Monta Ellis – Stay or Go?

The Warriors are going to take inventory this offseason, see what moves they need to make and how they can get better. Over the next few weeks, we are going to do some evaluating ourselves. Here is your chance to give them your opinion (yes, they do read this blog). I will make the best case I can as to why a player should stay or go this offseason. Then you sound off. He’s the hot topic right now so …

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When the Warriors drafted Ellis with the No. 40 pick in the 2005 NBA draft, it no doubt was a special coup. Ellis is a superior athletic with a knack for scoring and a built-in swagger. If he goes, he could join Gilbert Arenas as the best Warrior to get away. Let’s not forget, last year, in his third season, Ellis averaged 20.2 points on 53.1 percent shooting. He played 81 games and averaged 31 minutes. Also, 5.0 rebounds and 3.9 assists ain’t bad either. That kind of production is hard to part with, especially for someone so young.
What’s more, Ellis’ development in those three years leads you to believe he is going to get even better. When he first came in, he couldn’t go left, all he could do consistently was get to the basket. Now he’s got a mid-range jumper, he knows how to get to the line, and his ability to make a play for others has improved (though still has a ways to go).
Not to mention, the Warriors need some kind of stability. Since J-Rich and Baron left, there hasn’t been an identifiable figure for the Warriors. Sure, fans love Jax. But he’s been around the league. He’s only been here for two years and two months and he’s winding down his career. Monta, with Anthony Randolph, could be the man in the Bay for years to come.

Since Nellie ball is the system the Warriors are employing, the question of what position Ellis plays is of the utmost importance. Nellie’s system needs a do-it-all point guard, and Monta is not that. Nellie’s system has no place for a high-scoring shooting guard (because the PG and the SF handles the ball the most), and Monta is that. So where does he fit? The answer is he doesn’t. That leaves the Warriors with four options:
* Conforming Nellie’s system. That means getting the right kind of point guard. That is going to be hard to find and bring in. Not only does it have to be a PG who can guard SGs, but they have to be decisively better at PG than Ellis, so much so there is no question who the PG is on the court.
* They would have to shuck Nellie’s system. They would have to give up on the small ball, mismatch-creating system runs and go with a system, where SG creates offense and they run plays for him and the others play off the SG (i.e., Houston, New Jersey, Lakers, Miami, etc). Monta would have to score a bunch to offset the mismatch of him guarding SGs.
* Monta develops into an OK point guard, not a true floor general but not a liability at PG. That would require Monta developing handles, court awareness, vision, a cerebral game, leadership skills, etc. Sounds like a lot of intangibles to grasp.
* Get rid of Ellis and get the kind of PG they need.
The latter of the four is the easiest, by far.
Ellis’ unhappiness is a factor. If the relationship is irreparable (between he and management, or between he and Nelson), moving him becomes a must. If Ellis gets to the point where he’s venting through the media, a la Al Harrington and Mickael Pietrus, that only lowers his trade value. It might behoove the Warriors to look at this thing from an objective lens and, if it can’t get better, get what they can for him before it gets worse.

Ellis, I imagine, still has value on the market, even though he’s due $55 million over five years once this season is complete. Certainly, his value would be higher if he spent the last 19 games looking like the old Monta Ellis, but I still think they can get something good for Ellis, even if it means throwing in the first-rounder. His ankle is a concern, but I think teams will see that he is so young and he came off a serious injury. Plus everyone’s medical staff thinks they are top of the line, so it is possible they will feel like they know how to get Ellis 100 percent.
He is movable. However, the risk of moving him is high. If he does go, five years from now, he could be one of the biggest regrets in Warriors history.

So, what do you think? Stay or go?

Cast your vote here.

Marcus Thompson

  • Trade Jackson


  • Norm

    Get rid of Jackson and Bob Fitzgerald!

  • jlight

    Stay……. refer to the last line of this piece.

  • Warriorsfan

    STAY…JLight says it perfect

  • Keep Stack Jack the Cap

    a year ago i never thought i’d say this, but ME8 may need 2 go! However I say that only if we can get a SOLID NBA PG & SOLID NBA PF in return. I just think that the “moped-gate” issue is the main incident of the entire season and now with all the contradictions (time off 4 ankle vs family) and with Mullie leaving I can see this situation with Monta getting much uglier.

    while he is/was a tremendous talent, ME is gettin toxic

  • Tony M


  • RN

    Keep Monta. Nelson will be on Maui in a year or two with hopefully Keith Smart the coach. Make peace with Mullin and once again make him the sane voice of this team, which gives increasingly chaotic mixed messages!

  • Trade Jackson

    ellis is being badly influenced by stephen jackson, if we can get rid of jackson, and get some positive leaders on this team, monta would flourish

  • John S.


    Monta says he feels good, but doesn’t look anywhere close to the player that signed for $66M over 6 years.

    Use the money to land a true PG.

  • The Man

    Dear Monta,



  • Tony

    Go. I could not be more disappointed in Monta. Last season, I went to the team store to buy his jersey and they were out of stock. There was literally a line of people waiting to ask the overwhelmed store clerk when there would be more arriving. Hell, even my wife changed one of her passwords to Monta8. He was transcending the court into the mind space of people who wouldn’t even self identify as basketball fans.

    Where we sit now, it is hard to believe I am even watching the same person. The quiet confidence Monta used to display has been replaced by a cockiness that is not reflective of the kind of individual I want to root for or have lead the team I follow. He doesn’t look people in the eye, acts like his shit doesn’t stink and has completely failed to take responsibility for the actions that led to his injury. It’s sad, really.

    His athleticism will not return to it’s prior state. I know he thinks this isn’t the case, but the harsh reality is he will never again be the athlete he was. His speed, quickness and leaping ability were astounding even when compared to other great athletes and that was his edge. Now that he can’t rely on those things, he will be just another short 2 guard, which are not in short supply. Monta’s career was always going to have a half-life because as he aged it was inevitable that his natural abilities would be reduced by the simple aging process. Unfortunately, he greatly accelerated that process when he did whatever he did to injure the ankle.

