Postgame Tidbits (vs. Charlotte)

I wasn’t at the game tonight, but there is still a lot to note.

* So, the Warriors are going to the youth movement, right. So please explain to me why Jackson played 42+ minutes? Why did Nellie go pretty much six deep the whole night? With Crawford and Monta out of the lineup, Belinelli played 21:36. Morrow played 15:57. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose. Sure, Watson played a team-high 44 minutes, but the other two guards must play more. That’s what he’s sitting vets for, right?

* Seven minutes for Randolph is inexplicable

* So Jackson is the next vet in line to get the game off. Nelson told the team at shootaround that he will bench Jax for Sunday’s game. So, suddenly, the shortage of SFs is not too bad to sit Jax. That, or the heat brought on by Crawford’s agent, Aaron Goodwin, has forced Nellie into a corner and now he’s got to sit other vets.

* Why was Jax even inbounding the ball on the final play? Not only have we seen him fail in that position before (wasn’t it opening night against the Hornets when he threw the ball away trying to hit Maggette?), but he leads the league in TOs. Plus, wasn’t he the leading scorer? Should he be taking the last shot, not setting it up?

* There was a time I wanted Emeka Okafor. That time is long gone. He got six years, $72 million. That’s $3 million a year more than Biedrins.

Marcus Thompson

  • Livermore Joe

    I agree about Anthony Randolph, Marcus. Seven minutes is inexplicable.

    I just don’t see a logical pattern to the decisions Nelson has made this year, beginnning with the decision to start Demarcus Nelson, followed by the trade of Al Harrington for a two guard, the bizarre naming of a “defensive coordinator,” the continuing reluctance to play Randolph and now this scheme to bench Crawford and other vets (including Biedrins! How does that going to help get minutes for the two guards!?)

    Nothing makes sense!

    I was a as big a fan of Don Nelson as there was, but I’ve just become so frustrated with him and the organization. I am very afraid that Nelson will try to trade away young players like Randolph and Biedrins for more middling vets in pursuit of no logical end.

    I just want a logical coach and a coherent strategy from the front office. Is that too much to ask?


  • Norm

    Doesn’t make any sense at all (Don Nelson). I love the coach, I think Nelson is a brilliant offensive mind, and I’m glad Nelson is around. I do share the same sentiment Marcus!

    Baffling to say the least!

  • A’s in 2009

    Sitting Crawford means 40+mins for CJ Watson, I guess… GEEZ. Sitting Biedrins will mean Ronny gets 36 at C while Randolph only plays 12 at back-up C. I’m gonna guess that sitting Jackson will mean Azubuike plays all 48. So whats the point of all this anyway? I don’t get it. Man, what a miserable year.

  • Let me borrow a phrase, ( Isn’t this Nellie being Nellie)..Talk, talk, talk thats all Nellie does, then he does what ever he wants to do. He doesn’t care what we as fans say or what the media writes he just does whatever he wants to do. Sure it’s stupid to play CJ 44 min. it’s also stupid to only play one big guy at a time, if he would play Randolph with Andres or Rony the team might just get more rebounds. Ah, but Nellie doesn’t want to get more rebounds because then the team might win more games and he would have to change his (SMALL BALL LINE-UP). That would ruin everything that Nellie has worked so hard for, all Nellie wants to do is play SMALL BALL, he doesn’t care if he wins or not he just wants to do it his way. Just think a moment, don’t we have 2 other big guys on the bench?? Why are they there? Oh I know, they are there for practice time right?? Let’s see Rob Kurz is 6’9″ and Jermareo Davidson is 6’10”, as I recall didn’t Nellie fall in love with Kurz a couple of months ago and say that he would be playing a lot, well has anyone seen him play since then?? Not me..Gee, here sits a couple of big guys that could get a few rebounds and maybe help the team win a couple of games here and there, but Nellie being Nellie doesn’t want that, remember he wants to play small ball only..Well thats (NELLIE BEING NELLIE)..Well I’ll close now because I’m going to go and vomit after watching the game, Thanks Nellie and also thanks COHAN for F…..G UP THE TEAM WITH THIS COACH…

  • jlight

    Are the Warriors getting ready for baskeball without Monta. Could that have something to do with Watson playing 44 minutes, otherwise i dont get it. I also agree about Randolph there are plenty of miutes on the front line for him, esp. since Brandan continues to be out, and hes playing a lot better as of late, so were is he? if Cory is injured, why do you need to continue to play him, so he can get hurt and be out the rest of the season……hummmmmmm.

