Jackson done for year

Just a few quick notes before tonight’s game at the Pepsi Center.

Stephen Jackson will have season-ending surgery on his left big toe on Tuesday in Houston to remove bone fragments. The operation will be performed by Rockets team doctor Thomas Clanton. The rehab schedule for Jackson, one of seven Warriors out of action tonight, will be determined after the surgery.

As expected, Jamal Crawford will play tonight after being out of action for the last six games.

As mentioned yesterday, Brandan Wright is out tonight with a sore left shoulder, the same shoulder that he seperated against the Lakers on Jan. 7. He hurt it against the Spurs and played with it against the Mavs. Wright will have it looked at once the team returns to Oakland and talking to him before the game, Wright said there is no clear timetable for his return. It appears he and the team aren’t looking to rush things.

Not much else to update right now. I’ll post something after the game.

– Curtis Pashelka

Curtis Pashelka

  • BCFan

    Wow they are dropping like flies. Who’s next. This has been a really tough year on all DUBs fans, we at least deserve a healthy roster.

    As much as he drives you nuts some times, as a fan I really appreciate Jax’s effort this year. It’s clear he wasn’t healthy all year, and playing through multiple injuries has to be rough. He could have mailed it in and shut it down earlier, but he really pushed himself as far as he could. Call me a blind, ignorant optimist cheering for a losing team if you will, but we all know this team can do damage if they’re healthy.

  • ECJ

    Warriors were terrible once again tonight.. I turned the game off after I saw Crawford drive to the rim, with nobody in front of him, only to throw the ball behind him for a turnover. I understand the W’s are injured, and that their season is basically over. I would think that the young players would have a little pride, and that Ellis would try and show he can rally the guys around him with Jackson out. Instead, he jogged the game, pouted when he didn’t have the ball, and showed that he doesn’t want to be here. Never been more disappointed to be a W’s fan than I am right now.


  • kshaq


  • Crawford scored 30pts in 17 minutes and Nelson doesn’t like him. The problem with the team is Nelson.

  • I hear you, ECJ. When I saw the same Crawford play I said, “WTF?! what are you doing?!”

  • justafan

    D league play Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team!!!

  • the Seer

    All Warrior fans that pack that arena are nothing but enablers..Cohan and Rowell are laughing all the way to the bank..18,000 fans to watch a bunch of losers with a totally dysfunctional coach who should be back in Hawaii drooling into a cup, like the old man he is..

    As long as the fans pack the place to watch losers, why should the suits make any changes to win..

    Guess what enablers, the team is maxed out on the cap, so this crap is here for a few more years..

    I am so glad that I don’t root for this mess..

  • Chris

    All season long Stephen has played tough and through injuries, setting a good example at times, but also setting poor examples as well with his bickering at referees and his inability to control his temper.

    However, all season long, Stephen Jackson has looked like the 3rd option on a good team, with the 2 best players out, trying to do everything by himself. He hurries, he rushes and he turns the ball over. He is patient at times, he has a good “triple threat” position, but it is rare. Most of the time, he has a chip on his shoulder, rushing to try to get up a shot or stumbling over his feet and losing the ball on the way to the basket.

    He is a stand still perimeter shooter by most accounts, a tough perimeter defender, but he cannot get to the basket and that is why I don’t think that Stephen Jackson should be your teams’s # 1 option.

    A guy who turns the ball over when he puts the ball on the floor and “bails out” the opponent’s defense by pulling up for a 3 on 1 3 pointer, is the opponent’s dream, not ours.

    Other teams salivate at the fact that Stephen is our main scoring option, they get excited about that because what else can Stephen do beside stand still and shoot?………Anything else? Can he dribble? Pass? Put the ball on the floor consistently and get to the basket?

    Other teams gamble with Stephen, let him take his 25-33 shots a game and score his 22 ppg and their fine with that, no problem for other teams, believe me, Stephen being our # 1 option only bails other teams out and makes it easier for opponent’s to beat us.
    Your best player has to always put the pressure on the defense and good players do that by taking the ball to the basket and getting to the free throw line.

    Stephen is a tough player, he is a good NBA player, but he should never be the best player on your team, or else you’re in big trouble!


    Thanks for your effort, Jack. You were the best player on a bad team and an All-NBA Ironman. See you next season.

  • WarriorFanForever

    Through the good and the bad you always give your all. Good job Jackson well get um next year.

  • Jim

    Front Office – no comment

    Don Nelson – C – The messages the players get is too confusing, even for someone who doesn’t pull punches.

    Stephen Jackson – B – Hard to tell how much that injury impacted his game. Took too much on out of necessity early on. Has to relax and use his head more next year. Not his fault the Boss cut a check.

    Monta Ellis – I for incomplete. Apparently, going to see Mom really helped his physical recovery. or was that just getting him out of town so he’s quit begging to get in? Any way, great to see he’s back.

    Andris Biedrins – B – He played to a D post second ankle, but at least he came back. And tried. I’m a fan.

    Jamal Crawford – B – Great, but inconsistent potential. I expect his moving on will be a loss for the younger guys. Crawford is a class act.

    Corey Maggette – F – for going to the fights…. How long can a post-concussion syndrome last? He might be a nice guy and he can definitely get you to the line during the first three quarters. But he forces the rest of the players to be selfish with the ball. That makes Jackson worse.

    Kelenna Azubuike – A – really giving you more than any one expected. Has up and down nights, but c’mon! His rebounding alone was huge.

    Marco Belinelli – C – Wally Pipp has a better chance of coming back.

    Brandan Wright – I – Showed some skills, but Randolph makes it obvious what it means to play with heart. It would have been interesting to see Wright get more time had he not gotten hurt.

    Ronny Turiaf – A++ – The intangibles are outstanding. I’d like to see him hold off on help some times, but it’s hard to criticize a guy who brings the positive side of emotion into everything he does. He’s the one Warrior I wish I knew as a friend.

    Anthony Randolph – B++++ – Nelson was right. And Randolph finally got the message and WOW!!! He’s why I renewed my Courtside Seats.

    C.J. Watson – B – Like Azibuke, CJ gave more than expected. He has room to grow, but he brings a steady capability to the b/u position. I wonder if it was enough for him to have a chair when the music stops.

    Anthony Morrow – B – Promising, heart, scrapper, better rebounding that you’d expect, but he has to bring his shot more consistently.

    Rob Kurz – A – What you say? He brought everything he has to every game. He might not be the most skilled player in the league, but remember this is the team that gave you Felton Spencer and Todd Fuller. And others………. Kurz is the kind of guy you want to find room for, at least at the end of the bench if not in the game.