Pregame Tidbits (at Minnesota)

* Tonight’s starters: Crawford, Belinelli, Jackson, Azubuike, Biedrins

* Nelson said Monday that forward Corey Maggette would get the game off. So guess who’s in the lineup tonight? That’s right. Corey Maggette. Not only will he play tonight, but Nellie said he would play Wednesday at Chicago, too.
“I have the right to change my mind, don’t I?” Nellie said with a laugh.
I promptly reminded him that he can’t change his mind after we print stuff in the paper. I don’t think he agreed.

* Turiaf is still out. “Let’s just say I am under the weather and leave it at that.” I know he hasn’t felt well for days. You could see it on his face. He said he would be ready to go Wednesday, though. I’m assuming Randolph is the back-up center tonight.

* Call Ryan Gomes the Warrior killer. In two games against the Warriors this season, he is averaging 19.5 points and 7 rebounds, with 1.5 steals.
Check this out, over the last three years (not counting his rookie season), Gomes is averaging 17.8 points on 53 percent shooting with 6.4 rebounds. Against everybody else during the same three seasons, he’s averaging 12.2 points on 45.2 percents shooting with 5.4 rebounds.
For the record, Azubuike will be matched up with Gomes at the outset.

Marcus Thompson

  • “Magic”

    Suprising road win this evening for this young, unpredictable squad.

    Minnesota is a terrible team, a young team in transition with coaching and management and without their “go to” guy in AJ.

    I don’t know what it would take to turn this Golden State team around.

    The biggest problem with our young team is that we’re lacking that 4th quarter scorer, that closer, that Kobe, that LeBron, that Paul Pierce who makes big shots, is not afraid to take big shots, is aggressive to the basket in getting to the free throw line amd putting the pressure on the defense. That’s the key in the 4th, you have to make the other team’s defense nervous and force the refs to recognize your aggressiveness and reward you by sending you to the free throw line.

    Again, we have a lot of scorers, guys who can score 30+ if they really wanted to. Stephen, Jamal, …………Jamal himself has been the leading scorer on a lot of the teams he’s played on: Chicago, early years in New York, these guys can score, no question, but we still need that 4th quarter closer.

    Corey Maggette is our best player and our best scorer. He can score in more ways, better and more efficiently than any other player on our team. He is my favorite player on our team, BD was my favorite last year, I like both their games, no question about that, but we need more help.

    Corey would be a fantastic compliment to a couple of scorers more like him, aggressive to the basket, accept the fact that he is a scorer and that’s what he does best.

    My knock on Corey is his inability to pass the ball. I attribute that to the fact that he, his coaches, his teammates want him to shoot the ball because they all know his main role is and has been to be a scorer in this league.

    The year the Clippers made the playoffs, they had a pretty good core with a back-court, you can call him “swingman” type player in Corey Maggette, a front line that included an active and fairly skilled Chris Kaman and an all-around well coached team.

    Our Golden State team needs to surround the good NBA players that we have with other good NBA players, until that happens, I don’t know.

  • commish

    Nelson is an a-hole of the highest magnitude. He laughs in our faces and makes a mockery of our noble but ill-founded loyalty to the team. The sooner he is gone, whenever that might be, will be the happiest day of my Warrior related life.

  • More BS from the worst franchise in the league.

  • A’s in 2009

    Damn, got my hopes up. I wanted to see Randolph get 30+ mins with Maggette out, but then ODB changes his mind? 😕