Crawford’s Agent: “Nellie’s Not Listening”

Safe to say coach Don Nelson’s confession before Wednesday’s game didn’t sit well with guard Jamal Crawford’s agent, Aaron Goodwin.
In the process of acknowledging he issued an ultimatum to Crawford, Nelson blamed Crawford “or his friends” for leaking their conversation.

Goodwin: “Jamal’s friends aren’t talking to the media,” said Aaron Goodwin, Crawford’s agent. “They aren’t talking to the other teams who call me to talk about it.”

Goodwin expressed frustration about Nelson talking publicly about the matter. He said Nelson was told to hush by Warriors’ management after it initially came out.

Goodwin: “The problem is Nellie is not listening. It all falls under ‘Nellie being Nellie.’ But if Nellie’s running the show, history shows it’s going to continue to get worse.”

Crawford declined to comment. I asked him if Nellie was right in saying you or your friends leaked it. I asked him if he was upset that Nellie talked about it again. I asked him if this at all impacts his decision to opt out or not. All I could get out of him was “I’m just here to play ball.”

I will give Goodwin created. He ain’t scared. While most NBA insiders hide under the veil of anonymity, he’s calling Nellie out by name and putting his name on it. I wish they all did that.

Marcus Thompson

  • Norm

    I can appreciate an agent like that!

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    From tonight’s destruction of the Mavs, it’s clear that the future 2 on this team needs to be able to defend and catch-n-shoot. Crawford isn’t particularly good at either. Morrow can shoot lights out, but isn’t a great defender. Belinelli has been a great defender this season, but a streaky shooter. The ideal case would be Randolph developing rapidly and splitting time between the 3 and the 4. That way, when he’s at the 3 we could play Jackson at the 2.

    Also, everyone was quick to write off B Wright, but his offense is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

  • evert jones

    Didn’t we go thru this w/nelson in control of the club .when will it end /me thinks it’s time for new Leadership

  • Diego

    these guy Crawford. he stink.
    but is vary nise talker.

  • valr

    More Ws drama. What else is new?
    typo? “credit” instead of “created”

  • E

    Keep Crawford…fire Nellie…hire Avery

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    By now us Warrior fans realize that what comes out of Nellie’s mouth is probably closer to entertainment than future prediction. Makes for good discussion but how often does what he says turn out to really be what happens. Take it for what it is: a guy giving the writers something to write about.

  • Dave

    Marcus, is this team even looking for a GM for next year? Someone needs to shut Nelson up, and keep him on a very short lease if he is going to stay around. Good for Crawford’s agent to call out Nellie,as he is handling the situation horribly and he should stay out of personell handlings. What does Riley do?? He is as invisible as Cohan! This organization is embarrasing.

  • feltbot

    “I wish they all did that.”

    I’ll bet you do. Because you dwell in the same sewer as your idol Kawakami.

    In your zeal to dig up and wallow in garbage, both of you have missed the real story of this season. A playoff team in the making.

  • pdxraider

    Nelson has to go. His succcess with the W’s (this time around)was due to a healthy Baron Davis-we barely got into the playoffs. Coaches get to much credit win or lose. Nelson however could make players want to stay away, thats when the real damage occurs.

    Warriors need a stud PG, with handles. Trade anyone except Biedrins and Randolph. Depth is nice but not a substitute for great ballers.

  • Brian F

    I swear this orginization is looking more and more everyday like the Raiders. What the hell is going on upstairs? It is sad to say that my favorite teams are the Warriors and Raiders. Outside of the Clippers and the Lions, these maybe the 2 worse run franchises in professional sports.

  • manhattanproj

    funny how everthing happened.

    harrington was traded for crawford. and nelson was upset at harrington for going public with his trade demand.

    and now, nellie wants to trade crawford or have him opt out. and he goes public with it.

    then why trade harrington for crawford? was that the only deal on the table?

    but goodwin made a good point. “But if Nellie’s running the show, history shows it’s going to continue to get worse.” it’s pretty obvious by now that he’s the de facto gm.

    regardless, it goes back to the fact the nellie is not the right coach nor the right person to run this team. only if the w’s had competent upper management, otherwise nelson is going to run the team to the ground. but rowell? cohan? sad.

  • How did the original story get leaked? It’s not like Crawford and Nellie were talking to each other about it out in front of the media. Someone had to leak it and more than likely it was on Crawford’s side.

    Then you get reporters pestering Nellie about the story and when he finally tells the truth, everyone cries foul. Double standard much?

