Randolph Signs Duffy

Warriors rookie forward Anthony Randolph, who fired agent B.J. Armstrong a couple weeks ago, has hired Walnut Creek-based BDA Sports as representation.
“It’s my belief he’s as talented as anyone we represent in our firm,” Duffy said when contacted this morning.
Randolph, who has been at odds with coach Don Nelson for much of his rookie season, said he fired Armstrong because his closest advisers believed he wasn’t getting the support he needed in his situation. Randolph said he has no negative feelings about Armstrong, he just needed to go in a different direction.
“I’m not mad at him or anything like that,” Randolph said last week. “All that was blown out of proportion. He knows I respect him.”
Duffy, whose firm also represents Warriors center Andris Biedrins and guard Marcus Williams, said the key in representing Randolph will be to make sure Randolph has an accurate perspective.
“For young players,” Duffy said, “It’s always communication. You do the best of your ability to let him know his deficiencies and where he stands. Coaches decide who plays. It’s an agents job to communicate to his players, especially young players.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Andrew

    Good, he needs to communicate to Randolph to quit taking jumpers past 8 feet out

  • M.Squared

    Has Nelson said anything about Randolphs performance the past few games?

  • Joe

    Randolph is a good kid who is frustrated. Nellie has to bring him along slowly, if the kid’s game was polished at all he would have been the 3rd pick not the 14th. I actually like that he is frustrated, it shows that he is a fighter and we need a fighter in the front court. I just hope he starts to understand that Nellie is on his side not against him and that if he stays the course it will be way better for his career in the long run as he will be a more complete player have more earning power. The guy is 19 for goodness sake, the bad part about being 19 is that you think you know everything and you know nothing! I hope he sticks around though, what a phenomenal talent, he could be Lamar Odom but with a fire in his gut, think about how scary that would be.

  • blah

    Randolph plays like a HS kid. I’m with Nellie on this one. The last couple games Goose has been out we’ve seen more of AR. He’s got a ridiculously huge amount of potential and he’s on my current list of two untouchable Warriors. 1) AB and 2) AR. But the kid runs around the court like I’m watching a HS game. He’s definetly not ready, and I now see why he slipped to 14 in the draft. We’re going to have to wait probably 3 years for him. I still think it will be worth it.

    I see a kid who is giving 110% on the court. Wants it as bad as any competitor I’ve seen, but doesn’t really know exactly what he is doing. You can see it in comparision with vets. Everything they do is dilibirate. They know their limitations. They know when they can get to a ball and when they can’t.

    Does everyone else see that? I love the kid but he really needs the D league, and a family that doesn’t look at him as a check book.

  • Funny…

    As soon as everyone knew who the hire was, Randolph started playing more….. Donnie Walsh was at the Knicks-Warriors game.


  • Sleepy

    Randolph for Lee MAKE IT HAPPEN !!

    No more small ball for 40 mpg

    We have two double double rebounding machines on the frontline who can run the floor and we work on building chemistry to be back in the playoffs next season.

  • Warrick

    Walsh wants Randolph. Other than Lee nothing on the Knicks roster will make a difference in this team.

  • Chris

    It’s been quite some time since I posted………..I know everyone misses my insightful analysis.

    “Blah”…….I have to agree with you on your assessment of Randolph. Anthony is a good young man,he plays hard, he’s competitive and he wants to succeed, no question about that. I like his game and I like him as a player. Anyone who knows NBA basketball can see the difference in attitude for example in a player like Marcus Williams, who will pout and act like everyone owes him something while not getting the PT and a player like Randolph who will give everything he has when put in with his limited PT.

    That being said, I have posted on here before the following words, “Randolph runs around the court like a wild jungle animal running through the Amazon rain forests.”

    I see “Blah” has made a similar comment.

    Randolph has a long way to go before he polishes those skills. Before he learns that you can’t block every single shot known to mankind, sometimes you have to “sag off” or “time your jump” or play “on the ball” or “off the ball,” but you gotta pick and choose your battles, otherwise you’ll get 7 mins. of PT and then get shipped to the bench.

    Offensively, he is aggressive with his “takes” to the basket. The “Coast to COast take and finish” against New York was nice to see. He’s a smart player, he attacks the basket, I love players like that. Yes he may pull the string on a mid range “bunny” (that’s what NBA players call those mid -range shots, but you guys already knew that, because you guys are all “experts”). I credit those “ill-advised” shots to his youth and the type of offense he plays in. I mean let’s face it, he looks to his left and sees Jackson pull up for 3s on 3 on 1 fast break situations, things like that become “contagious” for young players. But Anthony is smart, but he has a looooooong way to go.