  • It was painful to watch Watson play last night. After the game Matt Steinmetz mention how we can’t control opposing teams’ guards and watching Watson play D last night and every other night this season just… WOW!

  • jim

    Marcus, I am glad you didn’t see the game. Charlotte scored 60 in the first half. CJ, Azubuike, Jackson, Maggette played small ball monopoly and random defense while Bellinelli, Randoplh, and Morrow had court time but were again hung out to dry by having no plays or passes from the veterans. I am fed up with the horrid management and coaching of this team who give us a poorly complied and, now, unwatchable team.

  • MountainJim

    I’m all for sitting Jax and playing the kids. But if you’re not really going to play the kids (and I mean Randolph, Morrow, Belinelli, and even Davidson rather than the guys who have had a lot of PT for the last two years like Buike and CJ) then just play the games straight. This was stupid. I mean, why not try some different combos, play Randolph with a center for more than a minute, play three bigs just for the hell of it. Letting Jax dribble out 20 seconds of clock and hoist, even if it works, isn’t building anything for the future and that’s all there is right now – the present certainly isn’t worth preserving.

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    I’m most baffled by that last in-bounds play. Jackson in-bounding–something he’s screwed up before. Biedrens who had just re-injured his ankle and a couple plays earlier showed he couldn’t move very well in the line-up, and no-one broke for the ball with authority. Is there an assumption that all these guys automatically know what to do on an inbounds? This team has shown repeatedly that they don’t. Also, I hope the brass saw what they needed to see by sitting Crawford, but for the life of me I don’t know what it was. Please–at least for the entertainment value–play Randolph major minutes when you sit Jackson.

  • manhattanproj

    i don’t understand why belinelli didn’t play more minutes. the ball was hopping around when he was in the game. the w’s had the biggest lead when he was playing in the 3rd quarter. after he left, jackson and maggette just went 1-on-1.

  • Mike in Atl

    This is typical Nelly and all us Warrior fans new that, but with a young team not going to the playoffs were now better off without him. Its time for Keith Smart to show us what he’s got.

    Too bad for Cohan, he has to eat that guaranteed money he gave Nelly. In this economy, no one is going to be watching the remainder of this season for 50 bucks a seat. The part is over.

  • Gizzm

    add up the minutes last night for the youngsters (marrow, AR, and Belli) and you get the same amount of minutes for freakin’ CJ Watson.

    So Stack Jack is off on Sunday, eh?

    I guess Buike gets his 45 minutes then.

    What a Joke.

  • Nothing’s changing. Tickets are practically free so they can keep spouting off about attendance but it’s a sinking ship. Let it go, We Believe Bandwagoners. Let it go. Learn the game and push for Real Change.

  • Trade Jackson

    Jackson ruined the game last night, and not only on his botched in bounds play. The constant one on ones that end up in bricks and cries of foul, that lead to fast break points for the other team.

    MT2, lets see a blog rippin jackson

  • Gizzm

    I agree with TradeJackson.

    Why does Nelson insist on coaching Stack of Crap Jack like he’s MJ or something?

    I realize he might be the “best” that we have (until M8 is healthy) but that shouldn’t give him the right to play 1 on 5 basketball. Jackson, if you notice as well, NEVER gets Marrow involved in any open looks when they are on the floor together.

  • mike

    another way the nba cheats. he must be betting on the side.

  • Part of the residual PR myth from We Believe! is the Marco Belinelli love. He doesn’t deserve it.

    Marco Belinelli was a Don Nelson/Summer League fabrication. He may be a rotation guard, we’ll see, but he’s totally healthy and not being played by the same strange old man who made you love him for no good reason in the first place.

  • pdxraider

    I don’t understand all the bagging on Jackson, sure he turns the ball over and takes too many shots, but Nellie orchestrates the game plan. When Jax screws up like the other night try and remember we wouldn’t be in the game without him.

