Don Nelson – Stay or Go?

The one for which many of you have been waiting! Now, I have a feeling which way the majority will lean, but maybe some Nellie fans will speak out. There are some legitimate reasons for keeping him around, as some of you have pointed out. Nonetheless, it feels like the answer to this question is among the most paramount when it comes to the future of the organization. So …

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Why Don Nelson should stay:

Because he is the perfect coach for the Warriors’ preferred system. They want to be run-and-gun. They want to be exciting and high-scoring. No one coaches that style better than Don Nelson. It’s not really his fault management let his best player walk, or that Monta Ellis got injured. Plus, he’s perhaps the only coach available who can bring the best out of Stephen Jackson, who the Warriors are now committed to, and make the most out of the 58 perimeter players on the roster. Because his style of play is perhaps the only reason an outside player would want to come play for the Warriors at this point. Because, as someone already pointed out, he’s been the only coach to take the Warriors to the playoffs since who knows when. Because he’s going to be the all-time winningest coach in NBA history. He might as well do it with the Warriors. Because, who else are you going to get better? It might be too much of a risk to go with an experienced coach, and you all would go crazy if the Warriors’ replaced Nellie with a re-tread. Who is out there that could come in and do a better job? Smart teams don’t give up a good coach unless they have a better one in line. Plus, is another coaching change what the Warriors need? What screams instability more than ANOTHER REGIME coming in here?

Why Don Nelson should go:

Because, in short, he doesn’t want to be here. At least it seems that way. He’s lost the locker room (I think the only players who would cry if he left are Corey Maggette and Rob Kurz, maybe Stephen Jackson). His rotation patterns and moody tongue have singed nearly everyone in the locker room. But all those reasons can change with an acquisition or two. The biggest reason he should go: his style is too hard to win with, if not impossible. The Warriors are banking their future on young talents developing and taking over this franchise. Right now, they are learning that defense is secondary to offense and a good shot is any shot you’ve made in practice before. He doesn’t work to his players’ strengths; he coaches a system. So unless you get players to fit his system — a dominant point guard, preferably one with size, who can score, pass and be the best player on the court down the stretch; a shooting guard who can defend and spot up; a SF who can play all three perimeter positions, plus PF; a PF who can rebound, protect the basket, score down low, shoot from the outside and run the floor; and a center who can run the floor, shoot from the outside and rebound, and is OK with a minimal role on offense — it won’t work. That is so hard to do. The Warriors were close with the previous team. They were a PF away. Only problem is those power forwards are rare (KG, Chris Bosh, Shawn Marion to some extent). Having all but started over, it isn’t smart for the Warriors to limit themselves from the start.

The reality:

Nelson is due $12 million over the next two seasons once this one is done. If history is an indicator, he won’t be walking away from that money. That means the Warriors will have to fire him. From what I’ve been told, owner Chris Cohan is fed up with paying more than one coach at a time. So it would take an act of Congress (or maybe if he’s convinced he’ll lose more than $12 million if things continue the way they are). The smart money is on Nellie sticking around. But, if it were up to you, would he stay or go?

Let’s hear it!

Marcus Thompson

  • I hate Cohan

    Cohan deserved to lose that money. Nellie has got to go. Let Keith Smart takes over.

  • kshaq


    Fundamentals are not really taught to the team’s younger players this year, which is a big concern. I think Anthony Randolph or Belinelli or even Brandan Wright would have developed way faster than have if they were not under Nelson. Like you pointed out, he plays for a system not to the strengths his players possess. He apparently one of the most egotistical coaches in the history of this game–though it doesn’t seem like it. He’s a good coach when he has the players that fit his system and are veterans! He’s good for a team that has a rookie or two on their team, not 4!

    I think part of why Monta Ellis is such a horrible defender is because of Nellie’s woooo system. Look at Jackson..a pretty good defender and he learned that from his days with Popovich in San Antonio not with Nellie, obviously.

    Also, is he coach or GM? If he’s both (which he is at the moment), then you know disaster is coming pretty soon down the line.

    Nellie, i love you, but go back to Maui.

  • Boner Stabone

    I want Nellie to stay!

  • Boner Stabone

    Unless the franchise can bring in D’Antoni, then Nellie can go.

  • Le


    Remember how horrible the W’s were under the leadership of previous coaches? Only coach that has been able to lead the W’s to good seasons 20 plus years is Nellie. So this season sucks… Nellie’s fault? Hell freakin no. Was not Nellie that sent Baron away. Was not Nellie that injured his ankle, knee, groin, shoulder, butt crack, etc. If you ask me, the W’s athletic trainer needs to go. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but how come he can’t keep the players from being healthy? I say we hire a yoga instructor.

