Inside Practice (Feb. 17)

* As is tradition, the Warriors held an evening practice Tuesday. They aren’t required to be back until 5 p.m. the day before they play, I think. So they started at 6 p.m., instead of noon, which has been the usual time lately.

* Marco Belinelli took part in his first practice since spraining his right ankle. Aside from a thew few extra pounds it looks like he’s gained, he was impressive. The dude didn’t miss. He came down and took a pull-up 3-pointer in transition (foot was on the line, though). All net. The next time down, he was spotting up in the right corner. Lost the defender with a pump fake, stepped in a bit closer. Nailed it. Not bad for a guy who hadn’t done anything with the team before Tuesday night. Nellie called him rusty.
Marco said he was 99 percent and ready to play. But Nellie said he wasn’t sure if he would play Belinelli.

* Andris Biedrins didn’t practice and Brandan Wright wasn’t even there. They’re not playing. Kelenna Azubuike was on the side with a bag of ice strapped to his knee. Safe to say he’s questionable.

* Stephen Jackson, who went to Phoenix for the All-Star festivities, couldn’t buy a shot. All of his pull-up jumpers were short, even when he stepped in. But he did look good getting to the basket, something he’s been doing lately. He made several tough layups in traffic. Morrow was guarding him, so he wasn’t exactly a stopper. But he’s better when he’s driving to score instead of driving to pass, because he has a tendency to telegraph passes.

Marcus Thompson

  • earl monroe


    Enjoyed the Silas family story very much.

  • EJ


    You really need to have the CCTimes guys change that banner with Harrington on it. We’re already post All-Star break! Haha.

    I think we’ve got a pretty good squad going into the second half. I’d be pretty OK if we didn’t make any noise before Thursdays trade deadline.

    Is it really true that the Clips tried to trade Baron back to the Warriors for Maggette and Marcus Williams and got rejected? LOL. I saw that on ESPN about a week back.

  • Mal

    Why won’t you report on the injustice that’s taking place with Chris Mullin, instead of all this groupie reporting you are known for covering. All you write about is your ‘guys’, who happens to be Nellie’s ‘guys’? It’s really crazy how none of you ‘reporters’ hardly every cover that story, and it needs to be made public; hold Rowell, Nelson & Cohan to the fire for what’s going on in the front office.

    It’s seems to be overlooked that Mullin has done a pretty damn good job of assembling some good talent on this team, but all you hear about is Nelson, Jackson and how much they ‘LOVE’ each other. You keep flaming the fires about trading this guy or that guy for other veteran players … why not keep what we have and let them develope. I think the fans are pretty happy with that.

    I’m tired of seeing Jackson & Crawford dribble out half the shot clock and pull up a shot … that’s street ball and I can go to the gym and see that all day. I want to see TEAM BALL, and until Nelson is gone, I guess we have to watch this BS continue. Nelson will NEVER win anything in the playoffs, EVER!! So let him pass Wilkins and get the hell out of here … that’s really all he’s trying to do anyway.

  • luv W’s, not Nellie


  • ECJ

    Just a note to the message board guys:

    STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE SUBJECT MATTER OF THIS BLOG.. if you don’t like it, go somewhere else for news and entertainment. If you want to suggest a topic, show some respect. If I was Marcus, I’d lose motivation to provide regular content if my audience was constantly disrespecting. The fact that he doesn’t let it effect him speaks to his professionalism. Marcus is one of the few guys that actually reads and responds to his reader’s posts. Appreciate that, or don’t and move on. Tired of reading people’s crappy attitudes on here.. That’s a story NOBODY wants to read.


  • jsl

    Nice report.

    No surprise that Marco looks good, or that Nelson’s unsure whether he’ll play him. Same ol’ Nelson.

    Good to see Jack’s still trying to work inside. His offensive game stinks when he focuses on long jumpers. Maybe Nelson willnow cut his minutes to 30-35 in order to let him go all out all the time. Or, given Nelson, maybe not.

  • OptimusPrime

    We may actually have a full squad for tonight’s game on National TV.

  • OptimusPrime

    Nevermind…I missed the part about Andris, Wright and Azubuike being out

  • EJ

    I second that ECJ. Marcus is was simply blogging about the W’s practice yesterday. And, really, there’s no story to cover. Rowell doesn’t talk to the media and neither does Cohan. And everything you hear from Nellie or read about you take with a grain of salt because you never know if he’s serious or being facetious.

    You do a great job Marcus. The Silas story was, indeed, a great example of “reporting”.

    I think Nellie is the only guy in the league capable and willing to coach the bunch that we have right now.

  • Marcus Thompson

    I have asked several times for the banner to be changed. It is simply out of my hands. I have to wait until they change it.

  • Sleepy

    Hey Mal

    Marcus’s Blog is just fine however you yourself need to go and follow the nba a bit more .Focus that energy on getting league pass.Because I cant for the life of me believe anyone questions the end of the half strategy when every team in the league does the same thing. I guess you want taem running 4 corners with a 24 second shot clock ? lol

    Im surpised Marcus hasnt put some of you on blast its a blog and hes well within his rights to let you have it. But hes trying to provide us with whatever snippets he can.

    I would rather this then have him going all Vescey and Chad ford on us knowing the weekly bad trade predictions would send us diehard fans spiraling into drug and alchohol abuse ……for those of us that arent already there.

