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Warriors’ internal strife leads to chaos, collapse
By Monte Poole
Staff columnist

BARON DAVIS, the former prince of Oracle Arena, makes his first appearance tonight as a Los Angeles Clipper in the facility where he once raised the Warriors from the dead.

For Warriors fans, the sight of Davis most assuredly will summon memories of the spring of 2007, when their favorite team blasted into the NBA playoffs for the first time since 1994 and, for two brilliant weeks, lit up the landscape.

“It’s definitely like a homecoming,” Davis said last week, anticipating his return to Oakland. “A lot of memories are there, and the adrenaline is going to be circulating. It’ll be good to see a lot of familiar faces in the stands.”

Those familiar faces, the high-spirited “We Believe” fans who enthusiastically support their energetic team, now try to cope with the reality of this woebegone season, which, according to numerous sources in NBA circles, can be traced back to coach Don Nelson, team president Robert Rowell (who operates on behalf of owner Chris Cohan) and decisions based less on building the best possible team than on impulse and ego.

Less than two years after an improbable playoff run led to one of the biggest postseason upsets in NBA history — a first-round series win over No. 1 seed Dallas — and one year after boisterous crowds cheered a 48-win team, the Warriors are back to the outskirts of the league. Officially eliminated from the playoffs Sunday, they are 23-43 and likely to lose more than 50 games for the first time since 2002, when Dave Cowens and Brian Winters presided over a 21-61 oil spill.

How did it come to this?

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Marcus Thompson

  • AJ

    Marcus – I read this article this morning. It’s so depressing! I think fans have to take a stance and boycott the W’s. This article clearly outlines the demise of the team and how our wonderful management tore it apart. I can’t believe Cohan can sit there and let it happen TWICE and with the same freaking head coach TWICE! I blame him Rowell, and Nellie in that order!

    We had 48 wins last year! If they added Turiaf and kept the same team (minus Barnes and Pietrus) – they would have been in great shape. Instead Rowell over steps his boundaries and decides to make a basketball decision. WRONG! How can a marketing guy make a basketball decision? That goes back to Cohan and his responsibilities as an owner to set these guys straight. Nellie is the coach and coaches the guys Mully gives him. Rowell is in charge of tickets and promoting the team. THAT’S IT!

    If they don’t hire a real GM next year – it will be the same crap for another 10 years. Please don’t tell me Larry Riley or Larry Harris – those are Nellie’s boys. Give us a real GM!

  • Dave

    Marcus, thank you for hitting the nail on the head. Very accurate picture on what is going on with this organization. Cohan should have stepped in and defined Rowell, Mullin, and Nelson’s roles as soon as there was disagreement, but he did not have the balls or the knowledge, or both, to do so. Sounds like most of your bloggers agree that nothing will change unless Nelson and Rowell are put in their place or run out of town.

  • CA

    Yes, this is so screwed up. For the life of me I can’t see how Nelson gets away with alienating everyone who matters in the organization just to serve his whims. Fire him now and start over.

    One only has to look to Portland to see where the Warriors could be right now if they had cogent and intelligent leadership and stuck with a plan. Portland’s young but maturing together and adding talent.

    Next year there will be another exciting draft pick that Nelson will not play and a couple of meaningless trades before yet another drop in the standings. I’m boycotting them.

  • N uck

    Can’t wait to hear Mullin’s comments when he is sitting pretty in NY.

  • DW

    Hey Marcus,
    Thats the type of reporting I’ve been waiting for you to bring to the table instead of these kinda “fluff pieces” with all due respect.

  • GSWFan24

    Wow, Marcus! you did your thing on that article, big ups

  • earl monroe

    Nelson looks at everything short term, and maybe because of his situation, (age, weight etc) he feels like he is near the end. This is good for him but not good for the team and organization. The way this team is built its always going to be mediocre at best, that being said the pieces are there to build a very good team. Personally I would draft a point guard with point guard skills not one you have to turn in to a point guard. Someone who can control the game free throw line to free throw line doesn’t need to be a guard who can do it all just a smart player and distributor who can do a bit of everything. I would let that player play and develop with Randolph, Biedrins, Wright and Ellis as the core. Eric Maynor comes to mind, not overpowering but seems to make the right play at the right time and capable of taking big shots, and has been a point guard. he is probably going to be available late first or early second definitely worth a look. For the Warriors assists are more important than points although Nelson would probably argue that point since he prefers to have his guards shoot.

