Corey Maggette – Stay or Go?

His start with the Warriors was rocky, with many considering him a bad signing. But since his move to the bench, he seems to have become much more liked by fans. The Warriors couldn’t move him by the trade deadline, but he should be easier to trade in the offseason with one less year on his contract. But do you want him out, or should the Warriors hang on to him? I’ll make the case. You decide.


Say what you want about him, the dude is an efficient scorer – which is a vital weapon to have off the bench for a team that relies on offense. Speaking of coming off the bench, he has handled it extremely well. Coming off the bench has cost him nearly six minutes of playing time. He hasn’t complained at all. As a reserve, he’s averaging 19.0 points on 48.1 percent shooting in 29.6 minutes. As a starter, he averaged 18.7 points on 42.7 percent shooting in 35.1 minutes. At times, Maggette is the only player who can score without a jumper. And his propensity for getting to the free throw line gives the Warriors an much-needed dimension.

For $10 million a year, the Warriors need more than a scorer off the bench. That amount of money should get you a starter and team leader. When he was in that role, it didn’t work too well. For all of his offensive productivity, he can stall the offense because he goes one-on-one a lot and is usually looking for his own shot. He’s also missed 20 games this season, giving credence to the reference that he’s oft-injured. Despite his strength’s, Maggette may be more valuable to the Warriors if they can pawn him off to a contender who needs a reliable, veteran scorer off the bench and get a larger need. The Warriors are young and developing and have players who can score off the bench. Perhaps not as well, but it’s not like its the difference between a title and not.

So, what do you think? Cast your vote here.

Marcus Thompson

  • OliverStone

    This is a tough one…His season has fluctuated wildly.

    He started the season as a one-dimensional “blackhole” gunner with tunnel vision. When he went to the sixth-man role he hit his stride & was very affective.

    Lately however he has regressed & has become more of a liabilty than an asset. That said I would vote for him to go based on his contract & the fact that Azbuike does many of the same things under a much better contract.

  • Kweezy

    Corey Maggette seems like a pretty good dude and a pretty good teammate. He’s more than a serviceable player when he’s on..the problem is when he is not on, he tends to hurt the team..badly. Part of the problem is also Nelson’s insistence to force feed him the ball even when its not working.

    The move to the bench has made him a lot more valuable. But..like Marcus said, the price is wrong. This was obviously a panic move by the Warriors when it first happened, and it looks even more so now. Maggette’s main strength is something the Warriors already have a lot of. Maybe even too much. Good teams don’t have 15 different scorers. The Warriors need a player who’s strength is rebounding and def much more than they need Maggette.

    Personally, I would trade Maggette for anything other than another bad contract. Unfortunately, I really don’t think we can move Maggette’s contract w/o taking another bad one in return or giving up our young talents. Bummer. =(


    Out of here! Poor defender + selfish with the ball = not a winner. Simple as that. It was a terrible sign in the first place. The real question is, with his bad contract, who will take him (ie, which good player do you have to trade with him to get rid of his contract?)?

  • Trade Jackson


  • Eric

    Are u smoking u keep him hes a scorer

  • Tony

    Ship Bad Porn outta here, ASAP. He is the basketball version of the apocalypse.

  • What players “Stay or Go” really doesn’t matter if you keep the same coaching philosophy. If Nelson is gone, then odds are Maggette should be gone. This team needs to mandate defensive play 48 minutes a night.

  • J Canseco

    Dude, take a hike. It hurts my brain.

  • justafan

    Magghoggy has to go!Let me say this again Magghogball must gogogogogogogogogogogogogogo! oh did I say he must go? Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team, DO NOT RE-UP YOU SEASON TICKETS!!!

  • Surprised there are defenders…

  • Wilson

    There are teams where Corey will wreak havoc. But if they have a shut down, physical defender, he may struggle. He needs coaching to 1) make him understand the difference, and 2) force him to play smarter when it isn’t going well – that is, look to pass when his shots aren’t falling. A 20 point scorer off the bench is not to be sneezed at. Unfortunately, Nellie just gives him the ball and turns him loose. I see him as extremely productive if coached properly. So I’m ambivalent about keeping him.

  • jtown

    drive into the lane/throw your arms up and yell = terrible basketball and an awful product to watch.

    he’s too expensive of a contract. if someone’s dumb enough to take him off our hands (which i can’t imagine they would if they’ve been scouting him this season) you HAVE to do it.

  • JustPuked

    The case for Maggette, particularly at that price, is defenseless.

  • Maggs is a BUM


  • lwood

    Yes, he is overpaid and it was a desperation move but he gets certain things done, night in night out. I think, as Tweezy says, that Nelson should stop forcing the ball to him when it is not working. If Mags was used as the 6th man, always makes his first two or three possessions attacks to the basket, and was sat down when it wasn’t working he would be used to his potential. If he is being used to his potential (20 points a night in 30 minutes is pretty good) his stock would rise and we might find more teams interested in making a trade for him.

