Postgame Tidbits (at New Orleans)

* This Crawford-Nellie story takes another odd twist. New Orleans media members kept asking me why he wasn’t playing. Each person I told had this look on heir face like I just tried to explain to why compound interest works the way it does.
So, Crawford sat out Sunday’s game though his Nellie-imposed vacation was done. He’s saying he needs to practice, which is the reason he sat out Friday’s game. The Warriors’ only practices are Monday and Thursday. So, as it turns out, Crawford won’t play until after that second practice, which puts him back in the lineup for Saturday. He’ll have three practices then, because the Warriors have two off days between Wednesday at Dallas and Saturday at Denver.
Whose buying the practice line? Not me.
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Don Nelson – Stay or Go?

The one for which many of you have been waiting! Now, I have a feeling which way the majority will lean, but maybe some Nellie fans will speak out. There are some legitimate reasons for keeping him around, as some of you have pointed out. Nonetheless, it feels like the answer to this question is among the most paramount when it comes to the future of the organization. So …

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Why Don Nelson should stay:
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Banner Movement (cont’d)

My editor seemed a little embarrassed at the blog post. He called me “unbelievable.” He said he passed the message on to the people who do the banner. However,
That post was almost two weeks ago. Anybody know how to chance the Banner on WordPress so I can do it myself?
I love Al, but he’s got to go. As long as he’s up there, I am taking all banner snipes, gripes, suggestions and designs. Here are the latest. As a matter of fact, here are all of them (newest to oldest).

Aaron Bryant (aka ajbry, aka the biggest Jack fan on the planet)

From Earl Monroe

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Postgame Tidbits (at Lakers)

* I asked Anthony Randolph about his injury after the game. He flashed one of those faces he’s known for, the one where it looks like he’s about to cry. He was clearly disappointed, which read to me like the prognosis wasn’t good.
He officially has a strained left groin. It’s the same injury he sustained in Chicago trying to block a Tim Thomas shot. Re-aggravations usually means something wasn’t all the way healed, which means he may need some time for it to actually fully heal this time.

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A Must Read

Warriors’ internal strife leads to chaos, collapse
By Monte Poole
Staff columnist

BARON DAVIS, the former prince of Oracle Arena, makes his first appearance tonight as a Los Angeles Clipper in the facility where he once raised the Warriors from the dead.

For Warriors fans, the sight of Davis most assuredly will summon memories of the spring of 2007, when their favorite team blasted into the NBA playoffs for the first time since 1994 and, for two brilliant weeks, lit up the landscape.

“It’s definitely like a homecoming,” Davis said last week, anticipating his return to Oakland. “A lot of memories are there, and the adrenaline is going to be circulating. It’ll be good to see a lot of familiar faces in the stands.”

Those familiar faces, the high-spirited “We Believe” fans who enthusiastically support their energetic team, now try to cope with the reality of this woebegone season, which, according to numerous sources in NBA circles, can be traced back to coach Don Nelson, team president Robert Rowell (who operates on behalf of owner Chris Cohan) and decisions based less on building the best possible team than on impulse and ego.

Less than two years after an improbable playoff run led to one of the biggest postseason upsets in NBA history — a first-round series win over No. 1 seed Dallas — and one year after boisterous crowds cheered a 48-win team, the Warriors are back to the outskirts of the league. Officially eliminated from the playoffs Sunday, they are 23-43 and likely to lose more than 50 games for the first time since 2002, when Dave Cowens and Brian Winters presided over a 21-61 oil spill.

How did it come to this?

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