    Nelson is just overreacting to his situation, he sees time passing him by, his erratic behavior is caused by poor eating habits, lack of exercise and overall unhappiness, may I recommend yoga?

  • blah

    GREAT article Poole! Good references, good summary, good insight, BRAVO!

  • Elgin Baylor

    “DW”………..the report was written by Monte Poole and cut and pasted to Marcus’s blog…

    Anyway, we are exactly what we were when Bobby Sura, Larry Hughes, Marc Jackson, Adonal Foyle and Antawn Jamison were the jerseys hanging in the locker room.

    Different cast of characters obviously, but still no number 1 scorer and still no defensive philosophy, exactly how it was when Eric Musselman and Dave Cowens were coaching.

    We can win 23 games with P.J. Carlesimo, Mark Iavorone, Sam Mithcell, Terry Porter or Mike Montgomery coaching our team……….why the fuck do we need Don Nelson?………..Reggie Theus could have coached us to our current record.

    We brought Nelson in for his 1700 or whatever the fuck wins,……because we wanted to be a winning team.

    Now that Nelson has completely abondoned the idea of being a winning team, why not fire him? Like so many other teams have done this year……..

    He has infiltrated the organization yet again like he did in the mid 90’s and ownership is allowing him to serve as the head coach and the de facto General Manager, silencing Chris Mullin.

    Remember the 2006-2007 playoff run, where Mullin and Richmond would be seated side by side in the skybox, ESPN sideline interviews with Chris Mullin, free agents listening to offers, …….that actually made our organization look like a legitimate NBA franchise. People were starting to respect the Warriors, we were getting more national exposure with TNT and ESPN and we still are.

    I really thought that we had already turned the corner. I was so happy to see Mullin, near the staircase during games, like Jerry West used to do.

    But it has all disappeared and it’s because of Nelson’s infriltration of the organization and his extortion of ownership.

    Nelson would make a great “soldier” or “capo” for the Cosa Nostra, because he uses pure extortion and strong arm tactics to get his point across.

    The only reason why Elton Brand and Gilbert Arenas even took 1 second to listen to our offers was Chris Mullin. The reason why players were happy last year and pissed off this year was because Mullin was in the forefront last year and he’s not this year.

    Mullin serves as the buffer between ownership and the players. He works out with the team, he likes being around the players and the players know who he is and who he was as a player and like and respect him.

    All of the problems started again when Mullin was pushed out of the way. That is where all the problems started.

    Chris Mullin will be somewhere else next year. With Donnie Walsh in New York, I don’t know if they will have a spot for Chris. But who knows, he can do a lot of things in an NBA organization besides General Management. If Dumars steps down in Detroit, Mullin would be a good fit.

  • PDXRaider

    Nelson doesen’t want to coach, he just looks for an extension and when he gets it, he does his best to get canned so he can walk away with as much money as possible.

    Hire me. I’ll fire the lot of them, I’ll trade Jamal and anyone else to try and get us a big PG. We need a PG in the mold of Baron D, Deron W, Chauncey B, someone who can defend SG’s. Ellis is not a PG, never will be and he can’t guard most SG’s.

    PG- ? – CJ Watson
    SG- Ellis, Bellinelli
    SF-Jackson, Maggette, Buike
    PF Randolph, Wright
    C Biedrins, Turiaf

    Bellineli, Maggette are very expendable If Jax could split time at SF and SG with Randolph splitting time between SF and PF. But mostly we need a real PG

  • J Canseco

    I can barely watch the games on tv anymore, let alone buy a ticket. Go A’s.

  • Sleepy

    PDX- and just how would this pg get the ball away from Ellis and jackson as they cant play without it.

