Jamal Crawford – Stay or Go?

We already know Nellie’s answer to this question, but I want yours. He has only been with the team for 48 games. But the Warriors are going to have to decide on what to do with him this offseason, assuming he doesn’t opt out.

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The off-the-court qualities are unquestionable. Trouble-free guy. Great personality. Charitable. Good representative for the team. Considering one of the reasons the Warriors had concern about Baron Davis was his off-the-court qualities, it seems that is important to the Warriors. With guys like Monta Ellis and Stephen Jackson on the team, the Warriors could use a model citizen in the mix. Crawford doesn’t drink, smoke or party. He doesn’t pop-off to the media. And he’s the consummate teammate.
On the court, he’s the best point guard the Warriors have and perhaps the best they can get. Elite point guards are hard to come by, and the Warriors gave up theirs. The chances they go out and get another one is slimmer than Crawford.
When it comes to talent, he’s got plenty of it, and he’s still eager to learn more. He brings a flair to the game that fits the Warriors’ style of play. He can play both guard posititions (though he’d have to spend the offseason working on his spot-up jumper) and he can get you 25 no sweat.
Most important, in the fourth quarter, Crawford is the only guy they have on the team who can reliably get the shot he wants for himself or for someone else. And he’s a proven clutch player. According to 82games.com, Crawford is ninth in the league in clutch scoring (behind Kobe, Lebron, D-Wade, Carmelo, Chris Paul, Nate Robinson, Dirk Nowitzki and Brandon Roy; FYI: Maggette is the next Warrior at 44; Last year, Jackson was 10th and BD was 17th).


It doesn’t seem like he and Monta Ellis can play together (even Nellie thinks so, hence him deeming Jax the shooting guard and pushing Crawford out the door). Since the Warriors have committed $66 million to Ellis, then Crawford is obviously the one who has to go. The Warriors simply need a better defender to play next to Monta, who is a liability on defense. Two liabilities in the same backcourt is a recipe for disaster.
Crawford has not displayed the beast we are used to from Baron. If he is going to be the point guard, he needs to be obviously in control. He does too much deferring and side-stepping. He’s too nice in that sense. Somebody needs to be able to get Jax under control, reign in Ellis from time-to-time, keep Anthony Randolph from bubbling over. Maybe that comes with time, or maybe he just doesn’t have it in him. The Warriors need it though.
But since Ellis has been deemed the point guard, keeping Crawford would mean he plays the shooting guard (until Nellie switches back). He’s not a good enough spot up shooter to play the two-guard for the Warriors. Jason Richardson worked himself into a good spot up shooter. Maybe Crawford can. But now, he is hardly as effective when Monta is running the point and Nellie shoves him in the corner or on the wing while Ellis or Jackson runs the pick-and-roll. Crawford is better with the ball in his hands, making plays happen. The problem is, so is Ellis, though he can get his without running the point so much as he did with Baron.

Enough of me talking. What do you think? Should Crawford stay or go?

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Marcus Thompson

  • E



  • Boner Stabone

    Crawford should stay….

  • Lufty455

    Fire Nelson and Rowell… keep Mullin and hire Jeff Van Gundy as coach. Enough of Nelson’s old ass teaching and attitude.
    He hasn’t won a championship as coach for 20+ years… doesn’t that tell it all!!!
    Nelson you’re fired!!!!
    Teach the kids how to be like a team not the one on one crap you send out there.

  • brewitt

    Given Crawford’s “streaky shooting” and almost total lack of defense. He might be a good back-up. Why does he always have to start? I think we can easily say that he’s better than CJ Watson. Probably what they have to pay him would make this too high priced a back-up. The biggest problem with Crawford is his inconsistency. He really helps them some nights and then other nights he doesn’t even show up. Also, his lack of the ability to drive and score at the rim makes him more of a liability. Let him go.

  • Mike

    He’s gotta go. His defense is just terrrrrible.

  • warriorsin2010

    crawful is absolutely terrible. He needs to go. He is the 4th best sg on this team. Ellis, jackson, belinelli, crawful..this isn’t even debatable. Unless, you want to be in the lottery again next year, pray to God that he opts out.

  • He’s got to go. Big contract, inconsistent, and the worst defender on the team. On a team that doesn’t play defense, that is saying something.