    What I do agree with is less minute for Jax and more minutes for Randolph, CJ, Buike. What I don’t understand is what anybody sees in Maggette and Wright. While Belli and Morrow should only get minutes to tempt other teams in the off-season.

    Randolph must get minutes, with Biedrins, Turiaf, and Randolph, maybe Wright in the front court. Jax and Maggs at SF and sometimes SG. Ellis and CJ and Crawford at point and SG. We have to keep Biedrins and Randolph. I would trade almost anyone else if we could better any starter. Especially at PG or PF

  • Sleepy

    Pdxraider what about the games where we are in the game without and he still does it. I still remember the lakers game where Crawford and Ronnie hadnt missed a shot we had control of the game and Jack was like 3-11 or something like that but he was determined to get his and did get his numbers but we ended up losing.

    The one thing that Ive come to notice about jack and Corey they are happy as long as they get their numbers. To illustrate if Nelson says jack you need to move the ball more Jack would come out the next game and purposely not shoot .If you take a step back and look at the entire picture you can see just how much that one playoff appearance has glossed over a bunch of bad habits .

  • S–twing chuckers are a dime a dozen and we’ve got about that.

    Jackson, Maggette, Crawford, Belinelli, Azubuike, Watson… all irrelevant. Not game-changers.

    One day the casual homer fans will get it. Not so far.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    We lost to Utah because of too many turnovers, that was obvious.

    Secondly, Williams just made our guards look pretty bad. He got a career night in assists. I like CJ, but you sort of see why now he MAY have not been drafted. He can’t play defense. But again Monta, and Crawford aren’t much better in D either. Were defintely over stocked with small guys, but I really think we gotta trade, or dump the guys who are the weakest defenders.

    Bout time we got to see a little of AR and RT playing at the same time! AR did good and RT, playing like RT.

    We did not lose because we DID NOT have Jax, we lost because of 20 plus turnovers and bad D on Williams, and this was Utah not a cellar team.

    Which leaves the big question of whether or not we can trade Jax for something. I mean Jax is good when he is not “The MAN”. He does great things, but he tries to do too much and hurts us as well during crucial times of the game. He does not fit on our team. We all know he is better when he is not the star of the team.

    Oh well…. Just observing.

  • Steve

    It’s hilarious reading some of the ideas/thoughts posted here about the “woebegone” Warriors and coach Don Nelson. The last time I checked, the Warriors were still the 2nd highest scoring team in the NBA, behind only the Lakers. Everything considered, especially the youth and injuries that has so defined this season for the Warriors, that’s an amazing stat. For me, pro sports is all about the entertainment value. And a high scoring team in any sport will always equal high entertainment in my book. You want a sure cure for insomnia? Try watching the SF Giants trying to score runs (Manny, come out come out wherever you are. If Aaron Rowand is worth $12MM a year you gotta be worth at least $25MM). But the Warriors? I can never remember a Don Nelson team not being exciting in all his (Nelson) years with GSW. You want Nelson to play the young guys? Well guess what, he’s been doing that ALL season. How do you do otherwise when almost the entire friggen roster is made up of guys 25 and younger? My suggestion is try and remember the seasons when Nelson WASN’T the coach over the last 30 years and maybe you can appreciate the Nelson-years all the more. Were the Warriors really THAT talented the last 2 years to have been able to win 90 games while playing in the Western Conference AND pull off one of the biggest playoff upsets in NBA history? No way! So how did they win all those games? Along with the players giving max efforts, there was a hell of a lot of good coaching going on. And I for one have no desire to return to the “good old days” of P.J. Carlisimo and Gary St. Jean, thank you. The Warriors are going to be very good next season. In the meantime, enjoy the show. Guards not playing good defense, this guy playing too many minutes, that guy not playing enough, wrong guys inbounding the ball………hey, wake up! April is almost here, and a Stack Jack turnover is still way better theatre than watching Benji Molina hit cleanup.

  • Al Oha

    #23 Steve –

    Everything you say is true.

    But, it is precisely that type of thinking that keeps the W’s right where they are ………… a middle of the pack team who just misses the playoffs but gets draft picks of no consequence, so they stock the team with D-leaguers.

    The front office banks on the fact that there are enough people like you to support a mediocre sports franchise for purely “entertainment” value.

