Monta Ellis out 1 to 2 weeks

The Warriors announced that Monta Ellis’ left ankle has stiffened up on him again and they are going to shut him down for at least a week, maybe two.
His ankle has been giving him problems off and on. According to a team official, it is an expected side effect to Ellis’ recovery process. My guess is that Marco Belinelli will start in his place (Nellie loves Belinelli), but C.J. Watson is also an option. As is Anthony Randolph, which would allow Azubuike to start at off guard.

The official release:

“Guard Monta Ellis, who has experienced occasional stiffness in his left ankle since returning to action on January 23, including during last night’s game against Oklahoma City, will be sidelined the next 1-2 weeks. During this time, the 6’3″ guard will continue advanced rehabilitation on a daily basis with the Warriors’ Athletic Training Staff.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Mike in Atl


    Monta’s back so, as I promised, I have returned as well. Unfortunately the damage done to our record (20-36) as I write this, is too substantial to have a meaningful “Playoff run” conversation. So lets look the near future.

    1st though let me say, I’ve been reading a lot of Marcus hating posts and that needs to stop. It’s one thing to criticize a writer for editorial content, but not his blog. Warriors fans stop addressing your anger at Marcus and pick on…CHRIS COHAN. Find his email address and bug the heck out of him.

    One more thing, can you go back to the format of answering short questions from fans the way it was on hoopshype?

    Ok, now looking at the current roster it looks like PG is the biggest hole. AB isn’t going anywhere because he’s good. He’s not great because he can’t score and never will avg 20+ but he gets boards and Turiaf flat out doesnt. With AR and BW at the 4 one will still long term, and Monta and Jackson are Warriors. So crawford will be gone, next year or after the contract expires so we need a PG. I’ve seen Rubio, but I like Jennings. This dude is special. Almost BD special, just too light. When you get a chance please let me know what you think about him.

  • Mike in Atl: Are you suggesting that although Marcus has criticized the performance of others, he should never be criticized? It looks that way, and it’s not too logical. I’ve criticized Marcus at times, and I’ve complimented him at times. You (and he) might as well get used to it. If I were a Marcus hater, I wouldn’t bother to read this blog. Actually, I wish he’d post more often because his stuff (with the occasional exception) is generally informative.

  • MountainJim

    Monta’s back? I must be reading the blog entry wrong.

  • the Seer

    Monte will never be the same player..I had that ankle surgery ten years ago and my ankle still gets stiff all the time..Trade him during the off season if you can get anything for him..He will never get that first step back..

  • Warrior Streak

    Yeah Seer, but you’re not an athlete with professional trainers, the best doctors, attentention, etc. Ellis has big trade value as indicated by inquiries. He’s already getting better. He’ll hit his stride next year.

  • Ewok

    I think this is just a precautionary measure.

    TLC has to be applied to this situation for the simple fact that Monta represents an investment of 65 million dollars/six years.

    So if there is a slight pain in there, have it looked. Just like the military days, When in doubt, salute.

  • Ewok

    Let me add this about Monta,

    Next year, he will back to his normal old self.

    Problem is, He is now more injury prone. But I am a firm believer that performance is 85 percent mental and 15 percent physical.

    The Warriors were never together as a team in full capacity and potential.

    This guy is tough.

  • sartre

    I wonder Seer if you had the same quality and quantity of expert treatment for your injury? What I found encouraging is that Monta showed himself at times capable of the old explosiveness. That suggested to me that it might be more a matter of time for him to be consistently at that level again, or something close enough to it. The guy still displays a lot of energy and quickness out there.

  • BigGreen

    I think he just needs to take it easy for now, I would not rush back at all if I were him, what we need to do is try to keep our roster together for as long as we can so we can get some continuity on our team. With Baron Leaving, it really shook things up even though I do like Corey, but he is sometimey just like baron in My opinion, but Baron is a much better leader