Stephen Jackson – Stay or Go?

Debuting a new feature here. The Warriors are going to take inventory this offseason, see what moves they need to make and how they can get better. Over the next few weeks, we are going to do some evaluating ourselves. Here is your chance to give them your opinion (yes, they do read this blog). I will make the best case I can as to why a player should stay or go this offseason. Then you sound off.
Who better to start with than Stephen Jackson.

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Because the Warriors need a guy who averages 21.1 points, 6.4 assists and 4.9 rebounds. Nellie’s offense especially needs someone who can put points on the board in a variety of ways.
Jackson has become a reliable scorer, and he’s even better when he doesn’t have to be the do-it-all playmaker. Even his 3.8 turnovers are tolerable considering how many minutes he plays. Fewer than one turnover ever 10 minutes. It’s easy to swallow that in exchange for someone who can defend and who can make a tough shot in the clutch.
If the Warriors can land an A-list player, someone who commands double teams, especially if that player is a big man, Jackson would be even better for Golden State. He certainly would be much more efficient. Instead of getting rid of your top player again, learn from the past and get him help. Why have an experience, productive player in your grasp and let him go for more potential?


His technical fouls, propensity for turnovers and forced shots aside, Jackson should go because he is more valuable to the Warriors as a trade commodity than on the court. While he is passionate and a good teammate, he probably won’t be winning around here for a long time. The Warriors may be better off grooming the small forward of the future, whether that is Kelenna Azubuike or Anthony Randolph.
Plus, the way Jackson plays is not the best example for the younger players. His shot selection, risky passes, arguing with the referees, that’s not what impressionable young minds like Randolph and Morrow need to see from their team leader. That stuff flies on a veteran team with guys who aren’t necessarily looking to Jack to learn how to play the game. But if the Warriors are staking the franchise on their young talent, it’s best to teach them how to play the game. They need to proper coaching and proper example on the court.


You may think Jackson is nearly impossible to move because of the extension the Warriors gave him. I don’t think so. It would be hard, no doubt. But four years at about $9 million per is not so daunting. With the numbers he is putting up, a good team in need of a productive veteran might be willing to take him off the Warriors hands. New Orleans could use him desperately. So could Dallas. So could San Antonio and Houston. He would fit in Cleveland, but they gave Delonte West a bunch of money already (imagine a perimeter of Mo Williams, Jax and LeBron). Another place Jax would fit: the Lakers. He would be a significant upgrade over Luke Walton, the current starting SF. Of course, the Warriors probably wouldn’t trade him to L.A.
The point is, the Warriors should be able to convince a good team to take on the money. And the Warriors would have an easier time moving him now, get more back for him now, than they would when he has one or two years left on his deal.

So, which side do you fall on?

Cast your vote here.

Marcus Thompson

  • Trade Jackson

    my name says it all…

  • Fabricio Rossi (BRAZIL)

    I have to say this… Stephen Jackson is now probably more important to the Warriors than Baron was. He really plays his heart off every sigle game. We would be the worst team in the league right now if we didn´t have him. Yes, he takes bad shots sometimes, and is turnover prone, but man… look at his month of February! He had the best month by a Warrior player since ´65!!! A player who can average Lebronesque numbers have to stay! He´s our heart, our soul, our captain, our leader on and off the court and I think and I REALLY WISH he stays. Hey Jackson, if you read this, please man, do whatever you can to retire a Warrior. I´m going to buy your jersey this month!! =)
    Thanks for everything you are doing for us since you arrived in the Bay ok? One Dub one Luv!

  • aman beast

    stay…duh…heart and soul of the dubs…the good outweighs the bad…hoop experts know this

  • Keep Jackson

    unless you can get a good quality player back.

  • Ben

    Stay… Kinda like the Baron talks last season. Should he stay or go. Then when he went. People started whinning…

  • jsl

    Jackson has many strengths: he can be a good defender, he changes speeds with the ball well, he can make a good pass, he’s a fair — not good — shooter, he’s a pretty good guy.

    But he has a plethora of weaknesses, all of which spring from his inability to play within himself: he’s careless with the ball, he shoots way too much, he often doesn’t defend (when he’s tired and over-played, which is almost every game), he doesn’t pass much in the second half, and almost never in Q4, he doesn’t get back quickly on defense, he argues nonsensically with refs (as the oppo goes in for a lay-up), and his contract was stupidly extended — so it’s overrich on the back end (blame Rowell for that idiocy).

    Result: He should be traded if we can get something for him (e.g. a one). If not, I’d keep him rather than use him for a salary dump — but I’d (1) bring him off the bench and (2) limit his minutes to 25-30 a game and tell him to go all out all the time.

    Now, Nelson’s incapable of doing this — indeed, he played Jack 40 minutes last night in that stinker at Chicago — but we’re talking about what SHOULD be, not what WILL be.

    The key question to ask, of course, is should we keep or dump Nelson — and the answer to that, for anyone watching these past two years, should be obvious.

