Banner Movement

One of the most popular questions I get here are about the banner, which STILL FEATURES AL HARRINGTON.
Yes, I have asked several times for the change. No, I can’t do it myself (otherwise, it would be a picture of my face superimposed on Dwight Howard’s body with Halle Berry on my arm.)
So, to send a message to the blog designers that the need for a new banner is urgent, I decided to create a post so our collective voices can be heard. So here is the forum. We need ideas for who to put on the banner and what you think of the fact that there is no banner. If you want, email me a banner you’ve design and I will post it on this blog (the clean ones, anyway).
We need some genuine pressure from our readership to make this happen.

From Thomas

From Frisco Joe

More From Frisco Joe

From Earl Monroe

Marcus Thompson

  • Robert Rowell seems to think he’s something special.
    Face of the franchise.

    Or perhaps you should just put Cohan’s ugly mug up.

    No use helping ownership bamboozle fans by shifting focus onto the current group of 3-year visiting player personnel.

  • Livermore Joe

    Change it to anybody. please. But a shot of Randolph blocking a shot or dunking would be nice.

  • Greg

    How about a picture of Don Nelson driving a tank off the edge of a cliff with his fist in the air?

  • We believe you can change it.

  • J Canseco

    Ronald McDonald

  • dr_john

    What’s the fuss? Leave it as is.

    Then trade Jamal Crawford for Al Harrington.

    Problem solved.

  • Tony Hicks

    Put Mullin up there as a final tribute. Or Rowell’s face superimposed on the clown from the “No Bozos” logo.

  • Bouche Dag

    here’s the perfect pic for a banner: Chris Cohan is sitting in a chair while Rowell and Bob Fitzgerald service him. On the other side of the room sits Nelson swigging scotch while reading the Maui Times. Mullin and Greg Papa sit in a corner thinking “we let THESE douchebags phhuck with our careers?”

    okay and if none of this is deemed acceptable, just throw up a pic of Stephen Jackson whining, crying and acting like four year old who wants a cookie, just as he does everytime he gets called for a foul

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    This is a tougher call than you think it’d be. As pretty much any player could be traded you need to instead have a method to change the banner more easily or go with something that has no players on it.

  • Mike W.

    Saying “genuine pressure” is needed from readership to make a change that makes complete sense — to remove an image that shows your outfit is completely out of date — says all that needs to be said about the pathetic standards at your supposed newspaper.

    The cheap fix would be to ‘photoshop’ someone else’s face onto Harrington’s body. I expect your penny-pinching editor could manage that.

  • Steve

    It seems like a pretty simple process to just swap out the file in WordPress. Here’s a link if anyone wants it:

  • My theory is that Mike W./feltbot is an online editor or forum moderator for the paper websites it posts in.

    Excellent traffic drummer-upper, reckless assault on authors without a hint of the wit or irony of I and other folks’ work over the years.

    Sounds like a bad editor or webmaster, definitely.

  • Travis

    Please….Put Jackson’s face up, or Andris, just please not Harrington!!!

  • thomas

    how about this?

  • OliverStone

    RE: Mike W.

    You might be right, his post is so uncalled for in responding to a harmless topic like changing the banner!

    There’s definitely a ulterior motive in play when he lays down a salty post like that!

    And you stole my suggestion…L’il Bobby had the most prominent layout in the program…He probably can’t get enough of seeing his image plastered on displays!

    He is after all the Golden State Warriors!

  • Traj

    I would like to see Cohan, Rowell, and Nellie in a Meet The Beatles/Dr. Dre, Snoop, and Tupac setup.

    Sad pathetic faces on a black background.



  • jb

    Your face should be on the banner because you are the writer of the this blog.

  • jb

    sorry, about my last post. I had a extra word in there. It should read, “your face should be on the banner because you are the writer of THIS blog”.

  • Mike W.

    #7 and #8: Gee, I’m really sorry I offended your sensibilities about the out-of-date banner. I guess you just don’t see my point that it reflects this newspaper’s (lack of) standards, and don’t get that it means something when a reporter has to ask readers to support a change that should have been made 5 months ago.

    But if you knew anything about the newspaper/web business, which I do, you’d realize this banner thing is a big embarrassment. Newspapers and web sites have a lot invested in their credibility. A prominent dated image sends the message that they’re just not that concerned with 100% accuracy, which is a problem. Obviously, it bothers Marcus enough to have asked for a change several times.
    Then he got blown off by his own editors and came to readers for help. Inside a newsroom, this is a bigger deal than you realize.

    But you don’t know what’s important about basketball, so I wouldn’t expect you to know what’s important about web sites. However, I do expect you to post smart-ass comments in spite of your ignorance. It’s invariably what you do, so I know you’ll hasten to give us another brainless zinger.

  • Richard Gustafson

    MikeW,You took the words right out of my mouth! How much can it cost to change one image? What does the refusal to make this minor change say about the respect the editors have for MT? The outcome, however, is that the readers lose respect for the CCTimes!

    Maybe the blog designers are just too lazy and need to be let go. That’s an editor’s decision. Make something happen, fer chrissakes!