    Only thing I will knock Nellie on is how he handles the rooks and their playing time. But that’s because he has high expectations for his players. I think he can do a better job at keeping Jax under control but I’m sure it’s not easy, he’s the best player on the team.

  • kike yanez

    if nelli leaves who will replace him?the dubs r just a healthy monta n a star player from a “we beleave” team once agine!!!!!

  • rcg

    Stay. Just get the FO to bring in players who are already above average defenders and who rebound. No more Crawfords allowed on the team no matter how much offense they bring. JC OUT and a defensive, rebounding big man IN. And no drafting tweeners.

  • Ryan

    Stay. I don’t know who else they would get, and while the ‘grass is greener’ feeling is tempting, the memory of the coaches since nellie left the first time is stronger. And if Rowell is picking…it is scary.

    Certainly, some things are annoying and frustrating with Nelson. Yet the young kids do seem to be getting better, and are learning (and playing) finally. Next year is more the test for this, as Randolph, Wright, and Morrow have shown themselves to be ready. If he fails to play them enough then, then he has to go.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    Stay. One of the reasons that teams are perpetually at the bottom is because they change coaches and systems far too often. Let the young players learn in this system, then let Keith Smart take over when Nellie leaves for some continuity.

  • Mike in Atl

    go, but we’ll probably miss him rather quickly. look at Dallas… Avery Johnson, FIRED. Now Rick C., should be fired by the off season. Nellie had Dallas a top the west year in and year out.
    Only problem with Nellie is he’s unpredictable and moody. Like a good looking girlfriend, that combo wears on u, forcing u to do something you soon there after regret. let them go…

  • matt kersey

    Will Jamal Crawford play today? or does he still need time to condition after Nelson sat him for two games. Also is their any chance Anthony Randolph plays tonight?

  • Concerned

    Go! Aren’t we Warriors fans tired of Nelsons gimmickry? Who needs more trouble? Rowel should go with him.

  • Out of Here. For those of you that think Nellie should stay…..”expect more of the same” I want to think we have a shot at a championship with this talent………his system and ego don’t spell winners!!!!!

  • sad jose

    that’s good: “we beleave” we beleaving b/c this organization sucks

  • sleepless in San Fran

    don’t let the door slam him on the way out!

  • Chris Webber

    Might as well keep him, so he can keep playing AR and BW 10 mins a game next season.
    Nothing more fun than watching four guards and a power forward playing major minutes .

  • E

    Gooooooooooooooooooo, and fire whoever gave him the extension…


  • SW

    The Warriors brass (Rowell) are stupid for chasing Baron Davis away to Clipper purgatory and screwing up the team. Nellie is Nellie, he is a known quantity. He excels with a certain type of team. He was close to the prototypical dominant point guard that Nellie excels with.

  • Dave Biagini

    Nelson is a great coach. He is the only guy in the organization that knows basketball. We all knew this would be a lost season from the beginning. This has been a valuable year for player development. Next year will be the year to judge this team. They are one player away from being a consistantly good team against good teams. I like this teams chances of turning the corner next year.

  • Keep Nellie ~

    Nelson finally has most of the pieces to a team that CAN actually play his style and win. Please leave these guys alone and let them become a team. One thing that almost every winning team has is some consistency and there has been none of that this year. The Warriors have excellent young talent, are going to get a lottery pick, and have talent to trade with as well.

    I am much more concerned about Rowell and his shadowy presence. I believe if management does not screw this up the Warriors are going to continue to be one of the most exciting teams in the NBA to watch and they WILL become consistent winners.

    I will be shocked if we are not talking about playoff position this time next year and what a genius Nellie is.

    To W’s players and coaches. Great effort and a lot of positive growth. Will miss Jamal if he has to go.

    DB Starkey.

  • Sleepy

    Nelson should be tossed out on his arse . Its amazing how easily mediocrity is accepted. Instead of a longterm development plan we want to settle for the one playoff berth nelson got us even though we are shaping up to be the west coast knicks .

    All this young talent we have is getting screwed over and once Nelson leaves they wont be worth anything because hes not teaching them anything about nba basketball.

    Im so tired of Nelson and the crap he pulls whereever he goes . He basically wins over the naive fans with a flashy style and good home court record but his teams are always epic fails on the road.The next guy comes in behind him and has to gut the entire team because they havent been taught anything.

    Why are we prolonging this nightmare ….

  • justafan

    Just do not go to the games and Cohan loses enough money and he sells the team to someone who has NBA experience. So I said it before and I’ll say it again and again and again:
    Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team!!!!

    Nellie? getting a bit old is he not?

