Postgame Tidbits (vs. Phoenix)

* The Warriors have been mathematically eliminated from the postseason.

* Jackson is going to miss the return of his good friend, Baron Davis, who comes to town Tuesday (anyone think he’s actually going to play). If I remember correctly, Jackson won’t be able to be in the arena while he is serving his suspension. Neither he nor Nellie was available for interviews after the game.
The Warriors I asked said they didn’t hear what he said to the ref. He certainly looked as if he was shocked. To his credit, Jax has been honest about the techs he’s earned, so he might have legitimately been shocked and not just acting. Possible.

* What’s up with Brandan Wright only getting 8 minutes, 37 seconds? Seriously? I challenge anyone to give me a good explanation as to why he isn’t playing. Can’t say he’s playing poorly, because it isn’t about winning at this point as much as it is developing youngsters,
Nellie pre-game: “Our priority right now is to play our younger guys. We’ve been doing a pretty good job staying competitive.”
Not only is Wright a youngster, but he needs to make up for lost time, having missed 26 games with his shoulder injury. Now is not the time to put him on the end of the bench and forget about him. Nellie rarely doesn’t go with his starters to open the second half. Tonight, Wright was replaced by Azubuike to start the second half. Why? Aren’t the Warriors going big next year? HWasn’t matching up with opposing teams not working out? Is it a coincidence that Wright didn’t play at all in the third quarter, and the Warriors were outscored by 21 after getting dominated in points in the paint?

* While I’m at it, why is Randolph playing just 17 minutes? With Biedrins out, his minutes should be higher. He tied Ronny for the team-high in rebounds (6) despite playing nearly eight fewer minutes.

* Ellis has a thing for Leandro Barbosa. He dunked on him last year. This year, to start the second quarter, he blocked him twice. The second one was nasty, pinning Barbosa to the glass. Remember when Ellis was a pest on defense, under Mike Montgomery?

* By the way, Ellis looked good again scoring. His jumper is coming back. His bursts are coming back. He didn’t get a rebound for the first time this season.
Keith Smart: “He’s getting there. You can see the speed is there, his jump shot in his pocket areas…he’s starting to get those down. It’s just a matter of time. The guy is a gifted athlete, he loves to play, and you can see things are coming back for him.”

* Would you want Matt Barnes back? Nellie keeps saying he has a shortage at SF.

Marcus Thompson

  • flaaron

    In response to the praise for Ellis, he was a -37 last night. -37! The other chuckers weren’t much better. More deception from Nellie about our youngsters playing time. Last night was an embarrasment. OK, I’m over it…

  • Marcus Thompson


    Good point, no doubt.

  • Livermore Joe

    Plus/minus is a stat I just don’t understand.

    Shocking that Wright and Randolph played so few minutes. When i checked the boxscore, I was very disappointed to see that. Those guys play well when given teh opportunity but i think their development has been hurt (especially Wright’s) because of the inconsistent manner in which they have been handled.

  • Scotty

    That was flat embarrassing.

    If this doesn’t prove to Nellie that he needs to abandon small ball and go with Wright and Randolph more, then nothing will.

  • flaaron

    Livermore Joe, it’s a dumb stat, but when it’s so high or low, it says a lot especially if an abundance of minutes are played. Despite Ellis’ good offensive night, he was basically a 6th man for Phoenix! Also, what was jack thinking? Maybe he had a date with Baron at Dunkin Donuts…

  • Boner Stabone

    Bring Barnes back.

  • Jerry West

    This was an absolutely terrible performance…….all I was asking for was a strong showing, like the last 2 games, a decent game where we gave ourselves a shot.

    The 3rd quarter defense was terrible. Phoenix shot over 60%.

    Matt Barnes had 11 assists, while Monta Ellis had 3. Remember when we were touting Monta as our next point guard?…….Yeah right, who the hell are you kidding?

    This teams needs a star player and a consistent dedication to defense.

    The San Antonio Spurs, the Los Angeles Lakers, these teams do not get blown out on their home court by 30 points. Reason being, especially in the case of San Antonio, the Lakers defense can be up and down too, is that the Spurs dedicate themselves to defense. All hands are on deck when it comes to a defensive philosophy and it starts with the coach.

    Interestingly enough, the coach of the Spurs is a Don Nelson disciple, a former assistant coach for Nelson during the RUN TMC years.

    The 2 couldn’t be more different in their philosophies.

    The main difference is that Popovich holds his players accountable, Nelson only holds the players he doesn’t personally like, accountable. Al Harrington, Chris Webber, Tyrone Hill, Brandan Wright, all guys Nelson did not and does not like, these are the only players he holds accountable, everyone else gets a free pass.