    But hey, “It’s a Great Time Out”.
    Another $8.oo beer for you?

  • Jerry West

    I guess we can hold out hope for next year and blame this year on the Monta accident, the injuries to our young players like B. Wright, the constant bickering between Coach and Al Harrington, the love hate relationship between A. Randolph and Coach, the constant fluctuating of line-ups because of injuries and the overall shock from losing the head of our offensive attack in BD.

    But I ask Warrior fans this………..Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? What makes us believe that come next year, all of a sudden, Anthony Randolph will be ready to fill the starting role at 4 or 3 or whatever and play 38 minutes a game, or Monta will be back in basketball shape, or B. Wright will stay healthy or we will find an answer to our low post defense and rebounding problems, or we will come up with a plan for our backcourt players’ rotations, since we have a lot of backcourt players.

    We are a young team with talented young players. But I really feel as if this is more of an organizational issue. Ownership really respects Don Nelson, they think he is the “All Knowing Wise Man of Basketball.” They felt that way in his initial stint with the team in the 90’s and they feel that way now.

    Could you imagine what ownership would think of guys like Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich if they respect this Nelso so much, a guy who has never won a Championship? Ownership would probably fall all over themselves for Jackson and Popovich, but they are already doing that for Nelson, unjustified in my opinio, he has done nothing to deserve that faith. 1 playoff appearance in 3 years is not much to get excited about when other teams that make the playoffs year in and year out.

    Warrior ownership has put the entire keys to the franchise in the lap of a 70 year old has been. They trust that he is the future and the present.

    I’d like to hang my hat on the fact that I think Anthony Randolph, if given the playing time, could be as good as Hakeem Warrick next year or a front line of B. Wright, Biedrins and Randolph is possible for 2009-2010, or Marco Belinelli will emerge as our top backcourt player and facilitate this young offense.

    Just based on the track record of ownership and Nelson and the general feel around the organziation, I just don’t see that happening.

    I would like to be positive and say, “We will be better next year, we had some bad breaks this year.”

    But a lot of teams had bad breaks, the Lakers have been without Bynum for most of the year, the Jazz without Boozer, the Rockets without McGrady. The difference between those teams and us is obvious, I don’t have to get into it. We simply do not have the talent to match up night in and night out against any NBA team, good or bad.

    I just don’t see that changing next year.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    In all due respect, I agree with some of your comments, but you have to understand, that a lot of the comments are made due to fustration, and uncertainty.

    Think about the Bay Area:
    5 Super Bowls by the 49ers. Great owner at the time Eddie D., Walsh!! Everyone happy.
    Now we know what happened when York took over,and granted the salary cap. Fustration!!! 49er fans see the Steelers win in the 70’s as well, and seen what they have accomplished after that as well.
    We also see Dallas go from Champs to chumps, but have been competitive in the past years.
    So we expect to be competitive this year or Mike will begin to hear it!

    Giants! Shit, We were lucky to see them in the World Series against the A’s. So i’m sure in the Giants blog you will hear fustration.

    Finally our W’s. At least I remember (A Little)when Attles coached us to our championship. And that was years ago!
    Trust me it kills W’s fans to see our enemies the Lakers win championships during the Magic Era, Shaq and Kobe era too. And knowing they have a great shot at winning it all this year as well! But for the Lakers they have a smart front office, and get great players.

    We at least me don’t have trust in our Mgt. leading us in the right direction, and it is fustrating.
    Seems like as a W fan we are always saying the same damn thing: “Wait till next year”., Only to be let down again the following year.

  • Jerry West

    In the 3 game stretch with nothing but winnable games agains OKC, LAC, and CHA, we went 1-2,……..in a stretch where we should have gone 3-0, we went 1-2.

    Guys, that’s terrible……..we have now lost to OKC, Memphis twice, Sacramento, LAC and Charlotte on the season,………anything positive to take from that?…….that is absolutely dispicable…..what hope is there?

