Banner Movement

One of the most popular questions I get here are about the banner, which STILL FEATURES AL HARRINGTON.
Yes, I have asked several times for the change. No, I can’t do it myself (otherwise, it would be a picture of my face superimposed on Dwight Howard’s body with Halle Berry on my arm.)
So, to send a message to the blog designers that the need for a new banner is urgent, I decided to create a post so our collective voices can be heard. So here is the forum. We need ideas for who to put on the banner and what you think of the fact that there is no banner. If you want, email me a banner you’ve design and I will post it on this blog (the clean ones, anyway).
We need some genuine pressure from our readership to make this happen.

From Thomas

From Frisco Joe

More From Frisco Joe

From Earl Monroe

Marcus Thompson

  • itsagreattimeout

    I like the one from Frisco Joe. It’s very Warriors.

  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan

    Thomas’ elegantly captures the player carousel, contractual and playing time-wise alike.

  • dubsjay

    I like thomas’ banner i think it would work well for the long term and looks very modern

  • Frisco Joe

    Here’s another attempt; this time taking more of your guys comments into consideration…


  • jwill

    Thomas’ banner reflects what the warriors need to do…”A CHANGE”. I concur with you dubsjay it looks modern and works for the long term. The problem with putting warriors players on the banner is that they get traded all the time and when they do we’re gonna have to change the banner again. But yea i vote for Thomas’

  • http://www.aarongfx.com/ ajbry

    What’s good Marcus… Finally got around to whipping one up… Maybe will try a couple more later this afternoon.