  • the Seer

    Nellie go back to Hawaii and drool in a cup..Your too freakin old and the game passed you by ten years ago..He is just embarrassing himself and destroying any decent legacy he ever had…Now he will just be remembered as an old fuddy duddy who never won anything…Way to ruin your reputation Nellie..Bye the way, you CANNOT coach this generation of players..They laugh at you behind your back and make fun of you…

  • the Seer

    Chris Webber, you are right on..The gimmick crap you pull Nellie is just so old and stupid…

  • pixellatedspace

    Cohan sell
    Rowell fired
    Nellie Go


  • the Seer

    Marcus you can see at least 90% of this responders wants Nellie out of here…He is nothing but a senile embarrassment to an organization used to embarrassment…He is a pathetic old man who should go back to Hawaii and drool in his cup with Ms. Joy..

  • pixellatedspace

    Also, new ownership, re-sign Mullin

  • the Seer

    Warrior fans are nothing but enablers for Rowell and Cohan..Warrior fans keep filling the arena and you will be rewarded with crappy teams..Stop going to the games and let Cohan know that he should sell the team or get some coaches and players in here who can compete..Your nothing but enablers for a terrible owner who doesn’t deserve your loyalty..Wake up Warrior fans and boycott this loser..

  • the Seer

    Bay Area fans need to let these terrible owners that we will not support an owner that doesn’t deserve loyalty..I am talking about the 49ers, A’s, Giants, and Warriors..At least Al Davis tries to win, he is just too old and senile, but at least he spends money and tries..The Sharks are the only franchise in the bay area, that has any clue what the hell they are doing..STOP SUPPORTING OWNERS THAT DON’T DESERVE YOUR LOYALTY…The economy sucks, give your hard earned money to someone that deserves it..

  • the Seer

    How can anyone want Nelson around when EVERYONE WHO KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT BASKETBALL, KNOWS THAT DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS..Look at his resume, 28 years of coaching, zero rings, zero trips to the finals..You keep Nellie, you keep losing, period..

  • the Seer

    I am trying to figure out how a fan base who completely supports an organization that has ZERO chance of succeeding..It staggers me that Warrior fans keep putting their hard earned money in Cohan’s and Nelsons loser gimmick team..Nelson NEVER holds his players accountable for their lack of intent to even try to playing defense..So it might be mildly entertaining to see two teams score 250 points, but the bottom line is no defense, you NEVER even get to 41 and 41..

  • Concerned

    Have anyone notice in Don Nelsons coaching history that he has never left a team without a legal problem?

    But as always, Nelsons charisma was able to con the Warriors ownership. Again for the second time! And the fans are dreaming for that day their team will be a team to contend. RIGHT. Next year?

    Don’t you even wonder why this management is in disarray It’s because that’s where his genius works best and flourishes. Just ask Chris Mullin. But as SURE always, Nelson NEVER leaves without the big dough.

    You think Nelson will complete his contract? What, at 71 years old?

  • Stay.

    Andris Biedrins.

    Monta Ellis.

    Baron Davis.

    Stephen Jackson.

    Kelenna Azubuikee.

    Anthony Randolph.

    CJ Watson.

    Matt Barnes.

    If anyone can argue that these players were better before Don Nelson got his hands on them I like to hear it. Yes his offense is meant to score more points, but it just doesn’t magically happen. Nellie has an understanding on players weaknesses and strengths. He does an EXCELLENT job of getting players to exploit their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses.


    Anthony Randolph came into the league thinking he can grab a defensive rebound dribble the length of the court while weaving through three defenders and then pull up for a 20 footer in the face of two men.

    But now he grabs that defensive rebound dribble to half court, passes to a guard, gets into the offensive set and puts back an offensive rebound.

    Monta Ellis was shackled to the bench when Mike Montgomery coached the Warriors, when he did play he would only go right at 450MPH.

    Now with Nellie, Monta can go left or right. He also has the understanding to slow down when driving to the basket. He can shift and move his body around guys rather than barreling into them and getting called for a charge. Now he is a controlled 450MPH.

    Don Nelson is a great coach and for some reason everyone remembers the 2007 “We Believe” season, but no one remembers the guy pulling the strings.

    The Warriors are a stud PG away from being where they were, and that PG is on the LA Clippers now. If Baron never left, Corey never happens. Maybe we trade away Al but not for the unnecessary Jamal, maybe just some scraps. Then we are not log jammed at positions we already had talent at.