    Marcus: I responded “Wait”, when you posed the Stay Or Go question with reference to Monta. Now that you are asking about Jamal, I am ready to say “Go”.

    I do not know if Nellie meant what he said about Crawford being traded if he did not opt out, but what he said made a lot of sense. JC simply takes up too much cap space and too many minutes to be an asset to the team.

    If JC stays, we cannot afford a real point guard. If he stays, minutes will be taken from the development of Morrow and Marco. If he stays and plays with Monta, we will continue to flounder in turnovers and weak defense. He’s a “Go”.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Crawford is a nice guy, but he has to go!

    Doesn’t seem to have a consistent shot, and bad defensively. Plus were too crowded at the guard positions.

  • justafan

    Boycott the warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team!!!!!

  • MountainJim

    Either he goes or Monta goes. What this team really needs is a real PG who can run the offense and who has the personality to keep the fools on this team in line. If your dominant personality is Jackson, you’re screwed. If it’s Monta, you have no personality. You can’t put Monta at PG – you’ll die of lack of ball movement.

    So the big question I have is, what’s Monta worth? What could he get the Warriors? Because I don’t think Crawford gets us much. With an answer to that question I’d decide between the two of them.

    In a vacuum, it’s goodbye Jamal but it’s also goodbye someone else to get that PG. It would be nice if he’d opt out, but that’s no certainty.

  • Jerry West

    Crawford is a smart veteran player who can get his own shot during most of the game, from the 1st quarter to the 4th quarter. He is an excellent mid range shooter, passes the ball pretty well and has decent court vision.

    Crawford is not the problem ladies and gentlemen, nor is Stephen or Monta, the problem is that we don’t play consistent defense and we do not have any star players to take important shots in the 4th quarter and surround Stephen, Jamal, Monta, Corey, Andris, Anthony, Brandan and Marco with.

    Crawford is a much smarter NBA player than Monta as a PG and probably will always be smarter than Monta as a PG.

    Whether he stays or goes, it will make absolutely no difference in making us a winning playoff team unless he is surrounded by a super star caliber player or players; and his team adopts a defensive philosophy.

    See, our players are all “OK” NBA players, that’s not the problem, the problem is that we expect “OK” NBA players to be our superstars and 4th quarter “money men.”

    Stephen Jackson is at best a 3rd option, a good NBA player, but the problem is we put the entire scoring onas on him in the 4th quarter, we expect him to make all the big baskets.

    That’s not his job, we need a super star to do that and we don’t have one.

    But again, someone or some players have to go to bring in that superstar I keep talking about. Jamal is not one of those people to go, in my book.

    I say keep him, he’s smarter than most players we have on the team as far as NBA smarts.

  • VinnyP

    GO- he doesn’t play defense on an already defensively deficient squad. he is a streaky volume shooter on a team full of scorers. he is a shoot first pass second guard on a team full of them.. He is redundant and is useless out on the court if he isn’t making his wildly contested jumpers. And Dear god Nellie please do not torture us with anymore CJ Watson-Crawford backcourts.. ughh. Please opt out Jamal

  • Chris Webber

    What needs to go is that Al H. banner up top.

  • bluewire

    hey jerry west,


  • bubba

    either he or Ellis have to go. 1 or the other. Flip a coin.

  • Jerry West

    Teams are never worried when they are behind going into the 4th quarter against us.

    They know that in the 4th quarter, we struggle to score the ball and we can’t defend.

    Remember the last Laker game, we played fantastic for the first 36 minutes, then a confident Laker team took to the floor in the 4th quarter, Ariza hit 2 3pointers in a row, and that was that.

    The Lakers knew they had nothing to worry about going into the 4th qaurter and being behind to a Warrior teams that not only plays “0” team defense but also can’t score in the 4th quarter.

    2 biggest problems: Team defense and 4th quarter scoring.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    I think Monta will eventually be that 4th quarter scoring that everyone seems to be worried about.

    Crawford is awesome, and that cross-over is devastating, but he isn’t what the team needs. I hope he goes to a team that plays a slow pace, like the Rockets or similar, because he can create his shot at any time when nothing else is going.