    PG isnt the problem its that our offensive system sucks.

  • Bill

    About the debacle against the Suns…..Tony Brothers has a personal vendetta going on, particularly against Don Nelson, and the Warriors….this goes back far beyond the Arenas free throws with zero on the clock scandal….the league should look into this….as they did Joey Crawford ejecting Tim Duncan for smiling on the bench at San Antonio….how much longer do we the fans have to pay to watch obvious vindictiveness and personality disorders, not to mention sometimes pairing several inexperienced refs for the same game? Is it because the Warriors record for the past 20 years pretty much sucks? we get no respect, and if we happen to appear on national t.v., we get no highlights and we’re just there to play the part of victim for the Kobe or Lebron highlight reels…if you don’t believe me, watch Thursday on TNT, listen to loudmouth drunk Barkley, and check out ESPN so that you can never see anything positive about Golden State…..to reiterate, Tony Brothers’ mere body language and facial expression continues to be a ticking time bomb….he is drooling like an old dog to get at Nelson like dinner…every time he is assigned to do a Warrior game, why don’t the front office brass call the league and ask them to watch closely, because eventually Brothers shafts us….nowadays it’s considered chic to call Steve Javee one of the best refs in the NBA…longtime basketball fans know he was a very thin-skinned quick whistle for a long time when he started out….he’s improved….Tony Brothers will never improve and will always use Warriors games to throw his weight around and discriminate against the Warriors coaches and players…yes, including Jackson….it’s sickening and it brings the game down…

  • Marcus Thompson


    This is not my article. This is the opinion of Monty Poole. They don’t pay me to give an opinion.

  • Peter

    Actually, my last post was meant for here. This is your best work this season. Bravo.


  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    @Elgin Baylor: That stab at Reggie Theus was uncalled for. I think he’s a good coach; he won 38 games with a terrible Kings team his first year. They started out 6-18 this season because Kevin Martin was injured for a month.

    This article was fantastic. I defend Nellie a lot, mostly because I love the freedom of his offense. The game should be played through chemistry, not through fixed plays that your coach designs for every possession. But Nellie is insane and Rowell is an idiot. If they have to be fired to get a logical rotation of players in place, and get free agents to not mind playing here, then so be it.

  • Jerry West

    My point is that any inexperienced or average or run of the mill coach can do what Nelson is doing, lead this team to a 23-43 record,……I can coach this team to that record, my grandfather could coach this team to a 23-43 record………..Theus was a good coach, but inexperienced.

    We picked an experienced, good coach in Nelson, thinking he would turn this franchise around.

    My point is, we could pick any coach with less career wins than Nelson and have the exact same result.

    Doesn’t Theus have less career wins than Nelson?…..That’s my point, any coach could do the job….and please don’t put Theus on a fucking pedistal “Samuraiiiiiiii”…please don’t make that comment in person to anyone, they will laugh at you if you defend Reggie Theus and his coaching prowess the way you do….you will embarass yourself……he’s a nice coach, but he’s inexperienced and average.

    I bet Montgomery could have coahed us to our current record……….23 wins at this point in the season?……..That’s a fucking joke…….we’ll be lucky to win 30 games this year.

  • commish

    I posted this on Adam’s blog when he brought forth this same info via Monte Poole this morning. And that is why is this news? Ric Bucher wrote the same thing several months ago and Tim K has been saying the same stuff except people call him self serving. The only thing new in what Monte wrote, and this is scarey as hell, is that no agent will (ever) want his player(s) to play in this compeltely dysfunctional franchise under the whims and stupors of Nelson. Shame on all of the professional bloggers for sitting back and letting Rowell and Nelson destroy this franchise without raising holy hell.

    It is one thing to be an objective journalist and another to not sack up and yell to the rooftops that the Emporer is and has been naked all season. Nelson just laughs his ass off on the way to the bank with our hard earned money. Shame on him and Rowell as well.

  • Twinkie defense

    Hey man, you’re just stealing someone else’s piece! 😉

  • RowellMustGo

    New, competent ownership is the only thing that can save this franchise. We need someone who can turn things over to a legitimate, long-term basketball guy. You know, like Chris Mullin.
    This is so depressing.