    We have 2s (Monta, Morrow, Marco)
    We have 3s (Jackson, Azubuikee)
    We have 4s (Wright and Randolph)
    We have 5s (Biedrins and Turiaf)

    We have two players that happened because management didn’t want to do whatever the media says they didn’t want it to do. And now we’ll never know what would could’ve been, but its not completely Nelson’s fault. It’s not his fault he can’t find playing time for our younger players, he has two players (Corey and Jamal) who soak up minutes and bankroll. Whether he was behind the whole thing we may never know but I do know this, Don Nelson gave the Golden State Warriors an identity, an identity that we fans were searching for for so long. And now all we want is to have that back.

    Keep Don Nelson.

  • the Seer

    Squall what identity did Nellie give us?? A gimmicky team that has ZERO chance of winning because we don’t even attempt to play defense and NELLIE DOESN’T HOLD ANYONE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE PATHETIC DEFENSE..This franchise has zero chance of succeeding until Cohan, Rowell and Nellie go away…Back to Maui with your old drool cup..You are so way to old to coach these players..They don’t respect you, they don’t pay attention at timeouts(Monte) and they laugh at you behind your back..

  • hibcbcbc





  • Tony M

    GO…the sooner the better.

    can we please stop talking about the WE BELIEVE couple months??? That mess is 2 years old now…and we have a total different team. JUST STOP

  • Trade Jackson

    jim barnett for coach? fitzgerald for gm? what yall think?

    new warriors mascot, tim kamakazi?

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay. Stay.

    Him win the NBA championship? Not likely. Make the Warriors worth following? Definitely.

  • Le

    Nelson stays! I don’t want to watch anymore “Dunelevy taking the ball up and passing to Murphy in the post”.

    Let’s blame the moped and Rowell for this season’s debacle (and the athletic trainer for all the injuries).


    Go! Please Go!

    Nelson has lost all of the key young players on the team for good reason. He is terrible at developing young talent, and doesn’t play a winning system!

    If Cohan won’t part with the $12M, then at least move Nelson to the FO and make Smart or someone else the head coach. Anything but this dead end we have now.

    There are plenty of good young coaches out there to take this coaching job–especially with the top young talent we have. Avery Johnson and Kurt Rambis, to just name two who immediately come to mind.

  • jsl

    The Fat Man is pure poison. The sooner he’s gone, the better we are. Huge addition by even huger subtraction. Now, why:

    1. Can’t coach in Q4; always going SNSB on us. Almost cost us the 76er game when he pulled BW with 7:30 left and an 18 point lead. Cost us three games by failing to guard the in-bound pass or (get this) keeping Jamal in for defense. Wears Jack out so he’s usually a Q4 liability.

    2. Doesn’t treat players fairly or equally. Acts as a petulant ass. Gives unlimited minutres to old guys; won’t play the kids — retarding all development. “Ices” players. Publicly dismissive of young talent.

    3. Lacks all flexibility. Is most predictable as game proceeds. Makes the same stupid mistakes over and over.

    4. Refuses to play fast. Keeps faster bigs — like AR and BW — shackled while over-playing slower, older guys.

    5. Runs a 6-7 man rotation on a team with real depth that could play a 9-10 man rotation and play fast all the time.

    6. Has NO concept of defense. Doesn’t teach it; doesn’t care about it. Allows old guys to play it entirely with their hands, not legs. Is perhaps worst defensive coach in NBA history.

    7. Is — on balance — a lifelong loser as a coach. has NEVBER won anything in 30 years.

    8. Doesn’t teach; doesn’t develop young talent. Any improvement by our young guys is self-taught. (Goose had to learn his craft in Latvian summers.)

    9. Is brittle beyond repair. See, lack of flexibility, above. Is way too old to coach, given his personality.

    10. Is so caught up in passing Lenny, he’ll trade our youthful core for more of the Jack-Jamal-Maggette crap. Best result: one and out in the playoffs.

    There’s a lot more, but this is more than enough. Problem is, even iof he took the money and ran, we’d still have Rowell and Cohan.

    P.S. Squall: Your REAL p;oint is that we have pretty good players. But look what Nelson’s done to them and to us this year. Frankly, your best conclusion SHOULD be the Fat Man must go!

  • Mike

    Now that he is finally playing Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph, he can stay. Plus, he’s dumping Crawford. Sounds good to me.

  • Kyle

    It’s easy to say “Nellie should go.”

    It’s really hard to find a better coach who wants to coach for the Warriors. The thing I struggle with is Nellie truly not coaching defense. This spells doom.

  • Ewok


    Nelson is no longer about coaching.

    He is about his ego.

    If he can’t communicate with Mullin, his protege, how do you expect him to communicate with the rest of the team in working for a championship.

    Nelso will soon break this team apart.

    Just wait and see.

    Replacement? We have lots of replacements.. Keith Smart, Mario Ellie, Avery Johnson, or Even Tim Hardaway..

    There’s lots of candidates.