  • Cedric

    SJax is a valuable player, both as a Warrior and as a trade commodity. Keep him only if the coach is willing to coach him. If he’s not being instructed not to argue with the refs and to run back on defense, and the coaching staff feels they can’t do something to persuade him away from those habits (like pulling from the game for a few minutes), then, they should look to trade him. They should get a pass first point guard who can act as a floor general. All the other positions fit a Nelson styled team and seeing that he’ll never play a wide body, power type front court player, a point guard would add more to the team as constructed than a power forward Nelson won’t play (except as a center).

  • John

    Stack-Jack is a Nellie disciple. If Nellie stays, Jack should stay. He really needs help – a point guard.

  • Deezy

    no! i go to games to see stack jack! and thats what its all about anyways right? Money. Jackson makes this team exciting and without him, this team wouldn’t be nearly as fun to watch.

  • E

    If you can’t get a better player for him then he should be coming off the bench only playing 30 min tops a game, mostly towards the end of the game.

  • King Cohan

    Keep Capt. Jack

  • earl monroe

    Did you see where it was written that in a poll of NBA players Jackson was one of the players that his peers least wanted to play with? If that is the case how do you think NBA coaches would feel if presented with the same question.

    In this economy he is nearly untradable, the one thing coaches value is possessions leading the league in turnovers does not look good on the resume.

    With the incredible week he had in Feb, Jackson still got no love for player of the week, and the numbers where crazy impressive, this tells you how people around the league feel about him, it also seems like the league feels the same about Baron Davis, Davis and Jackson can really only play for Nelson and this is because as a coach he does not hold players accountable.

    I would love to see Jackson traded, but its not likely to happen as long as Nelson is the coach, I think at the heart of the whole Nelson Mullin thing was probably Jackson, Mullin did not want to extend Jackson and Nelson and Rowell did. So here we are. We have exhausted the negatives on Jackson here.

    I think he should go

  • Jackson has been a part of sub-.500 teams over the course of his career. I ran the numbers on Maggette and Crawford, too.

    .402 combined for the three.

    Ditch these ball hog bums.

  • Last year, there was noise about how we were terrible while he was suspended and then we were BACK, baby!

    Well he can’t do anything as top dog and he’s the same chucker he’s always been every day of his life except when Gregg Popovich corraled him.

    He’s nothing.

    Bandwagon fantasy basketball dorks and lazy analysts love him because he’s chill or something.

    But they’re idiots.

  • I usually don’t bother posting on blogs (although I’ve been impersonated in the past, apparently) – but this seems like a topic that I should address…

    The dissenters who claim Jack is best suited to be a bench player with a more limited role (and around 30 minutes) are completely random, unfounded takes… Jack hasn’t been a 30 MPG player since his Spurs days and he started most of his games while there… He’s very easily the best player on this team is I’ve maintained for quite a while that he’s essentially the Joe Johnson of the Western Conference (and during Feb., the LeBron of the West).

    His negatives are magnified more than his positives. I understand he’s an easy beacon for criticism – Jack doesn’t go out trying to prove himself, he goes out trying to win. And when he complains to refs (again, something that on a production basis doesn’t occur as often as casual fans “think” it does), it only extends a new leash to haters…

    There’s no disputing Jack has his warts as a basketball player. Most players do. Have some perspective and consider what he can clearly provide on a nightly basis:

    – Scores inside, from midrange, and from deep
    – Passes extraordinarily well for a 6’8 SF and his turnover ratio isn’t nearly as bad compared to others at his position (and it is the highest of his career, BTW)
    – Matches up defensively with essentially the gamut of NBA stars ranging from speedy PGs to rugged PFs
    – Draws double teams on a considerably more consistent basis than any other player on the roster and creates open looks for others
    – Is a natural, albeit emotional leader… At times his fire serves as a detriment, but overall he simply WANTS TO WIN.
    – Clutch and tough (his numbers were awful with the wrist injury and he’s still 21/5/6.4 for the year…)

    Regarding that SI Players Poll, he garnered 5% of the vote along with Kobe and Gilbert – all strong personalities but all viable players… I wouldn’t take it as gospel given what previous coaches, GMs, and players have said regarding Jack.

    It’s been a difficult and frankly, annoying, season. But when people whine about how Jack is ill-suited for #1 option duty… what more do you want? His shooting percentage has never been high but his PPS isn’t horrible and he still only takes 17 shots per contest and – along with Marco – consciously looks to get his big guys open looks (whether it’s Turiaf popping out, Goose rolling to the hoop, or earlier in the year when he would drive and dish to BW for easy inside opportunities).

    His contract is very reasonable for his caliber and although the length coupled with his age make it more worrisome than a contract to a younger player, his production backs it up.

    What else have we expected from this team given all the circumstances? Jack’s done an admirable and competent job given his responsibilities… Keep Stack because young players sure as hell won’t learn how to win from any other players on the roster save Turiaf…

  • Warrior Streak

    keep Jackson and build with him. We need to keep proven talent period. Really.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Trade Jax and get who? We need more specifics on who will be proposed to the W’s if we used JAX for a trade.

    The way Craford and the rest of the guards shot the ball last night, you really think Nellie will wanna trade JAX?