  • Marcus Thompson


    I understand your sentiments. One of the things that is most irritating to me is that people are sooooo unwilling to talk. No one holds anyone accountable to the fans (through me, of course!). The players mumble. Management whispers. The coach talks out of both sides of mouth. Nobody is willing to stand up and say something that is critical. I won’t say nobody. Jack will occasionally. Nellie will from time to time. But for a team so bad, there is an alarming little accountability.

  • sad jose

    poole lays it out. funny its nothing new, but satisfying to see it printed. TK has said stuff like this, but all that comes with baggage, grains of salt, etc.

    marcus is cool with the players. he’s like mullin. that’s his job. different writers offer different angles. every once in awhile, maybe more back in the day (budgeting? new position?), he shares his opinion and i really like where he’s coming from.

    anyway not much we can do…, right? wish there was a way besides boycotting the team and sport i like to have an impact in changing this bs.

  • Ewok

    This piece of article said it all. It expressed and answered all the lingering questions I have about this franchise.

    Rowell made a mistake and now these mistakes are getting bigger and bigger.. and it all boils down to the fact that he doesn’t know the business intricacies of hoops, much more, handling and harnessing a team. Him and Cohan. Period.

    I also believe Nelson has some guilt hidden with Mullin’s sacking or canning. Nelson loved the Man but he didnt want to be led by him, his protege. How could he not be involved in it? Did he lift a finger to help and save Mullin? How could he in his conscience enjoy the status he is facing now when it was all the expense of Mullin’s sacking? After he declared that his intention was to make Mullin the best GM in the league?

    I raise these two questions to Marcus Thompson and my fellow Warrior fans,

    If Mullin is doing such a terrible job, Which is the better situation then, The time Mullin was on the helm or now at present, when Rowell is controlling the team?

    As for Don Nelson, Which era was better in his career as a Warriors coach?, When he managed the Run TMC (and broke it by giving up Mitch Richmond for Billy Owens) or the BDiddy to present era (where he is about to break it again?)

    No matter what your answers are, there is a noticeable trend that leads to a possible conclusion.

    Take for instance, the following names. Chris Webber, Mario Ellie, Tyrone Hill, Latrell Sprewell, Tom Gugliota, Ronnie Seikaly, Vincent Askew, Patrick Ewing, Tim Tolbert, Chris Gatling, etc.

    Truth of the matter is,

    Every team Nelson handled seems to me, became dysfunctional including his Dallas team. True he can coach to a certain point but he seems to be too stuborn to adopt more…

    I mean, He is about to become the winningest coach in the NBA which only means one thing, He can coach in the NBA. Period. BUT, don’t mean anything else because he hasnt won a championship in his long gray haired, beer bellied career.

    Will he ever reach that point or win a championship?

    A Resounding NO!

    For three reasons, He is stuborn with style of play and doesnt seem to have more and cannot adjust to a different type of play.(small ball).

    He cannot communicate and motivate talented rookies like the way Miyagi would to Daniel San.

    And third, He doesnt know how to handle it when he is already up there for the taking… Ask Mark Cuban.

    That is why He cannot be like a Riley, or a Jackson, a Tomjanovich, a Daly or a Phil Brown.

    No way.

    Don Nelson has probably reached the career stage or personal age of senility. I really think he is Senile to a small or big degree. I mean consider this, How could he have allowed Mullin, his protege and friend, to sink this low in his new career? In the beginning, I do remember Nelson saying the only reason he came back from retirement is because he wants to do this for a friend (Mullin).

    Well Mullin got shackled so what should be the most descent thing for him to do now? What a Poker player.

    I feel for Mullin. I really do. If only they allowed him to do and learn more.. He would have been great because he is such a player’s manager.

  • Jerry West

    If you look around the league………bad teams like Charlotte and Indiana do not draw any attendance and are in financial trouble right now. The product is poor, ticket prices are high and people don’t come out to the games.