  • Purvis sShort

    Crawford is a one demensional player. He is a great scorer, but plays no defense is not a distributor. New York saw that and so did Cleveland. With Monta in the lineup, Crawford is just another post up shooter. It is too bad, because he can handle, but he just wants to do that same behind the back dribble and shoot the long jumper thing.
    He needs to be on a team where is the 6th or 7th man. Otherwise he needs ot learn to be a point guard, including defense and distributing.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I agree with Jaxfor3 — as much as I’ve been frustrated with Nellie’s substitution patterns at times this year, it seems like Goodwin was the one who leaked the conversation. Nellie is blunt, sometimes painfully so, but in this case, is making good sense. Crawford is a great scorer when he’s on — but a terrible defender, lacks the heart of Jax, Turiaf, Biedrins, or Randolph, and isn’t a good enough passer to be the PG. It would be better if we were to leave the Warriors after this year — but Crawford doesn’t have to, and the only leverage Nelson has is that he told Crawford that he won’t be starting next year.

    We’ll see if Crawford cares more about becoming a star player somewhere else, or just taking the easy $20 million for the next two years of unsatisfying work. To be fair to Craw, that’s a tough decision to make in this economy.

  • the Seer

    If Nelson isn’t senile, then he is just a classless jerk for what he has done to Crawford..How can you do this to a player during the season?? I wish Crawford would have popped him in the mouth and put this egocentric idiot where he belongs in the hospital…The team would be better off…I have been watching NBA basketball for almost 50 years and never have I seen the idiocy of a coach like Nelson..If this LOSER(0 rings in over 25 years, no finals either) gets in the hall of fame, then the hall of fame has absolutely zero credibility..Go back to Hawaii, you stink and you are ruining the young players too..

  • the Seer

    Hey Nellie,
    You ever heard of class???? Treat your players with a little respect..Keep your stupid trap shut!!! Sure blame it on the agent and Crawfords friends..Never take responsibility for your actions..Thats why you are a loser and NEVER will win anything as a coach…

  • Nellie seems to have this stuff following him whereever he goes these days. What was the ultimatum for?

    I think it’s time for Nellie to hang them up and retire. He should be enjoying his final years, not stressing over relationships with millionaire brat athletes.

  • agood

    Hey all,
    There would have been NO reason for Jamal, his friends or myself to “leak” out the conversation. Its a “lose -lose” situation for Jamal. By allowing the public to know Coach Nelson’s ultimatum, we would be essentially giving away ALL leverage for future negotiations for Jamal if he opted out. A team is not going to bid money on a player who has no other bidders, and in free agency, it is always assumed that your previous team would have interest in you. Standard practice would be to remain silent, even though we would have been fully aware of the fact that Nellie wanted Jamal to opt out.
    Everyone involved knows where the leak came from, and Nellie has the right to play the players that he feels will help the Warriior’s win basketball games. I respect that. I just wish that he would discontinue to talk about it every time a microphone is in his face.

  • Marcus

    I guess you get credit for breaking the scoop that Nelson told Crawford he was going to be traded unless he opted out. Where I have trouble is with your repeated reference to this as an ultimatum. It appeared to me that Nelson did Crawford a favor by telling him where he did/didn’t fit in the team’s future plans. I admire Nelson for doing that. He did it in private.

    However, the news leaked, which forced Nelson to address it publicly, and now we have Crawford’s agent bashing Nelson in public. Excuse me, but agents are even lower on the totem poll than used-car salesmen, so the agent’s opinion that “Nellie is not listening” would be LOL funny if it weren’t so ridiculous. Since when does an agent speak for Warriors management? Not in my lifetime.

    Most of this has been fed by you and your colleagues blowing this way out of proportion (ultimatum, frustration, morale problem, and other BS descriptions). At least Jamal has been classy with his public statements. But that doesn’t stop you from running back and forth with your tape-recorder, like a high-school kid writing for the school paper. Yet another step toward the Kawakami school of brainless journalism, Marcus.

  • jaysohn

    Did anyone hear Nelson on KNBR about this issue? Nelson stated that he wanted to be upfront and honest with Crawford about the Warriors plans for next season. This had to be done because of all the whining Crawford’s agent did after Nellie sat him for a game a couple of weeks ago. Nellie doesn’t believe that he can play Crawford and Monta at the same time. Neither player is a good defender and both need the ball in their hand to be effective. It would make no sense to keep Crawford @ $10 MILLION to be a backup to Jackson next season at the 2 guard spot. They really like Morrow in that spot to play 10 – 15 minutes a game along with Belinelli. The bottomline is Nellie wanted Crawford to know where he stood in the teams plans. If the conversation had not been leaked to the media there would be no issue. I would think that Crawford would appreciate the team being forward with him.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Feltbot, Mike W.

    I absolutely love your comments sometimes. I usually don’t respond, but you inspired me. And I write this because I like the back-and-forth, not because I am mad or whatever. Continue to disagree with me as much as you want. I actually respect you two because you will give me credit when it’s due, which shows me you aren’t just being haters.