    The difference between him and Chris Bosh and Kevin Garnett and Lamar Ododm, some of the names I hear “bantied” about as far as comparisons, is that those guys already had “polished” games when they came to the NBA. In the case of Garnett, he was already a great player when he came and his skills were far more polished, same with Bosh.

    But Anthony can get the rebound and initiate the break himself, I love that confidence and athleticism and most of all that “aggressiveness.”

    A couple of tid-bits: The Jamal Crawford and Corey Maggette 2 on 1 break agains the Knicks the other night was absolutely “gorgeous.” That “over the shoulder” pass that Jamal “flipped” to Corey was beautiful and the finish was fantastic…….that looked like “Laker Showtime Basketball.”……….I can’t believe I just said that, but that was our best “fast break” of the season. Jamal waited for the defender to come to him, he was patient, he is a smart, veteran player and knew exactly when to “hit” Corey on the “look”………..absolutely “beautiful basketball.”

    Also, 0 turnovers and 10 assists for Stephen Jackson in the Knicks game “EARL MONROE”……….I know you like to do your Pythagoreum formula with Stephen’s assist to turnover ratio after every game, ……….just curious about your retarded formulatic equation for 0 turnovers and 10 assists “big guy.”

    Also, CJ Watson’s confidence has grown 10 fold since the beginning of the season. I had my doubts in the beginning whether he had the “confidence” and “guts” to play in the NBA. But over the last few games, his tenacity and his lack of fear when taking big perimeter shots in the 4th quarter has impressed me. Nelson loves CJ Watson and Watson is rewarding his coach with that trust……he is playing very well for a former D-Leaguer just trying to “make it.” You ask any team in the league if they would take CJ as a back up, you would have GMs calling you all night long!

  • Eric


    I really respect you and appreciate the insight and analysis you bring to the table, but lately your blog is starting to turn into TK’s blog. I don’t mind the occassional change in topics, but the primary focus should be about basketball: analyzing games, post game tidbits, people’s play, inside practice, etc… Let TK handle the other stuff like: nellie/harrington beef, anthony randolph’s agent, and whether the warriors will get amare or bosh.

  • Marcus Thompson


    To say that this blog is limited to any one thing is a mistake. I get people emailing me saying my blog is boring because it is too basketball oriented and I need to add more juicy stuff. As I have said before, there are plenty readers, all who come to me for different reasons. I won’t cater to you or to any one individual, not even myself. Instead, I try to provide content for all of my readers. That includes you, but it certainly isn’t limited to you.
    I do post-game and pre-game tidbits for road games (that’s when I have enough time to do so). I let you inside of practice when there is something there. I also put news up, and inside gossip, rumors and speculation, live chats, etc. I try to be a full-service Warriors epicenter for information.

  • Chris

    Well responded Marcus…………I like that “stand up” approach. I would be the same way!

    Keep up the good work!

    You don’t owe nothing to Eric.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    AR must be patient he’s got a load of talent. I can agree with the coaching staff on bringing him slowly. They want AR to really focus hard on rebounding and defense.

    He has the hops to block shots and rebound, and I from what I hear they are really pushing him in practice to focus on those things.
    I’ll agree on that too. He has the lean body type that will eventually be like that of Bosh, and Amare. And the knock on both Amare and Bosh is that for their size they do not rebound well and are not great defensively. The W’s arent great at defense to I can truly see how and why they are grooming AR to fit that need.

    So if AR can just be patient, listen to what the coaching staff wants of him, he’ll be just fine. The offense will come naturally with experience as well too.

    Hopefully we don’t trade him.

  • Randolph needs to play. We’re better with him than wihtout him. Simple as that. Not an “earn your stripes” issue at all- that’s “old school” BS for washed-up drunks who make everything about themselves….


  • blah

    Can we as Warrior fans all agree, Amare is not our answer. We need a guy that plays defense and can rebound. Goose is a better rebounder and a better defensive player than amare. We’d be a smaller team with a magnified weakness. I pray we don’t get him at AB’s cost.

    Boozer would be a better fit. Pretty sure he want’s out of Utah. My guess is he goes home to Miami.