  • fotd

    Stay. Nelson got his contract so that he could use this season to develop. Many of his moves are hard to understand but I think he has laid the groundwork to succeed next year. If I’m Cohan, he gets another year.

  • jsl

    And here’s a few more reasons — see 41 –Nelson should leave:

    11. Horrible rotations. Plays Jack — one of the league’s worst percentage shooters — 40+ minutes a game. As a result, Jack is dead in Q4, never passes in Q4, doesn’t defend in Q4, and shopots without conscience in Q4. Nelson never pulls him UNLESS Jack asks. (Cf. when BW, Marco, or almost any young guy makes a mistake.) He rarely plays two bigs, even tho the W’s almost always play better with two bigs. His young guys get no consistyent minutes. (Look at BW’s time over the past two weeks.) In short, Nelson’s long range view is about six minuites into the future.

    12. He’s a terrible away game coach. The W’s have just an execrable record on the road this year — SIX wins, I think. They might not make it to ten, which is LESS than a .250 percentage. Nelson just doesn’t get the guys up to play — largely because he’s so mercurial and inconsistent. We’ll never be a winning team this way, cuz he always screws the pooch on the road.

    13. His players — with the possible exception (tho I doubt it) of Jack, Nelson’s favored pet — hate the Fat Man. Sure, they might say nice things in public, but anyone who watches closely (e.g. look at how they avoid him in time outs; cf. with a real vcoach, like Pop) knows this guy is reviled by his players. He deserves it.

    14. He thinks Monta’s a one. But just look at the way Monta plays; he’s a two guard all the way. That means, if he plays, we need a big one to guard the oppositions best small man.

    Now, I’m not saying the Fat Man’s a perfect fool — tho he IS a perfect ass — because he CAN do some smart things. Tho irt took half a year, he finally figured out that Maggette can’t start. (I wish he’d also get it that Maggette’s a three, but that’s another story.) Although he was playing Jamal — perhaps the league’s WORST defender (as long as Watson’s in the league, he takes that title) — nearly 40 minutes, he’s finally tumbled to the obvious: while the Al trade got rid of one Nelson nemesis, it brought back a really limited guy with a longer, more expensive contract — who just doesn’t fit. So he gets the Marcus Williams treatment.

    But when you add it all up, even tho this guy was once a good coach, that was YEARS ago. Now he’s a poison to this team, and the sooner Cohan pays him off and shows him out, the better we’ll get.

    Who say you? Well, TK has offered a number of pro choices. I suggest the W’s look to the East for a good, tough college coach who knows and requires defense. (I’m not talking about a pensive guy like Montgomery, but a young firebrand who can teach the young guys how to get better much quicker.) We’ve a lot of options. The rub, tho, is that Rowell — a bigger idiot than Nelson — will be making the choice. Now, if we just had a guy like Mullin in the front office. . . .

  • Steve

    One of the reasons I’ve always liked Nelson is he’s never been afraid to be different. His style is fast and high scoring, and that coaching philosophy came within a Robert Horry cheap shot foul on Steve Nash of likely producing an NBA champion a few years ago. The rules in sports are more slanted towards the offensive side of the game than ever before. The New England Patriots were a minute or two away from a 19-0 season that many would have labeled the best ever, and their defense would have taken a distant backseat to their offense. Last year neither Pittsburgh nor Arizona could stop anyone when it really counted in the 4th quarter. The Super Bowl was won on offense. There are ZERO teams in the NBA that play great defense. When the Lakers and Celtics played last, they combined to score 219 points (110-109). The point is, the Warriors and Nelson’s style of play can win, and win big, if the talent is there. GSW just needs to grow up and mature as a team. As for their defensive numbers, they’ll improve drastically as soon as their rebounding improves. And their rebounding will improve drastically as Wright and Randolph play more minutes and mature physically. Look at Biedrins body now compared to 3 years ago. By the time BW and AR are in their mid-20’s their physical appearance will be night-and-day from today. In case in you haven’t already guessed, a vote for Nelson to stay.

  • Le

    You guys are right, Nellie is a horrible coach, especially being 3 time coach of the year and 2 most wins in NBA history.

    #44 – Tim Hardaway & Mario Ellie? Are you just throwing out random ex-Warriors? Hardaway is banned from the NBA – not a chance! Here are some more names since we are just we are just naming random coaches:
    Victor Alexander
    Chris Gatling
    Todd Fuller
    Jud Buschler

  • Steve
  • Lufty455

    Time to go old man and hand the team over to your assistant coaches or someone new. We tire over your inefficient command and structure. You were a good coach back in the 80’s and 90’s but could not get any of your team over that hump and title. You need to stop treating the young bucks like they were some sort of plague and respect them. This is one of the many reason he lost the team (RESPECT). We need that change NOW before the team starts playing like the Clippers.

