Was Morrow Jobbed?

The Warriors rookie guard was left off the roster for the 3-point shootout. But check out who made it. I put their 3-point percentages in parenthesis:

Mike Bibby, Atlanta (114-279, 40.9)
Daequan Cook, Miami (105-256, 41.0)
Danny Granger, Indiana (120-299, 40.1)
Jason Kapono, Toronto (52-124, 41.9)
Rashard Lewis, Orlando (137-327, 41.9)
Roger Mason, San Antonio (103-229, 45.0)
Anthony Morrow, Warriors (42-84, 40.050.0)

Should he have made it, or has he not taken enough?

By the way, how about Azubuike? He’s 53-118 (44.9 percent) before he knocked down four in the first quarter tonight. He’s got a strong argument, too.


Crawford v. Maggette Beef

Uh, oh. A rift in the locker room.
According to a team source, guard Jamal Crawford and forward Corey Maggette had a heated exchange during Monday’s overtime loss to the San Antonio Spurs. It took me a while to confirm it, but the argument started on the court, believe it or not.
Crawford, apparently sparked by a comment from Maggette, began yelling at Maggette about his selfish play. The usually mild-mannered Crawford was the aggressor in the exchange, according to the source, and told Maggette to “contribute something other than scoring.” The shouting match extended into the locker room at halftime.
Crawford, reached after the game via email, sent a one-line reply when asked about the incident: “Don’t want to talk about it. We’ll keep that in house.”
Is this an issue to be concerned about? Or just the usual brotherly squabs that happens during the course of a losing season? Guess we’ll find out.


Post-game Tidbits (at Houston)

* It was odd to see Randolph checking on for the first time with six minutes left in the fourth. Ronny and Biedrins were in foul trouble all game. Azubuike was out. Kurz was relatively ineffective. Not to mention, Randolph has a history against Yao. He dunked on him twice the last time at Houston. The Warriors needed someone willing to bang down there, but with the quickness to get to the ball. Randolph seemed like he could’ve been valuable. He immediately showed that when he checked in, too. He did take one ill-advised jumper, but that’s Warriors basketball.

* Jackson’s mom sat courtside. Wonderful lady. She got on Jackson about the technical. She reminded him that was 12 and he only had four more to get suspended. She even gave him a look. He reminded her that his tech didn’t count towards the suspension total. Still, it was a trip to see Jax submissive.

* The Warriors were definitely affected by the presence of Yao, on the offensive end. They looked scared to drive to the basket. Houston was physical and aggressive on defense, and it seemed to me the Warriors wanted no part of that. So they took jumpers. They were obliterated in points in the paint (48-22) and lost the free throw attempts battle (32-23).
Why not go at Yao, get him in foul trouble? A couple years ago, the Warriors ran Houston out of the gym. They put Al on him, gave him help, and they went at the Rockets. Houston was preparing for more attacking because of that. But the Warriors kept firing away.

* If Saturday’s game was any indication, the assistant coaches made a good call selecting Aaron Brooks over C.J. Watson. He clearly was the better player head up. Of course, he got much more of a chance than Watson, too.