    Again, Griffin would be perfect along side Goose. If we can’t get him, Thabeet would be an excellent back up center and Ronny could then play some PF.

    If not those guys, Monroe looks like another young guy that could play either position and git well into our young team.

    My STRONG suggestion is to keep this team together. Resign Crawford, and let them grow/develope into a premier team. i.e. stick to the rebuilding campaign. Forget about success this year. Build through the draft. Only make moves that make sense. Let the other teams hit the panic button. Again, keep AR in OAK.

  • blah

    Good post Chris.

    David Lee, although good on the box score looks like a really weak defender. I’d pass.

    AR and BW should turn out to be excellent defenders in the mold of AK47 and T.Prince.

  • Randolph is tougher than those dudes. Wright might be longer than ever AK.

    We’re good. It’s the coach unless he quits the sauce and gives up the win-now BS. What an a-hole.

  • earl monroe

    Ramon Sessions 17 assists and 7 rebounds last night, wow.


    Re #14, Blah,

    Perfect. I agree completely. Trouble is, we won’t get the perfect player through the draft as in some reputable mock drafts the 4 best fits, Griffin, Thabeet, Monroe and Jordan Hill will be gone in the first 5 picks and this team is going to wind up at pick 12 or 13. One guy who bears keeping an eye on is Pat Patterson of Kentucky. Only 6’8″ but a PF with great ability and intangibles.

  • A’s in 2009

    Biedrins and Randolph having the same agent scares me.

  • Joey

    I love the info, gossip and rumors and want more of it. The more inside sccop the better Marcus!

  • Mr B

    AR played well tonight. He was semi-controlled and hustled. I think he is a keeper.

    Ronny is an awesome pickup – much more than what I expected.

    Pass on Amare. Go for Boozer. On the fence with Bosch.

  • Mr. B @ 21: I’m not on the fence. Bosch is a real spark plug. =)

  • The Nature Boy

    Just a few tid-bits…

    o. For Chris (post #8), why the hell do you use so many quotation marks? Either you’re trying to be the most sarcastic person on here, or you’re just clueless as to their use. I mean really, why would you place quotation marks around “over the shoulder” when that’s exactly what happened?

    o. I also like that MT2 mixes things up a bit in his posts and I like his overall vibe. As for Kawakami, I think TK is just overly-ambitious. He saw the path Ric Bucher followed to go national, and might be trying to replicate it via “inside” reporting and sensationalistic news. He really lost me when he started making his posts a lot more about himself than the reporting. Here’s his most glaring ego-driven post (http://blogs.mercurynews.com/kawakami/2008/11/25/the-weirdest-warriors-thing-maggette-crawford-sounds-familiar-to-me/)

    o. AR really does have a lot of talent, and he’s also really young. But I do see him making better decisions over the past few games. He’s like any other kid (and really, at 19 he’s still a kid) who’s trying to impress. He was going 1000 miles an hour with absolutely no clue. But now you see him grabbing the rebound and pushing the ball, only to hand it off to someone else. And on the one or two occasions has HAS taken it to the hole, it’s been a LITTLE bit more under control. His upside really is big and I look forward to him realizing his potential in Golden State.

    o. There’s going to be some really unhappy players when this team is all healthy. You’re going to be adding Belinelli, Wright, and AB to an 8-man rotation. And do you really think Nellie will ever go to an 11-man rotation? Who’s going to get snubbed here? This is a situation that’s SCREAMING for an “addition-by-subtraction” trade. It would be perfect if the Warriors can swing some sort of 2 for 1, or even 3 for 1 deal, but I don’t think they have the chips to fill their needs (at the point and the 4 positions). Time will tell….

  • Marcus @ 13: “I also put news up, and inside gossip, rumors and speculation, live chats, etc. I try to be a full-service Warriors epicenter for information.”

    You need to educate yourself about information: “knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstance; news; factual data.”

    Do you get it? If some of your readers want gossip and rumor, and you intend to mix it in with facts and information, go ahead. I happen to think that you as a paid journalist for a daily newspaper — not Popeater or some other gossip site — owe us a lot more of the latter.