  • Randall

    stay…best guy available.

  • rickey m.

    stay…this team is long and very lean, quick, can’t play any other style. Don’t care if players like him or not.

  • bobby lee

    Keep Nelson. a pg away from a playoff team with him, a complete overhaul away without him.

  • Elgin Baylor

    Who’s gonna fall out of playoff contention next year to make room for Golden State?…..The Lakers? The Spurs? The Rockets? The Jazz? The Hornets? The Mavericks? The Blazers? The Nuggetts?…..that’s 8 spots right there and all of these teams have far greater players than the Warriors………

    You guys have to wake up.

    Even when we won 48 games last year, we were basically a mediocre team that couldn’t beat Denver, L.A., San Antonio to save our lives.

    We were a .500 team during the 2006-2007 “We Believe” campaign that got lucky and became a Cinderella story. We were an average team that would struggle to beat real teams like the Lakers and Spurs.

    We don’t have enough talent on this team either in 2008-2009.

    We have young talent, but we have no real talented star player and until we get that we won’t make the playoffs next year either.

    This is a bad team, a poorly managed organization and an organization that constantly goes around in circles. First, they make mistakes, then they correct them, then they make the same mistakes again……….

    Most of you fans are jerking off over the fact that we won 90 games the last 2 years and made it to the second round of the playoffs………wow, fucking big deal, the Lakers, Jazz and Spurs do that every single god damn year with no excuses and no problems.

    What has Nelson really gotten us so far? 1 playoff birth and 100 wins, so what?………..There are plenty of coaches out there who can do that.

    Guys, we weren’t that good last year, we were going to be the 8th seed if we beat Denver that last game and we would have had our hats handed to us by the Lakers in the first round.

    We were average in 2006-2007 and we were mediocre in 2007-2008. The 2008-2009 Warriors are one of the worst teams in the league.

    I’m sorry to hurt a lot of your feelings, but I’d rather strive to have a winning organization that competes for Championships and not be happy with winning 45 games and winning 1 playoff series.

    Gregg Popovich and Phil Jackson win playoff series’ in their sleep and yes they have more talented players. But that’s what it takes, you need talented players, not just a bunch of “rag tag” washed up 3rd options, CBA and D-League guys and UFAs.

  • Lamarcus

    This team is bulit to run.To thin on front line for slow down game, smallish star guard. Nelson stays and rebuilds W’s again.

  • Kyle

    The Mavericks are not good. We could easily take that playoff spot next year if we make the right couple moves.

  • Elgin Baylor

    But then you got Phoenix and other young up and coming teams like Memphis and Minnesota,…..both of these teams have better young players than us.

    M. Gasol, O.J. Mayo, Rudy Gay, Kevin Love and Al Jefferson would run circles around our young guys.

    Point is, if Dallas don’t make it, an improved Phoenix Suns team or an up and coming young team would slide in before the Warriors, I think.

    Even a health Clipper team with all hands on deck: Gordon, Davis, Camby, Kaman, Thornton, is better than us.

  • reality

    Nelson stays.Young team first wins at home then learns to win on the road.A few pieces out and a few pieces in and W’s will be very good.

  • Slam Dunk

    Nelson ain’t going anywhere. Dubs getting much better as season winds down. He’s doing a fine job with a mess of a roster which I expect him to start cleaning up in the off season.

  • Matt

    Nelson and Rowell need to go.

  • Elgin Baylor

    D’Antoni has proven that he is a better coach for the “run and gun” style than Nelson.

    Nelson had some great players in Dallas: Nash, Nowitzki, etc., and they played pretty well but D’Antoni did even better with Nash in Phoenix and for a more consistent and longer period of time.

    So both these coaches have had some talent for their uptempo offensive styles, but D’Antoni has proven that he can more consistently lead his team further into the playoffs with that style.

  • Steve

    Elgin Baylor, after reading what you have to say about GSW (and your evaluation of other teams and players around the league), there’s only one logical conclusion to make——-you are THE Elgin Baylor, the worst GM in the history of sports. How’s the weather in LA these days?

  • fastbreak

    nelson should stay because he brings high scoring exciting games. I dont see why this is a discussion. its not nelsons fault greedy management didnt sign baron davis and nelson didnt push ellis off that moped. You fans need to stop whining and check your estrogene levels cause your acting like little girls.

  • Steve

    For those who didn’t read Sunday’s SF Chronicle, Bruce Jenkins wrote a half-page column about the Warriors and Don Nelson (“Team Turmoil”). http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/03/22/SP4J16K7T5.DTL&feed=rss.sports

  • Elgin Baylor

    “Steve”…………definitely 1 of the worst GMs in history,…….but also 1 of the greatest players in history,……..right?