    Bottom line, a chip on his shoulder, lack of explosion Monta is the last person I want as the face of the franchise. Quite frankly, I am surprised that he is on the cover of the season ticket holder renewal package. It’s not an enticement for me to keep my ticket. Much the opposite. I want some players here who I won’t be constantly wondering if they are going to check out mentally at some point, and Monta has shown a propensity for that kind of behavior. The Warriors, more than anything, need stability.

  • Air France

    He needs to stay. Whether that’s longterm or through the 2009/2010 season doesn’t matter. However, he needs and we need him to have at least one good season to get some real value out of him. Either to get better as a franchise or for trade value.

  • I’m willing to give him a second first year as the team’s most important player.

    But it seems like the team needs a big shakeup to really make the transition work.

    Get rid of Jackson, Maggette, Crawford, Nelson, ROWELL, and Cohan, and maybe we’ve got a shot at winning some games that matter sometime before Monta’s contract is up.

    Meanwhile, yet another total implosion after locking up the supposed future difference makers, old and young, for 5 years.

  • STH no more

    Why would we be pushing our best player out the door?

    do people forget the second half of last year. Baron wasn’t our best player. Jax wasn’t our best player. Monta was.

    it would be beyond stupid to trade or void him right now. No way we could get teh kind of value back that he is worth to us.. Even this year when he clearly wasn’t 100%, we had a winning record against good teams with him.

  • Go.

  • Chris Webber

    It doesn’t matter, because it looks like Nellie wants to time warp back to 1995 and make the same mistakes all over again.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    Stay. Are you kidding me? How old is he again? You don’t get rid of young guys unless you can get return on them or they aren’t talented. Monta would be bought low by other teams right now and he has plenty of talent.

  • bobby Rowell

    just fire me, i suck

  • Scotty

    Stay. I’d be devastated if he left. I’d really like to see what a Monta, Jack, Wright, Randolph, and Biedrins lineup would look like. Could be a total disaster, but it would at least be something to get excited for. Crawford seems like a great guy and teammate, but I’m afraid he just isn’t going to fit.

  • I say go, with conditions. See if you can move another GSW contract(Crawford, Maggette, Jackson) with Monta and get back an expiring contract. There’s no way I would have said “Go” before the season started, but Randolph seems like the real deal. Build arund Randolph/Jackson/Biedrins. Biedrins is super solid and has a good contract and the W’s are stuck with Maggette, Stack Jack and Crawford while Ellis probably has the most value.

  • Warriors

    Leave Ellis alone. He is a young guy who made a mistake. You need to be building his confidence and stop trying to tear him down. We as fans owe him a great deal for the fun atmosphere they have givin us. Lets try to look at the future as he is going to be the face of the warriors for years to come. We need are team to see him smile and enjoy where he is playing. Next home game everyone should chear for him out loud like he was the MVP.

  • blah

    “Chris Cohan” is willing to give him a second first year as the teams most imprort player!

    Did ya’ll hear that?

    Cool, thanks Chris.

    We got his blessing…..let’s do it.


  • Sleepy

    This team was in trouble the moment it named jackson captain and signed him to that extension. Thats like the Rockets putting Artest in charge just because he was a good player .

    After paying Beans all that money we shouldve named him captain and pushed him to the forefront and then did the same to Monta once he was ready. They were our future and we this year shouldbe been about them stepping up .Instead we made it about jackson trying to prove hes a star when hes not .Its just dumb to allow a 31 year old to live out his fantasy bball dreams at the teams expense.We even got him a playmate in Maggette for him to team with.

    Now what do we do because we essentially gave the team away while Monta was hurt to a 31 year old journeyman and then told him how great he was doing by giving him a extension. Neither him nor Maggette are ever giving up their shots while on this team so we are screwed.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Stay! But if Mullin goes, ee may not be around.

    To me they way this organization is runned, and coached. Mullin is to only guy the W’ players can turn to.

    It’s really ashame!

  • Traj

    Keep small ball and get Hinrich as your PG.

    Yes, the guard tandem will be a defensive liability, but then if you have shotblockers to fill in two of the other three frontcourt spots to hopefully makeup those lapses.

    With Randolph and Biedrins starting, and Turiaf coming off the bench, I think we can survive with this addition.

    Add to this, SJax at the 3 and you have a nice core there.

    If we cannot get Hinrich, then I would trade Monta to one of the teams looking to clear space for the 2010 offseason. Perhaps get something good back if not draft picks.

  • Traj

    Warriors Brass: you should have waited on Hinrich to get back from injury before trading for Jamal Crawford!

    Now you have your backs against the wall and you do not have Chris Mullin to blame.

    Frickin’ jerkoffs!

  • Terry Teagle

    Stay. You never sell when the stock is this low. The best we can do is essentially “dump” Monta’s salary. It would be smarter to give him a year to get his value up and then move him. That being said, I still think even a 85-90% Monta would be worth keeping along with Beans to develop the franchise. If Randolph can continue to develop and Wright can get stronger, we have the right balance to be very competititve team.

  • CA

    The team is so dysfunctional it seems to me they have to pick a direction and go that way full bore (excuse the pun). Keep Nelson and trade Ellis and Randolph for established vets and go for the playoffs, or fire Nelson and play Ellis and Randolph with Jackson and Maggette as complimentary players. Frankly, both Ellis and Randolph seem a little volatile to me. Maybe that’s because they’re young and that is totally forgivable. I hope they can stay. Nelson needs to go.

  • Twinkie defense

    At the end of the day it’s whether a guy can ball or not – and not what position he plays – that matters. Monta’s a baller, ergo: he should stay, and you can work the other guys (like a PG) in around him.

    Is he physically able to regain his old form? I think so. He’s young and has shown he can come back from injury, so until he proves otherwise this time, you don’t let the health issue be the determining factor.

    Rumors of unhappiness? When you get into a situation like the Warriors got into with Al Harrington, the guy’s got to go. I just don’t know how much to believe with all that and Monta. Warriors management ought to know where they and Monta stand. So unless there is a relationship there that is beyond repair (which I don’t gather there is), you don’t let that get in the way of future success… in fact, with all of the injuries and losses, if a player is too perfectly happy I might wonder if HE’S the kind of guy we need around.