  • gmoney

    Crawford needs to go. A ballhog who cannot play defense is not what this team needs, we have plenty of those as it is.

    We should trade him for Raymond Felton.

  • blah

    Good posts here.

    Marcus, I burn you fairly often but these last few threads have been great. Good job!

    Crawford is not the problem, but not the answer either. I like his game and his skill set brings what Monta’s missing. I’d like to keep all the players on the roster, they are all good, but the pieces don’t make the puzzles.

    Crawford + our first rounder for Griffin, is a move we need to try to make.

  • Warrior Streak

    Trade Crawford and our 1st rounder, to move up in the draft and get the best SF available. Or trade and get a defensive-minded, rebounder, scorer proven SF

  • Twinkie defense

    Craw’s gotta go, but that doesn’t mean buy him out or get rid of him at all cost… opt out, trade him, or let him expire after two more seasons.

  • Jerry

    He’s a slick player, but I think it’s becoming clear that he just doesn’t fit with this group. Nellie gave him a raw deal, why would you drop that on him at this point in the season? – but I wouldn’t mind seeing him go. He’s not a winner, he has NEVER BEEN TO THE PLAYOFFS!

    I can’t see him opting out, and I don’t know what the W’s can get for him, but I think they should see. I would love to see the W’s throw a one or two year mid level exception at J Kidd, at his age he’d probably take it to come home.

  • Jaysohn

    Crawford is a nice guy and an exciting scorer when his shot is going but he doesn’t bring other qualities that the team desperately needs. He is a terrible terrible defender who can’t keep anyone in front of him. You would think with his quickness and length he would at least be decent but all the ball defense is just awful. You can’t have him and Monta on the court at the same time creating possibly the worse defensive backcourt in the league. As far as playing the point the majority of his ball handling wizardry is to get himself a shot not others. That being said he has value and his skills could be highly needed on another team. The Warriors have to enough offensive they need to replace Crawford with a better defender and someone who would be a better compliment.

  • blah

    Marcus how about a story about Nellie’s need for a SF?!?!?!?

    Last I checked we had like 20 of these guys on the team. I know he wants to move Jax to SG but currently we he’s a SF.


    Am i missing something? Are these guys now too short to play SF in this league?

  • blah

    Randolp too. Wasn’t Nellies ultimate plan to play him at the 3?

  • blah

    Marcus, Ask Nellie about his comment about the need for a small forward with the currently slotted players in that position, his ulitmate plan for Randolph (as he’s said that where he see him) Maggette coming off the bench next year? Does that leave us with a hole at PF? Here is how it looks to me of what we will have next year:

    Ellis / Watson
    Jackson / Marrow
    Randolph / Maggette
    Wright / ????
    Beidrins / Turiaf / Davidson

    He want’s to go bigger by finding another SF???? Something doesn’t make sense here. This is a much bigger line up. Still fast and will be much better defensively and on the boards. I really like Wright and Randolph playing together. We are missing Blake Griffin. Belinelli & Crawford….love em..but…. Nellie doesn’t.

  • A’s in 2009

    Maggette and Buike should go, nothing against them personally just that I’m sick of Nellie giving THEM minutes at PF instead of Randolph and BWright. Sick of it. 👿


    With Crawford (second team)

    1. Crawford (Watson)
    2. Ellis (Maggette or Marco or Morrow)
    3. Jackson (Buke)
    4. Wright (Randolph)
    5. Beidrens (Turiaf)

    Without Crawford

    1. Ellis (Watson)
    2. Maggette (Marco or Morrow)
    3. Jackson (Buke)
    4. Wright (Randolph)
    5. Beidrens (Turiaf)

    The problem is that Ellis is not a 1. Last night (Suns 154-130 loss), he scored at will(great), but he can’t create for other players (3 assists WTF). Perhaps Ellis wanted to show the brass he can play like the old ellis, since they(monte camp and warriors executives-minus mullin) had a chat yesterday before the game.

    In anycase, the problem lies with the coaching. Here’s an idea, draw plays that crawford and ellis can coexist on the floor. The game plan last night was give it the guy who’s going to shoot (hopefully score) at the top of the key. Nobody cut, set a screen, go rebound… just stand back and watch (usually ellis, sometimes jackson, maggete-when he’s on iso-which is the same but everyone is on the opposite side, instead at the top of the key) break down the defender and attempt to score.