  • GSWarriors08


  • Jeff

    Jax brings swagger to this team and right now we need him as the veteran that’s seen the good and bad of the NBA. He should be teaching the youngsters on the roster on how to be a professional. so if he has 4 years left (after this season he will have 3??) you keep him for 2-3 years until Randolph develops, have a actual SF behind him ready to go, or trade him for another 3. or Keep him til last year of his contract (assuming he is still producing) you will get a lot for him. not only would he be a expiring contract he will be a much better expiring contract than a raef lafrentz becuase he could still play.

    and if he was to get traded and we get no star in return, why would you go to oracle to watch the warriors live? to see a young team struggle for another couple years? not to mention he can play multiple positions. if we keep this run and gun approach keep him. if we switch to a defensive mentality then we need players who fit in that role.

  • Top

    Keep SJax he was great when he had a real PG running the show here. He is deadly in the clutch as a stand and shoot player. People too quickly forget how this team has no PG.

  • Scotty

    Gotta hold onto Stack Jack. I shudder to think where the Dubs would be right now without him. I just think he should be playing less minutes next year. Averaging somewhere from 30-35 sounds about right. Where would the leadership come from without him?

  • Good one, Warrior Streak.
    I had a chuckle.

  • danikil49

    If they really do read this that would explain Neldon’s moves lately. Because he has been getting blasted in this blog for a while.

    If it is true that Mullins did want to re sign Jax, then Rowell should be traded, because that was the dumbest signing I have seen in a long time.And because Nellie plays him so much then he must be a big Jax fan too! Get rid of Jackson, Nellie and Rowell.

    Anyone whio saw the Bulls game had to be scratching their head when Nellie pulled Biedrens off the front line and brought Jackson back in when we were clearly being outrebounded. But he left Watson on the court. This coach is toxic and so is Jax , neither one is capable of overcoming his own ego and it is extremely frustrating to see Nellie continue to force small ball down our throats when it is so unsuccessful on the court.Enough is enough, dump Jackson and Nellie and while you are at it send Rowell packing too. If Rowell had stayed out of this the team would be much more watchable.I refuse to pay to see Don Nelson coach this team.

  • Scotty, we’re terrible WITH him.

    Without him, we’d at least get to watch enjoyable basketball. Oh wait, still Nelson, Maggette, and Crawford.

    Epic Suck.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    This one is a toss-up. Either Jack or Maggette has to go imo, but which one is 50-50 in my book. Jack is the better player, but he’s also worth more to other teams.

  • I am a big fan of Stephen Jackson and what he brings to the table in terms of his skill and passion.

    But, if we are talking about the future of the Warriors, Jackson–along with Crawford and Maggette–have to go. Despite the surge of team play this past month in Jackson’s game, he is not a number 1 option. The way the team’s offensive gameplan revolves around him is frightening.

    It is a fact that the Warriors are rebuilding. Rather then hedge their bets, they should go all-in towards rebuilding. Give the team to Ellis, Randolph and Biedrins and see where that takes us.


    I don’t get the part where you fight like hell to get 7 damn good players and then you get rid of one? Hell no. Keep him.

  • thomas mcintosh

    if Cpt Jack does not have to be the main ball handler, it is hard to think who we could get that would be better overall especially with such a young team. I say if we pick up a SOLID REAL point, his game is even better and turnover numbers go down.

  • Mr B

    Keep him. You need veterans to mix with the young ones. We still need a point guard to get players in their proper alignment. Jax is handling and distributing the ball because we do not have a true playmaker. By default, jax is hanlding where he should be playing the 3 position.

  • Rowell sucks

    All the cons about this guy can be modified and changed. Case in point, Let’s examine how he was three years ago and how is right now. From the shooting incident at that strip joint to the great thing he does on and off the court..

    Sure he has his flaws, but its not like he can’t modify them. Have we all forgotten the tripple double he did the other day.

    And the wonderful things he puts on the table, Lets just imagine the team without him at this point, I don’t think we would even reach 80 to 90 pts a game.

    If we are building this team, he is certainly one of the pieces we need.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Chris Cohan,

    You are hilarious. You literally make me laugh.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Chris Cohan,

    For the record, that was not a shot or a dis, but a compliment. You are pretty funny.

  • randolphdafuture

    only trade jack if we can get better for the future meaning draft picks/young players…dont trade jack if you can get an A-list player because capt jack cant be the man on this team..he leaves his team hanging when he argues almost every time he gets D up well and never runs back on defense..he tries to do too much sometimes which leads to costly turnovers..he is sometimes a momentum killer..we’d go on a run and he would throw up some ill advise 3..love him when he plays within himself and make big shots…hate him when he tries to be the hero and cost the warriors the wins…pass the ball to the open player jack!

  • “Magic”

    It’s more about what we need than what we don’t need.

    We need a 4th quarter closer and scorer who is not afraid to take shots, make shots and aggressively drive to the basket in the 4th quarter and get to the line.

    If we can trade anyone and get that guy, then I’m all for it.

    Our scorers are either hot or cold, confident or timid, but none of them have the guts to take over in the 4th quarter like Kobe, like LeBron, like Paul Pierce, like D-Wade, like Joe Johnson, like Michael Redd, like Dirk Nowitzki.

    Get me one of those guys and we make the playoffs.

  • “Magic”

    Jackson is NOT a better player than Corey……Corey would have more of a chance to be a no.1 scorer on a team more than Jackson, Corey has more no. 1 scorer pedigree than Jackson.

