Postgame Tidbits (vs. Dallas)

* I was feeling Brandan Wright last night. His activity on offense showed just how confident he’s come on that end of the court. Remember when Biedrins was the dude who never missed? I think Wright is going to become that guy. He only takes shots he can make. Most of them are close range. Plus the Warriors play faster with him on the court (as opposed to Maggette, who along with Jax likes to trot up the court)
Wright said he was fine with Nellie playing him just 16 minutes. He will want more next game, but he understood why Nelie wanted to bring him back slowly.

* But even with Wright’s nice showing, Randolph stood out. He, like Ronny, gives Warriors a presence at the rim. He outhustles everyone on the court. He crashes the boards. But he also gets carried away, mostly on offense. The question begs, who should start? Wright or Randolph?
I’m going to say Wright. Randolph is perfectly suited for the energy-of-the-bench role. My only concern is that he could be forgotten about on the bench.

* By the way, Randolph acknowledged getting banged on by Jason Terry (as if he could deny it). He certainly lit a fire under him.
Randolph: “I take anytime someone dunks on me personal.”

* Nellie said Ellis had a good game (as if he could deny it).
Nellie: “Monta’s best game by far.” Moments later. “It was a real simple game plan, and he had the ball in his hands a lot and we ran screen and rolls most of the night so he had a lot of opportunities and not only made shots, but went to the basket and made lay-ups.”

* Biedrins said his ankle wasn’t as bad as the last time. But if I were the Warriors, I’d think about shutting him down for the season. Ronny Turiaf hasn’t played that many minutes this season. The way this year is going, why risk another injury? Plus, Wright and Randolph need the minutes.

Marcus Thompson

  • Norm

    I always thought Jax and Magette bog down the offense whenever they’re on the floor. I love that Wright’s presence makes the team faster.

  • Swopa

    Marcus, your argument for “shutting [Biedrins] down for the season” makes no sense.

    If AB is going to be the starting center next year, wouldn’t it be helpful to have Wright and Randolph get experience playing alongside him?

    And since when did a sprained ankle become such a career-threatening injury that it’s a risk to play AB again even after it’s healed?! Aren’t you risking an injury to Wright or Randolph if they play more? Or Ellis? Or Jackson? After all, that basketball floor is a dangerous place!

    Maybe the Warriors should sit everyone except Kurz, Davidson, and CJ Watson the rest of the season, just to be safe. And not just this season, but all of next year as well. Wouldn’t want them to risk getting hurt!!

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    Next year’s rotation:
    C: 30 min – Biedrins, 18 min – Turiaf
    PF: 30 min – Wright, 18 min – Randolph
    SF: 36 min – Jackson, 12 min – Randolph
    SG: 30 min – Buike, 18 min – Morrow
    PG: 36 min – Ellis, 12 min – Belinelli

    Notice the names that aren’t in the rotation. The problem right now is that Maggette and Crawford “deserve” 30 minutes+ per game, but when you do that there isn’t time for Randolph or Wright to play starter’s minutes. It’s also pretty much impossible for CJ/Morrow/Belinelli to all co-exist and get minutes.

  • OptimisPrime

    Great game last night! They handled the Mavs. w. confidence. The Warriors proved to me that they would be in consideration for the playoffs if not for injury.

    I think the shutting down Biendris is not a bad idea. The more mins AR and Wright get, the better they will be next next year.

  • OptimisPrime

    Shutting down Biendris may also give us a few more ping pong balls for the lottery.

  • OptimisPrime

    On the Crawford issue. I feel bad for him. The Ws drafted him as an insurance policy in case Monta didnt come back healthy. Now that he has, the Warriors have no use for him and will move him.

    BTW, Even if its true Nellie should have denied that crap. The Warriors have lost a ton of bargaining chips by announcing to the world that they want to move Cawford.

  • OptimusPrime

    I dont fel too dad 4 him. What does he make $8 mill a year.

  • the Seer

    Why the heck would Nelson tell a player he isn’t wanted before the season is out…Senility is definitely setting in…As long as Nelson is the head coach, this team is going nowhere…He is the most selfish coach I have ever seen…No defense, no finals, no rings, that is what he is remembered for…A gimmick coach with nothing to show for it..

  • the Seer

    Jamal Crawford has more class in his little finger for not popping Nelson or quitting the team, then Nelson has in his whole body…No class Nellie, pathetic..

  • pdxraider

    So stupid, shut AB down. What are you doing writing about Warriors in the first place. Also Randolph is awesome, the only reason to play Wright (while AR is playing SF) is for trade bait,he’s too soft to be consistent.

  • earl monroe

    If Randolph develops a go to shot-look out.
    When the Warriors share the ball they are a special team-when they don’t
    they look average, and that kind of offense does not make up for lack of defense.
    It sure was fun last night though

  • ECJ


    I have to say that although Wright had a nice game vs Dallas, there’s no way Randolph should be limited to a “energy” guy off the bench. Randolph is a star in the making, Wright is a nice roll player in the making. I DO think Wright should play alot of minutes to showcase his skills to other teams, but Randolph and Wright on the same roster for any long term consideration makes no sense. The W’s need a bulky, post type PF to compliment Randolph.. somebody like Brandon Bass from Dallas. They should look to trade Crawford and Wright for that kind of guy.. or let Crawford walk and sign Bass in free agency this summer.


  • MountainJim

    “Let” Crawford walk? Man, if they could push him out the door don’t you think they would? He just doesn’t fit and he’s completely unnecessary.

    Maybe I’m crazy, but I’d like to have both Randolph and Wright on the team, since both can play at a fast pace but defend the rim. Both would need to improve their offensive games for that to happen, but I think they will.

    I assume Marcus was referring to Randolph’s role as energy guy more in the immediate future than long term.

    Maggette bogs the offense down more than Jack, because Jack at least facilitates in the half court some of the time.

  • justafan

    Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the the team!!!

  • OliverStone

    Next big part of Brandan’s development is getting him to use his right hand! Dampier rejection wouldn’t have happened if he went with his right.

    Dubs play faster with BW in lineup, but they would hit hyper-speed if they played BW & AR together!

  • jaysohn

    Nellie doesn’t believe that he can play Crawford and Monta at the same time. Neither player is a good defender and both need the ball in their hands to be effective. Nelson had to be upfront with Crawford about the Warriors plans for next season after his agent whined about him sitting for a game. Why is that a bad thing? It makes no sense to keep Crawford @ $10 MILLION to be a backup to Jackson next season at the 2 guard spot when they have Morrow and/or Belinelli as cheaper options for 10 – 15 minutes a game. The bottomline is Nellie wanted Crawford to know where he stood in the teams plans. If the private conversation had not been leaked to the media there would be no issue. I would think that Crawford would appreciate the team being forward and honest with him. Hopefully they Warriors can get a backup point and a big bodied forward.

    I would keep both Wright and Randolph. I think Randolph with his skills can expand his game by working on his perimeter offense to become a Garnett type player. Invision Wright at the PF with Randolph at SF. Talk about length, improved defense and rebounding. I would only move Wright in order to get a solid point guard.