  • Ryan

    Stay unless you can get a nice return.

    He’s got his flaws, for sure. But his scoring efficiency is very valuable, especially in the manner he gets it.He’s also a decent defender and rebounder.

    He’s overpaid, to be sure, but not horribly so considering what others out there are making.

    So the question with him is, what are you getting back?

  • DW

    Better him than Crawford. At least he has kept us in games. We don’t have anyone else that can get to the line like him. We have to keep him until we develop someone else.

  • sad jose

    Funny, reading this reminded me: didn’t Nelson say $10 million was too much to pay a bench player when talking about Crawford? I guess it’s pointless to even notice the contradictions anymore.

  • gswfan4ever

    keep the guy, trade him only if we get a better deal

    you don’t get 1.55 point-per-shot guys easily no matter how he gets it

  • pdxraider

    go, you’d probably have to package someone more appealing like B.Wright,B-nelli, C.J., Buike, but it would be worth it to get rid of him,crawford too. Mags is too soft. All he does is throw himself into the defense hoping to get a call- he get’s the calls- but never makes the shot, that’s why he shoots so many free throws

  • hiero

    i say package him with jamal for a legit low post power player to give us somemore size, and a decent combo foward to come off the bench. we have too many defenseless wing players, we somebody we can throw the ball to in the post and make it happen. corey could be this player because he is a great post player but we never put him there, we always have him on the wing where he drives to get fouled and doesnt have the passing ability to make plays, he has been trying more though with more turnovers. i say bring back hendrix and demarcus, they both were starters for the d leauge all star game, hendrix is just the type of player we need. our starting 5 should be monta,jax, randolph, wright, andreis with c.j. morrow, marco, buike, hendrix, ronney, and nelson off the bench that is legit. but nelson(coach) will never put in a 5 which makes sense hes fine playing 4 gaurds and really a power foward all game which will never work at the nba level, maybe rec games

  • fotd

    Go, for an expiring contract – or for a defending and passing PG. Belinelli or CJ or Kurtz or Davidson to sweeten the deal – no one else.

    If not the above, stay. He has his strengths.

  • Jason

    I wouldn’t ACTIVELY or relentlessly shop him, but if the right deal comes along…I hope it doesn’t turn into a Crawford situation, where the W’s are going to do whatever it takes to get rid of him. This team just has to get healthy.

  • Ewok

    I really like Corey.

    I don’t buy the idea that he is selfish. He just likes to take the initiative. And if he does ball hog all the time, he can be told to adjust and he responds well to instructions. Most of all, his experience really spells a lot of contributions to the team, in and out of the court.


    He is too expensive. For 10 million a year and what he brings to the table, which can be taken responsibly by two of our players, BWright and AR, I think he is rather expensive.

    So, I say, while he still has attractive value, I think we should trade him for another veteran or a top-ten pick.

    But who knows.. with Rowell and Nelson on the helm, with the inept Cohan, I sometimes think the Warriors is not about winning anymore.

  • the Seer

    I like him as a sixth man, but they should have never given him that much money..If someone will take the contract, trade him..

  • the Seer

    Gee, you think the Warriors are about winning?? Have you ever heard anyone in the front office ever say anything about winning rings?? Its not about winning to Rowell and Cohan..Its about the bottom line and putting a team together that the fans will come and see..Not one person in this organization(particularly now that Mully is out of the picture), has a freakin clue about championships..Hell, its been way to long for Nelly to remember any he was part of as a player with the Celtics..One thing we know for sure, Nelly never will win a ring as a coach..He has had thirty years to do it and he has won squat..


    I like Magette. Not the most complete player, but when he’s got the ball he scores. I really like him being the 6th man. He’s a lot like Portland’s 6th man Travis Outlaw: he’s probably more agressive than the guy he replaces and can sometimes dominate the other team’s bench player. The money? Yeah, they probably overpaid, but that’s not his fault, and he seems to give his best when he’s on the floor.

    Keep him.

  • Kyle

    I think I agree with all the negatives against him and yet I still like him for this team. If you view him as a sixth man who scores, and that’s it, he’s one of the best in the league. This supposed idea that your contract should dictate your role on the team is crazy. Contracts are given based on scarcity and timing – scarcity of position, of skillset, etc. It’d be easy for the Warriors to play a really good role play like $3-4 million a year, even up to the midlevel exception, and have them be a “solid” starter. If you asked that same player, though, to carry the offense for one of the best offensive teams in the league while the “stars” rest I’ll bet you’d find that they can’t do it. That’s why guys like Ginobili, Jason Terry and yes, Corey Maggette, are very valuable.

  • Nor Cal

    Trade Corey and Crawford for Baron Davis and Al Thorton. nuff said.

