Jax Going on the Shelf

Ever wonder why Jackson, who is right-handed, almost always jumps off his right foot (which is what a left-handed shooter does)? It’s because his left big toe has been killing for more than two years now.
And he’s fed up with it.
His toe has been giving him pain all season. It actually started in March 2007. He first injured the toe, then in late April had an MRI that said it was fractured. A few days later, the Warriors changed their statement, saying there was no fracture and Jackson had turf toe. (I’m not sure Jackson ever stopped believing it was fractured.)
He’s been playing on it ever since. Rest hasn’t worked, but he hasn’t looked deeper into what was wrong with it. He just kept playing.
But now he has an appointment in Houston on Friday to get his toe checked out. He’ll play Wednesday night in Dallas (you know he’s not missing a showdown with Dirk) and then he’s going get his toe examined by the Houston Rockets doctor.
Why now? Because it’s getting worse and the Warriors aren’t playing for anything. After the New Orleans game, he was noticeably limping. Then Tim Duncan stepped on it tonight.

Jackson: “It’s been hurting for so long that I’ve learned how to somewhat block it out. But if I can put up these numbers, imagine what I can do without this pain.”

He said he’s going to stay in Houston until it’s figured out. He is dead set on making sure he comes into training camp with this behind him. I would not be surprised if he’s done for the season. From the impression I got, he’s going to do whatever it takes. Surgery. Rest. Ballet. He’s just tired of the pain.

Jackson: “I wanted to wait until the end of the season. But everybody is noticing it’s getting worse. It’s time I take a good look at it. We’re not going to be in this position next season. We’re going to need everybody healthy and I don’t want to go into next year not worrying about my toe.”

Jackson said he’s already missed too many games (13) for his liking and didn’t want to sit out anymore. But he’s got designs on a playoff run next season, and he plans to have an even bigger season. Nelson sounded as if he was fine with the decision to get his toe checked out. He’s been looking to sit guys anyway, right? This bails him out from having to answer more questions about resting healthy veterans.

Nellie: “He’s played in pain. Back-to-backs have been hard for him. It’s time to take a look at it, then we’ll see what happens.”

Marcus Thompson

  • gswarriors08@hotmail.com

    whew, this means more minutes hopefully for A. Morrow and M. Belinelli. Since we can’t get rid of him, hopefully he comes back healthy next year.

  • N uck

    There’s the minutes for crawford to pump up his stats, and Nelson gets to play the “young guys” (buike and watson) some more.

  • Maybe resting and fixing his big toe will fix his brain. Maybe he will undertand that he’s not SUPERMAN and learn to trust his teamates. Maybe he will read some of his critics about all of his STUPID TURNOVERS. Maybe he will and maybe he won’t. Since were stuck with him it would be nice if he would learn that this is a team game, maybe someone would wisper in his thick skull that he needs to stop doing stupid things on the court. He has talent, it would be nice if he would use it to help the team improve..Maybe??????

  • A’s in 2009

    Only 11 games left. Just 11. It was time to sit Jackson weeks ago. Just sit Crawford, Maggette, and Jackson the rest of the year and go with the youngsters here on out. Even without Biedrins and Davidson we can go with a 9-man rotation.


  • GoDubs

    People just seem to love to rip Jax. Give it a rest already. In a season filled with teammate injuries, he carried the team and averaged career highs in MPG, PPG, and AST with his hurt toe. Additionally, he’s second behind Lebron for assists by a forward this season, so I think he’s been getting his teammates involved.

    Anyway thanks Jax, and I’m looking forward to seeing you healthy next year.

  • justafan

    Shut it down Jack! and Remember all you Warriors season ticket holders, don’t re-up your tickets and join the movement. Just say no Chris Cohan and Boycott.Then maybe we get an owner who cares about the NBA.

  • justafan

    Oh and yes please trade Magghoggy or just cut him.

  • Scott

    Now I see…a broken toe clearly explains why he as the ball handling skills of 8 year-old. Of all the bad contract/contract extentions handed out by the Warriors brass over the lest decade, in 5 years, this one is going top the list….and that is saying something.

  • Jerry West

    Nice performance our guys last night………..