  • earl monroe

    Not only does Nelson prefer to run the offense thru Jacko, it seems like the players also defer to Jacko, and this is what I find so interesting, because if I knew that a player on my team had a high propensity for turnovers I may not look his way so much, but who knows maybe Nelson is calling most of the plays for Jacko.

    Lets hope that more low or no turnover games are in store for Jacko the second half of the season, because if he cuts down on turnovers with as much firepower offensively as the warriors have, they are going to be in most games, even against the powers of the league.

    Kelena is playing hurt, can you imagine how good he would be if he was healthy?

  • Chris

    Should be an exciting one tonite!……..Future 2008-2009 World Champion, Los Angeles Lakers pitted against our homesquad.

    These West Coast rivalry games always come down to the wire. I do not expect a “blow out” by any means, I expect it to be a close game.

    We usually match up well against the future 2009-2010 World Champions.

    Here are my rotation projections for this evening at the Oracle:

    1. Fisher/Farmar
    2. # 24/If Vujacic is healthy
    3. Walton/Ariza/Morrison
    4. Odom/Powell
    5. Gasol/Mihm

    No Bynum tonite, Sasha Vujacic is probable.

    Here is our squad:

    1. Ellis
    2. Crawford
    3. Jackson
    4. Azabuike if healthy, he started at 4 in the Portland game and we were going against the likes of Aldridge and Outlaw. With Odom and Powell at the 4 for L.A., I expect Nelson to go small here and start Kelenna if healthy, but Randolph would be nice as well. I would like to see Randolph hold Lamar for a little bit,……we’ll see what happens. If not,……..either Maggette or Kurz…….hard to know for sure with Donnie “boy” Nelson.
    5. Turiaf

    But with Maggette growing into his bench role so well, I expect him to stay there and I expect Kelenna to start at 4 if healthy, if not, Anthony Randolph. But Nelson could end up starting Robbie “boy” Kurz too.

    Anyway, should be a great game. I love when the East Coast bias reporters, commentators and announcers get a taste of what “real basketball” is all about, even though most of them will be sleeping when the 4th quarter hits.

    The Western Conference is still the best but there is an obvious drop off in talent, from L.A. and San Antonio, to the rest. I mean New Orleans, Houston, Utah and Phoenix have all fallen apart…..they would stand “0” chance of beating the Lakers in a 7 game series……the only team with even a .5% chance is the Spurs.

    We will be playing the future 2009-2010 World Champions this evening and I think we have a great chance with the way we’ve been playing over the recent stretch before the break, Corey growing into his role, Stephen turning the ball over less and passing the ball more, Turiaf’s tough interior defense, the veteran savvy of Jamal Crawford and Monta beginning to feel more comfortable (even though his mid range game has been absent since his return).

  • EJ

    Sleepy, I agree. Don’t tease us with rumors of Bosh or Stoudemire to the Warriors. That just ain’t right!!

  • Chris

    As long as “Earl Monroe” agrees with you……then you know you have arrived.

    You can sleep well tonite knowing that “Earl Monroe” is in your corner.

  • earl monroe

    What Don Nelson will really say in April

    “Well, considering everything that happened this season, I am happy with how it went, you know Monty was out half the season, we lost Baron, and the young guys took a while to come along, but I like them I really like them, I just need them to play my way, I am going to go back to Maui, talk to Ms. Joy a bit, play some poker with Willie, then decide if I am coming back, but I did not ask for an extension it was really great, (aw shucks) of management to give me one, no no I like this team, I just wish we could get more vets in here, no no I really like the young guys I just can’t trust them, they are great though, Brandan? oh yeah he can be really good, well he doesn’t really rebound, yeah yeah he can play in this league. And we plan to bring DeMarcus back, I really like him it was just a numbers thing. And Jackson, he is such a good guy, really don’t mind the turnovers that much, what? he leads the league in turnovers? I had no idea, maybe I am getting old, no no I am not retiring, what? are you kidding and leave 12 million on the table? no need to talk to Ms. Joy I am definitely coming back next year, ahh that Kawakami he really is a good guy, I sat in his car in the parking lot of the arena last week, we had a nice chat, I just need him to write the way I need him to you know?”

  • regarding Buki…

    the only season I remember him being healthy was his first year in the league when he wasn’t playing the amount of minutes he plays now. Maybe he didn’t get drafted because other teams saw that his body (knees) wouldn’t hold up in the NBA. Some food for thought. His knee problems have been with him since before the start of last season…

  • Jaysohn

    Earl Monroe hahahah that was right on. You just left out that Randolph kid sure does have something special if he was just willing to run like I want him to but bless him he tries just can’t shot for nothing but he’s coming along but I don’t know, we’ll see

  • Mal

    Hey Sleepy,
    Wake your weak ass up … “end of the half stragegy”? That’s the whole game strategy for Jackson. I’ll give Crawford credit, he doesn’t make nearly the mental mistakes Jackson does, but he still does too much of the show boatin’ for me. Jackson tries to do too much. He does have skills, but he needs to give up the rock sometimes to the open man.
    I still think Mully deserves better than what he’s getting from the W’s … and who cares what all you sensitive ….. people feel about this blog. Are we all supposed to be in love like Sleepy, ECJ & EJ are with each other? It’s a damn blog!!