    Wait. This decision does not need to be made now, and in fact cannot be made now. During the final 19 games, we can learn a lot about Monta’s physical, mental and emotional health. We will see if he can become a point guard, even though the prospect right now is slim. Monta has so much talent that he deserves a long look and the benefit of any doubt about his ability to help this team. Talk of his demise is greatly premature.

  • Joe

    Can we keep Mullin and behead the rest of mananagement and the owner? Please?

    Also, I hate to say it but Nelson, now that he is in power trippin drama queen mode, needs to go… he has alienated half the roster this year and can’t seem to make up his mind about anything or any player…

  • itsagreattimeout

    I don’t care if Ellis is at 80% or whatever. You gotta keep him!!!! purely for basketball reasons. I’m in no way beholden to him personally or as a fan. He’s so young, a year from now everyone will have forgotten about the ankle. 53% shooting? Are you kidding me? And that was after shooting in the 40s for the first part of the season.
    Don’t do anything stupid. Unless you can get Dwight Howard, he’s not going.

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  • Randall

    Depends on which Monta emerges.The kid from last year with all that explosiveness and a decent attitude or the current version of Monta. If it is the current version, take any decent trade we can get.

  • J Canseco

    Keep Monta and Mullin.

    Ditch Rowell and Cohan.

    All problems solved.

  • gswarriors08


  • gkingus

    I’d like to see him stay, but if we need to include Monta in a trade to land a legit PF(Amare, Boozer, Millsap) then I think we need to pull the trigger. So, if we can move Crawford or Maggette then keep Monta. If not, we should probably try to move him. I’d be interested in trading Monta if we could get the #1 or #2 pick in return. Maybe swing a deal with OKC or Sac?

  • Victory Canseco

    Trade him if his attitude and play don’t get better.But that won’t be easy either. Teams are going to be hesitant to take on a 55 million dollar salaried player with a bad attitude and an injury history.

  • spe

    I say go. I am really tired of the warriors rebuilding, but not as tired as I am of bad attitude that spreads to all of our good young players.

    I think a big question is, who has more potential, Ellis or Randolph? If Ellis relationship with the Warriors is beyond repair, do we want him spreading his discontent with other Warriors like Randolph?

    Yes looks a lot like many of our worries with Baron influencing Ellis.

  • Andrew

    Get rid of him. If they are serious about playing winning basketball, Monta needs to go. He is a tweener. Like Marcus said, he is too small to guard opposing shooting guards and he does not have the necessary ball handling or vision to be a true point guard. He is a poor man’s Allen Iverson. Warriors need to trade him, let Belinelli show what he can do, and wait for a good point guard to draft.

  • Monta has missed TWO STRAIGHT TRAINING CAMPS/PRESEASONS, last year with his neck this year with his ankle.

    Nellie hasn’t gotten to really work with him and show him EXACTLY in PRACTICE what he needs from him. Give the kid a break, lets wait until next offseason to see if he works.

    Hinrich has a bad contract btw, why would we need another one of those?



  • Roger

    if he loses the attitude and regains his athleticism keep. Otherwise, trade for sure.

  • Harold

    Well this is how it is for me, I have been a supporter of the warriors for well over 30yrs, and I am sick and tired of watching us build great players only to trade them off, if any one is paying attention, look at our history, Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, etc. Last year was the closest we come to a playoff berth, in hella years, keep everyone we have now and find a rebounder only that will be his only job, now as for as getting rid of any one (BYE,BYE Chris mullins and his staff, You wasn’t that good of a player and worst as a G.M. you to Rod Higgins. In closing leave Monta the hell alone. You strewed up this year when you benched him for 3months, great thinking.. my vote is Monta stays and G.M.s go and its about time, motivate me to by season tickets again, its been a long time and I miss my seats

  • Warrior Streak


  • gowarriors

    I would like for Monta to stay but I think mgmt has their mind made up about him being traded.

  • Tongue Fu

    trade if can get something descent.

  • nauseated

    Stay. Monta has 5 years left on his contract and is only 23. His ankle will probably be fine. Nelson has 2 years left and is 68. Very small chance he finishes his contract. So the Nellie system is irrelevant long term (and maybe short term). Rowell is as much as fault for the Monta mess as anyone and he can’t play, coach or administrate. I’d much rather see Rowell go than Monta. Having said that, I’m disgusted with the entire organization and now they want season ticket holders (of which I’m one) to renew. I’ve been giving them my money and attention for far too long. If this mess isn’t cleaned up by the renewal date of April 9 (which of course it won’t be) I’m probably done. So on second thought, who cares if he stays or goes.

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    Stay. But Monte really needs to read Tony’s comments at #8. For those of you who think that any problem with Monte links back to Nelson, remember Don Nelson will not be here all that much longer and by the time he moves on, Monte is so young he still won’t be at his peak. I really can’t stand the possibility of losing another player who turns out to be great in another team’s uniform. Anybody else still bothered by trading Robert Parish which probably also cost them Kevin McHale in the draft? How many championships went to Boston?

  • justafan

    Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan Sells the team!!!!! just say no to season ticket renewal1@#$#@%

  • I hate Cohan

    how many times do the Warriors have to break our hearts. WE’ve put up with this crap with Mitch Richmond, Webber, Arenas and so many others. What a bunch of BS this organization has been. They gave us 2 years of fun and 10 years of stupidity. How the heck do you give up a guy like Monta?

  • A’s in 2009

    Stay, I’m not gonna hate Monta Ellis no matter how much those team sources(Rowell) want us to hate him.


    Keep Monta, Randolph, Biedrins, Turiaf and Wright. Everyone else is expendable.

  • GSW8

    keep monta…trade jackson and wright for boozer. jackson spends too much time in the backcourt complaining to the refs, leaving four on d. nelson needs to play dre and randolph together more often. the point needs a lot work. we should have just made a run for kidd when we had the chance. so much to do, but i still believe.

  • RETW

    #26: Trade Monta for a “legit PF” — so Nelson can play him 44 minutes/game — at Center!!! File under: Chris Webber all over again.

  • jscrilla

    I’d say let him walk but who the hell would want to sign with THIS team? The most expensive area to live in the nation, horrible management with no vision, fans that WILL turn on you (Dunleavy), however Weed is nearly legal in the Bay, so what do I know…

  • rcg

    Stay. Monta and Jack in the back court could work well enough. Crawford is a nice guy but has to go. Bring in a rebounding big in place of JC as the first priority.