    For us, our product is dispicable, ticket prices are high, yet people continue to come to the Oracle and sell big games out (i.e. Lakers, Celtics, Cavs, etc.).

    Any other NBA team with a 23-43 record would be lucky to draw 13,000 a night. And we draw 19,000 almost every night.

    Point being, Warrior fans are great fans, knowledgable about the game, respectable, we know exactly when to get involved, we understand the game. We are the best fans. Look at this blog, look at the great fans we have, there are over 100 posts on most of these blogs when it’s all said and done and all of the posts are asking for a change and an improvement.

    We continue to go to games even though the product is terrible………..nowhere else in the league can you say that, ……any other team with a 23-43 record would be lucky to have fans like us. Go look at Indiana, Charlotte, Milwaukee, even good teams like the Hornets struggle to draw.

    And this is how ownership and management treats these great fans that we have,……..by lying to us, cheating us, ripping us off and laughing their way to the bank.

  • A’s in 2009

    Fuugget the Warriors, man. Go A’s!

  • b

    Man, like I said, we’ve been here before… management siding with nelson… then 13 years of junk… Mullen wasn’t a genius GM, but it feels like they didn’t give him a chance! especially after he pretty much gave rise to two of the greatest years (BY FAR) out of the past 15!

  • lobo

    old news and boring at this point….there is NO fix as long as Rowell/Nelson/Cohan are in place…the only possible salvation for setting the ship in the right direction…let’s assume cohan does not sell…unfortunatley….turn over to mullin, can nelson and rowell bring in van gundy to coach…i am not saying mullin is the greatest but he is good…he will wind up back in ny working for walsh and we will be stuck with the fat ass genius coach, the davis wannabee owner and the egomaniac idiot president…do yourselves as favor and stop supporting the team…someone might get the message.

  • GSWFan24

    Bottom line is the Warriors management were trying to win cheap and it came back to bite them in the ass. You tell me this team wouldn’t have been better if they paid Baron for the next 3 yrs? Who ever thinks differently doesn’t know basketball (playmakers are more desireable than scorers) They wouldnt have made the playoffs even with Monta Ellis healthy…and thats true as well

    My bad Monte Poole, I gave props to Marcus instead of you!

  • earl monroe


    Your thoughts on Todd Bozeman, coming back from his personal basketball death penalty? (I have posted this question on a few blogs, seems like he is persona non grata in all the Bay Area newspapers)

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    I think the reason nobody really likes to hear things from TK is that he always throws in his Nostradamus-like predictions. “Monta Ellis will never play in a Warriors uniform again” – seriously?

  • DW

    Hey Marcus and E. Baylor,

    I was saying thats what I want from you. I know that was Montes’ piece and it was excellent. I want you to write more pieces like that, really challenging these guys instead of telling us about ‘smack talk’ stories with Monta & JAX. Again, no disrepect.


  • DW

    Oh and Marcus, thanks for responding. Thats pretty cool.


  • FoulMood

    Nellie has go to go, his style of play is not a winner, and his mgmt skills are about as bad.
    He seems like a grat guy to hang out at the bar with talking hoops, but as far as runnig my team goes, forget about it…

  • Livermore Joe

    Great article. Calm, sober. And so depressing.

  • NotaNelsonfan

    Cohan got no balls to get rid of Rowell and Nellie. As long as we keep filling up the arena at home games no changes will happen. Cohan knows he is getting 15k + in attendance so he won’t do anything.

    Hopefull Nellie is just chasing the “Most wins for a Coach”, then he’ll get the hell out of town!!!