  • Victory Canseco

    Marcus I’ve got to give you some props. You have been very even handed covering the W’s this year. You’ve called the good and the bad and stayed totally professional through a rough start for the Warriors. That’s pretty much all I can ask for as a reader.Keep up the good work.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Randolph is a stud and will continue to improve, but him alongside Goose is too lean. Two trades that will really help the Warriors:
    1) Randolph for David Lee straight up.
    2) Crawford and Maggette to Portland for LaFrentz, Outlaw and Fernandez.
    This gives us two of the top five rebounders in the league at the 4 and 5 with Turiaf and Wright backing them up.
    It also makes us worse this year, while freeing up a ton of salary cap space, allowing us to
    a) Pick up a stud in the draft (Earl Clark from Louisville or James Harden from ASU).
    b) Sign Lee to a nice extension (somewhere in the vicinity of 8-9 million/year over 5 years.
    Next year’s Warriors:
    PG: Ellis, Watson, Bellinelli
    SG: Jackson, Buike, Fernandez
    SF: Clark, Outlaw, Morrow
    PF: Lee, Wright
    C: Biedrins, Turiaf
    That’s a playoff team next year and one that will continue to grow and get better together, evolving into champoinship contenders! Or, use some of those pieces (Jackson, Bellinelli, Fernandez, Wright) to trade for a stud 2 guard like Rodney Stuckey to pair with Ellis in the backcourt.

  • MountainJim

    Re #23, what does Marcus “owe” anyone here? Are you a paid subscriber to this blog? That’s the whiniest, preachiest post I’ve seen in ages.

    Chris, great post but my recollection about Garnett as a rook is different than yours. He was far from great – more polished in some respects than Randolph for sure, but still doing the rookie “hurry up all the time” thing and nowhere near strong enough to hold his own inside.

    Yes, Randolph runs around like a deer, but there’s a significant difference in his approach the last few games. He’s more in control when he runs out on the break, taking his time a bit more inside, his outside shot is WAY better, and his defense is magnitudes better than what it was.

    And having the same agent as Biedrins actually makes me more comfortable, not less. Biedrins didn’t play much his first year either, when he was the youngest player in the league. All he did was work his ass off every year and get better every year. Duffy is a level-headed guy who communicates well with his clients – his comments about the need to objectively tell a player what he needs to do to improve was refreshing. Hopefully Randolph spends more time listening to him and less time listening to his “close advisors” as this progresses.

    Chris Cohan, you are every bit as good a judge of basketball as your namesake is an owner.

  • blah

    AR looked good last night. I’m all for his 10min a game for the rest of the year.

    This is a young team, and a new team with Crawford and Maggette. I think a lot of people are impatient. We are a young rebuilding team. If you get impatient and blow up this team it will only make us worse. We knew this team wasn’t goingt to win this year, most agree our young guys are exciting and show huge potential. Playout the rest of this year. Get a feel for what we can do next year. But please keep this team together. We are playing Great right now, and we’re not even healthy. We have been healthy all year! How good can we really be? We won’t know until we get everyone back, have time to gel together and create chemistry, but if we’re playing this good injured……why trade anyone?

    Yes we need another big man. I think we can get him in the draft.

  • pboss


    I haven’t checked your blog for a bit and I’ve decided that I will not read it again until your change the picture of Al in your headline! C’mon man, it’s been like three months.

    It brings up the question of who you should put there? I’d say a picture of Rowell because we all know he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

  • MountainJim @ 25: Preachy, yes. Whiny, no. I happen to think that even blogs should have standards. Perhaps instead of name-calling you could tell me why the Marcus report of his tape recorder running back and forth to capture locker-room quotes from Nelson and Harrington that prove they’re not friends (which we already knew) added anything that was the slightest bit interesting or useful. My point is that Marcus could have spent that time gathering INFORMATION (see definition above).

  • jaysohn

    I agree with Blah on being patient with this team. You had to know going into the season with Monta hurt and Baron gone that it was going to be a struggle, you had to be realistic about this being a building year (not rebuilding because honestly you have to have something to rebuild from). Even though the record isn’t good the team has been competitive in the majority of games and has played hard. While at odds with how Nellie gives out playing time Wright and Belinelli were coming along before their injuries, Morrow came out of no where to be a keeper and it looks like Randolph has turned the corner in understanding what it takes to be a professional.