    The Monta and Jack experiment, coming soon to an arena near you. Let’s see how it goes this month.

  • reggie f.


  • John

    Monta needs to go. The whole Warriors team is way overpaid. Monta is the one with most value. He plays no defense and he cannot create for his teammates. He is a tweener that should come off the bench for most good teams. He never showed what he can do without Baron by his side. Void his contract!

  • Jonell

    Trade him unless he gets his act together in the last month of the season. We should see progress both physically and with his attitude or he is too big of risk at 12 million per.

  • “Magic”

    Well, well, well……look who’s up next in “Stay or Go,” probably one of the more enigmatic options.

    We used to know Monta Ellis, Mississippi kid, quiet, reserved, improving, growing, Southern style guy who minded his own business and listened to his coach, but also provided the upside, flashy, potential and game that NBA fans covet.

    This year, complete 360, new guy, different attitude, detached in certain situations, overly re-assuring in other ways, especially when answering questions about his future in the Bay Area.

    Look………….last year, Monta took his biggest step as a player, not even in the previous year when he won “Most Improved Player” and was given the trophy in the 1st round playoff series against Dallas in the 2006-2007 season did he improve as much as he did in the second half of the 2007-2008 season.

    That second half Monta led all guards in FG %…….all guards, that includes #24, that includes Tony Parker (known for being among the top in FG % because of his ability to get in the paint).

    These were the accolades that gave Warrior fans that promise that he was our “future.”

    The moped accident and the loss of BD were our biggest off-season blows, we never recovered from either….we didn’t even somewhat address the issues, we absolutely failed in addressing either of these issues.

    One of the so called “replacements” was cut today and played 9 minutes all season. The next “replacement” was to take over the PG psoition and facilitate this offense, but he dissapointed by making a poor off-season decision and costing his young team.

    Nobody but Andres Biedrins in my book is off limits, I say Biedrins because he too has improved every year he’s been in the league and we know what he brings to the table as far as his ability to get open and roll to the basket, get easy baskets and rebound the basketball and play pick and roll with our guards.

    Every one else on the team is expendable. I was a big Brandan Wright fan, always liked Corey Maggette’s and Jamal Crawfords’ game, was big on Monta Ellis, and actually liked Al Harrington (I like his game, I think he’s underrated and Nelson used him incorrectly and mentally and verbally abused him), but now I’ve changed my mind about these players.

    I have yet to see an improvement as a team from last year and the playoof run of 2006-2007.

    Again, I will say, we lose most of our games in the 4hh quarter, we go through 5:00 minute unanswered scoring barrages against us game in and game out from minute 36 to minute 48.

    This is the time where “money” players make their “money,” when real NBA talent puts their team on their shoulders and brings that bitch home.

    I’ve said it before and other fans have attacked me for my views.

    Whether it’s a 1 or a 4, even a 2 or a 3, we need a star player to close games out for us. In my book, I like swingmen and guards to fill this role, those are the players I like to fill these roles……….# 24, LeBron, Paul Pierce, D-Wade, Joe Johnson……these are the types of players that would automatically make our team better than we were in 2007-2008 in the “big deal 48 win season.”

    We won 48 games, ………big deal, if you guys are “that” big of NBA fans, why don’t you take a look at the “Showtime Lakers,” the “Bad Boy Pistons,” The double “3 peat Bulls,” the Spurs of Popovich and Duncan,………..these teams won 48 games in their sleep and do it year in and year out.

    Wake up Warrior fans, stop the denial and address the issues we need to address.

  • Kweezy

    This is a debatable subject. I wouldn’t call you crazy for wanting to get rid of Monta. But in my mind there is no question we should keep him around.

    Besides..did everyone already forget what happened the last time we jettisoned a potential superstar in order to keep Nelson around? (Chris Webber anyone?)

    I may be biased because Monta is and has been my favorite Warrior..but lets face it. The NBA is a PLAYER’S league!!! Ultimately the players win you games, not a coach’s system. I think it is foolish to try to build your team around Nelson’s system when he is only here for two more years. We are NOT going to win a championship under Nelson! Barring a miracle trade or next year’s draft pick turning into KG immediately. To me the argument of Ellis not fitting into Nellie’s system is easily trumped.

    If anything we should get rid of Nellie..I mean, which player on this team is actually happy with him? Besides maybe Stephen Jackson. He is a great coach..but his handling of players leave a lot to be desired. If we trade Ellis what makes you think the next guy coming in is going to be happy. Crawford sounded really excited when he first was got here..I’d love to here his honest opinion now. I just don’t think our handling of players is very attractive to potential star free agents. It seems like every player who has left the team the past few years left very unceremoniously.

    I am TIRED of this team continually rebuilding, and I am TIRED of watching good/great players continually being let go. How can you give up on Monta already after 20 games!? Its obvious he’ll take some time to get his game back, you try not playing basketball for almost a year and coming back. Cmon, this is ridiculous..Dwayne Wade is the latest example of someone who’s been able to come back after major surgery and be more effective than ever.

    Perhaps the most important reason for not letting Monta go in my opinion, is that Monta strikes me as someone who would definitely work to make you pay and regret letting him go. He just seems like he would take it very personal. He is a competitor and he has that swagger and fiery pride burning inside him.

    To me the risks in letting Monta go far outweighs the rewards..we risk losing a potential superstar for years to come. And if we trade him? There’s no way we’re getting a bonafide all star, we don’t have leverage with Monta right now on the trade front, and other teams know that. Keeping him certainly won’t make things any worse around here. This organization is a mess right now, and the biggest problems are far from Monta Ellis. Don’t make him a scapegoat. We all know the problems start with management and the front office. So please…(and I think I’m speaking on behalf of the majority of Warriors fans) don’t break our hearts again…


  • The wise

    The warriors should keep montae ellis because he is our poster boy. Thats the problem with the warriors they always trade their best players away when they start doing well. We went to the playoffs and look what they did right after the season over… trade j-rich??? They traded spree. They traded webber. They traded mullin. They traded hardaway.I mean what great team does that. Imagine the lakers if they would have traded magic or the bulls if they traded scotti? You see whats happened to the lakers since they traded shaq(they can’t win the big one). If you wanna build a winning franchise you don’t get rid of your best players… you build around them.

