    Biedrens and Ellis for Amare or Bosh in a heart-beat! If you don’t know then you just don’t know. You gotta have a star or two to get to the next level. Besides I like Ronny better than Biedrins. Ronny can develop his offensive game and actually has some tools to work with not to mention that fact that he plays some hell-a-fied defense. Go-W’s!

  • jsl

    RoadOrange @29: Perhaps the dumbest post ever. Criticism without any support: How worthless can you be?

    Let’s look at your lunatic statements.

    First, it’s wrong to base a player’s value on how he’s performed recently? Pray tell why? Has he been injured? Is there something holding him back? Is he simply a microfracture success story? C’mon! You must be able to say something substantive.

    Second, BYC rules are second-nature to you? Great! Then share with us how you believe such a trade involving Goose or Monta could be made. Another example of “big hat, no cattle” I guess. Back up your wild claims (if you can, that is). Otherwise, please STFU.)

    Finally, Amare will be better than AR in two years? Wanna bet? Got any basis to support your argument? Been watching AR lately? Catch him, last night, at the five? 10 RBs in 14 minutes? How’s Amare doing? How’s his D? Has he got the speed you like?

    Looks like my prophesy is coming true more quickly that I’d thought.

    All in all, an “F-” grade. Tell Mommy it’s no milk and cookies for you tonight. In short, Stupiest, stupidest, stupidest. Ever.

  • darkknight01

    did the W’s just trade Randolph, Maggete and Turiaf for Bosh?

    If so….thats a good deal. Good to get Maggette and Turiafs contracts out of here.

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