Crawford the Scapegoat?

Nelson’s decision to sit one of his players has drawn some ire. Jamal Crawford would never say it publicly, so his agent said it for him. He is not happy.

“Jamal wants to play. That’s what he came here for. If the coach doesn’t want to play him, he should have a valid reason why he doesn’t want to play him.”

“As an agent and a longtime fan of the Warriors. I totally disagree with this.”

It must be noted that Crawford has an opt out and this could have an impact. There is no question the two best scenarios for Crawford is to sign an extension with the Warriors or to opt out and sign a long-term deal.
At the very least, he wants to see other veterans benched, too. Goodwin is concerned that Crawford may look like he’s unhappy and pouting, which would hurt his image and sign-ability. Crawford took the high road.

“I’m a professional. I’m not trying to cause a stir. I’m going to do whatever coach thinks is best for the team. I’m going to always show up for my team.”

Personally, I thought it was odd that Crawford is the one to sit though Jackson leads the league in minutes. Nellie said he doesn’t have other options at small forward, but what did they do when Jax was out? Just not have a SF?
Maggette and Azubuike are players who can play the position. Even Anthony Morrow or Randolph, who Nellie said he eventually sees as a SF down the line.
Does Crawford have a legitimate gripe? What do you think of Nellie’s decision to sit Crawford?

Marcus Thompson

  • J Canseco

    Nellie is trying to push Crawford to opt out on behalf of Rowell’s ineptitude and Cohan’s wallet. Typical Nellie mind games. Weak.

  • Cedric

    Nelson should be the one to sit out. He should then go to the library and look up the word “accountability”. He should then come back and apply what he’s learned about that word and apply it to all of the players. SJax wouldn’t lead the league in minutes and Randolph wouldn’t have as many DNPCD next to his name. All the other players would get minutes because there would be times when every one of the starters is pulled for “teaching moments”. They might not have won any more games, but, it would have been a perfect rebuilding season, kinda’ like a tank without the big tractor treads.

  • BigGreen

    nellie is trippin with this decision, i do not support what he is doing, I wanted the young guys to play, so Nelson needs to learn how to work his lineup like a good coach should know how to do!

  • Norm

    Jackson shoould be the one to sit out!

  • EJ

    Nellie is wrong on this one. Crawford’s gripe is legit. I mean, what other veteran 2’s or 3’s do they have on the team other than Crawford and Jackson?? I’m almost 100% sure this is a move to unsettle Crawford so that he opts out at the end of the season. Typical Nellie move.

    What other veterans are going sit after Crawford? Biedrins and Turiaf? Those are really their ONLY options at the 4 and 5, and Randolph and Maggette already get run at those positions as it is.

    If any veteran needs to sit out the rest of the year it’s Nellie. Let Keith Smart run the team and see what happens.

  • Kobe Bryant

    Eric Mussellman and Mike Montgomery could have coached this team to their current record of 20-37

    What the hell do we need Nelson for?

  • Kyle

    This is definitely a move to piss of Crawford so he opts out. Not at all classy, but then again, I really want Crawford to opt out.

  • Tony M

    great writeup Marcus…

    Why couldnt they sit CJ Watson, or Kaz or Maggette? I think its more of a shady Nellie ploy to get Crawford pissed in hopes that he opts out in the off season.

    In regards to your inside practice Feb 26 post. The whole BWright thing is getting a lil ridiculous. Its clear that it was more than a partially dislocated shoulder. We all know BWright is pretty fragile but the old man’s comment about “frontline matchups they could have exploited in a year or 2” just shows that Nellie just doesnt want to believe in BWright. BW has his faults but he is by far the most skilled low post player the Dubs have. And if this effects his standing next year, it would truly be a shame. this season was lost when Monta went down. Nellie should’ve been starting BW @ 4, AR @ 3, Marco @ 1/2 and let them grow with there lumps…..and shoot if we lost 60 games who cares, we couldve got Blake Griffin then traded BW….


  • earl monroe

    Par for the course

  • blah

    As a fan going to the game tonight, I want to see Crawford play! I want my moneys worth, if he’s not injured, then yea I’m pissed.

    My suggestion? Give the young guys more minutes when we are on the road but, when we are at home, give the fans a show. This is common sense, isn’t it? Marcus, can you get to Nellie on this point?

  • jaysohn

    Wow I can’t believe any of you are whining. All season, in fact for two seasons fans have complained about the young guys not getting enough run and now cuz he wants to sit Crawford for one game to do so everyone is gripping? Come on its one game in a losing season and most of the time all I hear is everyone bagging on Crawfords game. He shoots too much, doesn’t play any D and doesn’t pass enough. That’s all I’ve heard on here for 2 months. People make up your minds please.