    Jackson is a better shooter, but Corey handles the ball and penetrates much better and creates his own shot much better than Stephen.

    Both of them can’t pass the ball to save their mother’s lives and most of their turnovers come on errant passes.

    But head to head, Corey Maggette is better than Stephen Jackson.

  • lobo

    Before I would move one player I would move the coach and get Van Gundy in. Nellie has done a very poor job with young talent and totally missed on Harrington. I like Crawford, but our need was Harrington type.


    Personally I think JACK is the heart an soul of the warriors even when baron was here. He was the glue that binded that team with baron being the goto guy. I wouldn’t get rid of JACK because of how hard he plays and I would be willing to deal with the mistakes that he makes. A lot of people are bringing up the TO issue but JACK has been asked to be the focal point of the offense when he is much better as a second/third option.
    So I say keep JACK and I gotta say “Magic” is wrong in maggs being a better player. Maggs does not have heart and does not play defense. Just because he can bull someone over going to the hoop does not make him better. Just look at this years stats for both of those guys. I would take Jack over Maggs any day. That #1 scorer pedigree thing was whack, what was maggs bred from a long line of 2 guards…no.



  • Mr B


    I haven’t been on your site for a few weeks but not much changed. I still see Harrington on the banner. Someone at CCT must be a huge Al Harrington fan.

  • earl monroe

    “No no we are not moving Jack, “God dammit Keith, tell Jack to go right once in a while” Jack keeps things loose, and Ms. Joy would never let me trade him, before Jack, Mullie was her favorite, well yeah yeah he was my favorite too, (sly huckster from Iowa smile) but then Jackie came along and as you know, the rest is history, no no we just need a couple of pieces and we’re gonna be good. I have one season to win it all and I promise we are going to play defense next year, because Kawakami will roast me if we don’t or is his name Kamakaze? whatever”

    “I say he stays, and I have the final say, I mean I mean me and Mullie, ohh what the heck its really me making the trades”

  • Jerry

    I would like to see him stay. I think it’s simply a matter a finding a PG like many others have written. I like Crawford, but I don’t think he has a future with the W’s. We’ve seen what Jax and Monta can do with a bona fide PG. Andris too. If Crawford opts out, that could free up a big chunk of bread. I believe the W’s should take a look at these free agents this summer:

    Bibby, Sessions, maybe Andre Miller, Odom (could be a great fit with his rebounding)

  • Ajbry @ 15 said it all. Post more often, Aj. We need more rational posters to counteract the dorks and idiots who think they know basketball.

  • “Magic” – you clearly do not have any idea of what you’re talking about… Redd, Dirk, and JJ to some extent are all loathed by their fanbases when it comes to their inability to produce in the clutch…

    And your Maggette > Jackson take, while very original, is way off the mark. No need to refute it.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    There’s no way that Maggette is a better player than Jackson… Maggette barely plays defense and his offensive game is based on running to the basket and flailing around until a foul is called. He often doesn’t even try to finish shots. Jackson is a far better passer… 1.7 assists per turnover vs Maggette’s .76 assists per turnover. Even for their careers, Jackson is at 1.26 while Maggette is at .92. In fact, I can’t even find another veteran G/SF in the league that has a career ratio that bad besides Rashad McCants, and McCants has only been in the league 4 years.

  • jsl

    Ajbry: You’re real quick to criticize others; not so quick — or effective — in making an effective argument. It’s one thing to call a guy (i.e. Jack)the “LeBron of the West” — but, then, reality intercedes.

    Jack has strengths — as I noted above — but his weaknesses are legion, overwhelming, and ultimately destructive when he’s played 40+ minutes a game AND never held accountable for his many, many misacues and stupidities. (Nelson, the idiot, is actually playing Jack MORE mpg this year than last, and we saw how that went didn’t we? And, of course, he NEVER corrects ANY of Jack’s mistakes, while Marco can’t make one without getting benched.)

    The real problem — and if you’ve been paying any attention the last two years, you’ll have noticed it — is that Jack is almost pure puke in the fourth quarter. Sure, there’s a game or two when he hits a key shot (usually at home; rarely on the road) — but not that many, and it happens less and less as the season progresses.

    Usually, what we see, game after game, is when it gets to Q4 the following happens: Jack slows down to a crawl (he almost never runs in Q4; watch and see); Jack never passes (cuz he’s always trying to take over the game) and our speed-motion game becomes non-existent; Jack always throws up crap without any conscience, as if he were a high percentage shooter, instead of a mediocre to poor one; Jack doesn’t get back on D (he’s just too slow in Q4); Jack relies exclusively on his hands, not his feet, on defense (much like BD did last year, when his defense became execrable; Jack argues, frowns, and pouts DURING PLAY (I think he’s got one more T until he gets his auto suspension); and Jack regularly watches as our leads are frittered away. We have become about the worst Q4 team imaginable, and he plays the biggest role.

    This happens time and time again. (If you’ve watched at all this year, it usually happens several times a week and almost every tough road game.) Now part of the problem, of course, is that Nelson ALWAYS goes small in Q4 (as he did again last night, at one point with Maggette at the five!), and Nelson over-plays Jack and NEVER holds him accountable for his horrid carelessness with the ball. (You DO realize, don’t you, that Jack LEADS THE LEAGUE in turnovers — which is quite a feat for a three.)