    Over the last couple of weeks it seems the roles for Crawford and Maggette have become well defined which has allowed them to become increasingly more productive. Turiaf has been a pleasant surprise giving us the best low post defender the Warriors have had in decades. Hopefully over the rest of the season the former Monta will start to emerge as he gets back into a groove with his game. But maybe the most encouraging aspect lately has been that the Warriors have actually been playing something that resembles defense. All in all the number of holes in the team appear to be less than at the start. There are still a couple of big holes. I think determining if Wright is going to be the answer at PF is huge. I would give up Wright and some wing player combination (Maggette/Crawford/Buike/Belinelli) for Amare or Bosh in a minute because this team needs a superstar desperately but I wouldn’t give up Monta, Beans or Randolph. With the players currently on the roster the Warriors could be a good team next year but minus a superstar or at least an all-star they won’t be that playoff team we all want.

  • jsl

    Cohan’s got it down: AR needs to play, deserves to play, must play. The team is better, faster, more fun to watch with him in the game. He’s a potential fiend on the boards — something the W’s need….a lot.

    Most of all, we need to see him in the fourth quarter, when the old guys are worn out from paying 40+ minutes. (Jack was simply terrific in the first half last night; second half, not so much. Think how valuable he’d be if Nelson limited him to 30-35 mpg.) As well as AR played last night, he got only five second half minutes, and Nelson won’t use him in Q4 unless it’s garbage time. One reason why Nelson’s such a horrible end-game coach — and he almost cost us the game last night, even tho we had an 18 point lead in Q4.

  • blah

    JSL I agree on limiting Jackson to 35 min. Not so much on 4th quarter minutes for AR, maybe begining of the 4th but not the end of the game…..yet.

    Jayson, we’re also MUCH better free throw shooting team this year. We’ve won a couple of recent games on the line. Maggette get’s the large sum of credit fot that and brings something different to the team than the other wings. In fact although we do have an over abundence of SG/SF’s they all have different skill set and are learning how to play together. S jax is driving more and assisting 3 point shooters like crawford and Bukie, Maggette rarely takes a 3 and works the post and lanes/ gets to the line and crawford will learn to play point more point as his handle is much better than Ellis right now. Craw’s also finding Turiaf on Pick and roles and working the dimes around the team. Buike is maximizing his range and playing great defense. Everyone seems to fit.

    Again, i like this team. I wouldnt’ trade yet. Maybe this summer. I’m not convinced we need to give up anyone just yet.

  • OptimisPrime

    Randolph/ Nellie smells too much like Webber/ Nellie. If Don is the player coach the claims 2 B then he needs to fix this…period

  • blah

    Optimis, You hit the nail on the head. I’m 110% with you. I’ve always like Nellie. I think he is able to get more out of average teams then any other coach, but if we loose AR to his games, I’ll curse him the rest of my life. AR could end up being our best player in 3-4 years.

  • danikil49

    Did I just read that Nellie said the youngsters will be fighting for playing time. This is not acceptable.Why would he not play the rookies and sophmores at this point? Because he doesn’t care about anything but himself and his win total that’s why. There is absolutely no reason on Earth not to play them. The W’s season is shot.

    I want to see AR,BW,MB and AM and as far as I am concerned this is the same Nelson who was here before and apparently is doomed to repeat a failed history. Thanks Mr. Rowell and the beat writers ( for not calling a spade a spade)for allowing this travesty to go on. The fans should boycott the W’s , but we won’t because we are loyal SAPS!!

  • Danikil49 @ 36: Get a grip. BW and MB were starting before they were hurt. AR and AM have shown flashes, but they’re rookies playing behind other guys whose futures are just as promising. Try taking a deep breath before you spout off about “failed history” and “travesty” and “doomed” and “boycott” and all that nonsense.

  • petaluman

    Have the Warriors been practicing over the break? We haven’t had everyone healthy all year; hopefully we’re using this time to improve our teamwork.

  • OptimusPrime

    Did you see ESPN Chad Ford’s suggested trade:

    1. Raptors send Chris Bosh to the Warriors for Andris Biedrins, Anthony Randolph, Ronny Turiaf, Marco Belinelli and a future No. 1 pick

    I love Chris Bosh, but this trade is silly. Thats pretty much the Warriors entire front line. Who would Bosh play with down low. Replace a big man w/ a guard and maybe I would consider it.

  • Marcus

    Nice story in the paper today about Paul and Stephen Silas. Good information. =)

  • BigGreen

    if we are going to draft these young guys we need to let thm play, we dont have any NBA stars on our team, so he needs on be on the court, and allow him to make mistakes and let the kids play, he plays defense, blocks shots, and hustles all over the floor, does anyone else do that on our team, no i don;t think so. Does Corey run after loose balls, no, does Monte No, so let the kids play and develop into the star that he is.