    But you already knew that……..because you know everything.

  • earl monroe

    #38 Good point.

    although for the same reasons I would let him go, there is enough promise in Biedrins and the young forwards that you could build a good conventional team. The kind that would really compete in the playoffs. That kind of team is not Nelson’s cup of tea, he cannot envision playing Wright, Randolph and Biedrins together, and that is what it may take to start building the front line, the beauty of Randolph and Wright is that they give you second shots when the team is taking those fun crazy jumpers.
    Re building should start now because with these young colts we are still a couple of years away, and that is only if they get to play consistently, because no matter what Nelson says, no player learns enough by sitting on the bench, there is no substitute for real run time.

    But Nelson is going no where unless he pisses Cohan off like he did Cuban, too much money and lack of integrity for him to quit and just
    walk away, he is here to stay.

  • 4th Quarter Scorer

    It just amazes me how some bloggers are so quick to compliment the stupidest posts…….here is “Earl Monroe” saying “Good point to # 38.”

    Good point for what “Earl?”

    # 38 said Nelson winning a Championship is not likely.

    How about Nelson winning a Championship is absolutely impossible.

    My question to you, “Earl,” is, what did # 38 say that was such a great point?

    I mean I am looking at other more substantive posts with good suggestions and sound reasoning and you pick the most retarded and generic post to agree with.

    Hard to take you seriously “Earl.”

  • Mr B

    Keep Nelson. First, we let go of a good PG, now we want to let go of a good coach. This is what we’ve been saying all along is that we cannot be in rebuilding mode.

    Maintain the current core of players, keep the current coach and add to the core. You add a Boozer and an Andre Miller type player into the this team, then you have a playoff team – possibly a deep playoff team at that.

    The grass seem to always be greener on the other side. At least we know Coach Nelon’s quirks and can work with it. If you take on a Jeff Van Gundy or a Rick carlisle type coach, shoot who knows what crap you will get into.

    I agree with what Le is saying by the way.

  • Daniel

    Keep Nelson for sure.He has proven he can build successful teams over and over again. After a few times, it’s not just luck or coincidence anymore.

  • slap shot

    Come on, this team of tweeners and skinny bigs can win only with a running system.They can’t play power ball, or a half court slow down game.Nelson stays cuz running game is his specialty and he’s one of the few guys who might be able to make something out of this team despite its “unusual”makeup.

  • RJ

    Nelson ain’t going anywhere and he shouldn’t be.It took him two years to rebuild Mavs, they had the patience, do Dubs fans?

  • jeremy

    Nelson stays. 2 good seasons and all of the sudden he can’t coach? I don’t think so.Find a pg and a brawny backup PF with Turiaf skillset and should be good team.

  • Aaron M.

    Even a very good coach like Nelson needs the correct players to run his system effectively.Give him the off season to dump Jamal and trade some other dead weight out of the way, and I’m sure he’ll find those players as he’s done for the last 30 years.

    Nelson stays.

  • 4th Quarter Scorer

    Wow…..with all the Nelson support you would think we were talking about Phil Jackson or Pat Riley………you guys would probably fall all over yourselves for those guys.

    Look, Nelson knows how to win in the regular season. He is a match-up coach as well as an “X”s and “O”s coach. He plays gimmick defense by forcing other teams to either adjust to his rotations or stay status quo.

    This game works with some coaches but not with Championship coaches like Popovich and Jackson. These guys would eat Don Nelson alive.

    Avery Johnson was a perfect example of a coach who fell for the gimmick lineups in the 2006-2007 playoff series against Dallas.

    But the main point is that 45 wins a season doesn’t really get my dick hard, guys.

    I mean, I want a deep playoff team with Championship aspirations, no matter who the coach is.

  • notanelsonfan

    Nellie will end up staying.

    If Nellie could:
    1. Consistently play a bigger lineup to get more rebounds both on offense and defense on a regular basis. (I’m not saying to just stop small ball, because it does work fine at times).

    2. Get Jax to stop shooting so damn much and distribute the ball, especially when he’s cold.

    3. Get rid of that damn Magette!!!!!

    4. Preach more defense to his team.

    5. Finally if he can just concentrate on coaching, and just THAT. Get it thru his skull that whom ever Mullin drafts or signs in the off season work with that person with no complaints!

    Most will say all the above is just wishful thinking, but what the heck!

  • Trae H.

    Team’s improving overall. Nelson’s doing his job.AR’s getting better, AM looks like he’s coming along,BW looks good at times. Game to game in the NBA is not necessarily an accurate road map of the overall improvement of a team.Need to add a few players.

