Nellie: Monta & Crawford “like oil and water”

Nelson was good today in pre-game. He explained deeper about why Crawford needs to go. It boils down to the fact that neither can guard shooting guards. Since one of them has to go, Crawford is the guy.

-Q: Is he your point guard for next year?

-NELSON: We’ll determine that the rest of this year.

-Q: If it’s not him next year, who is it?

-NELSON: I don’t know. There ain’t no guy there.

-Q: There’s no way it can be Crawford?

Nellie: “I don’t think that the mix is good enough. It’s just like oil and water. They’re both really good players, but you need somebody that can guard a ‘two’ and both of them have difficulties guarding the twos. Especially when you get into the good teams, twos are 6-7… There’s great players in our league that are twos right now. That’s pretty difficult for either guy. You need somebody that’s more of a defender there.”

Oddly enough, Nellie said he thought Crawford might be able to guard shooting guards when they traded for him. He said he thought Crawford was would be able to hold his own defending the position once the coaching staff got to him. Now, such hope is gone.

Nellie: “I thought, you know, maybe. Because he’s got pretty good size. I thought maybe it might be a few technique things, maybe we could help him, give him a little more support behind him and stuff like that. But it’s just really hard for him. I think they’re both combo guards and maybe have a better chance to guard the one, both of them.”

Since I don’t buy Nelson making a decision based solely on defense, I’m going to assume something else is at play. I think he doesn’t think it ill work offensively. I think he’s saying Crawford isn’t the kind of point guard he wants, certainly not good enough to unseat the face of the franchise.
Nelson said he was unsure if Monta would be the point guard next season and he was going to “determine that the rest of this year.” So he clearly isn’t writing off Crawford because he thinks Monta is the next Baron. If he thought Crawford could be a dominant PG, I bet he’d go with the small lineup and live with their defensive woes.
I can’t say I totally disagree, either. With all his talent, Crawford has not shown he is the kind of PG Nelie needs to run his system. To be fair, he didn’t get a training camp to establish himself, which makes the job of running point more difficult.

Nellie: “Well, there’s different kinds of points–there’s scoring points and there’s passing points and he’s a scoring point right now. I think the development as a passer will come. He’s a very smart player and he has vision, he makes some sensational plays every now and then. It’s just the consistency. We keep thinking that just because he’s been here for a while that…. you know, he’s not a made man yet. He’s got work to do. He’s still young. So a lot of hope there for me.”

The only problem is what do you do when you push Crawford out of town and the team decides to void or Ellis forces his way out?

Nellie: “I don’t know. There ain’t no guy there.”


Highlights from Baron Davis’ pre-game interviews (read the full interview on Tim Kawakami’s blog):

You’ve been the subject of a few columns in the LA Times, getting some intense criticism. Does that stuff bother you at all?

“No, not at all. You guys know me well. I let things roll off my shoulders. I have big shoulders. I’m here to do one thing and that’s to win and get this team to where it needs to be, a playoff-contention, and that’s my mission.”

“If I’m criticized or ridiculed for anything, I accept it and I use it as motivation to continue to get better.”

Have you seen any of your former teammates tonight?

“Coaches more so than teammates. I saw Jack yesterday.”

He got suspended for you.

Yeah, thanks Jack.

What would’ve happened here if you had stayed with the Warriors?

“Umm, I don’t know. I’m a real optimistic person, so I figure we’d come off of a 48-win season, and we were only winning more games each and every year that we were playing together. Who knows what would’ve happened, but I definitely know that we would’ve been in playoff contention and a good team to be reckoned with.”

Q: Have you seen Mullin at all? Negotiating with you might’ve been one of the last things he did as the true guy in charge here. Are you aware of that?

“I’m not sure. I know Chris Mullin has been the figurehead of this franchise and he’s done a great job in his role as president. I think he brought together a great team and he did what he said he was going to do.

I’ve got nothing bad to say about Chris Mullin. He’s a legend, he’s a Hall of Famer, and he’s somebody who’s always going to be in my corner and I’m going to be in his.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Mr B

    About Mr. Poole’s article this morning.

    Whatever happened with Barron leaving the Ws was for a good reason. BD was out most of this year and could not help the Ws anyway. Status Quo for BD.

    About the internal chaos with the Ws. Sometimes things need to break before they get fixed. In this case, if the story is true, then Rowell is going beyond his boundaries and doing things that are plainly stupid. He has to let the experts and his staff do what they do and do their jobs (ie Get the heck out of the way).

    As far as Nellie, call me naive but Nellie is a good coach. He has not been an ego maniac or one to climb the corporate ladder by backstabbing his old player Chris Mullin. I’ve met Coach Nelson in person and have spoken with him. He seem like the type of person to take pride in his work and well grounded. I’d take coach Nelson anytime.