    You first, feltbot:

    A playoff team in the making. Are you high? Are you talking about 2012? Let me ask you this? WHO IS THE POINT GUARD? Can you win without one? Since you don’t think this Nellie-Crawford situation is of significance, who do you think will run the offense should Nellie get his way?
    Better yet, WHO IS YOUR BEST PLAYER? Jax? Even Nellie said you’re not very good when he’s your best player? Monta? He’s not good enough to make others better yet. Are you banking on him becoming that?
    This team as comprised is a ways away. C’mon. You know that.
    Furthermore, what do you expect from a team TWENTY GAMES BELOW .500?? You expect flowery stories about the future potential? You ONLY want article and blog posts about development and future planning? Name a team in the league, in history, that is garbage and people aren’t focusing on the reasons why they aren’t good. The only teams that don’t get such treatment ARE THE TEAMS THAT DON’T GET COVERAGE!
    The Warriors don’t pay me a dime. Not a cent. I am not the champion for their cause. I am not their spin doctor. I don’t put lipstick on their pig. I bring you what I know, as much as I can. Drama. Development. Contracts. Upside. Human Interest stories. Features. Behind the velvet rope stuff. I bring it all. Even the most honest people in the Warriors organization will tell you that. What, am I not supposed to write it when people tell me stuff? Am I supposed to analyze the information I’m given and, though I know it to be true, only run it based on whether it helps the Warriors? There would be someone else covering the Warriors if I did.
    If you only want the fluff pieces, etc., go to Warriors.com. They have a bouquet over there waiting for your viewing.

    Mike W., your turn
    Ultimatum (according to Merriam-Webster): a final proposition, condition, or demand.
    Opt out or be traded – how is that not an ultimatum? What would make it an ultimatum? If he said “opt out” or die.
    And again, it IS NOT MY JOB to find the most flowery, positive spin word I can to describe it. I call it LIKE I SEE it, not the way the Warriors would like it to be put out there. What would you want to call it?

    For the record, if you think Nelson did Crawford a favor, you are crazy. He didn’t do the Warriors a favor, either. Guess what he did – LOWER CRAWFORD’S TRADE VALUE!!!!! Just like every other trade demand, or a situation where other teams know you want to get rid of someone, the value GOES DOWN. The offers decrease when teams know you are pressed to make a trade.
    Why would Nellie say that to him? Not to mention the negative impact it might have on Crawford, who if he weren’t a good guy probably would’ve said screw it, not to mention the message it sends to the young players the Warriors want to keep, did he think it wasn’t getting out? Think Crawford wasn’t going to tell his teammates when they asked why he wasn’t playing? Think the assistant coaches didn’t know what was going on? Think it wasn’t going to work its way up the ladders through management and into the staff? He had to know it would. He’s been around the league too long. He knows people talk. (BTW, word about what Nellie told Crawford was buzzing around for days before I wrote it. About a week actually from the time I first heard it until the time I wrote it.) He knows stuff gets out. From the team’s end and from players’ end. People talk. The reality is that THERE WAS NO POSITIVE OUTCOME POSSIBLE from telling that to Crawford, in my opinion. None. Throw in the Warriors’ history of unceremoniously discarding players, it was borderline stupid.

    And as far as me running back and forth with my tape recorder … I need the exercise! LOL

  • Lufty455

    Crawford is a classy dude… if this was Sprewell he would of choked him already. I will not support the Warriors until Nelson and Rowell are fired.
    This is the reason why the Lakers are always the best and the Warriors and Clippers are the worst.
    This guy really needs to retire or get fired.
    I hate the mind games he plays on the young kids.
    You need to teach them and not play little childish games like “oh he said this first”.
    Grow-up Nelson and get real!!!
    Big Al was right about you and Nelson will ruin some careers for the young guys….

  • As a season ticket holder, you want your team to show success every year. After last year I thought this team had the pieces in place to move to another level. But leave it to Don Nelson-KNBR’s Wonder Boy, and Bobby Rowell to totally dismantle what should have been an exciting season. When you love NBA basketball, and you have great seats for the games, you don’t want to give that up based on emotions. And with the chance that they could turn it around, you don’t want to miss out. But, if this is the way the organization is going, spending the 7K for tickets in these economic times makes you wonder. I look beyond just the game and I see how there has been turnover in the offices and an arrogance with the employees. I visit the offices on occasion and they act like they have 10 championship trophies and are playoff contenders every year. Should I renew or lose out? That is the dilemma I’m facing. As I watch Nellie run Stephen Jackson in the ground, treat a classy player like Jamal Crawford like poop, get in the head of the younger players, and with no consistent rotation and now this sit out a player thing(horrible at home as I pay to see them play), why is he the coach and why is Bobby employed? The Golden State Warriors-where not so amazing happens!