Pregame Tidbits (at Clippers)

* Remember Aresenio Hall’s “Things that make you go hmmmmmmm”? Here’s one. So, Andris is playing. But he is coming off the bench. Work him back into the rotation. As my co-hort Janny Hu queried, “doesn’t that make you wonder why Monta Ellis came back in the starting line-up.” Hmmmmmmmmm

* Buike is also starting at PF. Belinelli is taking Monta’s place at starting off guard.

* Tried to catch up with BD before the game. To no avail. Will after the game. He’d probably be happy to see me, the way he’s getting destroyed up here. Not for no reason, I might add.

* Dunleavy is trying to run with Nellie. Guard Mardy Collins is starting at PF. Eric Gordon is starting at SF.

Marcus Thompson

  • ECJ

    Watching tonight’s game, it was easy to see that the Warriors SHOULD have made the deal to bring Baron back to the Bay.. 2 reasons: 1. Baron isn’t playing hard for the Clips, but he found a way to get up when his BOYS came to town.. and 2. The Warriors are so desperately in need of leadership on the court.. Did anybody else spend the evening YELLING at their TV as Steven Jackson tried to compete with BD in a quarter-back competition? Jackson had 5 T.O.’s, and took some absolutely horrendous shots in the second half.. The Warriors miss the leadership BD provided.

    I like Maggs, but BD is a game changer.. and he plays hard for Nellie. Plus we had a chance to get at least SOME value for Marcus Williams. I think the W’s should have done the deal.. then we’d have been one PF away from being a SERIOUS contender in the west.


  • blah

    Forget BD, Gordon has serious game.

  • ECJ: Baron has played 42 so-so games, has missed 14 games, and then played one good game. So you you want him back and wish the Ws had signed his 5-year, $65 million deal. Thank the maker you are not running the Warriors.

  • We_Are_The_Littles

    Agree with Mike W. Only reason BD looked good is because he got up for the Dubs last night. And even then, most of his shots were long and off the mark, and luckily rimmed in.

    And no, Gordon does not have serious game. The guy can score but he’s always driving. When he gets a consistent midrange or long jumper, then I’ll admit to him having game.

  • Chris

    I thought Nelson did pretty well with the rotations last night. I thought the Belinelli start (albeit out of desperation with no Monta, but I think Belinelli is an offensive facilitator and plays a fantastic “floor game”) the timely shuffling between Andres for Rony and the consistent rotation involving the 2 Anthony’s (Randolph and Morrow) was well managed.

    We just lost the game on the road because we can’t score in the 4th quarter like we do in the previous 3 quarters, no matter who the opponent, the venue, none of that matters……..We cannot score in the 4th quarter and that’s where we lose our games.

    I would have liked to see Anthony Morrow get an extra 1 or 2 minutes down the stretch to maybe see if he could have hit 1 or 2 more 3 pointers in that span. I thought he could have matched Eric Gordon with his 3s for a little while longer, but Nelson chose to go with his favorite players, CJ Watson, Stephen Jackson, etc……..which was not bad, again I thought he did a good job with rotations, I thought Anthony Morrow should have stayed a little longer to get a few more looks for 3 pointers, …..just a thought, not saying it would have made a difference or anything, but what the hell do you have to lose when you don’t even have 20 wins at the All-Star break? ……….

    That’s a worse record than we used to have in the Jamison, Marc Jackson, Vonteego Cummings days. In those days, we would usually have 20-22 wins by the All-Star break.

    We are an absolutely terrible, undersized NBA team with some young talent, no defensive or rebounding prowess and the ability to either shoot ourselves in or out of games. Not the recipe for success in the NBA, believe me, I know basketball and I know this league. We’re not going anywhere as we stand.

    Teams are getting better by the day…….Portland, L.A., we have no time to sit and wait around, otherwise it’s gonna be another decade of futility!

    The only remedy for that is an elite level superstar, guys who make their living in the 4th quarter………..again, the list is short but includes the following names:……….Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Paul Pierce, Dirk Nowitzki, T-Mac when heatlhy, D-Wade, Michael Redd, Joe Johnson……..these are the kinds of players we need to be a good team, not even an elite team in the West, but just a good team.

    To be an elite team, we need a hell of a lot more. Namely 1 or 2 defensive minded players, 1 perimeter defender like Raja Bell, Bruce Bowen or Tayshaun Prince and 1 low post rebounder and defender like Marcus Camby (there aren’t too many of these guys in the NBA so we would look to guys with offensive games as well, a guy who can score, that opens the table to guys like Carlos Boozer, although defensively he is not exactly what we want, he would provide the rebounding help we need). I like Camby’s game, I thought we should have gone after him this off-season. But in hinesight, with his injuries and off the court issues, I think we did right in bringing in Rony Turiaf for that $17 million contract, but we still need more defensive and rebounding help in the low post……….Paul Millsap, Anderson Varejao even.