    As far as Monta, he acted like a juvenile and he is treated like one.

    Lastly, If the Ws were heading to the playoffs, then we won’t be having this discussion. But they are not so the media is having a field day.

  • MountainJim

    It is really time for the idiots who run this team to stop with the voiding crap. It’s exacerbating the frayed relationship, and if they plan on keeping Monta (or even if they plan on trading him) it’s in their own interest to fix that. Of course, they are morons so I’m not sanguine.

  • haastheman

    Poole is right. Nellie is killing the team. the team will be in terrible shape next year unless we make a blockbuster trade. There are about seven teams in the west that have anywhere from 1 to 3 players on their team that are better then anyone on the warriors roster, hurt or not. We need to make a 3 for 1 trade for a superstar, but will a superstar want to come to the bay, and will a superstar want to play for Nellie. No, unless they are in a terrible situation currently. Maybe we throw everything we got at the suns for Amare, or throw a couple players at the Rockets for T mac, or we convince David Stern that the Warriors should either be in the east or to just take the top 16 teams regardless of conference. other then that, the playoff drought will continue.

  • dw

    Hey Marcus,
    If Crawford doesn’t opt out and Nellie wants to trade him, who gonna want to trade for a 20mil player? Nobody is speaking about any trade partners just that he will trade him like someone ‘magical’ will appear. Who do you think he’ll be a good fit with? What happens if no one is there to be a trade partner?

  • Jerry West

    There is no question that we have some young talent on this squad, ……but I agree with “Haastheman”…..

    Whether I call myself “Magic,” Jerry West or Elgin Baylor, you can all see that my posts all call for a super star caliber player, a 4th quarter assassin, to take big shots and close games out for us.

    I think names like T-Mac and A’mare is exactly the direction we should be looking.

    Because think about it, we’re talented,…..yes, but so many other teams in the West are more talented.

    Look at the following Western Conference front lines:

    1. Portland – Aldridge, Oden, Outlaw, Batum
    2. Memphis – M. Gasol, Warrick, Gay
    3. Minnesota – Love, Jefferson, Gomes, Smith
    4. Lakers – P. Gasol, Bynum, Odom
    5. Denver – Nene, Anthony, Martin
    6. New Orleans – Chandler (at least for now), West

    Then we have us……Biedrins, Wright and Randolph.

    I ask you, Warrior fans, are we THAT talented…….I mean, do you really think that our trio is any better than any combination of players I named above?…..Or do we still have a lot of work to do?

  • Jerry West

    I forgot about Utah………probably one of the more formidable front lines in the league…..Boozer when healthy, Millsap, Okur (can stretch the defense too), then you got tough players like Harpring coming off the bench……

    So guys, Anthony is great, Brandan is fantastic, Andres is one of my favorites and I like all of these guys……….

    But I don’t know if I’d necessarily take those guys over the front lines I named in my last post and this post.

  • commish

    Marcus, you hit the nail on the head by saying you are suspect of Nelson emphasizing defense. Since when? Nelson always has a hidden or different agenda than what he is saying publically. Basically he likes to f**k with the media and fans. That and money gets him off.

    Anyway, if Nelson really felt that way, then Jax would be our two and Nelson and the FO would have committed themselves to find a real 4 so Maggette and Randolph could play 3. That is assuming Monta pans out at a version of a PG. Last night he sure looked like he could, didn’t he!

  • justafan

    Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team!!!

  • Sleepy

    This doesnt hurt Crawford it hurts the Warriors and Im surprised no one in the FO has stepped up and told Nellie to to shutup and start Crawford and Monta for the rest of the season.

    All Nellie is doing is giving Crawfords agent ammunition to push a Crawford trade to his destination of choice.

    I see some BS deal for us like Crawford to the Spurs

    Crawford for Bowen and Crawford

    The spurs continue there winning ways and people are saying wtf is up with the Warriors .

    This is how the rich stay rich they wait for mismanagement and then swoop in getting productive in there prime players for old role players.

  • Lufty455

    Fire Nelson… He hasn’t won anything. Let the young coaches coach NOW. Enough of your s..t Nelson. Retire and enjoy your life like the rest the old folks out there. You lost your team since you started backstabbing your players to the media last year.
    I lost interest in the Warriors since they lost BD. This franchise is really disfunctional…. Clippers/Warriors the same owners and coaches. CRAP!
    This why the Lakers are the best in the West… no doubt.

  • Kyle

    T-Mac? That’s rich. Maybe if it were 2002…

  • Jerry West

    Yeah but T-Mac, hurt and old, is still better than anyone on our team, partner

  • Jerry West

    Point is that every team in the West has a guy who is deadly late in games, in the 4th quarter when it counts, Portland has B. Roy, Denver has Billups and C. Anthony, Lakers have # 24 and P. Gasol……..and on and on……..so we don’t have anywhere near those type of players,………..not even close.

