Inside Practice (Feb. 26)

* Nellie said he had his second good practice, though the average age, as he pointed out, was about 23.
Jax was not around on Thursday because he was having emergency dental work done. Swingman Corey Maggette did not practice either. He was seen by Dr. Belzer, who confirmed he had a sprained right hand. He is listed as day-to-day.

* Guard Monta Ellis did not practice, though such seemed like a possibility as of Wednesday. He won’t be available for Friday’s game — which was also a possibility as of Wednesday. He left the team for Mississippi on Thursday after practice. A team official said he had to deal with a family emergency and would re-join the team at some point on the coming road trip.
But Ellis, who I saw in the weight room, did take some time to engage in a hilarious one-on-one with coaching assistant Rico Hines.
The verbal jabs were more entertaining than the play. Ellis was taking jumpers, occasionally pulling out a few crossovers, trying to embarrass Hines. One time, Ellis went through a series of fancy dribbles before taking a step-back jumper. He missed, but he still had words for Rico:
“I had you skating like you was at a skating rink.”
Hines was game on the court and in the banter. He was calling out his moves to on-lookers, telling Marcus Williams and Anthony Morrow to stay and watch him dog Monta.
“You ain’t never had to guard someone like me,” Hines shouted, “I’m from the playground.”
Hines knocked down about a few jumpers in Monta’s grill and posted Monta up a few times. One time, Hines backed him down and dropped in a righty hook.
“You couldn’t do that again if you tried,” Ellis said.
Ellis got hot from the corner, knocked down three straight.
“I told him to get a paper, see who signed for $66 million.”
Ellis won three of four games. And Hines was sweating much more and breathing a lot harder at the end.

* Another competition going on: Crawford v. Belinelli in a game of HORSE. They split a pair of matches. Belinelli even tried a 360-dunk, drawing some cheers from his onlooking teammates.

* Nellie dropped an interesting surprise after practice about Brandan Wright’s left shoulder injury:
“I don’t know what to tell you or where to go with that. He did go visit some doctor or some clinic or something. I don’t think they are going to do surgery. I think he’s progressing but whether he can play or not, I haven’t seen that. Nobody told me any thing.”

Wright and surgery in the same sentence? When did that happen? Is that Nellie letting something slip or being 68 and messing up the details? The stuff about him seeing a specialist is news, too. The Warriors had only said that he would be working with the team’s athletic training staff.
According to a team official, Wright was at the facility Thursday working on his shoulder. He’s improving and closer to basketball related work.

“He’s not ready to play now. A guy who’s sat out as long as he did, he’s got two or three weeks of work to get back to where he was. I don’t know that we can … had he been with me all year and had this opportunity to play, we could’ve had some interesting match-ups with a frontline that could play together in a year or two. But, uh, pretty hard to do at this point.”

* Another Nellie quotable:

“I told Randolph today when he came in, ‘I wish he had bought into the way he is playing now two months ago. He would be farther along.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Chris

    Marcus………good job with the report.

    I sense a little bit of “blacklisting” of Brandan Wright by Don Nelson, very much in the mold of Tyrone Hill, Chris Webber, Al Harrington, …..guys that Nellie didn’t like. Nothing new of course, we’ve always kind of known that Brandan may not be a “Don Nelson guy.”

    “I don’t know….some facility, some doctor, somewhere”…………what kind of answer is that for a coach to give about, in my opinion, a skilled and talented young basketball player that could be an intregal part of your core and it’s success?

    Guys,……. Anthony Randolph is a talented, exciting, hard-working, athletic, raw young player……but Brandan is much further along in development in my opinion. Defensively they are both active, but Brandan uses his length much smarter than Randolph.

    Anthony tries to block every shot in site and send it to the 3rd row so the opposition gets the possession. Brandan is much more controlled and disciplined on defense and can time his jump much better. Brandan is a better shot blocker than Anthony now.

    I see a lot of Warrior fans giving up on Brandan.

    I understand it, we gave away our “heart and soul” to get him in J.R., he’s barely played in 1.5 years in the league and he’s often injured…..easy to forget his talent right?

    But Brandan is a talented young player and much further along in smart, intelligent player development than Anthony.

  • Norm

    Damn Marcus, ’bout time you posted somethin. Been a while!

  • A’s in 2009

    I always love the Inside the Practice stuff.

    Thanks MT!

  • Golden Streak

    It’ll be an interesting game on Friday. We’ll see how the youngsters handle it.

  • earl monroe

    That Nelson is a funny man, I wish “HE” had bought into some of the rookies earlier, I noticed yesterday he was quoted as saying something to the effect that he planned to sit Crawford but not Jackson because he was short on players at his position. Does he even really have set positions? almost all players on the Warriors are playing out of position and now he can’t sit Jackson down? Why not play Biedrins, Turiaf and Randolph with Bellineli and Crawford?
    Come on Nelson give us some of those crazy combos you gave us in the past, lets see Randolph at the 3, after all you did say that eventually Randolph would be a 3. You are becoming conservative in your old age Mr. innovator.

    To the second winningest coach of all time:

    Randolph had no idea “what” to buy into, since you never really told him, and he is 19, what is your excuse, for this pitiful season?

    And lets get rid of the double standard when it pertains to on court mistakes, when Jackson makes one, tell him about it, the next time yank him.
    Acting like mistakes on court are really important to you is like the pot calling the kettle black, the whole team makes mistakes all the time with hardly a peep from you so they just keep making the same mistakes. Do you know what the word accountability means?

  • MountainJim

    Unless you’re actually someone around the team, I’d bet a lot that you have no idea what you’re talking about in that last paragraph Earl Monroe. It’s pretty obvious there’s a difference between making physical mistakes and mental mistakes, bad rotations, not following the game plan, etc. That’s been Randolph’s problem, according what little the coaches have said about it. If you just let a young player ignore that stuff you end up with a guy who has talent and can’t play basketball.

  • DubCurse

    Thanks MT!

    Keep updating us on that Crawford-Belinelli HORSE match! This could get interesting since Beli’s vying for Jamal’s minutes. Any video perhaps?


  • EJ



  • Scotty

    Did Marco just try a 360 or actually do it? I know he’s capable.



  • earl monroe

    So what do we end up with when VETERANS make mental mistakes, bad rotations, not following the game plan, etc? If the game plan is to move the ball and the veterans don’t do it, as a coach what would you do? So what kind of mistakes is
    Nelson calling players out on? Mental or physical? Because even though I am not around the team I see many of both, and given a choice, this season I would choose the very young players making the mistakes because at least you see them hustle.

    Should the Veterans be allowed more leeway in making mistakes? When will the
    veterans be asked to play defense?