Postgame Tidbits (at Chicago)

* Center Andris Biedrins had to return to the Bay Area to deal with a “family” matter. He will not play at Detroit. It is uncertain whether he will make it back with the team in time to play Saturday against Detroit. I am assuming that Ronny Turiaf will start in his place.

* Randolph, after the game, sat at his locker with an ice pack on his left inner thigh. He strained his groin Wednesday. I think it happened on offense when he went up against Tyrus Thomas. That’s when I first saw him limping.
He said he wasn’t sure if he would play on Friday. He’ll get treatment and rest today (the Warriors aren’t practicing) and see how it looks on Friday.

* More dumping on Belinelli. One sequence midway through the third, Belinelli – as he does too often, IMHO – fakes himself out of an open shot. He dribbled the ball to the post-up area and was trapped, kicking the ball back out to Crawford way at the top. And there was one second left on the shot clock. On the ensuing Bulls fast break. Belinelli didn’t stop the ball, allowing Derrick Rose an easy lay-up. Nellie popped off the bench and called a timeout, and commensed to screaming something at Belinelli while pointing at his own temple, as if to tell Belinelli to use his head.

* With just less than 8 minutes left and the Warriors down 18, Nellie brought Jax and Crawford back in the game. Why? I get it. He was trying to salvage something, get something going, foster some kind of hope for a disappointing night. But who cares about winning at Chicago? That seemed like the perfect opportunity to get the youngsters some playing time. Keep Belinelli on the court. Keep Morrow on the court. Keep Randolph on the court (though he was bothered by that groing). Keep Davidson on the court, even. Isn’t that the point of the whole bench-a-vet thing?

* The Warriors have shot 40 percent or lower three times in the 32 games. They shot 40 percent tonight. 36.8 percent in the 24-point loss at Dallas. They shot 37.1 percent at Miami on Nov. 23, a 96-88 loss in which they were missing Jax, Maggette, Crawford and, of course, Monta.

* That first-quarter block Randolph had on Tyrus Thomas was nasty. He met him at the rim, and rejected him so hard that Thomas’ arm never made it forward.
Thomas got his revenge though, not long after, driving to the basket and dunking over a helping Randolph. This time, Thomas went up with two hands instead of trying to be cute and tomahawk it.
Randolph just smiled when I brought it up.

* The Warriors aren’t the only ones with injury drama. Luol Deng and the Bulls are at odds over his shin injury. Deng seems to think it’ a stress fracture. The Bulls have been saying it’s a bruise and pretty much telling Deng to suck it up, however disguised in PR jargon.

* One more thing. Funny locker room story I gotta tell you. I was talking to C.J. Watson and he was like, “How do you like Mal’s belt?” I looked and Crawford was using a tie as a belt. He literally pulled it through the belt loops and tied it in the front, holding his jeans up.
“That’s corny,” Jackson said, shaking his head in disgust like an unproud big brother. “You off the hook.”
Crawford said he forgot his belt. His pants were too baggy to not have something.
“I had to improvise,” Crawford said. “I’ve used shoe strings before.”

Marcus Thompson