  • The wise

    If anybody needs to go its don nelson. Its too much talent on this team for them to be as pitiful as they are.): Montae is a star, crawford can go for 50 on any given night. Biedrins is one of the best big men in the game in my eyes. Randolph has everlasting potential, B wright does also. Bellinelli has superstar potential, morrow can shoot the lights out, bookie and turiaf are great role players, and magette gets to the line when he wants. Stephen jack can go. We aren’t that far off were just a true coach away.

  • jlowell

    Trade if you can get a first rate pg for him. He’s an undersized shooting guard who can score(or could score..we’ll see) but can’t guard other 2’s.Now developing a bit of an attitude problem as well. A first rate point guard is much harder to come by. Doubt anybody would be dumb enough to make that trade with Dubs though.

  • EJAmes

    Trade him unless he gets his act and his game together.

  • Jamarcus

    Trade him if you can get a 1 or even a 2 who can score and has the size to guard other 2’s. That probably ain’t gonna happen though.(too many tweeners on this roster).

  • pixellatedspace

    keep Ellis. He needs more time to rehab/condition his ankle/game back into shape to get where it was before the injury. Don’t expect him to be back to where he was pre-injury until next season. He was getting better, graduallyshowing flashes of his old self before this latest break but he still needs more time.

    If anything fire Rowell for the moves he’s made. Better yet, hope Cohan sells to the minority owners.

    Also, they need to do right by Mullin.Offer to move Nelson to GM (instead of Riley) if he declines send him to Hawaii. Bring in a coach that can better relate to the young core. Before Nelson/Riley trade away our young talent for past their prime/mediocre vets.


  • From what I’ve seen around the league is if you have a problem between a STAR PLAYER & THE COACH, THE COACH GOES except with the Warriors. Are they going to do the same STUPID thing that they did with Chris Webber & Nellie again?? Webber went on to be a great player some place else and all we had was Nellie? Monta Ellis will be a star in this league. If the Warriors do the same stupid thing again with the same STUPID COACH and a rising STAR then we deserve what we get, which will be 2 more years of Nellie and then the bottom for the next 10 years or so..We have a star now for the next 10 years or we an old boozing coach for 2 years, which would you rather have???? DUMP NELLIE NOW-KEEP MONTA and get a good coach like Hubie Brown to change the way this team thinks and plays..Nellie did nothing for us, why we won was BARON DAVIS WAS OUT TO PROVE A POINT AND HE DID AND THE OWNERSHIP LET HIM WALK, HOW STUPID WAS THAT???? NELLIE WAS NEVER ON THE COURT AND NEVER MADE A BASKET OR FREE THROW, ALL HE DID WAS TO LET THE PLAYERS PLAY AND THEY DID.. THATS MY OPINION..SO IF YOU WANT TO WIN THEN GET A TRUE POINT GUARD AND DUMP THE COACH “NELLIE NOW”….

  • James R.

    trade him. His numbers were inflated by Nelson’s offensive system(like other players on the W’s)he’s fragile, small, and can’t guard 2’s.He’s also got an attitude problem and will probably never regain 100% of his explosiveness.Best thing is to get out from under that contract now.

  • Allan S.

    Trade him.He gives up as many points as he scores, gets himself hurt, and now is pouting?Unbelievable.

  • justafan

    Just say no Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team!!!!

  • slap shot

    Go. he’s not worth 12 mil now.don’t like the attitude.

  • Brian F

    Although I would hate to see him go, the only way I trade Monta is if we can get someone like Chris Bosh in return. Something like Monta/Maggete for Bosh or mabye Monta/B.Wright and our 1st round pick for Bosh. Of course I only make this deal if Bosh is willing to sign an extension. There is no way I make this move and then watch Bosh walk after 1 year.

    And as far as the point guard situation goes, why not bring in J. Kidd next year? He is still one of the best distributors in the game. He is still fast, and he makes players better. That’s the kind of pg we need. I know he’s getting old (I think he will be 37 next year) but why not sign him for 2 years? It wouldn’t cost much and he’s said numerous times that he would love to finish his career in his hometown. And if Monta is still here then not only could he learn the pg position from Kidd, but he could play the “2” position where we all know he strives at.

  • derezee

    Monta’s a punk. Might have to do with the injury, might not. Let him be someone else’s punk. Warriors fans are like neglected girlfriends who can’t unconvince themselves that they still love the guy who’s dogging them every other day. Every time a Warrior comes along that buys them lunch once in a while it’s up with the skirt. Let’s get over our insecurity and demand a healthy relationship for once.

  • mike

    Monta should stay. Nellie should go.

  • blah

    This is all BS. So many people here are victims of media spin. So Ellis is a punk now? He’s got an attitude? Says who? Marcus? He’s not happy with the team? Come on. I’m not sold on any of that BS. I’ll i’ve ever heard him say is that he loves playing for Nellie. He missed photo’s? Lots of luggage? Please. His mom is sick, maybe dieing and this is what you give him. How many of you wouldn’t take time off to visit your mother.

    Stay and go discussions are pointless. Especially to discuss with the common fan. Everyon is expendable for the right player. Marcus, if you must discuss this, it should be titled…stay the course / or who do we build around? Something like that.

    Look at winning teams, i.e. lakers, jazz, Celtics, etc. What we need is a balanced team as i’ve said before. You select your featured players and put guys in to compliment their game. Warriors on the other hand have a collection of the best available talent. That is good for value purposes. But to win it doesn’t work. (See Denver before Billups)

    Right now prefer Ellis, Andris, and Randolph as that core.

    Marcus, who do we build around?…..Actually we haven’t built anything until we balance the team. This year is a work in progress. Feeling out who fits. I don’t think winning was ever the objective.

  • “Magic”

    One point I would like to address……Anthony Randolph and his future in this league.

    I know the NBA and I know NBA talent and I understand this league. I am 31 years old, grew up and still a Laker fan, grew up on Magic, James, Byron, Kareem and developoed a love for the NBA.