  • Steve

    I read Mr. Poole’s column this morning and subsequently sent him the following email. BTW, in my email I referred to the Jamal Crawford situation as a “financial issue”, which I still believe has some merit even with Nelson’s comments concerning Crawford’s defense. Whatever, all just my opinion…………Internal strife? Chaos? Collapse? My goodness gracious, what would us simpleton readers do without the 21st century sports media endlessly trying to bring us the REAL story behind every closed locker room door? The REAL story behind every losing record? The REAL story behind every trade? Wow, it’s amazing reading some of this “stuff”, with your latest column just another example of “garbage-in, garbage-out”…………Chris Mullin, on his best day, was (I’m assuming his days with GSW are nearing an end) a very mediocre GM. The Baron Davis trade worked wonders at the time, but his attempt to re-sign the forever-injured PG to a lucrative contract extension was almost as dumb as his decision to extend Mike Dunleavy, Jason Richardson and Troy Murphy at salary-cap-hell numbers. The ONLY reason that those 3 players were traded was because Don Nelson knew the Warriors could never even remotely dream of being a championship contender unless the Warriors talent level was upgraded significantly, and what better way to start the process than to unload the grossly overpaid trio. Throw in horrible #1 draft picks Patrick O’ Bryant and Ike Diogu, and I’ll gladly give Chris a ride to the airport if he needs one………….Robert Rowell? I’ll give him this, he was smart and observant enough to see that the Warriors started climbing back up the long road from woebegone to relevance soon after Nelson was hired as coach. As a fan, I could care less what decisions are made at the highest corporate levels, as long as they translate positively to what we see on the court. Trying to deal this season with an injury-ravaged team that’s also the youngest in the league shouldn’t distract from the results of the two previous seasons that saw GSW win 90 games and one playoff series………….Frankly, your column became more and more humorous with each passing paragraph. The Warriors don’t have a long-term plan? How about addition by subtraction? It started with unloading Mullin’s long-term contracts (Dunleavy, etc), and continued with saying goodbye to non-difference makers such as Matt Barnes and Airhead France (Pietrus). The Warriors long-term plan is what every team’s long-term plan is, increase your talent level, and this year’s team is MUCH more talented, from top to bottom, than it was 3 years ago………..The Chris Webber Warriors days are long gone, but to sum it all up quickly, when your 2 best players are Webber and Latrell Sprewell you have none chance. Webber and Sprewell played all those years and only had 1 ring, and that was the ring around Carlisimo’s neck………….To credit Mullin with any drafting success after Nelson arrived is dubious at best. Nelson puts his stamp on everything, so to suggest that Nelson “iced” Randolph because he was “a Mullin draft pick” is pure folly. Nelson didn’t play Randolph because the kid wasn’t approaching his job (practice) the way Nelson wanted him to. And Randolph’s play in recent weeks compared to earlier in the season speaks volumes for Nelson’s handling of the situation………..Jamal Crawford? Very good player, but making too much money over the next 2 years, especially playing a position with so much duplication on GSW. IMO, Nelson wasn’t saying that Crawford was an inferior player, only that unless he opted out and renegotiated with the Warriors, GSW would have to trade him for financial reasons. It makes perfect sense, but unfortunately the conversation between coach and player was leaked to the media………….You say that Mullin 4 years ago stated his goal was to assemble a team that could develop together. Great, except he didn’t have a clue on how to do that, specifically which players to keep long-term. If Nelson had never returned as coach, Warriors fans would be watching and booing loudly the nitely escapades of Davis arguing (unhappiness) with his head coach (when he wasn’t out injured), and Murphy, Richardson, Dunleavy, Diogu, and O’Bryant running up and down the court, all helping to cement GSW’s position in the lottery for the next decade………..Finally, you say that “the coach has lost much of his locker room”. Interesting that in Monday’s SF Chronicle, Janny Hu quoted Jamal Crawford, in reference to Nelson and Jackson being ejected from Sunday’s game with Phoenix, “It’s a snowball effect—-Jack’s our captain and Nellie’s the leader of this team”. If the “locker room”, and especially Jamal Crawford, refers to Nelson as “the leader of this team”, it hardly paints a picture of player discontent with the head coach. Players often refer to other players as “leaders”, but very seldom do they call their head coach their “leader”. An even better barometer is the gametime effort being given on a nitely basis, and for the most part, the Warriors have been highly competetive all season. Hell, they’re the 2nd highest scoring team in the NBA, behind only the Lakers. I’d rate that a B+ on the entertainment meter…………Ultimately, what’s most disappointing about columnists such as yourself is that you can’t take the obvious and simplest reasons for a bad season and put it in writing. Instead, it’s always about “strife”, “chaos”, “collapse”, etc. Ironically, directly above your column on page 2, Jonathan Okanes wrote in his notebook on GSW, “The Warriors are 9-7 with Monta Ellis this season, 14-36 without him”. Those numbers project that with a healthy Ellis this season the Warriors would be on pace to win around 45 games, or in other words, they’d be fighting for a playoff spot as we speak, even with the youngest team in the NBA…………This season was all about injuries, youth, and roster turnover (players playing together for the first time). That’s a pretty simple story, albeit lacking “sex appeal”. And then of course, there’s your story……….garbage-in, garbage-out.