    But Phoenix’s talent, while they still are the no. 9 seed in the West, still makes the Warriors look like a NBDL team.

    The Suns still have better role players than the Warriors: Barnes, Barbosa and Grant Hill would eat our role players alive.

    The only hope is next year. But again guys, don’t get too excited, because next year expect Memphis and Minnesota and maybe even OKC to be better than they were this year, expect the Lakers to come off of the 2008-2009 World Championship and expect Portland to continually grow and get better.

    Unless we can improve drastically next year, I just don’t see us making the playoffs. Anthony Randolph is an axciting player, but he is no superstar and he won’t make a difference in us making the playoffs.

    When I say “difference maker,” I’m not talking about 5 blocked shots, 17 points and 8 rebounds in game 47 of a completely lost season, or a nice game here and there, or a 10 minute span where you block 3 shots, I am talking about making a difference by making this team a playoff team and a winning team. We do not have 1 single player to do that.

    Again, a lot of Warriors fans are just happy to win 48 games, be an exciting team and they don’t care if we don’t make the 2nd round of the playoffs.

    I care that we make the playoffs and that we advance in the playoffs, I don’t want the bare minimum, I want us to be winners like the Lakers, is that too much to ask?

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Just when we had a good game and win against Dallas with BR and AR playing, Nellie pulls his old small lineup shit again and we get embarassed on ESPN.

    Fire Nellie!!!!!

  • Azubuike starting the 3rd was a carry-over from the way the team finished with small ball in the first half. After Nellie saw small ball work, he promptly forgot about his bigs.

    What pissed me off was the lack of any change once Nellie was ejected. Keith Smart had a chance to sub in Randolph and Wright to give the team some length. But, he went with Ellis, Crawford, Azubuike, Maggette and Turiaf. I’m sorry. It was a blowout going into the 4th. Play the kids.

  • Tony M.

    Would you want Matt Barnes back? Nellie keeps saying he has a shortage at SF.

    He has a shortage cuz he keeps playing Kaz and Maggs at the 4…stupid alcoholic coach

  • Jaysohn

    Yeah the shortage at SF is such a farce by Nellie. Would either Maggette and Buike ever play PF on any other team? There is no reason that Wright or Randolph shouldn’t play 20 – 25 mins a game for the rest of the season at PF and backup C. Give Morrow and Buike plenty of run at SF with Belinelli playing SG and backup PG. I know Nelson knows more about basketball than I ever will but you don’t have to be in the NBA to realize the young guys should be getting a lot more gametime then they are.

  • LyfordH

    “Hasn’t matching up with opposing teams not working out?”

    Yikes! Marcus, that sort of tortured syntax is against the Geneva Convention. Maybe it’s time to ask for a break from covering the Warriors. It appears that having to hang around Nelson and Rowell is affecting your ability to communicate clearly.


    MT2: Your comments are right on–especially those that are critical of the lack of PT for BW and AR. Nelson either is conning us with the comments that he wants to go big or he’s losing it. Either way, not good. Tolbert recently said that Nelson can’t help it–re playing vets over the young guys. That’s a serious defect for a coach who is supposed to be developing the young guys.

    MT-2: wasn’t that an important reason Rowell extended Nelson’s contract at the beginning of the year–so Nelson would feel comfortable playing the young guys even if it risked losing more games?



  • the Seer

    I so agree, Mr. Senility needs to go to the nursing home and drool all over himself..He is destroying whatever legacy he had..What a pathetic show last night..Nellie go drool..

  • Mal

    Barnes !!!?? Are you on CRACK? That’s the kind of thinking that’s got the team all screwed up now.
    It’s time to start playing Wright, Randolph at the PF, and Morrow & Belli at the 3 and … backing up Jackson & Buke. We don’t need more undisciplined vets like Jackson and Barnes. Maybe trading Jackson will help purge this thinking that has obviously rubbed off on you from Nelson. Why don’t you read Monte Poole’s article about the W’s … you might get a clearer picture of what’s going on.

    Hopefully Nelson will retire after this season, and you can go caddie for him.

  • hibcbcbc

    Is there anything we can do to help move Nelson out of town??

    I’d love to package him and Rowell and make the ship.


    This is not a one or another type of deal. Both need to go for things to move forward again.

    Then again, you still have Cohan… 🙂

    Make it a threesome.

  • justafan

    Cohan must Sells now!!! Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team!!!!! no more money for him. DON’T Renew your season tickets.

  • Peter


    This is your best work of the season as it ties everything in together. Well done.