    The RUN TMC teams were fantastic teams, they were equal to today’s New Orleans Hornets, Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz.

    Anthony Randolph is a talented, athletic, energetic, hard-working player. He turns the ball over a tremendous amount, not just a normal amount for a rookie, but he turns the ball over A LOT. He is becoming smarter as a player, he is attacking the basket more, he only pulls the string on mid-range “bunnies” he knows he can make and he’s starting to become a better shot blocker.

    But Ladies and Gentleman,……….Anthony Randolph will not have as big an impact on the Warriors as Derrick Rose will have on the Bulls, O.J. Mayo and Marc Gasol will have on the Grizzlies, Kevin Love will have on Minnesota and Brook Lopez will have on New Jersey.

    Teams passed him up for a reason, all the guys I mentioned above were drafted before Anthony and rightfully so, I think all those guys I mentioned above are better NBA players.

    If you look at ESPN’s Rookie Rankings, Anthony Randolph is not even in the top 30, Anthony Morrow is actually ranked higher.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the ESPN analysts like John Hollinger (notoriously East Coast bias writer) are the “be all and end all” to the NBA. I’m not saying their experts or anything, not at all, please don’t get me wrong.

    Also, Anthony hasn’t really had the PT this season, very little exposure, and Morrow had those high scoring 30 point games and shot the ball well from 3 point early im the season, so he stands out, he’s exciting and the ESPN guys take to that.

    But I’m using my own judgment here and saying I would rather have Derrick Rose, O.J. Mayo, Marc Gasol, Kevin Love and Brook Lopez any day of the week over Anthony Randolph.

    Those other rookies I mentioned are REAL NBA players, they are ready to play now and make an impact on their teams. Anthony is very raw and very young now, I just don’t think he’s a difference maker.

    Sorry to hurt your feelings to the guys who think Anthony Randolph is the second coming of Lamar Odom, Chris Bosh or Kevin Garnett.

  • derezee

    blah, the LAST thing you can believe is what a player ACTUALLY SAYS. c’mon man. really?! because you’ve never HEARD Monta say he’s not cool with Don Nelson on tv or radio you’ve decided it’s not true?! why don’t you instead get the opinions of the common folks who come into contact with a person during their daily lives (in and around Alameda), or how about reading between the lines once in a while. nobody thinks ill of Monta for visiting his mother. you’re blatantly trying to give an indefensible context to comments that don’t even mention that. there’s plenty more evidence that Monta’s an immature, inconsiderate young dude than there is evidence that he’s not, and it’s not close.

  • big flavor

    Go. It’s too much to pay a guy who we could find 3 other guys ON OUR OWN ROSTER who can play the same position. And Monta is NOT a PG, he’s a 2 all the way…..

  • oregonwarriorfan

    “Magic” re #77: Randolph is the youngest player in the league. Wait 4 years and revisit this exact subject. Also, he was drafted after every guy you mentioned except 2nd rounder Gasol, whom everybody else passed over. I’m more than willing to give a guy who shows so much spark when he’s on the court the next few years to develop.

  • blah

    Derezee, Even if he is being a punk that’s not a good reason to trade him. Lakers would have lost Kobe long ago. Do you change jobs every time an issue pops up? This is normal stuff on lossing teams. So you think we trade a guy on assumptions? Really? Maybe he is a punk. I don’t like his tatoo’s either, but hey. That’s not a good reason. This is the NBA. Everyone has an ego. Especially 20 yr old kids that are handed 66 million dollar contracts. All this unhappy drama talk is unsubstantial in all our discussion. If you want to talk about trading the kid, at least use some common sense and address his skill set and ability, i.e. small 2 guard or PG who can’t dribble under pressure. something like that has merit.

    Personally I try to stay away from the soap opera. Don’t expect me to respond to further questions or discussion of un verified attitude issues. “i don’t think this guy likes that guy, probably because he didn’t say hi to him before or after the game.” I don’t care and I don’t respect anyone who claims to trade anyone let alone Monta Ellis for such lame reasons.


    At #30 I said “Wait”, to see how Monta performs during the last 19 games. Nellie’s recent comments about starting Ellis at the point and Jack at shooting guard prompt me to add that what happens to Ellis is greatly affected by who plays at the other spots.

    Under your description of the position, Marcus, I do not think that Jack is a good fit at 2 spot. I think Buke could do better there, and that Jack is better off at small forward. We’ll see.

    But the point is that the progress and analysis of Monta is bound up with the combinations Nellie puts on the floor. The “Mad Genius” is in his lab, and Ellis’ fate is in his hands.

  • “Magic”

    “Oregon”……I know he was drafted after most of those guys, please don’t get me wrong, I know my basketball, I know Rose, Mayo, Westbrook, Love, Lopez were drafted ahead, no question about that.

    My point was that Randolph is not NBA ready and those guys are.

    Waiting four years? I do not believe that in 4 years Anthony will be better than Rose, Mayo, Westbrook, Love, Lopez, …….do you? …..Honestly think that Anthony will be better than those guys?

    I’d rather trade him for Carmello Anthony now and be patient with Carmello for the next 4 years than wait for Randolph to develop.

    Point being, I just don’t think this guy is going to be a difference maker, even in 4 years.

    I don’t think you really think that either.

    The point I was making is those guys are already NBA ready in my book, Randolph is not. I accept the fact that he is the youngest player in the league, I’m not stupid, I am very patient with the development of young players, I’ve been watching every single Warrior game for the last decade, every single one for god’s sakes, so I am a patient man.

    I just don’t see Anthony Randolph as a difference maker. He turns the ball over way too much.

    My father is a big NBA fan, he followed the West, Baylor Lakers, he was a big follower of that era of basketball …robertson, Chamberlain, Goodrich ..on and on…all the great Laker team and he knows the game.

    Every time I bring up Anthony Randolph to him, he always says, “He turns the ball over and makes too many mistakes.” I say, “Dad, but he’s talented and young.” But I don’t get the confirmation from my father that Anthony Randolph will be a great player, he always blows him off as just another talented but raw player in the NBA.