  • EJ

    Giving Crawford about 10-15 minutes worth of PT to let the young guys play makes sense. But to bench him the entire game doesn’t. Especially given that he has an ETO at the end of the season, it makes its even more suspicious. It’s almost like Nellie pre-empting a response to a DNP. What I’m most surprised with is that he didn’t just ask Crawford for play power forward!

  • CL

    I agree with Jaysohn about those who continuously whine. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if the youngsters are going to see significantly increased playing time then obviously the playing time of the vets is going to take a serious hit. At this point in the season I would not have a problem if Maggette, Jackson and Crawford didn’t play another minute if Nellie would allow the ‘kids” to get some meaningful playing time.

  • Twinkie defense

    Any excuse to get Craw out and Beli in is a good excuse to me… and worse things can happen than Craw opting out!

  • Twinkie defense

    PS when fans are complaining about PT for the youngins, that ain’t talking about CJ, Morrow, Azubuike and Beli, they’re talkin about Randolph and Wright. They don’t care about guards or anyone selected outside of the lottery.

  • Ewok

    It’s all about Exposure of the young to gain the needed experience plus the prevention of further injuries so we can have an intact line up next season.

    I do agree with lessening the time of the vets BUT i don’t agree with at all about their benching.

    Think of it this way, If the likes of Randolph, Bellineli, Morrow, Watson, Azubuique and even Turiaf pan out great with this plan, then we have all the reasons to be excited and look forward for the next season. That is a great business strategy as well as we need to get rid of a vet or two to make salary adjustments for next year..

    What I don’t understand at this point is, Why didnt the organization considered or negotiated to take Bdiddy back as the Clippers reportedly offered him back to the Warriors? I don’t get it.

    The front office of this franchise organization is the big cancer of this ball club.

  • Off topic, but why is Al Harrington still in the banner?

  • luv W’s, not Nellie

    I think it is a bunch of BS!!! Don Nelson has to be the dumbest coach in America. OK, I have been saying all season that the youngta’s need some pt. But to come out and say that JC is not gonna play at all? And to say he cant sit Cap’n Jack because we are thin at the 3? I dont know who is more drunk on the job, Nellie or Charles Barkley. I am starting to feel like the late 90’s and early to mid 00’s when I love the W’s, but hate to watch them. Nellie has got to go… And by the way MT…

  • Marcus Thompson

    Josh Jamison,

    I wonder the same thing. We should all flood my online editor with emails demanding a new banner!!!! jbecker@bayareanewsgroup.com

  • Sleepy

    Jack is the oldest player on the team lol

    Corey is already day to day with another injury

    Crawford is the youngest of the three

    and guess who we are sitting lol

  • Mr B


    Sit Jackson down. Love the guy but WTF is up with the turnover. Carried us to a close game but in the end, caused us the damn game again.

    I would sit Jack down or push him to the 3 position and take the damn ball out of his hands.

    Thanks for the email about your new editor and the banner. This guy is either a miser or just clueless on basketball.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Great job on tonights game Nellie!

    Wondering in all honesty what message Nellie and Co. are sending to Crawford by benching him tonight? Really!

    Way to go Jax! Nice pass at the end of the game we really got a good shot off! How many minutes did he rack up AGAIN?

    How many more games till the end of this season?

  • MountainJim

    Sitting a guy out doesn’t affect his stats. Playing a guy 10 minutes does. Maybe it’s actually better for Crawford. In any event, I don’t care. If it makes Crawford opt out and go away it would be Nellie’s best move of the season. Frankly, I’d sit Crawford, Jax and Maggette and just work the rest of the team for the rest of the season.

  • rps21

    We sat Crawford so we could play CJ 40+ minutes?!? We know what CJ is already. A 8th/9th man who can’t play defense. He’s a FA at the end of the year & probably won’t be back. Why’s he getting time over Marco who we have more invested in? Is it possible to trade a head coach?

  • Ewok

    It could be an off season strategy.

    Sit Crawford on the bench, that will prevent him from getting his rhythm which may affect his value because he is free agent after this season.

    If he opts out, then we gain room for money to get a player we like.

    If the plans pans out on surface, then CJWatson, Marco Belinelli, Morrow will be the beneficiary which is not bad.

    But Crawford has to be the most affected, especially if he wants to max out his value for the next season, which the Warriors countered by benching him.

    Nellie may be a bit inconsistent as a coach but he damn sure knows working the money as a GM on the sidelines.

  • Death to Homers attacking fans who finally get it.

  • BigGreen

    Well at least he did sit Jack and Turiaf,but for some reason he has not sat Maggette yet and I am not sure, is it because Azibuike is hurt? does anyone know?