Postgame Tidbits (vs. Lakers)

I normally only do these for road games, but there was too much happening not to post something.

** The first thing that stood out was how Stephen Jackson blasted Nellie. We asked him after the game if he was tired. Here was his response:

“I was definitely tired, coming off of this break. And at the end of the third, end of the fourth, I was definitely tired. Some of my shots were a little short. It kind of showed. He gave me a blow at the wrong time. I could’ve used a blow a little earlier. But you know, I did what I could. I was definitely tired, though.”

Jackson was clearly winded. During one fourth quarter timeout, he took a long time to even walk to the bench. He stayed under the basket by Lakers bench doubled over, trying to catch his breath. Not only was he trying get his offense going (he took 24 shots), but he also had to defend Kobe. He wasn’t going to ask out, but he didn’t hide his feelings that the coach should have pulled him.

“No, that’s not me. That’s not my personality. That’s not who I am. I was trying to find a way to get through it in the timeouts and stuff. Coming out of that break took a little toll on me. Normally I can play these minutes no problem. But tonight it kind of got me to a little bit.”

“Yeah, I think I could’ve come out when he came out. He got a lot of rest. I think the best thing to do was to take me out when he came out of the game. Obviously, I didn’t want to come out at all. But I think for the most part I played great “D” on him. I made him take a lot of tough shots.”

It’s about time somebody in the organization called Nellie on it. You mean putting Belinelli or Morrow in the game in the first half would’ve killed the Warriors chances of winning? I don’t buy it. In trying to squeeze out every win, he ends up costing the Warriors’ wins. When the Lakers started to gain the momentum in the third quarter, Jackson was exhausted and had nothing left. That turned out to be crunch time. If Jackson had more than the 30 seconds of rest at the end of the second quarter, he might’ve had more energy at what turned out to be the most crucial moment in the game.

** Monta didn’t look good down the stretch. Nellie put the ball in his hands in the fourth quarter. He had a rough final five minutes.

4:04 He missed a finger roll a the rim. Ariza, who had hit a 3-pointer before Ellis’ missed, wound up open again after Ellis’ miss, and he nailed it. The Warriors trailed 111-109 just 41 seconfs after they led by four

2:47 He committed a silly reach in foul on Odom inside. Of course, Odom made the basket. The three-point play put the Warriors down 116-112

2:05 The Warriors next offensive possession after his missed 3-pointer, he gets caught in the air and tries to make a pass from the left wing to the top of the key whille off balance. Not only does Odom intercept the pass, by Maggette fouls him. It was called a clear-path foul and Odom got two free throws, which he made and put the Lakers up 120-112

1:31 The next offensive possession, with the Warriors’ desperately needing a bucket, Ellis put his head down and went to the basket. He wound up taking some wild flip shot over with his back to the basket. Kobe came down and nailed a fade-away to seal it.

Oddly enough, Kobe had some noted praise for Ellis after the game:

“He’s phenomenal. He’s one of my favorites in the league to watch,” Bryant said of Ellis. “He’s explosive. He’s still explosive. I don’t care what people say up here. They’re not guarding him. He is quick. He can elevate, finish at the rim and he can shoot. I’m really excited to see him develop as his career goes on.”

** So, Jackson took 24 shots, missed 14. Ellis took 18 shots, missed 11. Randolph took 13 shots, Maggette 16. Crawford, who made his first five baskets, was 6-for-10? Turiaf was 6-for-7? What ever happened to feeding the hot man?
Crawford had 14 in the first quarter. He was feeling it. Nellie pulled him 30 seconds into the second quarter and didn’t bring him back until 3:59 left. He got iced by his own coach!

** Jackson picked up another technical foul. That’s 15, though only 14 counts toward the suspension count. Two more, and he gets an automatic one-game suspension. Jackson, who normally earns his techs, said he didn’t think he earned the T tonight.

“I have said a lot of things to referees to get techs. I just think my reputation gives them a quick whistle. I definitely don’t think I deserved that one tonight. Because I didn’t use any profanity and I didn’t direct anything toward him. I play with a lot of emotion and a lot of refs that have watched me play know I play with a lot of emotion. And as everyone knows in this game, I know how to get technical fouls. That one today, I don’t think I deserved it. But it is what it is. I’ve got to be more cautious so I don’t get suspended.

