Notes from shootaround

Some tidbits from the Warriors’ shootaround this morning at Oracle.

It looks like the team will once again dress less than 10 players. Corey Maggette (head contusion) was not at shootaround as he was being checked out by a physician Monday morning. He will be a game-time decision. Andris Biedrins (left ankle) said he would like to play again this season, but it looks like he’ll be out for at least one more week. According to Biedrins, Don Nelson has told him that there’s no reason to rush back if there’s a chance he could make the injury worse.

Same goes for Brandan Wright (left shoulder), who went to see a doctor after shootaround. Hopefully, we’ll have an update on him just before tonight’s game. Marco Belinelli (right ankle) also saw his doctor Monday afternoon.  

Monta Ellis had cold-like symptoms earlier today and was not at the shootaround, but he is expected to play tonight.

Curtis Pashelka

  • Twinkie defense

    Does this mean Crawford is gonna play? 🙁

  • A’s in 2009

    I hope Maggette doesn’t play. His game is so ugly to watch, flopping like a fish on one end, running people over on the other. I wish we never signed him.

  • Son of Ahmed

    Yup, the tank is on again. Most of these guys don’t miss games if there is something at stake.

  • Chris

    We have lost to Memphis 3 times this year………..wow………that’s fucking terrible!


    Chris: Memphis has a better team than GSW right now, and surely for the near future. So does OKC and perhaps a couple of other teams with a worse record. I’d swap our roster for that of almost all the teams in the NBA. It sounds incredilble, even sick, but the Warriors might have over-achieved this season.

  • Lufty455

    Gosh I thought I saw the Lakers last night against the Dubs…. they lost to Memphis 3 times. I think that is saying something about the team. They stink!!!! I suppose due to the Dubs having most of the team injured doesn’t help but then again they are getting paid lots of $$$$ to play B-ball. I think this team will need a make over soon rather than later… no wonder why Mullie is not defending his job. He can’t wait to leave…

  • commish

    Just an interesting tidbit to share. Renewal deadline, before your seats become available for people to upgrade, is April 9th. So far the Dubs have 500 renewal. Last year they had 5,000 lower bowl season ticket holders from what I hear. I think judgement day is around the corner and a lot of us ex-season ticket holders like me will get plenty of calls to renew. Do you know what they will give you if you renew by April 9th? A signed jersey of any Warrior. Hey, how about a new GM with the power and authority to oversee what Nelson does and doesn’t do and a plan and vision of how to build our franchise back so once again we can believe.

  • justafan

    Join the Boycott today !!! Don’t buy this BS. Watch it on tv if you have to But Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team!!!

  • Chris

    I remember a couple weeks back when I was saying that I don’t think Anthony Randolph will be a “difference maker” for us, meaning I don’t think he can put a team on his shoulders for 82 games a year and turn a terrible team into a deep playoff team…….that’s what I mean by “difference maker”…….I’m not just talking about a good game here and there.

    Warrior fans were ready to call for my head on a silver platter. A lot of fans have put Anthony Randolph on a pedistal next to God and fans kept attacking me saying that Randolph was going to be a “star.”

    But I will re-iterate the fact that our young players, while talented, lack the inner ability it takes to be a confident, star player in the NBA and lead their team to victories.

    Rudy Gay, O.J. Mayo, Marc Gasol, Kevin Love, Rudy Fernandez, Brook Lopez and Westbrook all have that ability to become great players…..they are smart, NBA ready and make intelligent basketball decisions. Anthony Randolph does not make smart basketball decisions, he should have stayed at LSU for a few more years. He is energetic and works hard, no question about that, but he is just not a smart player.

    O.J. Mayo is better than Monta Ellis, he was absolutely fantastic in the loss the other night. I would take him, Gasol, Warrick and Gay and day of the week over any 4 of our players, hands down, no questions asked!

    We need a proven star player to make a difference, otherwise we will be the laughing stock of the West for the next 10 years.

    The difference between the young players that Portland, Memphis and OKC have is just that those players are better, plain and simple, than our young players.

    That’s why these teams do not need a veteran, proven player as much as we do.

    I haven’t heard a lot of praises for Anthony Randolph by people who post here for the last couple of weeks. I remember after a couple of good games in mid-March, Warrior fans were ready to crown Anthony Randolph as the second coming of Elgin Baylor.

    U think fans are starting to realize now that we are not as talented as we think we are, because compared to other Western Conference teams, we are like 7 years behind in development.

    Portland’s and Memphis’s young players would run circles around our guys!