    As Cohan concisely notes above, Jack is pretty much a loser (along with Jamal and Maggette). Except for the brief “We Believe” two-month stretch two years ago Jack has been a constant drag at the end of games and, more important, as the season progresses. (Note how he played his best this year after he sat out a while.)

    Now, Jack ain’t our only problem — Cohan deftly carves up Nellie’s Big 3, above, and I’ll just note they were 17-51 last night, when the old regs were supposed to be sitting — it’s Nelson’s Big 3 that drag us down. Jack and Maggette CAN be good role players, but Jamal’s D is so bad (only Watson is worse on that count), that he’s hopeless. But Nelson (Lord of the Ringless, as one wag noted yesterday) keeps playing ’em all big gobs of time, never holds them accountable, and will likely soon become the losingest coach in NBA history as a result.

    In sum, Nelson’s the real problem, but as long as Jack plays out of control — as Nelson seems to like — we’re a mediocre team at best, and it ain’t getting any better.

    Now, if you can attack any of the points here about Jack’s play — especially as the game wears on and he wears out — I’d love to see it. But if ad hominem attack is your only forte, well, you should have seen your boy, and renowned Nelson butt-licker Mike W (@43) frothing yesterday on Adam’s blog. It’d have made you proud I’m sorry to believe.

  • Norm

    SEE YA!! And get rid of that ass-kissing announcer Bob Fitzgerald with Jax.

  • GSWFan24

    Jacks the only player the Warriors have with some sense of court awareness and savvy, you don’t trade guys like him, he’s a piece that can get them somewhere, the bad thing is, the “Young” core isnt contributing and are not “BETTER” players than Jack is. He shouldn’t defer to them cuz they dont know what the hell they’re doing out there. He’s has no problem moving aside for a better player, a la Baron but the other players on this team are not leaders at all. Tell me who leads this team if not Jackson? Please tell me? Unless your getting a proven player, forget it

  • Jsl, you bring up plenty of valid and reasonable points. I can’t refute all of them as I do acknowledge Jack’s faults.

    However, there’s a context we must place when examining his abilities (or lack of) to play well and under control in the 4th quarter. You made a quip regarding that he leads the league in turnovers per game, but let’s not dismiss that he also tops the list in minutes per game as well. Given that’s he’s a 6’8 forward who is by no means a fluid ballhandler, the turnovers aren’t to be unexpected. However, as I said in my first post, the TO/AST ratio isn’t as alarming as many fans think it would be.

    Why is Jack ‘pure puke’ in the 4th quarter? We all know the answer – lack of rest during the game. As Jack pointed out several games back when he was battling Kobe all night (who had been fortunate enough to get a good amount of bench time), he was fatigued and couldn’t exert enough energy when the game was on the line. Does it excuse his hero mentality? Not really. But we also have to remember he is – if rested – a very capable clutch performer and his intention is solely to win, not to take over. It’s just that taking over is the vehicle upon which he thinks he can arrive at a victory.

    His primary stats aren’t bad at first glance in the 4th quarter. He averages 5.7 points in the 4th, good for 12th in the league. His assist number for the quarter ranks as 14th, only 0.1 below LeBron. And while he averages 0.8 turnovers per 4th, players like Harris, LBJ, Melo, and Butler all average that same number or more. He’s 5th in steals, also.

    Okay, so I did my best to cover the positives before I get to the negative – his shooting percentage in the 4th. It’s an abysmal .374. That’s unacceptable. There are a few notable ‘clutch’ performers shooting below that mark this year – Hedo, Baron, Hinrich, Rip, etc. but that obviously doesn’t help the Warriors by any means. His 4th quarter points are merely 38% assisted. Names within that range? Crawford, Carter, Billups.

    Jack is best in the 4th quarter – particularly in the last 3 minutes or so – when he can catch and launch or from the triple threat… Not when he has to manufacture an improvised shot from the top of the circle. Very rarely does it result in a pass either.

    What I found interesting was the difference in 4th quarter +/- and this may surprise some people given the massive gap. Jack is a -9 on the year (not so bad given the record, right?), Crawford is at -66, and Maggette at -74.

    Lastly, I have to address this comment: “As Cohan concisely notes above, Jack is pretty much a loser.”

    I like “Chris Cohan” and find him amusing and we’ve had some, well, interesting discussions in past months. However you should dismiss most of his input regarding Jack. Behind the clever and cynical wordplay is an overtly negative view on Jack’s game regardless of what is actually occurring on the court.

    The ‘loser’ tag is absolutely not a characteristic of Stephen Jackson. His propensity to fire up ill-advised shots and turn the ball over certainly can result in some losses, sure. But I also watched him carry a pathetic post-brawl Pacers squad past a #3 seed in the playoffs. He was a significant piece to MAJOR Spurs victories in ’03 – namely a couple of Game 6’s and stepped up to a very high level in 4th quarters during that postseason. You can’t surround him with a group of offensive-oriented (or obsessed) players and expect team success. He’s done a decent enough job for what has been expected from him and he’s brought far more wins than losses to the Warriors.