“I’ve been trying my best, but you know… I play with a lot of emotion. When I feel like I’m not getting a fair shot, obviously, my emotions flare up. But I have been channeling myself not to say any profanity or direct anything towards the ref in order to get a tech. I don’t think I gave enough disrespect to that one today, but it is what it is. I’ve got to deal with it.”

** Randolph looked special tonight. No one on the team brings the combination of intensity and athleticism that he brings. He goes all out and he’s physically spectacular.
I asked Odom after the game about Randolph. He was impressed by Randolph’s follow dunk early in the game.
“He’s got way more athleticism than I’ve ever had. That tip-dunk, my head was right here,” Odom said, pointing to his waist. “I would love to work out with him.”

“It’s like looking in the mirror a little. He’s also 6-11, he’s left-handed and he can put the ball on the floor. He’s two times as athletic as I was at that age. He should set his goals high. He has All-Star potential, Hall of Fame potential, with that size, his ability to put the ball on the floor, he can shoot the three, he can pass. If he stays focused, the sky is the limit for him.”

There were no shortage of times where Randolph crashed the offensive glass or took a shot inside, then hustle all the way down court and came up with a block, or nearly hurt himself trying. He can impact both ends of the court, and because of his athleticism, he produces almost by default.
Even when Andris gets back, there’s no reason for him to not be on the court. Even when Brandan Wright comes back, Nellie still as to get Randolph on the court. From what I’m told, that message is being sent down from the executive suites.

“I was just trying to come out and play hard like I have been the last couple of games. I’m just trying to keep good on faith with coach and hopefully he’ll put me in the game. I just have to keep working hard and just remember how it was in the beginning of the season. I just have to keep on working. Hopefully things will look up and we’ll win some more games.”

** Belinelli, in his first game back, made both his 3-pointers, had four assists and a steal in 15 minutes tonight.

Marcus Thompson

  • Marques8


    If you aren’t kicking Nellie, you have nothing to say. Has it always been like this? Are you just a coach-kicker from way back? The Ws have been playing better, Randolph had a good game, the Ws stayed in the game for three quarters against a much better team, and you just had to kick Nellie before you went to bed. All season long you and Geoff and Tim write like the things you come up with would have mattered. I am curious how many games difference would your views have made in the Ws record? Is there a coach in the world that could have made this a 500 team, added 10 games to the record, had all the rookies now playing 100% better, 50% better. You guys write like there is and the truth is there isn’t. And it if wasn’t Nellie, you would be writing the same tripe about someone else. It’s what you do and the truth is you make a profession that struggled in the years after World War II to make a profession with a long and mostly tawdry past into an upstanding profession and achieved its apex over 30 years ago a little uglier everyday. And if sources stop talking to you, you deserve what you get. Balance? Oh, that is what you do on a beam, surely not in journalism anymore.


  • E_CULB

    I’m tired of watching Warrior games and watching Jack, jack up a bunch of horrible shots!

  • We_Are_The_Littles

    Saw the game last night. Typical Warriors vs. Lakers game. Warriors played well for 3+ quarters. Refs make bad calls to keep Lakers in the game. Kobe gets his “superstar fouls” to allow the Lakers to pull ahead. Captain Jack tries to impersonate Kobe and take over the game… makes turnovers instead. Warriors lose.

    I know I’m biased, but I’ve really noticed how the referees tend to give the edge to the Lakers. Can someone explain to me how the visiting team (the Lakers)doesn’t commit a foul… in the fourth quarter… on the road… until the final two minutes. Absolutely absurd.

  • Bay area beat writers suck

    I love how Jack “blasted” Nellie. Does Jack “blast” you ever time he talks to you or TK. I’m not sure what “blasting” means anymore? Please clarify.

  • Bay area beat writers suck

    And what’s up with that banner of Al grabbing a rebound? Is that photoshopped or what?

  • Jack Meoffe

    The nba is as fake as wrassling! the lakers routinely get fewer fouls called on them, shot 12 – 20 more free throws per game, and kode (not kobe) gets almost every call! the nba wants a laker – celtic rematch and they will manipulate it until they get it!Look at the all-star debacle kode & shaq co-mvp’s BS!