  • A’s in 2009

    Put Robert Rowell on the banner, maybe he’ll be traded next.

    hehe :p

  • Mike W. is the most hilarious joke account in the history of online Warriors basketball.

    Hall of Fame.

  • “Cohan:” You must learn to be less sensitive. Less thin-skinned. Less reactive. It’s no good for your well-being. I realize that being a Kings fan is no fun right now, but maybe you could follow the high-school hoops championships. They’re being played right there in Sacratomato.

  • Mike W.:

    Blow me. Hard.
    You haven’t added a single bit of relevant basketball thought to any of the forums you’ve been trolling for the last few months.

    I own. You can’t stand it.

    Marcus is tryin to make a living. If you’re gonna be a prick, be funny or light-hearted about it.

    Not boring as hell and just plain awkward.
    Hate to be your kids.

  • “Cohan:” You’re getting to be so cranky. Like a person with no love in your life. Come here and let’s give you a great big hug.

  • Given that this blog is all about the “inside of the warriors”, I suggest you go to the top of the organization and depict the inner workings of the brains of the leadership…..it’s obvious you will end up with an empty banner.

  • justafan

    Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team!!!

  • derezee

    Marcus, just get Tony.psd on the line. you two already seem to have an informal partnership, and Tony’s pretty much synonomous with Warriors internet fanship anyway. no need to let technology keep you down.

    Bouche Dag, you and i need to have a beer sometime. i don’t find too many people openly sharing my feelings on Fitzgerald the way you seem to. i’m tired of watching the games on mute (‘cuz i actually like Jim a lot). anyone know how i can delay the radio so that it synchs with the tv image? anyone else have an alternative idea for where i should turn my radio from noon-3 every day?

  • MountainJim

    Just put Franklin Mieuli and Al Attles up there and leave it forever.

  • Air France

    I vote for Rick Barry or something Run TMC related..of course someone else would have to create it since I have no artistic skills

  • John Starks

    Manute Bol would look great on the banner. Perhaps we should put yours truly, John Starks, up there. We could even go with my ol’ buddy, Jason Caffey.

  • I like MountainJim’s idea of putting a Warriors legend up there, like Attles or Barry or Thurmond. Then it would never have to be changed, which would make your lazy editors happy.

  • Kobe Bryant

    How about the Warrior logos from past to present lined up one after another, …..like The SF Warriors logo with the Indian, to the Cable Car Design, to the RUN TMC design, to the ugly one we got today,………I say logo designs throughout the years like a timeline,………

  • feltbot

    Don Nelson, cigar in mouth and scotch in hand.

  • marko

    Vats mit Donder?

  • Frisco Joe

    Here’s my version of a classic yet updated banner.

  • pboss

    I vote for Bimbo Coles. He was legend.

  • pboss

    Oh, even better…. TOD FULLER!!!

    Really, if you think back over the last 15 years is there a better person to depict what the Warriors have been?

    Book it Marcus, done deal

  • I like Thomas’ very good for the long term.

    But why does he look pregnant with a Pterodactyl?

  • commish

    I’m shocked how flippant folks are about this issue since it has been mentioned so many times. Knowing how easy photoshop is, simply leave Harrington’s body and put Andris’ head on and see if anyone notices (or cares).

    Ok, seriously, the only person who I think will be around for awhile is Andris. He certainly has earned the right to be the face of the Warriors this year, so use him. But it is an embarassment to have Harrington although a great reminder on just how prudent Rowell and Nelson has been with personnel and trades. Nelson creates the need for a trade, Rowell accomodates, then Nelson tells the guy who we got for Harrington to either opt out or he will be traded. Very good management skills and strategy.

  • Livermore Joe


  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    Frisco Joe’s is great.

  • I’d suggest no active players, but Frisco’s is a great first run.

  • Swopa

    I think some folks who follow the Clippers would argue that there are no active players in Frisco Joe’s banner.

  • Keep Stack Jack the Cap

    frisco joe’s is cool…but i would swap the baron pic 4 1 of Jack (maybe shooting or post shot on a 3)!!!

  • Raven

    Rick Barry – to remind these losers how long its been since the last and only championship.

  • Livermore Joe

    That Frisco Joe banner is great!

  • Swopa with the hit.



  • Ktmac

    My vote goes to Frisco Joe! Awesome banner.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Put up Nellie, Cohan, Rowell and Chris Washburn sitting in a corner where Wash use to hang out with W fans in the background giving then a standing ovation.

    Top of the banner “GONE”!!!!!

  • itsagreattimeout

    I like the one from Frisco Joe. It’s very Warriors.

  • Thomas’ elegantly captures the player carousel, contractual and playing time-wise alike.

  • dubsjay

    I like thomas’ banner i think it would work well for the long term and looks very modern

  • Frisco Joe

    Here’s another attempt; this time taking more of your guys comments into consideration…


  • jwill

    Thomas’ banner reflects what the warriors need to do…”A CHANGE”. I concur with you dubsjay it looks modern and works for the long term. The problem with putting warriors players on the banner is that they get traded all the time and when they do we’re gonna have to change the banner again. But yea i vote for Thomas’

  • What’s good Marcus… Finally got around to whipping one up… Maybe will try a couple more later this afternoon.