  • Enzy

    Without Stephen Jackson, the Warriors are a faceless team with no soul. Management extended his contract and he started playing better. So what’s the problem?

  • MTII, I’ll never quit you.
    Thanks for your kind words.

    Oh, and ditch Jackson as soon as possible.
    Good lord, does he suck.

    I don’t care what we get back as long as it costs and chucks less over a shorter period of time.

  • Neil Rogers

    Keeper…leadership, good all-around player..makes the go

  • I like Capt. Jack and hope he stays as we will need his veteran leadership to help our young players grow.

    However, I hate it when he has the ball in his hands during the game. Whenever he tries to penetrate the lane through trouble he almost always turns it over which angers me uncontrollably. Also, he holds the ball to long during crunch time, our offense becomes stagnant as he tried to win the game by himself and that hurts the team chemistry and has caused us to lose more than a few games. Just the other day, when we lost the Charlotte game, Jackson handled the ball, by himself on 8 of 10 possessions that were split between the 3rd and 4th quarters. Every one of those possessions were either a turnover or an ugly brick with no rebounders in position to remedy it and that stretch alone cost us the game.

    He is the heart and soul of this team though and also our best defender. I want him to stay but only if dominates the ball less and plays about 20-30 per game. If we can get a significant 1 or 4 or 5 though by packaging him in a trade, I would say do it in a heartbeat.

    We all know the real problem here is Nelly and Rowell, if anyone should definitely be moved or let go it should be one of them.


    All you guys that said Jack should go are DUMB!! everyone is hating on jack because of his turnovers? Its like that because all you guys are just focusing on that, what happen to all the times when he saved the game, those long distance three pointers that only he would take with confidence, all the back to back threes that would bring us on our feet…. Its always the negative that people focus on Jack, but look at all the positives that he brought to golden state, who defends all the all stars in the nba?? Jack!! He is the heart and soul of the warriors, he still puts excitement in the game regardless if were winning or not. Has one of the best personalities in the game and that is very very dedicated to his teammates and his fans. If any of you wanna comment to me about my post email me at mr.michaelantonio@gmail.com SON! Warriors For Life, Win or Lose

  • Gowarriors

    Overall I think Jackson should stay. He’s been the teams most consistent scorer this season and mgmt will never get his value back via a trade.

  • earl monroe

    At any level, playground or NBA the really great ones have a built in common sense meter on the court, when they feel the game getting out of hand they think twice about taking a quick shot, making a lazy pass, whipping a pass thru traffic, holding the ball too long, dribbling into traffic. They look for the best way to get a hoop wether offensively or defensively. It is in this situation that teams grow and bond, when all 5 guys know they must get one somehow, otherwise you get into the 15+point disadvantage area where its very difficult to come back, unfortunately stats aren’t kept for decision making. Wanting to take a shot is one thing, giving the ball up and setting yourself up in an area of the court where you can get a high percentage shot for yourself is another. Trusting your teammates by giving up the ball and knowing they have enough respect for you to give it back. Players who lack trust will just hold the ball, pound it, take fade away jumpers, not pass to players who are open because they lack trust in them, these type of players are not leaders, you cannot win with them, unless they are surrounded by 2 or more all star type players.

    They do not inspire trust, therefore are not trusted by teammates. Numbers mean little if you are losing on a regular basis, deep inside all players know this, seldom do they talk about it, because contracts are based on numbers not winning and losing.
    These type of players are fool’s gold, they keep you in games with athleticism, they tease you with deep 3 point shots in the fourth, they delight you with thread the needle type passes, they push on bigger players defensively, but when its tight and tough they also take the quick shot, make the bad pass go for the low percentage steal attempt. Rant and rave to the officials, talks too much to his own players that it distracts them.

    The four other players on the court who don’t know what this player will do at any given time, no matter if its a set play is called for this player, they don’t know, they do not trust him, they cannot get comfortable, he breaks the rhythm of the game, the flow, they stand, by the time they react to his missed shot or quick pass they cannot get in position to make a good play, take a good shot. And if this happen too often, a team loses the chance for someone other than the person with the ball to make a positive play.

    Building a team is different than entertaining fans and setting win records by the coach, talent is only part of the chain necessary to succeed.

    If an NBA players career is on average 8-10 years,by your six year you have developed habits you are not likely to break, and if a coach does not attempt to help a player break bad habits then what type of coach is he? If a coach condones repeated mistakes at the cost of the team what type of coach is he?

    Sitting a talented player who makes many mistakes on the court is the only way to curtail some of that, and possibly make him and even greater player.
    A disservice is being done to the player if his mistakes are accepted as part of his on court makeup and personality. We can all improve, but not if no one expects us to or makes us accountable.

  • OliverStone

    John Wooden once said “Scoring 20 points shooting 20 times doesn’t impress me”.

    That’s kind of where I’m at with Stephen “It ain’t me” Jackson. I struggle with the question does he make his teamates better? Nellie calls him “His guy” & “I love him to death”. He can do whatever he wants without recourse. I just wonder how this truly sits with the rest of the Warriors, especially the young ones?

    Should he stay or go? If his minutes are limited to 35 or less, if his shots are limited to 12-15, & mostly if he didn’t have that ridiculous extension his dinner buddy Rowell gave him, I would keep him.

