Banner Movement (cont’d)

My editor seemed a little embarrassed at the blog post. He called me “unbelievable.” He said he passed the message on to the people who do the banner. However,
That post was almost two weeks ago. Anybody know how to chance the Banner on WordPress so I can do it myself?
I love Al, but he’s got to go. As long as he’s up there, I am taking all banner snipes, gripes, suggestions and designs. Here are the latest. As a matter of fact, here are all of them (newest to oldest).

Aaron Bryant (aka ajbry, aka the biggest Jack fan on the planet)

From Earl Monroe

More From Frisco Joe

From Frisco Joe

From Thomas

Marcus Thompson


    The Nellie Belly shot has got to be the one…lol

  • Jackson will give your blog e-cancer.

  • Jerry West

    It looks like Nelson is getting ready to pose for a swimsuit shot or something, with his hands behind his head and shit……..that’s hilarious……….

    It’s amazing how an ex-athlete can let himself go like that….even in old age…..I don’t want to talk shit about people’s personal appearance or anything but..it’s gotta be the drinking.

    Only people who drink heavily puff out like that…..I mean the type to drink scotch every night, half a bottle to a whole bottle……I think that would be a “walk in the park” for Nelson.

    But it’s heavy drinking that does it.

  • Andrew

    be careful on the new banner you pick if it has any current Warriors on it. Things may change this summer and then your back to sqaure one

  • If the banner needs to be modified, Andrew, I can always just swap out the players because I have the .PSD files saved…

  • Tony M

    whatever you choose, do not choose the banner with Nellie. The perception that he is the face of the franchise needs to stop immediately.

    He’s the problem with the franchise right now….

  • slim

    Your current header is an image called “clear-header.gif.” It’s located at:


    If you can get your IT person to upload the header you want and put it in that directory on the server, you’ll be fine. It’ll be even easier if you change the file name of the new header to match the old one.

    Otherwise, if you have access to the server, you can do this yourself. But I suspect that they don’t allow anyone to get access to the server.

    There may be another way of doing this through the Admin screen for your WordPress installation. That’s accessible by logging in as the administrator. If you can do that, there’s a menu on the left. Find Appearance/Themes or something along those lines. You may be able to change the image through there, too. Depends on the setup of your visual theme.

  • Ryan

    The wood fence background one of ajbry is the best of this lot, though I think either of ajbry’s work. The first one is a bit too two-tone, and is a little unbalanced with the empty (but heavy in color) space above ‘inside the warriors’.

    The second from frisco joe might work if the font is changed, but the first is way too busy.

  • gorillas

    hahaha oh my god. please use the nellie’s belly one.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    I like ajbry’s first one the most.

  • When do we trade Stephen Jackson?

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    I like the one that has the old-time Warrior greats on it by Frisco Joe. Rick Barry with the underhand free throw is priceless. The only thing you would need to do is put one or two of the current team on it in a few years. Wishful thinking of course. Visually, ajbry’s choice of the wood fence background is the best while Thomas’ design is very clean.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I love the Nellie/belly one — although I agree with Oregonwarriorfan that the second one by Frisco Joe with the Warriors greats on it is even better. We need to accentuate the positive in Warriorsland. Otherwise, why bother following the team at all, except out of masochism?

  • No current players/coaches.

    But the team would flip its lid over a RIck Barry tribute. They pushed him away from the team for good three years ago b/c, well, he’s too much like them.

  • kshaq

    No Don Nelson on the banner

  • Ewok

    Bring the old pictures of the RUN TMC, and Rick Barry. They earned it. Historically speaking.

  • rcg

    You can’t use the one with de fence in the background. Not for the Warriors! Try a background of something soft and porous, like cheesecloth… But seriously, if you want wood then show the pine that our young players have been riding. No? Well, at least use a hardwood court surface. And no cheating with fake Costco oak panels!

  • Jax’s Brain Surgeon

    I like the banner featuring Monta and Jack. It has a fairy tale quality to it. Riffing on “Monta and the Beanstalk”. This time Jack is the Giant…

    You see Monta was on his way to market to sell his Moped and…

  • Trade Jackson

    a banner with rowell on it is your best bet, cuz we know he aint going nowhere just like this franchise

  • the Seer

    Nellie with his drool cup should be the face of the franchise..The modern players laugh at Nellie, don’t pay attention when he calls a timeout(Monte), and he is the perfect baffoon for a franchise that is a laughingstock of the NBA..Nellie and his drool cup are perfect…Maybe Rowell in tidy whiteys would be good too..

  • the Seer

    Chris Cohan and Donald Sterling in thongs..The two worst owners in all of sports exposed for the idiots and losers that they are..

  • the Seer

    A sieve representing Nellies defense…

  • the Seer

    A big zero representing Nellies amount of trips to the NBA finals..