    I agree that Jamal may not be the answer to dub’s 1 position, but he seems he has better court vision than ellis. the line-up with crawford (alothough small) looks good on paper. we just need the coaching staff to make that work.


    IMAGINE BLAKE GRIFFIN with the Warriors it would solve 75% of our REAL problems.

  • Jerry West

    Hey “Bluewire”………..go jump head first off the Golden Gate, faggot.

  • Jerry West

    “Bluewire”……where’s your NBA post? all I see is you calling me out………nothing about the Warriors or anything, you don’t know shit about basketball, you’re probably fat and have never played in your life, go to the Raiders blog homey, you don’t belong here.

    Try fucking with me again, ……I’ll make your life miserable,…..bitch!

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    All these posts about us needing Blake Griffin make me laugh. I hope they’re kidding.

    Wright played 8 minutes against the Suns. He’s played well this season in the short time he’s actually gotten to play. How many minutes per game do you think Griffin would play his first season under Nellie?

    I’m slowly starting to like the idea of trying to land Kidd this off-season…


    I would hate to be drafted by a team with nellie as the head coach. you’re guaranteed pine for the first year and maybe 3 minutes per game the following year when the dubs finally realize they are out of the playoffs (while the rest of the world already knew 1 1/2 months earlier)

  • gmoney

    I was wondering what yfg stood for. Now I know it’s not good. I thought it was for “you fuggin guy!” with an Italian accent which could be interpreted both good and bad. I need to stop watching sopranos reruns.


  • Dirt Pit

    Watching the Suns game the other night was horrid,but I found myself at the end admiring Kurtz play. Early on Hubbie was raving about a back screen that Nash set that allowed Shaq to score. Well I saw Kurtz make the same screen (no rave, to late). He blocked a shot played tough inside. Maybe we should give him some minutes at pf and see what he can do there. Not saying he is an answer by any means, but lets not just assume he’s a nothing and let him go and become a solid player on another team. He’s not flashy nor fast, but he seems to play with some brains which I can’t say for many of the other players on the team.

  • earl monroe

    We all know he is going to stay, who would opt out of that contract in this economy? And who would trade for him with that contract right now? Maybe after next season when his contract expires the following he can be traded. Nelson is just losing it mentally, talking to Crawford like that was silly. Small ball and the uptempo system are going nowhere as long as Nelson is coach, all this talk by him to go big is a smokescreen, playing the bigs for 6 minutes at the beginning of the game does not constitute going big. If Nelson does not make players play defense then its on him.
    Besides if its about scoring then Crawford fits in perfectly, its just a matter of getting him to shoot within the flow of the system.

    Crawford is staying, lets just be realistic. (plus he is not a bad person)

  • OliverStone

    You like to root for the good guys, but this is a no brainer. The economics, zero defense & incompatabilty of playing with Monta dictates he goes.

    Nellie shot himself in the foot in trading Harrington’s expiring contract for JC. Problem now is JC wont’t be opting out (that would be insane for him) & to trade him they’d have to give up major additonal assets!

  • Lufty455

    keep JC and Mullie…. Cohen do right thing you dumb bastard. Fire Nelson and Rowell. Before it is too late.

  • MountainJim

    I’m still trying to figure out how someone (#12) can argue that Monta and Crawford are not the problem because the problem is the lack of defense. Wouldn’t having two of the absolute worst defensive guards in creation contribute to that phenomenon?

    Also trying to figure out how someone can make someone else’s life miserable over the internet, but then I remembered the clown on the Cal board.

  • Jerry West

    Keep trying to figure it out “Mountain Jim”………that’s great, I’m trying to figure out how someone would name themself “Mountain Jim”………looks like we’re all trying to figure shit out, huh?

    You should be a Private Investigator, so you can figure things out.

  • Jerry West

    “Mountain Jim”……..thanks for making me have to explain myself to someone like you..

    But my comment basically is stating that I don’t think that any 1 player or combination of 2 players is the big problem here, I think that, as a team, we need to adopt a philosophy of team defense, and that starts with the Coach.