  • Steve

    Some other comments………..One reason I haven’t read this blog on a regular basis this season is the verbal bs that always follows a team through a bad season. I enjoy reading all viewpoints, and even moreso the negative ones IF they’re based on logical reasoning. Sorry, but there’s not much logic behind implying that the Warriors should have done better this season. When you lose your best player (Ellis), who’s also a legit star in the NBA, for more than half a season, AND you’re the youngest team in the NBA, you are doomed to failure. Period! End of story!! I’m glad everyone likes Mullin so much, but just as he always failed in the clutch as a player (anyone care to name even a handful of games he helped win for the Warriors by hitting big shots in the final minutes of a close game?), he has been terribly mediocre as a GM. And thankgoodness Donnie Walsh likes him so much cause I guarantee no other GM in the NBA would have traded for Murphy and Dunleavy and their ridiculous contracts. Was there mass-complaining about Nelson after the Warriors won 90 games the last 2 seasons with middle-of-the-road talent? Now all the geniuses are complaining. About what? You don’t think Ronny Turiaf was a good sign? Maggette? You don’t think matching the Clippers offer to Azubuike for 3 years and $9MM wasn’t smart? Do you like Randolph as a draft pick? How about signing Morrow to a free agent deal? Any good? Would you like to have Jason Richardson back right now and give Brandon Wright to Charlotte? They also acquired a very good player (Crawford) for a malcontent (Thank you, again, Donnie Walsh!), who should bring a pretty good player in return if the Warriors do indeed trade Jamal in the future (given the economic conditions I doubt seriously that he opts out after the season). What is wrong? These are all the changes made by the Warriors, most of them since the end of last season, and yet Rowell and Nelson and the Warriors are roasted here constantly. The Warriors need a PG? Why? I think Belinelli can be quite good in that role if given a chance, but regardless, it’s more important to have lots of good players, and the Warriors are getting there in that regard. Rondo and Derek Fisher were the starting PGs in the Finals last year. And Chris Paul won’t be winning an NBA title this year because the Hornets don’t have enough good players on their team. Enough said………..If the Warriors have no significant injuries next season, and their current roster stays pretty much intact, their record should do a 180. If not, THEN you can fire the damn coach and President. LOL

  • blah

    Steve, have you ever heard the saying, it’s better to remain quiet and let everyone THINK you are an idiot, than to open your mouth and let everyone KNOW you are an idiot?

    Next time, before you call out Mullin, dig into some Warrior history and find out who was the GM responsible for your offenses. Was is Gary St. Jean, or Chris Mullin.

    Talk about “garbage in garbage out”.