  • Jaysohn

    Stephen Jackson is truly a warrrior and brings a little bit of everything to the game but playing him 40+ minutes night after night just makes no sense. Everybody knows that the majority of NBA games come down to the 4th quarter when you need your best players to produce. That is why Phil Jackson and Greg Poppovich get rest for their superstars in the 2nd, 3rd and beginning of the 4th regardless the score. There is no reason why Anthony Morrow shouldn’t get 5 – 10 minutes a game backing up Jackson. For two seasons now Nellie has made the mistake of not establishing a consistent rotation and plan for the young bench players. It took an injury to Beidrins for Randolph to get minutes which he should have been given throughout. This team was never going to make the playoffs this season and the focus all along should have been player development.

  • Oldfan

    Isn’t it kind of a false machoism when Jackson says its not me to ask out of a game….Even when his fatigue is hurting the team? The guy was nails last night when he wasn’t gased…

    Plus I think Belli has shown he can be a “mosquito-in- the-ear” on defense and could’ve spelled Jax against Kobe!

  • JLantern

    come on guys. you cant blame every loss on the refs. the lakers locked us up defensively down the stretch. when jack came out of the game with about 7 mins left, the lakers clamped down defensively and kobe made great plays. defense and great players win nba games every time. i thought beli should have gotten closer to 25 mins than the 10 – 15 he got. he’s another ball handler and has great court vision. with all the talent we supposedly have on the bench, these guys have got to play a little more. nba games always come down to the 4th quarter and your big time players have to be ready when the 4th comes. jack was way too tired for that.

  • MountainJim

    There were a few pretty obvious fouls in the fourth quarter that went uncalled on the Lakers, including a couple on Kobe. In the meantime he’s whining to the refs that he isn’t getting calls. Prima donna attitudes always bug me.

    In addition to playing Jackson too much, Nellie should have pulled Monta late in the game. He was doing nothing to help on offense and his usual nothing on defense. Belinelli would have been more a scoring threat and definitely better defensively. Monta isn’t close to being the closer he was last year, and his poor judgment with the ball just killed them.

    Randolph is way better than he was earlier in the season. It isn’t just getting time on the floor – he’s obviously learned a lot in practice and worked on his shooting. It’s time for him to be getting serious minutes. I’d start him, but if he doesn’t start he ought to be the first sub in.

  • James

    Jackson needs to take some more accountability for his minutes.

    He says “No, that’s not me” when asked if he ever requests to come out.

    Of course he doesn’t, even when he knows he should, because he’s selfish.

    A recent, in-depth Michael Lewis story on Shane Battier showed how much of a team player Battier is when he actually asks to sit on the bench when the guy he’s out there to guard gets a rest, because that keeps him fresh to keep guarding the guy when he’s back in.

    Jackson just goes along and gets tired, then he has little left by the end of the game because Nelson doesn’t take him out and he’s too proud to ask for another breather or two when he really needs it.

    He’s hardly the only one who does that but it’s not like he’s a guy trying to crack the rotation. He could play as long as he wants no matter what he does.

  • Sleepy

    Crawford getting iced is actually his teammates fault. How do you start 5-5 and then only get 5 more shots the rest of the game ? Thats on his teammates to move the ball and find the hot man. If jack or maggette started 5-5 and didnt get the ball they would throw a tantrum the likes no one has ever seen.

    Playing him that many minutes against second stringers is basically Nellie padding Jacks stats anyway. Weve won games without Maggette and jack playing at all but somehow nellie cant sub him out for 3-4 minutes even when the opponents starters are out ?

    After Crawfords start and what he has been doing in the 4th quarter his year for us I didnt understand why he didnt have the ball down the stretch.Why we didnt orchestrate the matchup of Fisher on Crawford by going big in the backcourt .With Crawford,Jack,Maggette,AR,Turiaf down the stretch at times .
    Ive been a big skeptic about AR mainly about his maturity but tonight he played great and showed a lot of heart. Hes much more focused than he was just 2 months ago.

  • We_Are_The_Littles

    Jack wasn’t blasting the coach. He’s just making excuses for how poorly he played down the stretch. Like I said on another post, we lost momentum when Jack decided to be like Kobe and take over the game. He made turnovers and shot bricks instead. What the f*ck is Jack doing taking 24 freakin’ shots???

    The real reason the Dubs lost this game is because the refs decided to give the game to the Lakers, again. Am I the only one seeing the bad streak of calls in favor of Kobe’s team? How many times is Fisher going to foul Monta and get away with it?