  • Steve

    In response to #24, maybe you’ve been drinking too many of those $8 beers given the fact you consider Biedrins, Monta Ellis, and Anthony Randolph “draft picks of no consequence”. That’s even leaving out Brandon Wright and Marco Belinelli. All of these “kids” are 22 yrs old or younger and should have very good (or better) careers ahead of them. You want to take a look at a “mediocre sports franchise”, then let’s hear your expert evaluation of the San Antonio Spurs BEFORE they drafted David Robinson. Funny how drafting a couple of good young players (Robinson, Tim Duncan) can make such a huge difference in both the perception and reality of a franchise. The point is mediocre can turn to great with a little luck and the right people at the top, and it can happen in a relatively short period of time. Sorry to spoil your party, but yes, the Don Nelson Warriors have always been a “Great Time Out”……….In response to #25, I’m sure Jerry Buss shares your excitement over the competence of Phil Jackson, but seriously, how good was Jackson as coach of the Bulls whenever Jordan decided he wanted to play baseball? And how good was Jackson as coach of the Lakers after Shaq left, even with a player as good as Kobe still there? And how good was Jackson as coach of the Lakers (Part 2) until Memphis decided to contribute to the LA Lakers Charitable Foundation by donating Pao Gasol? Gregg Popovich? Yes, very good coach, but that Tim Duncan guy kinda helps. While current Warriors management obviously supports Don Nelson and what he’s trying to do here in the Bay Area, you might want to ask Popovich what he thinks of Nelson. Remember, Popovich was an assistant coach for Nelson on the Run TMC Warriors, and given his success with the Spurs, I’d say his time here under Nelson was time well spent on his part. Whether you’re talking Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovich, or even Pat Riley, they all enjoyed the good fortune of being able to coach Hall of Fame players over the course of their respective careers. There were ZERO championships won without the likes of Jordan, Kobe, Shaq, Magic, Jabbar, or Duncan running up and down the court. Nelson, on the other hand, has won 1300 games the “hard way”, which in some ways, makes his success even more noteworthy and admirable. As to your point about the Lakers, Jazz, and Rockets having injuries and still winning, those teams are all older and more experienced than the Warriors. Yes, they’re all better than the Warriors this year, but I wouldn’t bet the ranch that the Jazz and Rockets will be better than GSW over the next 3-5 years………..Look, I’ve never met or talked to Don Nelson, so my personal feelings about him as coach and maybe even silent GM are based solely on results and what he’s accomplished during his years in the Bay Area. This second stint saw him drastically change the makeup of the team halfway through the season via the trade with Indiana (Mullin made that trade after Nelson told him to get rid of Dunleavey and Murphy if at all possible), orchestrate the upset over Dallas, and then coach a team that started the following season 1-6 (Jackson suspended by the league for the first 7 games) to a 48 win season in the absurdly stacked Western Conference. This season has been impossible for any coach (yes, that includes Jackson and Popovich), what with the roster turnover from last season, injuries, and all the extreme youth on the team. Honestly, from a coaching standpoint, what more could you have hoped for over these last 3 years? This team MAXED OUT to win 90 games, and then has been highly competetive all this year while ranking 2nd in scoring. Heck, they even scored more points in a game this season (144) than any other team. Nelson’s run-and-gun style often is criticized, yet Mike D’ Antoni was loved in Phoenix and now in NY, and it wasn’t until they ditched Kevin Porter and resumed running in Phoenix that the Suns started playing better and are now a rising threat in the West. For me it’s all about results and Don Nelson has done more with less than any other coach in Warriors’ history (even Al Attles had Rick Barry). And in my opinion, the best is yet to come.

  • Steve

    BTW, I meant to say Terry Porter, not Kevin Porter, in talking about Phoenix and their recently fired head coach.

  • Kyle

    Do you still write a blog? Once a week isn’t really a blog, is it?

  • Steve is a doo doo head.

  • Jerry West

    No guarantees with tonight’s game either Warrior fans……………we could end up losing to this Minnesota team.

    A much improved Randy Foye, Mike Miller, no Al Jefferson will help, but they have some hustle, tough players like Craig Smith and Kevin Love, these guys are the types of players that give the Warriors problems.

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    Wow. I thought #23 had excellent insight but check out #28. Folks, that’s not written by your typical sports fan; Steve’s a cut above–a BIG cut above. And #31, ‘Chris Cohan’ I agree no way a mere mortal competes with that, your regression to a wonderfully childish comment was priceless. Steve you are a valuable contributor and in my opinion spot on. Let’s see more of you here, OK?

  • Eff off felt.