  • Kinglear3

    No other Warrior can get the opposing team in foul trouble like him. Good opposing players get taken off the court with too many fouls, W’s get to the free throw line because the other team in over the limit.

    With a strong coach and a very good point guard, CM will be great. Keep him.

  • Dave

    I like his ability to get to the line, hit free throws, and having an instant offense player come off the bench. His contract is a negative, as well as the matador defense that he sometimes plays, and he does hog the ball and look for his own shot too much. Biggest reason to trade him is what was said above about how close this team is to the playoffs. IT IS NOT CLOSE! See if he can be moved for immediate help at power forward or point guard, and please get a GM, so we don’t have to watch Nelson and Rowell screw this team up any more than it already is.

  • kike yanez


  • Tim1234

    Trade him and Crawford for Baron and another contract. Dunleavy might be willing to part with Baron as their styles conflict. Nellie cannot win with out a point guard of all star quality. Drafting a point guard is hit and miss. Hardaway went 16 in the draft. About where Bellinelli went.

  • hiero

    we already turned down the clippers offer of corey for boom dizzle straight up before the deadline, rowell and co. wont ever admit to a mistake by making that trade to get back the most prefect point to run next to monta.

  • Warrior Will

    Unfortunately, the Warriors seem to trade average/good players for ones who are worse than what they had before. Also, 10 million doesn’t buy what it used to. There are slews of players making 10 mil a year or more who aren’t worth a damn.

  • OliverStone

    Hoopsworld doesn’t even have Maggette in the conversation for the “Sixth Man of the Year Award”.
    They don’t even have him in their top ten!


  • notanelsonfan

    Get rid of him! Terrible signing, not worth the money. Horrible defensively and can’t pass the ball if his life counted on it!

    In fairness, he is decent when he knows his role which is attacking the basket, but he got to be too much of a ball hog/gunner.

  • Ewok

    To the Seer,

    You may need a new pair of glasses.

    If you will read my take, I said, “I sometimes think the Warriors are NOT about winning…”

    It was my polite way of saying, The Warriors are not about winning.

    Yes I agree with you that Nellie will not win a championship. He can take us to the playoffs, but he will not take us to a championship.

    the Seer Says:
    March 27th, 2009 at 2:52 pm
    Gee, you think the Warriors are about winning?? Have you ever heard anyone in the front office ever say anything about winning rings?? Its not about winning to Rowell and Cohan..Its about the bottom line and putting a team together that the fans will come and see..Not one person in this organization(particularly now that Mully is out of the picture), has a freakin clue about championships..Hell, its been way to long for Nelly to remember any he was part of as a player with the Celtics..One thing we know for sure, Nelly never will win a ring as a coach..He has had thirty years to do it and he has won squat..


    I agree with DW and KingLear, Mags stays. He is a reliable low post scorer, and the only one the Wariors have. In addition to his own offense, he helps his teamates score with his ability to get the oppostion in foul trouble. When healthy he is very active, and is far from being the Warriors worst defender.

  • Bill

    Maggette is overpaid but can score. Crawford can handle but doesn’t get to the hoop and launches from Mars. Monta is exciting but he’s not a true point guard. Where the hell is the coaching we’re supposed to be so proud of? Demand that players do their jobs. Jackson has heart but shoots us out of games. Wright will never put on muscle. Randolph is skinny but fearless. If they get rid of Azubuike I will boycott the team and I’ve been a fan since 1962. To hell with these people who want to bring back a fat injury prone fool like Baron. Move on. There are no point guards out there. Good teams keep point guards because good teams make smart decisions. The Warriors are being run into the ground by Bobby Rowell while Cohan sits back and sips white wine with –who knows—Randy Cross? And it’s painful to suffer through the discriminatory behavior of certain refs….not being sour grapes here, but the warriors get no respect because for all these years they’ve been awful….in the paper the other day the Lakers were described as “ailing” because Bynum is out and the rapist Kobe had a tummy ache….but last night I saw five Warriors in street clohes, Turiaf foul out within three seconds, Randolph punished for a lane violation, Nelson and Monta teed up for arguing about Jaric throwing a hip check….Jaric? My God, we were playing the lousy stinking Grizz…..and another thing….I’d force feed Anthony MOrrow shot attempts like a duck’s liver on the way to foie gras….that kid has a rare talent and the Warriors need to milk it like the best cow in the dairy…another knock on Nelson, who sits there in his black-outfit-so-I-don’t look-obese and rarely even gets up to yell at the troops….God, it’s painful…..get healthy, figure out who stays, draft smarter, announce you’ve already axed Mullin….play fair with the best fans in the NBA….and if Tony Brothers ever visits Oracle again, bring tar and feathers…

  • Chris Galing’s Uncle

    peace out mags, and thanks for the year you gave us, hope we get something of value in return.