    How many of these guys do we see come in the league year in and year out……….Athletic, talented guys with a lot of upside who get traded from team to team and never develoop a sound NBA game, Anthony is in that category. J.R. Smith is a great example. I think Hakeem Warrick’s game is very similar to Anthony’s, but Hakeem is a good player. But again, he’s not a difference maker. Andre Iguodala, athletic , talented, but is he really an NBA difference maker and leader? Rashard Lewis…..another example……guys like K.G., Lamar, Chris Bosh are special because not only are they great players, they are great NBA basketball players…..leaders, winners, finishers……..Anthony is not.

  • Aaron M.

    Trade Monta if we can. It’s the only way out of this mess he put the Dubs in.

  • jeremy

    Trade him if someone will give up something of value. His attitude is a joke.

  • Kweezy

    Hey “MAGIC”..Did you really just put “Lamar” as in LAMAR ODOM in the same breath as KG and Chris Bosh?!? HAHAHA I’m sorry but Lamar’s name sticks out more than Jim Barnett at your local nightclub. The guy is a very good player, I was a big fan since he was with the Clips. But he is not a leader, and not a star. Heck the guy can barely hang on as a 3rd or 4th option with the Lakers. Loads of talent, I agree, but he just doesn’t want to be the focal point, the star on a team, simple as that.

    As with Anthony Randolph, excuse us for being a little bit too excited in a season where the only thing worth being excited about is…well, a rookie 19 yr old with the biggest heart and competitive fire we’ve ever seen with the Warriors since..??? and did I mention the most intriguing skill set and athleticism since..???

    Point is, AR is a special, one of a kind player in this league..already. Warrick, J.R. Smith, they just don’t have that kind of fire and passion that Randolph possesses. And it cannot be taught. I’m not saying AR is a sure shot All-Star. But I believe he already is a difference maker. If you watch their games, can’t you tell how much he changes the complexion of the game with his shot blocking and rebounding when he’s on? Plus he gives you everything he’s got every second of every play. Sure he may turn the ball over a bit too much, but you can tell he’s been working on that and he’s really improved in that area.

    Right now there’s no question AR is less NBA ready than the Love, Mayo, Rose, and Westbrooks that you just mentioned, that’s exactly why he slipped to the 14th pick. But I honestly believe he can make just as much of an impact in this league, if not more, than those drafted ahead of him – besides maybe Rose and Beasley.

    When you have that kind of potential to go along with that FIRE and PASSION..and I can’t emphasize FIRE and PASSION enough..you give fans a whole lot of reasons to be excited.

  • Tony Hicks

    Hinrich? Oh God …
    Monta’s value is too low; they have no choice but to hang on to him. Especially if he doesn’t get better before the end of the year.
    But if the W’s do read this – please PLEASE get rid of Rowell. How Cohan thinks Rowell and his arena-sized ego can be any sort of judge of a true basketball man like Mulin is frightening. Even if Nellie is helping push Mullin out – and let’s face it, after signing an extension, it’s obvious Nellie has enough juice to demand that Mullin stay – Nellie will be gone within two years. Donald Sterl …, I mean, Chris Cohan, should just sell before he becomes the most hated sports figure in Bay Area history.

  • derezee

    so blah, you checked back in here why? you don’t do the soap opera thing? not sure what that means, but you really have to WANT to see if you’ve elicited any further response to re-scan the comments of a post you’ve already contributed to in order to find out. and if you do so it’s perhaps wise to respond to things actually being said by the person you’re addressing instead of responding to everything in generalities. did i promote trading him? that’s a creative read. i simply don’t mind if he decides he’s got enough to be upset about here to leave. it’s obviously the status quo in professional sports for fans to fall in love after a one night stand. we’re just so excited that someone this attractive is on OUR team that who cares about the evolving flaws, right? i’m just saying that i for one don’t really need Monta to be the face of my franchise if he’s not up to the task. yes, being the most highly paid, electric player on your team makes you the de facto guy. and go ahead and snuff the Kobe comparison. Kobe’s a transcendent talent, who was in a market and on a veteran team that could compete with his ego, and who never temporarily brought a franchise to their knees because he had to screw around on a motorcycle months after assuming the throne. by the time Kobe climbed on something that temporarily threatened the future of his franchise he was a 10 year veteran, an icon who’d given LA championships, and that tends to change the discussion.

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    “Magic” thanks for the reply to my post. I see the point you are making and it has merit. However I feel Kweezy #84 has hit the nail on the head: Randolph brings excitement. He flies in from nowhere; who else on the team does that? And to the subject of youth in general, the Warriors are the youngest team in the league and I wish the critics would keep that in mind. Specifically, there is a reason auto insurance companies lower the rates when you hit 25. Your brain finally matures at that age. The frontal cortex, where decisions are made isn’t completely formed until about 25, it has gaps, holes that haven’t grown together yet. How many decisions does one make before age 25 where you just slap your head and say ‘Why in hell did I just do that?’ Well, that’s the Warriors, including Randolph. Patience, patience, patience. It will pay off.

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    One further point. Years ago Chris Webber forced a trade from the Warriors when he was a 19 year old. A couple years later I heard him interviewed where he was asked why he did that and he really seemed lost for an explanation; finally he said, “The coach yelled at me.” I’ll bet that he would never have forced that trade had he been a little older and more mature.

  • Diego

    Trade these guy Monta. He stink.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Give Monta one more year.
    Keep A.B, Turiaff, Randolph, Bellinelli, Wright and dump the rest. Most of the others besides Jax, Mags, and Crawford are all undrafted guys who aren’t playing much anyways.

    Dump the mgt and Nellie as well except keep Mullin.

  • Stay,

    Unless we can package him with someone else and get a player(s) that can help the team remedy the turnover and rebounding/post defensive problems which have really killed this team all season long.

  • Don Engel

    Not for posting.

    For god’s sake, it’s “between him and management,” not “between he and management.”

  • justafan

    Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan Sells the team!!!!! and keep Anthony Randolph

  • Stephen J

    Fire everyone and bring back Victor Alexander, Chris Gatling, Coach Cowens and the rest of the old gang.

  • OptimusPrime

    I think this team has a very string nucleus w/ Monta Andris and Randolph as well as a mixture of some good vets Magette and Jackson.

    I like this team and cant wait to see what they can do next year when they are all healthy.