  • Jerry West

    Even Vince Carter can still win games in the 4th

  • Jerry West

    The people who post here are a fucking joke,…….most of you guys don’t know shit about what you’re talking about but are quick to call out others.

    Fuck you all, ……I could give a fuck about any of you….you guys all drop dead as far as I’m concerned.

    I only care about myself and my insightful comments. It’s all about me and my comments, fuck you guys.

  • Jerry West

    Most of you guys deserve a loser team like the Warriors

  • lavalovers

    Jerry west, get a life, between you and chris cohan, you both are ruining these bloggers blogs. what does 4-0-2 mean CC?
    jerry west, your views are not gospel, chill out…..

    To me Monte Pooles article is exactly what tim K, matt s, and mt2 have been saying all year. He just said it all in one article.
    Not playing Crawford has to be the dumbest thing ever….

  • Terry Teagle

    If we can get a star veteran that has something left in the tank (J. Kidd, T-Mac, B. Davis, etc.) then we could be a good team next year. There is no star rookie except maybe Rubio. Otherwise we just have to hope and pray that Monte or Randolph become stars to build around. Case closed. Crawford – he is just too streaky does not know when to turn off the tap and focus on defense.

  • Jerry West

    I respect that “Lavalovers”………..you’re right, I should calm down and I’m not an expert……you handled it with class and so am I …….

  • Ewok
  • Hey Jerry West:
    Calm down dude. Know what you’re saying….before you open you mouth.

    The three Warrior’s big men are just pups! They’re kids for christ sakes. Kids with potential! Most of the teams have aging players….starting do diminish in skills.

    If Management would just leave this team alone….and with the high Draft Pick coming-up….get a young Point Guard, then we’ll be solid and a Play-Off team for the next ten years.

    Chill pill for you….


  • Lavalovers, 4-0-2 is the combined career winning percentage of Jackson, Crawford, and Maggette.
    I’ve covered it in great detail but you’re under no obligation to follow the link to my site.

    They’ve all played

  • …many, many years.

    See you all at game time in the other forums!

  • justafan

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say some more Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan Sells the team!!! Don’t buy this crap Just say no to D league play at the NBA level join the let’s fire Cohan team

  • Lufty455

    Like I said before, Fire Nelson and Rowell. Hire Jeff Van Gundy and keep Mullie as the GM.
    If you heard the interview with Ralph B. and Tommy T on KNBR with Nellie. You would think he is greatest coach on earth. They better stop kissing his old ass and tell the truth that his team stink.
    We only have one true West Coast team and it is the Lakers. Sorry Warriors you chose Nelson once again over the fans and I bet a good majority of the team. Jackson likes to kiss Nelson’s ass as well. He tried to be the PG for the team but he can’t even make in simple inbound pass right. We are tired of this D-League crap they put out there.

  • Jerry West

    “Guy Lee”……….I respect what you’re saying I guess but a lot of those front lines I named have young players on them too: Bynum, Love, Aldridge, M. Gasol, Millsap, Jefferson, Oden, Batum……all young players too…..that’s no excuse…..these guys are ready to play in the NBA……our guys, sometimes I don’t know.

    The talent is there, anyone can see that, the way Randolph brings the ball up the court using his left and right switching back and forth like a PG, that’s talent……no question..but are these guys “Winners, Finishers, Closers like KG, for example?…..

  • the Seer

    Jerry West your right..These Warrior fans are nothing but enablers..ANYONE WHO KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT BASKETBALL KNOWS THAT DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS..Keep filling the place to watch an obvious loser, then that is what you will get forever…YOU WARRIOR FANS NEED TO HOLD COHAN AND ROWELL accountable for this mess…If you Warrior fans think these young guys with Nellie miscoaching them, is going to do win anything, then you are what you are, unintelligent enablers..

    Stop supporting these idiots, Rowell and Cohan, and one day the team actually might become competitive again..

    Good luck to you Mully and to you to Jamal, you are getting out this dysfunctional mess..You are so much better off..

  • BigGreen

    Hey does anyone agree that Don Nelson is full of crap. because that is exactly what I think about it. He can make it work if he actually taught some defense out there. We are not an in your face defensive team and that’s why teams get so many open shots. I watch alot of basketball teams in the NBA and everyone else plays better defense than we do with the exception of Randolph, Turiaf, and sometimes Jackson shows up on defense, we are pretty bad otherwise. wer have a great team and I think Crawford should stay. First of all he came in with a positive attitude and he has not been a distraction for the team. He has been a team player the entire season and he does not get into trouble. Why should we not keep a guy like that?