    Nellie stays IMHO.

  • Todd

    Nelson is fine and should stay.Could use a little less drama next year though. From Nelson and the media.

  • stephen

    Wow, with all the Nelson bashing you would think he was PJ Carlisemo or something.

    Nelson stays.

  • I got skillz

    Nelson stays.Team looks much better than earlier in the season. Add a few pieces and subtract a few and improvement should continue next year.

  • KT

    On a team born to run, Nellie is the right coach. He stays.

  • jsl

    On a team born to run, Nelson just slows things down. Watch Jack in Q4 sometime. Or Maggette. It’s stultifying.

  • the Seer


  • the Seer



  • Steve

    Oh, great Seer, your presence is humbling. However, may I give you the name of a coach who emphasizes defense and tough physical play, who’s so good his team qualified for the playoffs 16 years in a row, and who’s also had great players to coach, yet, he’s never won an NBA championship……….Jerry Sloan. Jerry Sloan and Don Nelson have won a combined zero titles as coaches, yet only a dimwitted fool would see the glass as half-empty when analyzing their respective coaching careers. All these brainiacs that post here and shout to the moon that Nelson isn’t any good because he doesn’t coach defense and he’s never won a championship as a coach. Well, Jerry Sloan coaches defense, his teams have made the playoffs something like 17 times in 20 years, and he’s had great players like Karl Malone and John Stockton to coach, yet no championships. Why? I guess, just like Nelson, it’s because he’s not a good enough coach. LOL The Warriors have a very good coach ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Nelson ). The only question that matters going forward concerns the players. Are these guys good enough to make GSW perennial playoff contenders? Or better? The Warriors have a lot of good young talent, but I think they’re probably one star player short of maybe being a really good team. Look what adding Pao Gasol did for the Lakers. How about Chris Bosh in a GSW jersey? Hey, just some wishful thinking.

  • the Seer

    By the way, this Elgin Baylor makes tons more sense then the real one…The Warriors are a losing organization striving for mediocrity..Can’t we strive for more here?? No one talks about championships in the bay area and that is precisely why we don’t ever win them..Only the Sharks have any clue, thank god for Doug Wilson..Congrats to Mully for getting out of this dysfunctional mess and landing on your feet..NY will treat you so much better..You’ll have fun with all that cap room in 2010, while GS is stuck with the same ole, same ole, fighting for mediocrity, because that is what the Dubs do..

  • the Seer

    thats the issue, the Dubs never make that one move to get that star player…I never said the Jerry Sloan was a great coach..I said that Don Nelson isn’t the coach for an up and coming young team that needs continuity and someone to teach them the fundamentals of playing championship basketball in the NBA..I don’t see Don Nelson doing that, period..How many coaches have told players during the season to opt out ,that we won’t sign you next year?? How many coaches have told players your getting days off, so we can play other players?? Not Phil Jackson or Red Auerbach, or Greg Popovich, or Pat Riley, unless they were resting them for the last game of the season before the playoffs or something like that..

  • the Seer

    Steve I am so with you on the wishful thinking for Bosh or Gasol, but we are capped out for a few years, right?? Even if Crawford leaves, we don’t have any money in the next three years to sign a FA that can make that impact to change the course of the franchise..I don’t think you blame Nelson for that, but its a little frustrating to realize how little space we have to make changes to get us to a level where we are a playoff team consistently..

  • earl monroe

    #67 Good point

  • Steve Nash, eh?

    I am late to this, having just discovered Marcus’ excellent blog, a nice antidote to the all too many dysfunctional warriors sites out there. Marcus, you seem like neither a hater nor a cheerleader, but simply a good journalist. As to Nelson, he may be the 2nd winningest coach in history, but he is also the third or fourth losignest (a word?). Cohan needs to weigh whether it is worth the 6 million a year to keep someone around who will destroy any chance the promising youngsters have of becoming a contending team. If that is the case, he will lose a lot more in season ticket and merchandise sales than he gets by moving to a great available coach like Avery Johnson. Amazing that the two-time coach of the year is available, while aging white retreads who never had his success get signed again and again. What is up with that?

    If they keep Nelson and don’t do something dramatic (and an o.k. 7th-8th pick SF is not dramatic), they will fall off 3 or 4000 tix sales/game next year, which is 12 million dollars plus say another 3 million in merchandise/food/parking, so the cost of keeping the Nelson status quo is about 9 million a year. Maybe those are numbers Cohan and Co will understand. Pay Nellie and hire a coach for 2-3 mill/year and you are still 6 million ahead, OR bump him upstairs to VP and use his still agile analysis when it suits you.