  • Petaluman

    There seems to be a league-wide trend to reducing top players’ minutes. Last season, 3 players averaged over 40 mpg, with 16 over 38. This year, there are only 12 over 38 mpg, with Jackson leading at 40.4 mpg. Of course, we have the stretch run ahead of us, so we may see some players’ minutes increasing.

    That said, I’m less worried about Jackson’s minutes in this game than the fact that they affected him. The first thing I remembered was the nasty shot he took to the head. That won’t make you more tired necessarily, but it will make you feel “off”. BTW, Kobe played more than 50 minutes in our OT loss to the Lakers last year. He only played 36 yesterday because they don’t respect us as much this year.

    Randolph is continuing to improve, particularly in understanding his role. He’s much more under control on O, and is getting back on D more consistently. He still needs to keep better track of his defensive assignment.

    I wanted to point out that Turiaf wasn’t just 6-7 on dunks and layups, he was sticking the J out to 18-20′. We need to continue incorporating his mid-range game into our offense. Developing that range should be a priority for the rest of our bigs.

  • danikil49

    No We Are The Littles, everyone I know talked about the refs this morning, but only the NBA can do something about it.

    Nellie lost this game with his roration. AR and Turiaf should have been on the floor together the last four minutes and Jackson should have been rested 5-10 minutes before the final quarter. Bellinelli should have been given some of those fourth quarter shots we missed, not Monte who is almost back but not quite.

    Mark Jackson on ESPN said it best and I don’t remember the exact quote but basically he said what the heck does practice mean with a player like Randolph, he should be in the game, every game, and only Nellie thinks otherwise. Nellie the coach with 1200 wins and no NBA championships and he is the expert. I think not. Go Dubs in maybe our talent can overcome Nellie next year.

  • luv W’s, not Nellie

    You would think that Nellie would have learned his lesson last year. You cant expect to play your key players 45 minutes a game and expect them to play at a high level all game, every game, all season. The season was lost before it started, yet my guy Morrow gets no run, even though he is the best shooter on the W’s. I was upset once I heard coach recieved an extension. I do not like Al Harrington but he hit it on the head when he said coach kills careers. Nellie is wearing Jack out, his career will be shortened by 3 years because all of the miles coach is putting on our workhorse.

  • luv W’s, not Nellie

    I think I might change my handle to fire Nelson…and by the way…
    That can be my new handle too…

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Bout time AR getting legite minutes! ESPN announcers seemed really high on AR the other night.

    Can’t figure out why Nellie is overplaying Jax. Last time I checked we weren’t in the playoff run.

    Oh well……

  • Group:
    I love Anthony Randolph! He schooled Lamar in the early part of the game. He pissed him off actually! I was totally happy to have Odom sing his praises after the game. It’s out now. AR is going to be an All-Star….and more, and Nelson can’t hide his talent anymore behind his own dictatorial precepts. Nelson goes before Anthony does.

    I’ve been a Warrior’s fan going way back. I saw Wilt and Attles play on black and white TV when I was a kid. I was at the San Francisco Airporst at 2:00 A.M. to welcome back Rick and the boys after winning the NBA Championship. What’s the point….AR just might be one of the Warrior’s All-Time Great Players….if left alone to grow and be taught to be a true professinal. He can’t be f_ _ ked with by someone with an ulterior motive. He’s only 19 people. Yeah he’s still making rookie mistakes, being out of position, and making errors of aggression, but so what. What were you people doing at age 19?? Someone on the early KNBR show pointed out his wrong-doings from last night. I wanted to throw my radio at them. Did you not notice the incredible and athletic attainments from the game. I’ll say again. He and Monta running the court together is going to be Nirvana for us Golden State Warrior’s Fans for the next ten years….give or take!!

    The future is so bright. And last night was okay. We played with the best team in the league, yet we took the loss. I’m all about getting one more high draft choice in May!

    Be optimistic Warrior’s fans. We are finally going to be a power! Hell….Kobe even said as much!


  • OptimusPrime

    What an amazing game. I was on the edge of my seat the entire game.

    “From what I’m told, that message is being sent down from the executive suites”

    So Nellie is forced to play AR and the guy was flat out amazing. He definitely has star potential on defense and offense. What I love about AR is that he is not intimidated by anyone. Remember he was staring down Garnett. You cant teach that.

    Does anybody else notice that ARs face always looks like he is extremly distraught. I think its just the way he looks.