  • Steve

    An idiot? You’re the perfect example of some of the morons who post here as if they actually know what they’re talking about. I never said Mullin drafted Mike Dunleavy or Troy Murphy, I said he gave them ridiculous contract extensions. But just to be precise and accurate with all the facts and figures so even you can understand……….Chris Mullin was hired as GM for GSW in April of 2004. Yes, I’m sorry to say, Mullin himself drafted Patrick O’Bryant and Ike Diogu. But even worse, he started throwing money around like it was confetti soon after he took over. He gave Troy Murphy, who was drafted by GSW #14 in the 2001 draft, a 6 yr $58MM contract extension in the summer of 2004. He signed Mike Dunleavy, who was drafted by GSW #3 in the 2002 draft, to a 5 yr $44MM contract extension in November of 2005. At the same time, he signed Jason Richardson to a 6 yr $70MM extension. All this was so much fun, he decided that Derek Fisher would be a good free agent signing, so viola, 6 yrs and $37MM to Mr. Fisher. And even though the great Gary St. Jean thought that Adonal Foyle would make a sumptuous draft pick for the Warriors, it was your old buddy Mullin who decided to give good ol Adonal a 6 yr $42MM extension in July of 2004. When Don Nelson waived Foyle in ’07 he still had 3 yrs and $29MM remaining on his contract…….And people are wondering how Cohan and Rowell could be so mean to poor Mully? Gawd! Hey, “blah”, instead of me giving Mullin a ride to the airport on his way out of town, I’ll let you do the honors. That way you two can wax nostalgic over the good old days here in Golden State Land. Later, you might want to head down to the Bay Area Newsgroup guys. With your knowledge and insight, you’d make a great “source” of information for Monte Poole’s next Warriors column. LOL

  • Lufty455

    Fire Nelson, Fire Rowell and then fire the whole Warriors staff. Start from scratch.
    Bring in a fresh crew to manage the Warriors.
    We got a good core of young talent already.
    They just need someone to guide them to the promise land.
    You never hear any of the superstars out there saying they wouldn’t mind going to the Warriors or playing for the old demented fat coach either.
    That should tell Cohen something but I guess he Madoff are partners in the pyramid scheme.
    Enough said… just really am frustrated with the Dubs and the soap opera world they live in.
    Nelson you really did a great job here in the Bay Area Area, Dallas, New York, and Milwaukee. How many titles did you win again???? A BIG FAT ZERO.

  • blah

    Steve, All of those contracts you mention Mullin making as evidence of his stupidity where traded away. Seems other GM’s were accepting. For ever poor draft Mullin made I’ll name you a pick or DL that was good to great. No GM’s going to Draft at 100% success, the draft is all about potential and most with sense will agree it’s a gamble. St. Jean was the worst GM to ever exist in the NBA, so it wasn’t hard for Mullin to inprove on that. I don’t think he’s the best GM in the game, but I also don’t think there’s better one available. Over that last few years he’s done a descent job. Again, not how I would do it. We don’t have a balanced roster or team. Your garbage is unvalidated as I just explained. Previously you mixed St. Jeans mistakes with Mullin. I respect your opinion if you don’t like him, but your reasons are rubbish and your references were worse, long, wrong and boring. blah blah blah.

  • Jerry West

    Steve is, without question, one of the most boring and rambling on and on, pointless bloggers of all time!

  • Steve

    Blah, I hope next season that the Warriors make you forget all about the horrible GM’s in GSW history. Jerry West, I just read your other posts under this heading (“A Must Read”), and I must say that your Monte Poole-like insightfulness has left me speechless. Considering how I usually “ramble” on and on, which leads ultimately to sheer boredom, I’m sure “speechless” is a good thing. Good luck, Jerry.

  • blah

    I will say this…now that the season is over for all intent and purpose. We need to sort out this GM situation ASAP!

    Either Keep Mullin or let him go. We are going to have a hell of a time attracting FA’s with our current F’d up perception. How to you hire a new GM and give him a couple weeks to draft a player on such sort notice.

    Marcus/Poole. A good follow up article would hit this point above.

    It seems to me that Mullin has respect around the league from players, agents, and media too. Maybe he hasn’t had a perfect histoty here. But the last couple years he did a good job, at lest before he got the rug pulled out from beneth him. Players dominate this league, we’ve got fans that the players love, but how do we progress/sale to the leagues best talent with our house mess?

    Personlly I think Rowell is going to oust Mullin. Again, who can he bring in to change that perception. To me it takes us backwards. so who should go? What change do we need? Nelson? Maybe, but again, who’s better out there? And who can put on a show like he does? At least the team is entertaining.

    I think the most resonable senario is Rowell. How do we get ride of him? Write this article and maybe it gets in Cohan’s ear.