Postgame Tidbits (at Dallas)

* Morrow is ridiculous. He needs to get the rock more. Period.

* Funny moment. In the first quarter, the Warriors had the ball and Monta was driving. Monta had a collision with a player, and the sideline ref, I think it was Mark Wunderlich, was gearing up to call a blocking fouled. Before he could get his hands to his hips, the signal for a blocking foul, his colleague called an offensive foul on Ellis. Ronny, as any player would, contested to the referee who was going to call the block. The ref denied it.
Ronny, every the debater, spent a brief moment talking with the ref. His expressions looked as if he were telling the ref “are you serious right now? you really going to say you didn’t make the block.” Eventually, Ronny walked off smiling. It was so funny because the ref clearly was getting ready to call the block. He was more than halfway into the signal. Why would he deny it? He could have just said the other ref saw something I didn’t see. Instead, he was like the kid claiming he didn’t eat the cookie with crumbs all on his mouth. He straight acted like he was about to make a different gesture, but it was nothing like what he actually did. Just one of those funny things you rarely see.

* Check out this quote from Jackson. He was asked about the Warriors’ third-quarter run to get back into the game, cutting it to four:
“I guess we did. I really wasn’t paying too much attention. They did what they needed to do to win the game. They’re trying to get a playoff spot and the played like it tonight.”

That’s all I got. It’s my turn for furlough, starting Friday. I’ll holla when I get back. Look out for a Stay or Go, though.

Marcus Thompson

  • Norm

    Damn Marcus, too bad we don’t coverage on the Dubs like the we do with the Niners and Raiders.

    Good job though

    I holla!!!

  • moto

    Mr.Thompson, thanks for the steadfast coverage of the season’s wreck so far and best wishes on your unpaid job-saver. With the sad passing of Bill Brand there’s little to left on that media combine to interest me–they paid for your flight home, right?

  • ECJ


    The Warriors were terrible tonight. I think tonight showed the flaws that really haunt this team. Randolph reverting back to his old ways, bad shooting, worse shot selection, no rebounding, inability to defend because the Warriors are so small.. And a team that may finally have given up. I really hope the W’s take this team’s failures seriously during the offseason and do the substantial things needed to get this team back into contention. I’m tired of losing, and having a bay area franchise be a laughing stock around the league. Again.


  • Chris

    I think “Norm” needs to go back to school…….

    That paragraph that you wrote looks like it comes from a 3rd grader.

    Can you revise it and make it readable, because it makes no fucking sense…..

    “Damn Marcus, too bad we don’t coverage on the Dubs like the we do with the Niners and Raiders.

    Good job though

    I holla!!!”

    Go back to school…………… fool

  • Another BlubfortheW;s

    The W’s know the answer to the problems, and the answer is “Don Nelson” he is finished. His greed for money is keeping him around. He never was a great coach, yes his teams won regulart season games, but in the playoff his style of play was and is not suited for the half court playoff games.

  • JustPuked

    Good stuff Marcus. The Warriors defense is still spotty at best. They’ve developed the ability to simultaneously fail to close out on three point shooters and yet still allow perimeter players to penetrate at will. Until they can get stops and secure the rebound on a consistent basis, all we can look forward to are “internal development” stories like Morrow, and Anthony.


    Marcus: Jose Barea (who?) is the latest exhibit to add to the overwhelming evidence that the Warriors have no perimeter defense. Jeff Van Gundy sagely observed on a national telecast this season that it is not surprising that the Warriors lead the NBA in blocked shots, since they also lead the league in blocked shot opportunities. Every opponent is allowed to get to the rim at will.

  • jsl

    Sounds like Jack’s just been sending it in — and he’s giving up all pretense of being a team leader.

    He had that nice stratch in February, but this month he’s been his old self: poor shooting (is he or BD the worst percentage shooter in the NBA?), no defense (except for about 20 solid first half minutes on Kobe), horrible ball control (he leads the league in TOs for a reason), and an attitude that, simply, sucks both on and off the court (if we have to watch him fail to get back on D, while he’s bitching and moaning, after not getting the call 100 more times, I’m gonna start getting mad).

    My guess is the “toe” will end his season now. Fine by me. I’d rather see Kelenna at the three, and Morrow at the two, anyway.

  • Mr B

    Morrow could be a serious player. There’s no substitute for shooting like that. I think he’s got potential to be like a Ray Allen or better.

  • If someone will bring the gunpowder I will bring the matches, we need to blow up the whole team. Lets start at the top and work our way down, once we get rid of Cohan, Rowell and Nelson maybe we can put a decent team together. This is my opinion on who we should keep, Monta, Morrow, Maggette, Randolph, Wright, Andres, Davidson, Bellinelli,Azubuike,Ronny, and Jackson (ONLY IF HE PLAYS UNDER CONTROL). WE MUST GET A GREAT POINT GUARD FIRST, then we need a BIG BANGER AT THE POWER FORWARD OR CENTER POSITION, THEN WE NEED A GOOD SMALL FORWARD..After either trading or drafting for these positions we must have a new coach, WE MUST GET A COACH THAT WILL TEACH THESE YOUNG GUYS HOW TO PLAY TOGETHER AND PLAY DEFENSE. Monta will never be a good point guard, he will always be a great spot-up and driving # 2 guard. Nellie is an IDIOT FOR TRYING TO CHANGE HIM, HE IS WHAT HE IS. IF JAX CAN PLAY SMART AND UNDER CONTROL HE CAN BE A VERY GOOD PLAYER FOR THIS TEAM, FOR A COUPLE MORE YEARS THEN HE’S GONE. BY THEN THE TEAM WILL GROW UP ENOUGH THAT THEY WILL NOT NEED HIM ANYMORE. BUT ONLY IF HE PLAYS SMART, NO TECH’S, NO MOANING AND COMPLAINING ABOUT THE CALLS HE DIDN’T GET TO THE REF’S. Jax should only play about 30 min, Maggette should go down to the box to start every game and stay there until he gets to the line, they need to run 2 or 3 plays to get him started then he’s into the game and ready to go. The starters should be the new point guard, Monta, Jax, Wrught and Andres..The subs should be Belli, Morrow, Maggette, Randolph, and Roony..Sub Azubike, Davidson etc depending on MATCH-UPS and fouls. These 2 rotations give the team the best chance to play well and maybe win a few games???..These rotations give the team ball handling, shooting, rebounding and if they learn well enough how to play DEFENSE…Wouldn’t that be fun to watch????????????????…BUT ONE KEY POINT IS THAT JACKSON MUST PLAY SMART OR SIT HIM DOWN OR TRADE HIM IF HE DOESN’T……THIS IS MY OPINION………

  • BigGreen

    Man there is nothing wrong with a young team that keeps their roster together. Portland is a great example for a team that has kept their roster together where guys no their roles and nobody cares about being the star. Thats what we need to focus on from here out!

  • justafan

    Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team, DO NOT RE-UP YOU SEASON TICKETS!!!