  • Chris

    Does anyone posting on here think that Anthony Morrow can be the type of guy that can hit a game winning 3 pointer with .06 seconds left on the game clock in a road game on a back to back to lead his team to a victory?………….

    Or is he just an efficient spot up shooter with no real NBA ability?

  • Scott


    Are you really comparing a 19 year old with one year of college experience and 1/4 year of NBA experience to a 22 year old with 2 years of college experience and 3 years of NBA experience? Every single individual you mentioned is either a) older/more physically mature, b) have played a more significant number of NBA minutes and/or c) played a more significant number college/international minutes. Apples and freakin oranges dude…..

    If Nelson didn’t have his God complex, Randolph would have been playing 35 plus a night for the last 20 games instead of the last 5, and it might be a bit better comparison at this point. He is the ONLY reason I still watch the games and I would be disgusted if they traded him for any individual you mentioned. Come back and post when the guy can legally drink….

  • A’s in 2009

    Nellie wasted about 60 games playing his stupid mind games with Randolph. I can’t stand that egomaniac, we don’t need any of this.

  • World B. Free

    All of these petty problems could easily be solved by giving Kurz 25-30 minutes a night.

  • notanelsonfan

    I agree with some of what you say, but queston you about AR. I am die hard Warrior fan but no longer live in Calif. I have NBA big ticket with Dish network, and still watch all the Warrior games. Since I don’t get to hear Barnett commentate the away games, obviously I have to hear all the other home teams commentators. Mostly all the other commentators feel AR will be a star in the future. Their is NO negative comments about AR during the games by the announcers.

    He has really matured during the second half of the season. Even Barnett speaks highly of AR this second half of the season.

    True, it may have been better to stay at LSU another year or so, but we can say that about alot of players. Be patient with him, he is only 19 and the W’s are the youngest team in the NBA. Once he gets the outside jumper down he will be a threat.
    Again there are not many 6’10 guys that can handle the ball like him. Even Nellie, who is not high on rookies is looking to give AR a chance at handling the ball at the top.

  • justafan

    As season ticket holders you have something to do now “Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the the team!!! We have the power Just let’s not buy this anymore. Join the BOYCOTT!!!

  • Chris

    Randolph, Turiaf and Maggette for Carmelo Anthony, Anthony Carter(for back up PG)………..

    That would bring me great joy…..I don’t know if the salaries and contracts match up, but Corey at $50 -$60 million, Turiaf at $17 million and Randolph, I think may be able to do it.

    Carmelo Anthony would be perfect, he would be our # 1 “go to” option, he is on a rampage right now, averaging over 32 ppg in the last 5 games and his team is vying for the Division title.

    Carmelo is a smart player, he takes the ball to the basket, gets to the free throw line, runs the floor, stretches the Defense (all his International play in the FIBA tournament and on Team USA has really helped his jump shot). He’s a pretty good mid-range shooter too. Defense is where he falls short.

    That’s why I would love to get Nene and Carmello with 1 move.

    This are the directions we should be looking.

    Also, I wouldn’t mind even offering that package for A’mare Stoudemire.

    Or how about Randolph, Maggette, Jackson for Carmelo Anthony and Nene?

    Denver gets 2 legitimate NBA scorers, an up and coming rookie, they get rid of Anthony who, even though is playing well, seems to always have a problem with George Karl or the organization.

    Again, I don’t know if the salaries match up…….don’t hold me to it, but I would rather have Carmelo than any of the guys we would be trading.

    Now, let the attacks by the other bloggers begin…..let’s see some of the arguments for or against my proposition……..I am greatly looking forward to that,……….I’m sure every single blogger will attack me………

  • R.A.W.

    Damn why did the raider’s blog get a locked out registration and this one didn’t? Not to dis basketball or anything

  • Dissapointed

    26-49………..God damn……..that’s worse than Cowens, Musselman and Montgomery…………

    This has just been the biggest dissapointment for me all year.

    NBA and MLB are my most loved sports……….don’t care too much about the NFL not ………..but I love the NBA and I was hoping for a big season this year even without BD and without Monta in the beginning.

    My hopes and dreams rested with 2 guys:

    Belinelli and Wright……I had very big hopes for these 2…..I think both of these guys can play NBA basketball……….I called them the “X” factors before the season.

    I said if Belinelli can come in and provide at lear 14-16ppg and Wright can come close to 10ppg and 10rpg, we make the playoffs.

    Nothing has panned out……..the injuries, the team and organization dissention and dissaray……the lying and cheating and back-stabbing…………..it’s been terrible