    BTW, moving Crawford in the offseason makes a lot of sense. Especially if we cant get a descent player in return. Crawford in good but w/ Azabuke, Morrow and Bellineli coming off the bench we can easily replace his production for a lot cheaper.

  • Jaysohn

    I am really torn on which way to go with Monta. A comment earlier said keep him because he is a baller and lets face it how many true ballers have the Warrriors had the past 15 years. Monta can score but what else does he do well? Does he make plays for others? Not consistently. He doesn’t seem to have the natural instincts to be able to score and also set up others. A playmaker seems to be an inate skill that a player either has or doesn’t, it can’t be taught.

    Is he a good defender? With his quickness Monta can get some steals with active hands in the passing lanes but he is a horrible one on one defender. Defense is a mindset, a want to. Unfortunately I think Monta picked up some bad habits from Baron when it comes to defense. This is one area though where with work Ellis can improve. With his speed and athleticism he can definitely become a better on ball defender.

    Is he a leader? This is the biggest question mark I have about Monta. Is he ready and able to be the face of the fanchise. None of his actions since signing the big contract have shown a favorable answer to this question. I mean come on getting injured on a moped. A moped?? What was he doing play around with his cousins and nephews? That speaks to his immaturity. Then the way he initially dealt with the injury, to the suspension and fine, the tats and just his all around attitude. The quiet and humble Ellis seems to have given way to being just a young punk. That worries more than his basketball skills. However he is still young and if he can turn that around I believe his all around skills as a player will grow as well. The Warriors need to see growth in his play over the final games of the season but more importantly over the off season Monta needs to show improvement where it really counts.

  • OptimisPrime

    All I had to hear was Kobe Bryant say that Monta Ellis was one of his favorite players to watch. That was validation for me.

    Whats up with Monta leaving and coming back w/ a million tattoos. Thats kinda crazy.

    Im glad hes a Warrior though

  • OptimisPrime

    Whats up w/ people dumpin on Stephen Jackson though. That pisses me off. He is the heart and Soul of the Warriors. A big part of the We Believe. Wouldnt have had it w/out him.

    He just had one of the best months (Feb)in the NBA. And u cant say hes playing for a contract because he already has that. Lockin him up for 3 more was a no brainer. Hes a bargain.

    BTW, I dont care about the turnovers. He more than makes up w/ it when he scores 27 and drops 7 dimes.

  • OptimisPrime

    I cant wait to see the Warriors next year all healthy. They got a nice team. And you never know we may mess around and win the lottery. ala San Antonio. Remember they were hurt and ended up w/ Duncan.

  • Jackson sucks. Ditch him.

  • Dave

    Marcus, it doesn’t matter what we say, I don’t trust the current management (without Mullin) to make the right decision. Cohan and Nelson totally screwed up the Chris Webber situation, and it looks like history will repeat itself with these two bozos and Rowell trying to navigate this sinking ship. We don’t believe!

  • ECJ

    I agree with Prime (# 99).. When Kobe Bryant says that Monta is one of the best young talents in the league, and questions the Bay Area media and fans for not appreciating Monta’s talent.. That tells you what the best player in the NBA thinks about Monta Ellis.. He NEEDS to stay. He DID ruin the season this year, and he does have a bullcrap attitude that needs to go. He should not be mad at the organization for holding him responsible for his mistakes.

    On a different topic, “MAGIC” is a lunatic if he thinks that Anthony Randolph is not a “difference maker”. In fact, a “difference maker” is EXACTLY what Randolph is. Difference Makers change the game when they play. Randolph will be a star in this league. He will be better than Chris Bosh. Anyone who doubts that doesn’t understand how much an iron will contributes to greatness.
    Look at the all time greats in any game.. they were the best because they refused to lose.. no man has ever risen to “great” on talent alone (Tracy McGrady). However, many men who’ve been short on talent have made a mark in sports by their heart and determination alone (Dwight Clark, Joe Namith, Doug Flute etc). Randolph has both heart and talent..

    Fact is, Randolph did slip to 14 in the draft because he wasn’t NBA ready.. however he was also touted by many analysts as having the most upside of any player in the draft. We see that upside now.. he has a lot to learn, and he still has to grow into his body. However, his intangibles are far superior to the players who were drafted above him. I believe that Randolph has the most star potential of any player on the team. Yes, he’s turned the ball over a lot this year.. but his confidence is improving, and he will settle in over the next couple of seasons and those problems will subside. Randolph is a star.

    “Magic”, thanks for your profound wisdom as a basketball fan who “knows the NBA”, but citing your father as a source to support your position on Randolph is not persuasive. Also, I’m having trouble figuring out how you’ve managed to watch “every single” Warriors game for the past 10 years while claiming to be a Laker fan. Tivo hasn’t been around for 10 years pal. Even if you have managed this feat.. any self respecting Warriors fan (or Lakers fan for that matter) would not claim allegiance to both.. so either way, “Magic” is dismissed.


  • Teresa

    Stay for one more year. I’d like to see him return to form if possible.

  • stay fire nelson hire avery or stan van gundy get baron back for crawford/wright/draft pick/maybe don nelson lol

  • “Magic”

    “His Intagibles are Far Superior tham the players drafted above him.”

    You are fucking out of your mind “ECJ”……you should be shot.

    Do you remember when Derrick Rose lit us up for 19 points in the 4th quarter at the Oracle and led his Bulls team to a win? How about Kevin Love and Brook Lopez coming from proven college programs that stress nothing but intangibles…….O.J. Mayo, Westbrook all from strong PAC 10 programs that groom their players and teach them the intangibles.

    “Far Superior?” …….you really are reaching.

    I’d rather have Derrick Rose anyday, he knows how to lead his team to a victory in the 4th quarter when it counts.

  • Ycrem

    Monta should stay, why the heck are people saying for him to go. He is the future of the warriors, we don’t need to pull another Gilbert Arenas and let a good basketball player get away come on! All we need is just a few more pieces to fit our type of basketball and we will be back in the playoffs.

  • Ycrem

    Derrick Rose would not fit well in our system of basketball. I don’t think he could pull it off when he doesn’t have a superstar on his team like he does now with Ben Gordon.