Postgame Tidbits (at Lakers)

* I asked Anthony Randolph about his injury after the game. He flashed one of those faces he’s known for, the one where it looks like he’s about to cry. He was clearly disappointed, which read to me like the prognosis wasn’t good.
He officially has a strained left groin. It’s the same injury he sustained in Chicago trying to block a Tim Thomas shot. Re-aggravations usually means something wasn’t all the way healed, which means he may need some time for it to actually fully heal this time.

* Jackson was awful on offense (10 points, 5-for-17 shooting, 4 turnovers, two assists) but good on defense. Kobe never got going, finishing with 21 points on 9-for-25 shooting with five turnovers and two assists

* Brandan Wright finally got to stretch his legs, playing 32 minutes. He was good on the boards, finishing with 10, nine coming in the first half. He struggled finishing though, which is usually not his forte. He’s pretty sure around the basket. Still, he’s got to go harder. With his length, he should get more dunks. He would certainly get to the line more if he went up for dunks.

Wright: “I haven’t shot that badly in a long time.”

* Jermareo Davidson’s finally getting to show that jumper of his, which is pretty smooth. He nails it regularly in practice. Save for that airball he tossed up, his stroke looked easy and fluid. He hit a 20-footer early in the second quarter and a 15-footer from the baseline late in the third. He also drove to the basket for a dunk and converted a follow dunk.
If he can get his rebounds up (three in 11 minutes Thursday), he might can stick around with the Warriors. He certainly fits the mold of the frontline, and Nellie likes big men who can shoot.

* I often harp on the lack of minutes given to Belinelli and Morrow. Sometimes I think Nellie forgets about them. But there were a couple of errors they made that many may not have noticed but they drive coaches crazy.
Early in the fourth quarter, after the Warriors to get back in the game, Gasol had the ball down low. Belinelli was guarding Sasha Vujacic. Belinelli got caught in the middle, easing down to help and sagging off of Sasha. Gasol kicked it out to Sasha, and Belinelli gave a lame excuse for a close out. He practically just turned around and waived. Sasha nails the 3, lead back up to 12.
It was his second weak close out of the game. I think it was Sasha the first time, too. He’s got to know who the shooters are on the court. He should noknow better, being a shooter himself.
Immediately, Nellie called for Morrow to come off the bench. He came in for Belinelli. With like a minute left, the Warriors down 3, the Lakers dumped the ball down to Odom in the post. Morrow found himself in the same position as Belinelli earlier, caught between his man and the post player. Odom kicked it out to Trevor Ariza and Morrow made some half-hearted effort to contest the 3-pointer. Of course, Ariza made it, pushing the lead to six and all but ending the Warriors hopes.
He should noknow better, too. I definitely see why Nellie gets irritated. Of course, several players can be accused of similar transgressions, too. So I don’t think that’s a reason they shouldn’t be playing. But I see why Nelson gets frustrated with them.

* Azubuike started at SF on Thursday, with Jackson at shooting guard. He and Monta wound up as the only players with any kind of offensive rhythm.
Buike is a pretty underrated shooter. He’s got a better set shot than Crawford and Belinelli. He’s also got a nice pull=up jumper. He likes to dribble left, stop on a dime and rise up. He’s got that shot down.
If the Warriors can coax some consistency out of him – an part of that is his teammates responsibility, to not forget about him — he’d be a really good fourth scorer.

Marcus Thompson