    I don’t think we need a scorer at the 4, that’s why I am more willing to go with a defensive minded 4, that’s why I say Camby (who can be 5 too, I know, but he can play 4).

    We also need a consistent dedication to defense, like the Spurs have, like the Celtics have and this year like the Cavs have.

    Without these improvements and changes, we will continue to lose to teams like the Clippers, the Grizzlies, the Kings, the Thunder………pathetic,………absolutely pathetic……..our team should be ashamed of themselves!

  • blah

    That’s it? Anything else????

    I hope we lose every game for the rest of the year. Get over this year W’s & L’s.

    You want Anthony and anthony and Bellinelli to play and want to win now?

    How’s fantasy land Cohan?

  • ECJ

    Baron doesn’t play hard because he’s not INSPIRED to play hard for Dunleavey.. Much like he wasn’t INSPIRED to play hard for Scott in Charlotte. Baron played GREAT last night because he IS INSPIRED to play hard when it comes to the Warriors, and his boys on the team. You saw the way he was chopping it up with CJ Watson, Jackson, and AB.. He played his best basketball with the W’s, including his all star days with the Hornets.

    Trading Baron back to the clips in exchange for Maggs contract is about even money.. It amazes me how some of you guys seem to forget how much Baron changed the culture of this franchise when he was here.. You don’t find many players who can do that single-handed. And for 12 mil a year, thats a bargain as far as I’m concerned.

  • BigGreen

    yeah I have to agree we were on our way to being a playoff contender on a consistent basis, but it was one him too, not just us, if he wanted to be here he would have tried to work it out and get a deal done.You have to keep a team together to get to the playoffs each year

  • MountainJim

    Baron took enough days off with the Warriors, when he was playing to rehab his rep and playing for a contract, that I think the idea he’d be motivated just by being here is a joke. He could be a great player, but he isn’t. His contract is going to outlive his usefulness by two or three years in the best case scenario.

    He’s no bargain. That said, I’d rather have him than Crawford or Maggette, but really I’d rather they had gone looking for a real point guard that might make things happen for other guys as a priority and get the ball out of Jackson’s or Ellis’ hands down the stretch.

  • Chris

    “Blah”………I’m not Chris Cohan….my handle is just “Chris” stupid.

    “Chris Cohan” is a different blogger.

    Don’t bunch me in with that fool.

    “ECJ”……….when Byron Scott coached the Hornets, they were already in New Orleans, they had already left Charlotte.

    You meant to say Baron did not get along with Tim Floyd in Charlotte, but did get along with Paul Silas.

    Please make sure to post about what you know, because the rest of what you write has no credibility.

    Also, I said nothing about “winning now.”

    I made it quite clear that we can’t and we won’t now.

    Also, “ECJ

  • danikil49

    Dub’s please do ua all a favor and trade Jax to a contender for anything, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that he is gone. I love his heart and his crunch time abilities, but the Dubs are a roller coaster team, just like Jaxs’ emotions. He is not a good leader, but he would be great as a number three or four man on your team.

    Don Nelson is not a good coach for this team and I would be very surprised if he ever gets past the second round in the playoffs.Here is the lineup that should play the rest of the year:
    Win or lose that is who should start. But it will never happen, because Nellie needs more wins to look good to the Hall of Fame voters.

  • BigGreen

    What about Turiaf, he goes out there and gets it done each night, he has to play.m I would statr him instead of Wright, I would let Wright come off the bench.And what’s wrong crawdord? I like him.

  • blah


    You missed a comma after “Chris”, before stupid.

    Isn’t that ironic? Thanks for the laugh!

    Sorry for the confusion. I too wouldn’t want to be confused with that guy.

  • Chris

    I was so aggravated at your comment “Blah” that I didn’t care to follow grammatical protocol………but thanks for calling me out on it..I appreciate that!

    Also, thanks for acknowledging the confusion.

    We need a lot of help on this team.

    We got a lot of work to do.

    When you ask, “That’s it?,”……in a sarcastic manner, that tells me that you don’t think we need a lot more on this team to be successful.

    We have 19-20 wins 2 weeks after the All Star break……..your’e god damn right, “That’s it,”……..we need a lot,………. defense, a legitimate star scorer to take big shots in the 4th and close games out and rebounding.

    What did you think we needed to turn a 20 win All-Star break record around?