    Anyone can play team defense, you know that, it doesn’t take a great defender, just a smart basketball player with some discipline. It is the coach’s responsiblility to instill the philosophy.

    “Stay or Go”…..it doesn’t matter, it’s not about what we don’t need, it;s about what we need:

    A number 1 legitimate NBA scoring option with guts and ability to take and make big shots in the 4th quarer and a philosophy of team defense.

    When you look at the Spurs, they have a lot of individual good defenders, but Michael Finley, to some extent Tim Duncan, and Roger Mason are not defensive juggernauts……….but in a Popovich system, where he holds players accountable, Michael Finley, Tim Duncan and Roger Mason adopt the philosophy of team defense.

  • blah

    I think Nellie and the organization is starting to realize that small ball, aka defenseless ball doesn’t work…and thank god for that. It can work for a few minutes here and there but ultimately if your not shooting 75% with your small ball line up, your not going to make any progress on the score board because your going to give up at least 60% shooting and offensive boards to boot. In today’s game, when so many players can score, small ball is just out dated. The NBA has too many good athlete’s these days.

    Marcus – please address this with Nelson. Ask him if his plan to move Jackson to SG is part of a new team philosophy, or the end of an old one.

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are all sick of Nellie small ball. It just doesn’t work. In building a franchise, today and for the future, with the evolution of the game, it’s about getting bigger and faster. Look at Lebron, look at how Portland built their team. I like the draft of BW and AR but if we don’t play them it doesn’t help.

    It sounds like Nellie is moving this way, with his comments about making Jamal come off the bench, and being too expensive to be a bench player. I agree. We are too small to have Ellis and Craw on the court at the same time. Too many SG today are 6’8″.

    In response to the Griffin comments, that Nellie won’t play him. I disagree. I think his game is already further along than both Wright and Randolph and he could have an immediate impact, day one in this league. I think Nellie will recognize that. I too think he address a lot of our issues and will be a great player in the league. We should do what we can to get this guy. He is a beast already, if he gains any more size, OMG!

  • Robo

    The W’s should trade him. I like Jamal’s character and overall professionalism, but he has value now and the W’s need other players to build on their core. Jamal opting out may free up money for the W’s this offseason, but I don’t see key players necessarily wanting to play for Golden State management. And the W’s may be too low in the draft to get someone who can help them right away.

    I personally would like to see the W’s trade Jamal for Al Horford in Atlanta. In order for the deal work, Atlanta would need to add Pachulia and Gardner; but they’re both free agents and after the trade is done, I’d let them walk to re-sign with the Hawks or any other team. Essentially the deal is Crawford for Horford. If necessary, I’d even throw in this year’s 1st round pick.

    Atlanta already has Marvin Williams at PF and they need to replace or re-sign Bibby. Jamal Crawford would be a solid replacement and give the Hawks cap space to re-sign players or bring in some free agents.

    Golden State would look like this:


  • Dave

    I will agree that keeping Ellis and Crawford in the same back court is a disaster, but if Ellis loses his contract battle he will likely go somewhere else, and if we let Crawford walk then we will just have Watson at point again. Their situations are tied together, and current management is stupid enough to let both of them go.

  • Warrior Kebt

    While I like Crawford as a shooter do not like his defense. Crawford is to high priced to keep as a 10 minute a game backup. Belinelli and Watson can fit that role at a lower price. Lets face it both Jackson and Monta will be playing near 40 minutes a game next year.

  • Sleepy

    There is nothing wrong with Crawford or Ellis the problem wit this team starts with jack and ends with Nelson.

    Here we are heaping praise on someone for stuffing the stat sheet and not the win column. If we gave Maggs,Crawford or Ellis enough touches they all could put up big numbers like jack but we still wouldnt win any games unless it was a team effort.

    You play Crawford and Ellis together and then you take the ball out of their hands and gives it to Jack on post up iso’s. The advantage of the backcourt is that they both should be attacking every possession and someone like jack only slows them and the ball down.We are the only team in the league still pushing a 32yr old swingman as a cornerstone .The Nets have Vince but theyve actively been trying to dump him.

    We should be putting them in the backcourt and making sure we always have bigs on the floor with them.