  • OptimusPrime

    I didnt get Nellie taking AR out and putting in Bellinelli towards the end. Bellin is just getting back into the groove and AR was having a monster game.

  • Rob W

    Anthony Randolph:

    Hang in there buddy! We know that Don is a tough coach to get along with, but we fans really appreciate your hustle and enthusiasm. We hope you’re a Warrior for many, many years to come.

  • Chris

    So many close losses…….Cleveland, Phoenix, San Antonio, and now last night.

    One thing in common in all those losses…..a 4th quarter shooting drought. Great first half FG%, but scoring declined as we progressed into the 4th quarter.

    Makes you wonder if we’re missing that star player that Warrior fans have always coveted……..Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Paul Pierce, Dirk Nowitzki, ……..just a couple of names of players that close games out in the 4th quarter.

    Some players out of their element…..Stephen forced to be in the role of the number 1 option.

    Loved seeing Anthony and Lamar last night. I called it in my last post……..wasn’t sure he was gonna start or not….big game for Anthony to get in and he put it in a double double……..let’s hope we see more things like that in the future.

    If we shoot just a little bit better in the 4th, pick up our “D” a little bit and maintain our “roles” on offense, …..I mean Jamal had a great first half,…….you gotta go to him down the stretch. Corey, Jamal…….those guys have to be aggressive and get to the basket and draw fouls so there won’t be the discrepancies in foul calls in favor of the Lakers.

    We were in the penalty before we could even breathe in the 4th and we didn’t get to the basket to put the pressure on the defense.

    The 2 Ariza 3s sealed our fate.

    Let’s hope we go 3-0 in our next 3 games against OKC, L.A. Clippers and Charlotte Bobcats…….because if we don’t go 3-0 in this next stretch, I’m gonna stop being a fan.

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    Re Blah of ‘Out of Mix?’ post:

    I like a little different mix. Mainly that I see Anthony Randolph as a 3. I like:

    PG Crawford, CJ (Bellinelli)
    SG Ellis, Bellinelli, Morrow
    SF Jackson, Randolph, Buike
    PF a player not yet acquired, Turiaf, Wright
    C Biedrins, Turiaf

    The player I’ve left out is Magette. Not that I don’t like him, I just don’t quite know where to put him. He’s doing a hell of a job filling in at that PF spot and would be just as good or better at one of the wing spots. A keeper.

    Two comments on the Laker game. One, I noticed 4 Laker starters were resting on the bench in the 3rd while the dubs were using only a 6 and a half player rotation. Right then I figured they were doomed to succumb to fatigue in the face of Laker fresh legs and lungs. Look at the two guys who made mistakes in the 4th, Ellis and Jackson, 44+ minutes. That reeks. Second, having Odom say those things about Randolph is wonderful. It’s one thing to see it as a fan and get excited, but to have a top-of-the-line peer give a guy that kind of props is special. Trade Randolph and you trade ME to whatever team gets him. Don’t even think of it.

  • JLantern

    Turiaf’s 18 ft shot seems pretty reliable as of this point in the season. i would like to see more of turiaf at the 4 and biedrins at the 5 when he comes back. the whole thing with nellie, is he likes his 4 to be able to stretch the floor with a jumper. that spreads out the defense and creates mismatches. if ronny can hit that shot consistently, that should be enough to spread the floor, as well as allowing us to be able to rebound with any team in the league. i love ronny off the bench, but i think he can produce well as a starter and have AR come off the bench with even more energy.

  • Dave

    Jackson is stupid not to tell Nelson that he needs a blow once in a while, and Nelson is stupid for playing him too many minutes. Why does Nelson have so many 2 guards if he doesn’t rotate them to rest the vets? Is Jackson too macho to ask for rest? Too many internal problems on this team, no wonder they are 19-36.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Good point Dave. My thoughts exactly. Nellie DOES NOT know when to give Jax a breather. That’s why he didn’t produce in the final quarter. He should have gave Monta a breather too.

    That is one of the reasons I don’t like Nellie. It does not take a genious to figure out that no player can be effective when not given at least a few minutes to rest. Nellie should take JAX out when Phil pulls Kobe and their starters.

    That’s Nellie! I thought personally MB was playing pretty good D against kobe, but he got pulled. Defense is obviously NOT Nellie’s strong point and priority.

    At the end of the season I wish critics can seriously ask Nellie why he promised not to over play Jax like he PROMISED during the beginning of the season.