Postgame Tidbits (at Minnesota)

* UPDATE: Monta was not with the team and is not expected to be with the team on Wednesday, according to a team official

* The Warriors put on an offensive clinic to start. They were sharing the ball and moving on offense. You know Nellie was all warm and fuzzy inside watching it. After starting 2-for-8 (three of the misses by Belinelli, who missed two lay-ups and a 3-pointer before catching fire), the Warriors made nine of their next 10 to take control of the game. They wound up with 11 assists on their first 12 baskets. And that was in the first 10 minutes of the game. Jackson and Crawford combined for 8 of the assists.

* Funny moment early in the second quarter. Belinelli lost Foye with a pump fake and drove to the basket. But his no-look pass to Crawford in the left corner sailed wide right and into the stands. Before the ball landed in the lap of a fan, Nellie was out of his seat on the bench looking for Anthony Morrow. He immediately sent Morrow in for Belinelli.
Marco sat the remaining 10 minutes of the second quarter. He started the third quarter, but played just the first three minutes, 6 seconds before getting yanked. He never returned.
Looks like Nellie’s got a new puppy in the doghouse.

* One of those moments when Randolph tries to do too much: He got a rebound with just over eight minutes left in the second quarter. He dribbled down court on a slow break, lost a defender and found himself one-on-one with a defender. The break was dead, but Randolph pulled up for the 20 footer. Not a good shot. Not because he missed, but because he shouldn’t be taking those shots. That’s not his game right now. He should have swung it to the PG and filed into his appropriate spot.
During the next dead ball, Nellie got off the bench and called for Nellie, pointed to the spot where Randolph took the shot and said “Noooooooooo.” On the way
The good news: he stayed in the game.
Not only did he stay in the game, but Nellie made him the point-forward. With time running out in the second quarter, he put four players on the baseline and gave the ball up top to Randolph, who was one-on-one with Gomes. Randolph dribbled right, spinned back left and dropped in a runner, and got the foul with 6.3 seconds left.
Unfortunately, his emotions got the best of him – again. Clearly frustrated after missing the free throw, he went for a steal as Mike Miller brought the ball up the court, committing one of those “What in the world was he thinking” fouls. He barely shot a glance at the bench. Just scowled as he walked down the court for Miller’s free throws.

* Interesting stat comparison:
Jackson 6 assists, no turnovers
Maggette: 0 assists, 6 turnovers

* Nellie said Davidson proved he was an NBA player tonight. He got nearly five more minutes than Randolph, which was surprising the way Randolph has been playing. The one Davidson basket, a midrange jumper, looked smooth. He strokes it in practice. If he can rebound like he did tonight, he may find some minutes down the stretch. He’s long, so he fits right in.
What was up with those dunks, though?
“He played good,” Randolph said before getting in a jab as Davidson walked by, ” except for that airball dunk.”
One the first one, the two-hander he missed, he told his teammates “I didn’t realize I was so far under the basket.” The second one, he had no chance of dunking. He went up to dunk, but was fouled and had his momentum stopped. But he still followed through. He looked gangly and goofy. Even he laughed.

* Rob Kurz citing! He played the final 1:53. His first action since getting the nearly three minutes at Phoenix on Feb. 6. He was 0-for-2 from the floor.

Marcus Thompson


    “He got nearly five more minutes than Randolph, which was surprising the way Randolph has been playing.”

    Really? Really, Marcus? You were suprised? I was suprised he played more than 7 minutes….

  • A’s in 2009

    Davidson played good. So I guess we won’t see him on the court for a month. lol

  • vince

    Spell checking is your friend.

  • earl monroe

    Who is going to be better next year, Randolph or Kevin Love?

  • justafan

    Boycott Chris Cohan’s Product Don’t buy any tickets!! It is the only thing he understands. No good team no buy tickets. come on join in!! we believe that Nba teams start at the top Sell it Chris.

  • BigGreen

    Hey if I can butt in. I think that if Randolph is given more of a chance to play, and given the correct amount of minutes, he will have a much better year than Kevin Love, even though ithink Love is a good player, but randolph to me has some special qualities that Don nelson needs to realize and let him loose on the court. Jackson and maggette turn over the ball all the time, and even beidrins was crap tonight against Chicago, but they don’t get benched for several minutes, and he seems like Nelson restricted him from playing basketball,let the man play!!!!

  • Marcus Thompson

    Earl Monroe,

    Sorry it took me so long to answer. I just saw this. Excellent question. Next year, I am leaning towards Kevin Love. Randolph should be the better player in the end. But next year, I expect Love to be better.

    * Love (18 starts, 1455 minutes) is getting nearly three times the minutes as Randolph (8 starts, 585 minutes). Love hasn’t had a great year, but he should be further ahead next year.

    * Love is playing next to a dominant low-post player in Al Jefferson. He will benefit from defenses focusing on Jefferson. Randolph IS the Warriors’ dominant low-post player! 🙂

    * Love is going to be the starter next year, presumably. He’ll have a set rotation, a set role, set expectations. Can we say the same for Randolph? Will he start or will Brandan Wright or Kelenna Azubuike? Will he play PF or SF?

  • earl monroe

    Thanks Marcus, manny questions out there for next year, I just hope next year will not be as frustrating as this one, just when I think things are going towards
    rebuilding you have a game like Chicago, hard to believe the line up that played
    for the warriors in the last 6 minutes in a blow out. The undulations in that game
    were incredible.

    Really good point about who will start or play regularly next year, who knows,
    plus you can throw in a couple of draft picks and development guys.