    He needs (as Nellie has said) to be 3-4 option), if he focus’s on D & limits the number of possesions he takes off & plays “catch & shoot” on offense, then he’s an asset!

  • luv W’s, not Nellie

    Stay hands down. If we would have a legit point gaurd, then Jack would not have had to be “the guy” that initiates the offence. Before we got JC, and before Rocky Bellinelli woke up and started playing basketball, Jack was basicly the point gaurd. So he was running the team on the floor, playing 68 minutes per game, defending the opponents best player most of the time, and Nellie as the coach, this is a recipe for disaster. We need a true PG to run the show, and a big to help AB on the boards, and to learn to play a little defence, and the W’s will be alright. But every team needs a player like Cap Jack on it….and dont forget that Monte has not played all season either…


  • Ed

    Stay. I like the heart & soul Jack plays with. He can learn to play a little better with his team. How about we start with the coach first, should he stay or go?

    NELLIE please GO. Back across the Pacific, PLEASE…

  • “Magic”

    “Ajbry”……………JJ, Redd and Nowitzki are still better 4th quarter scoring options than Jackson, Crawford or Maggette, no matter what you say, I would still rather have Joe Johnson, Michael Redd or Dirk Nowitzki taking big shots in the 4th quarter and closing games out.

    Don’t fool yoursel, fans always find a reason to “loathe” a player but when you compare those 3 guys I named to our 3 best players, there is absolutely no comparison.

    You would rather have Stephen Jackson than Joe Johnson…….you’re out of your mind fool, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    “Samuraaiiiiii”………Corey Maggette has been a top 20 scorer in this leagues for the last 5 years. He has led his Clipper team in the past in PPG for years running. Stepehen was a 3rd option in San Antonio, a second option in Indiana and now is our 1st option.

    Corey is a better scorer than Stephen.

    Stephen is a better defender.

    But the reason I say Corey is better is not because he “bowls” over players like you and some other bloggers say. It’s actually because Corey is a much smarter basketball player than Stephen.

    He understands how to get to the basket, accepts his role no matter what it is and still scores 20+ppg. Jackson cannot handle the ball, he loses the ball everytime he puts the ball on the floor and goes to the basket.

    And “MRJFG SON”………you too, fool, read my explanation above, stop kidding yourself, you guys act like Stephen is the “second coming” just becasue he’s the go to guy on a 20 win team…….come on, be honest with yourself, my comment about “pedigree” revolced more around the fact that Corey has been a leading scorer on whatever team he’s played on more often than Stephen.

    I don’t care what you guys say………Corey is better than Stephen.

    You guys just are blinded because Stephen is really our only no.1 option according to Nelson and some of you fans that you don’t use your common sense.

  • Keep Stack Jack the Cap

    really besides Anthony Randolphs 10-15 of PT…Jack is the ONLY thing that makes the Warriors watchable.

    get rid of Jack and the Dubs will seriously lose fans (@ least me 4sure!)

  • Keep Stack Jack the Cap


  • Dave

    Marcus, I say we keep Jackson, and trade the coach, the owner and the financial genius Rowell. Jackson is at his best with the right players around him where he doesn’t have to do too much. A “real” point guard, and a star post player would be perfect, however I don’t trust management of this team to do the right thing and acquire these people without a solid GM to run the whole show, and Nelson needs to take his mind games, small ball, and his bickering with the players to Maui for good.

  • blah

    It’s pointless to have a conversation regarding a trade without knowing the player we would be getting in return for Jackson. In regards to trades, we should assume that we are staying the course and building on a core of Eliis and Goose. Those two players will need team mates around that will complement their game.

    With that being said, I think these hater’s owe Jackson an apology.

    Turnovers? Both Ellis and Goose need guys around them that can pass the ball and create for others as they don’t have a strong hold on that facet of the game.
    1) As previously stated, Jackson plays the most minutes in the league.
    2) Most of his turnovers are forced passes underneath the hoop. Most of those turnovers if caught are assist. (Season Turnover to Assist = 3.8 to 6.4) So he’s forcing a few passes, but he assisting at a much higher rate than he’s shooting. So I say…..keep passing.

    We need a guy like Jackson, and Crawford also brings these tools to the team. He is not a pure passer but together with others like Jackson, it can work just fine.

    Jackson has been absolutely stellar in the last month. He’s playing great ball. What more do you want? Apologize to the man. Don’t blame him for the fact that we don’t have a PF.

    We all know that the team is missing a PF who can work the block, defend the block and rebound. Maggette does get us to the line like a PF can because he works the lane but, he can’t defend and rebound like we need. Maggette is a great player too, but he’s not our problem either.

    Let’s stop and think about this and consider an apology to Jackson, its not his fault that we don’t have a balanced team. The fact that he and others (Maggette) try to compensate for what we are missing should not qualify them to shoulder the blame. Jackson is a winner, he is our best competitor, he is a Warrior and should remain here.

    Let’s focus on the real problem. Join with me on the Blake Griffin Campaign. A Big athletic PF who can rebound, score without the ball, and play some Defense down low. Under 5 million per year for the next 3 years. Stop carrying about this years wins and losses and I’ll promise you that you will enjoy the rest of the year.