    Anthony Randolph reminds me of a leaner Josh Smith with better ball handling ability. He fills the stat sheets like Josh. Last night, 13 points, 8 or so assists and 5 blocks……that’s a Josh Smith type line.

    Anthony I think has a little better attitude than Josh……but both are hard-working, energetic players.

    The question I have, Warrior fans, is “Is Anthony Randolph a 15ppg and 10rpg guy……..or is he more like a 20ppg and 10rpg guy? Is he Lamar Odom or is he Danny Granger? Is he Hakim Warrick or is he Carmello Anthony?

    Also, hard to get a read on our young squad, are we a competitive team, when all hands are on deck, meaning without injuries and a full, health roster? Or are we really as bad as our record and our late game performances tell.

    Again, we have lost a lot of games in the 4th quarter……..the Cleveland game, the Spurs game, a couple of Laker games….just to name a few.

    What do you think, Warrior fans, would we have had a better record now if Monta was healthy all year and Brandon and Anthony got a lot of PT from the beginning of the year?

  • Jerry West

    I meant to put in a “for” in my first sentence on my last post………….my fault………don’t hold me to it.

  • Jerry West

    Also, another correction, regarding Anthony’s line, not 8 or so assists, but 8 or so rebounds………don’t hold me to that either, you guys know what I meant.

  • Sleepy

    But if I can put up these numbers, imagine what I can do without this pain

    LOL WHAT !!!

    How about he focuses on wins a not his numbers.We are so screwed ……..

  • Lufty455

    The Dubs could of used Crawford yesterday against the Spurs. I thought he could of shot the game winner for us instead of ME. ME was drained and needed help.
    Jax needs to rest up and give the young bucks a shot. Leave Mags and Craw as the vets left and give us a show to remember. AR,BW,ME,RT has to step it up and show what they are made of. Good luck Dub fans and enjoy another non playoff year from them.

  • blah

    I thought the Warriors where going to win it all this year! I’m so pissed they suck again! I can’t believe we are not in the playoffs! I’m angry at everyone in the organization! Even the stupid ball boys and cheerleaders! Let’s boycott the Warriors!


    Let’s grow up, this was a losing season before it started.

    Get over it already.

  • commish

    This is good news for the rest of the team who need more time to play and develop. Jax played his heart out all season and even though deserves significant criticism for his faults, should be thanked and respected for giving his all (probably too much). But what he said is pretty funny and ironic; that he’ll sit out so he can be ready for a team which will compete in the playoffs next year. What is he smoking? Or does he know Nellie won’t be back to hold the team back with his crappy small ball and relying on mismatches, and short man rotations of less than 8 players, his inability to win on the road, and his unwillingness to make the team play defense. Anyway, glad Jax did what he could with such a flawed team within such a flawed system. I’m glad he is thinking big for next season; I just wish Nelson was on the same page.

  • randolphforpresident

    But if I can put up these numbers, imagine what I can do without this pain….

    Wow Jack. My worst fears are confirmed. Now I realize that whenever Jack is taking those horrible contested 3’s and stepbacks, driving through the lane with 4 people on him and losing the ball, and throwing horrible passes that consistently get picked off this is all in an effort to up his numbers. I mean, watching him play its pretty obvious that he does this. Even on a horrible shooting night he will continue to jack up contested shots like he has been on fire, and will continually demand the ball so that he can run an iso… Wonderful having a guy like this on your team

  • zgoddbap

    Imagine not dribbeling into traffic and turning the ball over 5 times every night!

  • earl monroe

    1000 loses should get you in the hall of shame.

    Who wants to bet if Nelson is the coach next year that Jackson will lead the league in turnovers again? (toe or no toe problem)

    Jackson is like Nelson, he only knows how to play one way, loose and wild, looks great when he gets a mismatch not so good when good
    decision making is required.

  • BigGreen

    Yes I agree.Jackson is very wild and he tries to do things he is not capable of doing. He is not a shooting Guard he is a swing man at best but only able to spot up and shoot. He needs to stay in his role, having him play the PG position earlier in the year was not a good idea. he turns over the ball way too much.