    I was just disgusted watching the start of the Suns game and all this talk of Monta being a pg and then he passes once the first 5-6 possessions .What is Nelson teaching this kid ? If we are serious about him being a future pg we should be doing less freelancing and more set play calling so he can learn how to run a team.

    I dont think Crawford should go( because hes the least of our problems )however at this point what do we have to convince him to stay ?

    Crawford could opt out sign a 3 year MLE deal on a contender for about 18.5 million. Under our present course we are showing to be almost as badly managed as the knicks under Isiah thomas and I cant imagine him wanting to spend his prime playing these mind games with a unpredictable franchise .

  • danikil49

    All of this talk about JC is useless. The real problem is Nellie and Rowell and Cohan is not listening I’m sure.We have two great looking young forwards, one PF and I know Randolph can play the SF.

    I am boycotting all Warrior games until Nellie is fired and Rowell is muzzled or fired. This is a disgusting situation and it only speaks to what Cohan really thinks and that is not much because he has allowed Rowell to ruin a good team and Nellie to play his silly ego games.

  • Jerry West

    Excellent points “Sleepy” and “Danikil”……..you guys realize the same thing I do, you can see my posts as well, that it really starts and ends with offensive and defensive philosophies that the Coach instills in combination with strong ownership and management to pick the right players and put them in the right position.

    Look at San Antonio, they pick up the precise players that can exactly help what they are looking for. Whether its a defensive stopper or a 3 point specialist or in the case of the recent acquisition of Drew Gooden, some help on the boards.

    You guys are right and the first 2 people to re-iterate what I’ve been saying……….it doesn’t matter who stays or who goes, we have some pretty good NBA players on our team, we just need a very good NBA player on our team and a defensive philosophy……the defensive philosophy comes from the coach and getting the very good player comes from ownership and management, we are lacking in all of those areas.

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    Getting this conversation back to Crawford…remember we got him for essentially nothing; trading away a player who wasn’t giving his all in Harrington. Use him as trade-bait for a play who upgrades them at PF; other wise, keep him.

  • Joaq

    Crawford has to go. Ideally he can go for draft picks and expiring contracts. The Warriors really need some flexibility right now and a commitment to the youth. They need to get rid of at least two of the big contracts that Monta, Andris, Jax, Mags, and Crawford have.

    In terms of Philosophy, it’s true things have to change, it’s also true that the personnel pieces are there. I’d like to see what a good front office and coach combo could do with this team.

  • Lufty455

    It is not Crawford who has the problem it is Nelson.
    This reminds me of the Webber situation.
    Nelson still commands the lime light.
    Dude needs to retire and enjoy all the millions he stole from Cuban and Cohen.
    Have you guys heard his interview?
    It is all about Nelson and not the team.
    All the people that think he is a great coach can jump off the bridge.
    Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Paps are great coaches.
    You can even put Doc Rivers because he had to deal with Pierce’s ego in Boston.
    Those guys won a title(s) with a team.
    Do right thing Cohen and fire Nelson and Rowell and then maybe sell the team to Mullin or someone that cares about the fans and basketball itself.

  • rcjur

    Nellie is the one that needs to GO!! Monta and Jamal in the backcourt can exist and be good. The problem with this team is Jax is the shooter and Monta got to get his! Adding Jamal as a scorer too and finding a true center with Defense (ie: Diop and or Camby), this team would be good. Especially with the young talent at forward and Morrow. This unit is good. Its just no starting center with defense the a coach who with several players, even way back with John Starks loves to screw player’s around. Nellie needs to retire and Jamal is a better PG than Monta. You don’t treat good NBA player’s like he has always done. Fire the coach!

  • Jerry West

    “Its just no starting center with defense the a coach who with several players, even way back with John Starks loves to screw player’s around.”

    Uh….”Rcjur”……..what the fuck did you mean by the statement above.

    I mean I cannot understand a word you were trying to write……….you must not have gone to college………your writing and grammar is about as bad as a 14 year old.

  • illieeee

    Crawford was the one that kept the team together this whole season while Monta was gone…yeah Monta is the best player..but Crawford is a good backup..where would the Warriors be now if it wasnt for him this season with Monta out for so long? I personally think we need a new coach..the guys all contribute well and play a good ball game..but never make it in the last few minutes in fourth quarter..tells us something…

    i say keep him.