  • hmoy

    36 mil for 4 years isnt a bad contract for who is arguably the best player on the team. It’s a downright steal for someone getting 20/5/5 who also plays D. BUT, the W’s arent winning a title with SJax as its best player. Either get him some help or trade him with an eye towards the future.

  • BigGreen

    Can we get roster stability for once,man,we need to keep a team together or we will never win

  • BigGreen

    You know I think jack is great but he does not need to handle the ball so much becausde he trie tpo force it too much, but he needs ot stay, he has won a championship, he knows how to win big games, but we need to build the roster with guys we tust and need, and if Monta wants to leave he can go, then we can save some money and get somebody that is not immature and thinks we owe him something and can’t follow rules. I would have suspended him for the season for that crap, we lost Baron because of him.I think we should try to keep Crawford and deal Azibuike and Monta and go with Maggette,Jackson,Randolph,Turiaf, Crawford,B Wright,Belinelli, and Biedrins as our solid seven guys, and keep Watson who is solid and maybe get another Post player, and everyone can know their role and we can get some wins, or we can get Baron back!!!!!!!

  • ForrestM

    Jack needs to go. We have an extremely young team that needs strong leaders–the type of players they can look up to. Jack has had clutch shots, sure, but he’s not a good role model on the court. A vet with class and composure would (over the long term) be more valuable than Jack’s current production (which I think is inflated because of his minutes and touches).

  • TimHaradawayGSWfan

    Jackson should be staying, #15, #8, and #6 should stay too. It’s Nellie and #50 that should go.

    I mean the Clips didn’t even want Maggette. But when are we gonna stop saying next year, focus on the future, when we draft shaky (Brandan Wright), make dumb free agent choices (Maggette, when we already were set at G-SF), don’t keep the future happy (M. Ellis) and trade away our leader (Captian Jack).

    Those are all recipies for mediocrity year after year. Which is what we’ve for the last 15 outside of 2 years. That’s rediculous.

  • “Magic”

    Wow…..you really seem to agree with a lot of people “Tim Hardaway”…..# 15, # 8 , etc…personally, I didn’t see anything special from these posts……….you agree with # 15 that Stephen was the “Lebron of the West” in February and he’s the “Joe Johsnon of the West.”…………you must sleep with these guys or something,…….you sure like to kiss their asses for their lame comments.

  • Jrod

    Dude has to go. Leads the league in turnovers and he has HORRIBLE shot selection. Shoots a bad percentage from everywhere and cannot keep his mouth shut. He constantly complains and whines. The whole “heart and soul” concept is all people can say because they cant think of any solid reason for him to stay that we people who know basketball cant refute. The heart and soul of a losing team isnt worth much. Averages over 20 ppg? Look how many shots it takes for him to get there. A lot of assists? Look how many turnovers! Rebounding? The only rebounds he gets are the ones that end up right next to him after he doesnt box out. Shall i go on?

  • Aliengames

    Jackson is our best player, and the only reason management should trade him is if they really have given up on being competitive over the next 2 or 3 years.

    As a Warriors fan, I still hold out hope that we can be relevant in the West next year (or at least the year after).

    PS: Trade Crawford and filler for Baron Davis.

  • jsl

    Ajbry @48: OK. Fair response. A lot of posters — see, e.g. Felty and MikeW — would never concede Jack is a 37% shooter in Q4, when he shoots the most. So I apprecuiate the candor.

    I like the guy, too. But in my mind he’s got to limit himself, as does his coach, to be really effective. His ball carelessness, poor shooting, lack of Q4 movement, deficient late game D, are ALL attributable to (1) overplay by Nelson and (2) failure to play within his talents by Jack. Were he to learn self-control, and be limited to 30 minutes, we’d have a real good player on our hands. (My hunch is he’d be terrific with the Spurs and Pop as his coach — cuz Pop would control his egregious excesses.) Now, not so much; and he’s typically his worst at the end.

    Final point: If he’s so good, why is he among the NBA players guys want to play with LEAST? (BD is another; go figure.)

  • Competitive? (71)

    Jackson never gives up… the rock.
    Cue ajbry wiht the assists numbers (no TO, of course… or it’s all Nellie’s fault).

    ajbry is paid to pimp Jack. It’s fact.

  • jackson sucks awfully

    1) he does not play his heart out every game
    -how often does he throw up a godawful shot and then beliggerently complain to the refs while a 3 on 1 is happening on the other side
    2) horrible “leader/captain”
    -name one other team where jackson would be a leader much less a captain. not even the kings or pacers
    3) he is an awful example for the youngsters
    -i see watson, buike, and randolph throwing up shots just because they haven’t touched it in awhile and that since their “captain” can, they can too

    worst of all…jackson is going to be untradeable until maybe he is on the last year of his contract because NO team (with the exception of the knicks if isiah was still in charge) will trade for jackson much less ever even ask about him.

    the idiot warriors gave a ridiculous extension to a player no team would have offered even close to what we gave him

    we need to follow the pacers like they did with tinsley and just banish jackson

    i am an avid basketball fan. heck, my favorite team is the san antonio spurs so i know what basketball is and how it should be. anyone that says we are better with jackson is completely inept.

    to be fair, jackson would be a nice player if he is the 3rd best player, not the first or second.