Pregame Tidbits (at Milwaukee)

(Including postgame tidbits from the Detroit game last night)

* Buike is out again. That’s three straight. Mid-back strain. Everybody else was playing (save for Biedrins and Ellis, of course). Randolph started in place of Buike.

* Jamal Crawford, as of the Detroit game, still was rockin’ the tie-belt. Sure, he could have bought a belt. But Crawford has a ritual. He stays in his hotel on the road.

Crawford: “Maybe five times in my career I’ve gone somewhere, to a mall or something.”

So, you really don’t leave your hotel?

“For what? What am I going to leave my room for? For food? I can just order room service. I’m a creature of habit.”

So, Mr. Creature of Habit. You can’t send someone to pick you up a belt?

“Naw. Why would I do that? I’ve got my own fashion sense.”

* Nelson said Randolph was all over the place on Friday. With a laugh, he called his performance “Good, bad and ugly.” Randolph was indeed all over the place. But little questioned his effort and energy. He goes all out when he’s on the court.
Ronny Turiaf, who knows something about playing with energy, said he’s always in Randolph’s ear about bringing it ever play. He said Randolph “made me happy tonight.”
Turiaf: “He’s going to make bonehead mistakes. But what matters is that he brings energy and effort, he’s going to do fine.”

Marcus Thompson

  • jb

    Hey Marcus,

    every game Buike’s missed, the Warriors have lost. Just sheer luck, or does he bring a little extra oomph to the line up? I just wanted to hear your thoughts if you’ve got time to cover it.

  • feltbot

    Jb: Marcus cover basketball? He’s too busy reporting the latest Don Nelson rumor.

  • Marcus Thompson

    A little bit of coincidence, but he does bring depth to the lineup. When he’s starting, that’s an extra 15 points in the starting lineup. When Randolph is starting, not only are the Warriors’ losing scoring punch out of the lineup, the lose it off the benc, too.
    Also, Buike is one of the Warriors’ better perimeter defenders. Because he’s so physical, he can make it a rough go for shooting guards and small forwards (I don’t think he’s very good guarding PFs)

    Feltbot, what’s your take on this basketball question?

  • jb

    feltbot, I’ve said this before over at Adam’s blog… I said I may not always agree with you, but you amuse me. Today is one of those days that I disagree with you. I think you’re giving Marcus a hard time. He’s writing what he’s got to write about, and he’s got a job to do. I actually really enjoy Marcus’ blog. I also love the pregame/post game details. Anyhow, you’re entitled to your opinion, but I like Marcus’ blog.

    Marcus, thanks for your answer.