And then there were eight…

Hey everyone. Just filling in for Marcus while he begins his five-day “vacation.” Of course, he went ahead and broke all kinds of rules with a blog post this morning. Just shows his level of dedication. 

Many of you probably saw this Stephen Jackson video yesterday on hoopshype.com, where he basically said that it’s time to “shut it down and get (his toe fracture) fixed” and begin the process of getting ready for next season. According to a Warriors’ spokesperson, Jackson is seeing a specialist today. An update on how that appointment went may be forthcoming later on.

Corey Maggette (head contusion) has returned to the Bay Area, joining Andris Biedrins and Marco Belinelli. Brandan Wright (left shoulder pain) will not play against the Nuggets on Saturday. The team also reported Friday morning that Jermareo Davidson had successful surgery to repair the stress fracture in his left foot. He’ll be immobilized for the next month.

In case you’re counting, that leaves eight players available for Saturday’s game (Azubuike, Crawford, Ellis, Kurz, Morrow, Randolph, Turiaf, Watson). Should be a great time.

Curtis Pashelka

  • Lufty455

    here we go again… Denver will score 200 points that evening.

  • Ryan


  • DW

    At least Randolph and Ellis are playing. They are the main 2 right now.

  • DW

    BTW, that head injury to Maggette looked pretty serious. Any report what exactly happened and how bad it is?

  • blah2u

    DW, the head injury isn’t that bad, the size of maggs head was already 50% above average.

    jax giving up on the season now? should have had the surgery after getting bounced out of the playoffs last year.

  • CA

    That;s seven if Crawford hasn’t, um, practiced enough to play.

  • Sleepy

    Crawfords playing ? Why is he playing hes not apart of our future .

  • boogielew

    crawford not part of our future ? You kidding me ? If that were the case WAtson would have never played a second this season. Talk about being the part of no one’s future. Kurz certainly wouldnt be playing either…

    so let’s run out the players that are in our future.

    That leaves us, well buike and turiaf. Oh and Ellis ( though dont count on it according to Kawakami, Of course Randolph

    Then there is Morrow…. do we have a player option on him?

    and watson …is gone gone gone…. never to see his no defense playing undersized slow 2 guard again in a Warriors uniform …. may he join barnes and fisher in the good riddance barrell.

    crawford opt out please – – can we just skip the draft and declare tyrick evans as our future now?

    kurz – must be a great card player for nellie…. cant figure any other reason he is still here while pops bensu wasnt picked up or hendrix kept.

  • jlight

    If Jackson waited this long, he surely can wait 10 more games, or until we get some more bodies.

  • Random


  • Warrior Will

    Play Morrow and Randolph 36 minutes a game for the rest of the season.

    Exactly what is Morrows status at the end of the year? Free agent or restricted free agent? Wasn’t he playing on a one year contract?