Pregame Tidbits (vs. Dallas)

* Brandan Wright is not only in the line-up. He’s starting! Anthony Randolph is coming off the bench. What’s more, Wright will start off guard Antoine Wright, the Dallas Mavericks’ 6-7, 215 pound small forward. Why, you ask? So Stephen Jackson can guard Dirk Nowitzki.
I can’t say I like that. I know Dirk is the best player, and Jax is the best defender, and the two have history. But that PF guarding the SF stuff only works when the PF is really a SF. In this case, Wright will be pulled out of the key, his comfort zone, to chase around Wright. I’d rather have him on Dirk. At least he has the length to contest Dirk’s shot. Maybe in certain spots, especially down the stretch, i would put Jax on Dirk.

* Maggette is out. He has a sinus infection. He was a feeling bad at shootaround. He came to Oracle tonight but he left early. Never even dressed.

Marcus Thompson

  • Peter

    I am actually ok with Jax on Dirk and Wright on Wright because Dirk doesn’t really play in the post.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    It was nice to see how both Wright and Randolph making good contributions tonight. Too bad AB went down.

    We got more than the usual points in the paint thanks to Wright and AR. It’s sure a lot more entertaining to watch the inside shots rather than the typical “Jacking up shots from the outside” and missing.

    Lets hope no more big men injuries so we can play more games like tonight!

  • feltbot

    BW couldn’t keep a five year old child out of the peanut butter, let alone attempt to guard Nowitzki.

    But don’t expect MT2 to know that. He doesn’t watch the games. Too busy phoning agents and insiders looking for dirt.

    By the way, MT2, how did Nelson’s gameplan work out? Can we expect to see your analysis of that?