Warriors Out of Mix?

Trades are cropping up all over the place, and some big names are being moved. But don’t expect the Warriors to be in the mix. According to a team source, they are expecting for the trade deadline to come and go with no moves. Not exactly a surprise, I admit.
It’s going to take another team to approach the Warriors, because they are done making calls. It’s also going to take a sweet deal, as they are content with riding out this season and testing the waters again in the summer. It sounded to me like the Warriors have some bait out there but aren’t expecting the other team to bite. They clearly aren’t interested in any offers they have received.
So, if you were waiting and hoping to see the Warriors’ name in a major trade, don’t hold your breath.

Marcus Thompson

  • Eric


    What did you think of Chad Ford’s proposal of Chris Bosh coming to Warriors for Biedrins, Turiaf, Bellinelli, Randolph & a future #1? Personally I be all for it if Toronto would actually be willing to do it. The Warriors could build around a nucleus of ellis, bosh, maggette, Crawford, and Jackson. Along with buike and wright I think at the very least this team could be a perennial playoff team and perhaps make some noise in western conference. I know some would say this would be a quick fix and “why are we mortgaging the future” I personally always think of a trade as in what is the ceiling of each deal. With Bosh and Nellie’s scheme, who knows what could happen. Your thoughts?

  • Joey

    That’s a lot of future talent to give up for a contract that expires soon.

  • no trade is necessary, or capable. Stay put, can we atleast see what a full healthy roster looks like?

    btw Nellie haters, he has gotten Anthony Randolph to play VERY well. And don’t say he could’ve done this all along, Randolph was playing earlier this season and shooting 18 footers all day. He is understanding his limits on offense while his rebounding and defensive mentality have been astounding, good job coaching staff!

  • A’s in 2009

    We have too many players who deserve minutes. Look at Randolph, he needs minutes. Belinelli needs mins. Azubuike should be traded while his value is high. CJ Watson would be a good back-up for some team out there. Sell high on those guys.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Tough loss tonight, but we didn’t really expect to beat the Lakers.

    Good to see Randolph getting 27 or so minutes. He did well, will only get better. Hopefully he’ll start getting more minutes like tonight on a consistent basis.

  • ECJ


    I read that the Clips approached the W’s about trading Baron back to the W’s.. If we could get BD back for, say Crawford and Marco (or Marcus Williams).. I would REALLY LOVE TO SEE THAT! We miss BD’s leadership, and this team is so much deeper and more talented than BD ever had here.

    Why wouldn’t the W’S be willing to make that deal? Do you think its personal between Rowell and BD?


  • Jaysohn

    I think Baron is shot. Look at his shooting precentage, back to missing games and I’m pretty sure he is not in the shape he was the past couple of seasons under Nellie. I think we got the best years of Baron we could and its just time to move on. I would rather keep Belinelli to let him run some point especially next season when Monta is fully healthy. Package Wright with either Buike, Mags or Crawford for Bosh or another real power forward. I wouldn’t give up Randolph for anything I believe he has star potential. Morrow is definitely a keeper, a great shooter, a willing defender and rebounder who can only get better. Belinelli, Randolph and Morrow are solid young players that should continue to develop.

  • Re Squall

    I wouldn’t put myself in the “nelson hater” category you reference, but I’m surprised you give Nelson credit for turning Randolph around when it has been well written that Randolph has been working with assistant coaches ever since his blowup with Nelson. So, I’m curious…..why credit Nelson. In fact, as an aside, I’m not sure what Nelson does anymore.

  • blah

    I’m so glad to hear that we aren’t making any trades. I love this team as they are. The only move I’d like to see this summer is the trade for the #1 pick. Griffin would be perfect on this team, he looks to me to be a bigger and more atheletic Carlos Boozer, that is scary. Is he going to add muscle as he gets older? My lord.

    What is with Nelson’s approach to Ellis? It’s bizzar to me that he hasn’t eased him back into the game. Isn’t Nellie king of protecting a players confidence, and building on success, step by step? Albeit, painfull to the fans, but maybe great for the players. I know we give Mullin a ton of credit for the talent on this team, but Nelson has brought CJ, AB, BW, now AR a long way.

    How about Bellinelli? This guy is looking like the real deal. He should’ve played a lot more last night. Was Nellie back to his mind games? Marco looks like he can play some PG too. I’d like to see the team run like this when healthy. It looks like this is the way the team is developing…..and I like it.

    PG – J-Monney / Marco / CJ(the silent assassin)
    SG – Monta aka tatoo addict / KB / AM
    SF – Cap Jax / Maggette
    PF – B.Wright / AR
    C – Goose / Face Fro

    Now, if we could learn to defend an inbound pass (let Kobe get the ball) and do some basic crap…we might be a dare I say…. good team.

  • We_Are_The_Littles

    First poster must be high. He’s willing to give up Biedrins, Turiaf, Bellinelli, Randolph & a future #1 for one guy??? Bosh is a solid talent, but he’s not great. I would only trade the names above for three players in the NBA – Kobe, Lebron, Chris Paul.