Want Boozer?

The Carlos Boozer-Utah Jazz relationship, which has been up-and-down to say the least, is expected to meet a crossroads this offseason.
Boozer, who earlier in the season said he would opt out, is now saying he wants to go back to Utah. But Utah, perhaps still a bit irritated by Boozer’s opt-out announcement and certainly impressed by Paul Millsap’s development, is reportedly set on shopping Boozer on the trade market to at least see what they can get for him.
The Warriors are no doubt on the market for a dominant big man. Because center Andris Biedrins is untouchable, that big man would have to be a power forward.
There was a time I would’ve said go get Boozer. If Baron Davis was still here, I would still take Boozer. But now, thanks to Anthony Randolph, I’m not so sure.

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Your Warriors Grades

My end-of-season report card came out today. I’ve been getting some emails saying I am crazy. Some saying I am dead on. It makes me wonder what you think.

Here is your chance to grade the Warriors. My approach is to grade each player on reasonable expectations for them. What approach would you take? Feel free to grade one or all. If you like, put an explanation for your grade.

Front Office –
Don Nelson –
Stephen Jackson –
Monta Ellis –
Andris Biedrins –
Jamal Crawford –
Corey Maggette –
Kelenna Azubuike –
Marco Belinelli –
Brandan Wright –
Ronny Turiaf –
Anthony Randolph –
C.J. Watson
Anthony Morrow –
Rob Kurz


Ellis’ Contract Won’t Be Voided

A team source confirmed the team has decided not to void Monta Ellis’ contract. The Warriors sent a letter to Ellis’ agent, Jeff Fried, stating the team relinquishes its right to void his contract for the scooter accident, ending a months-long drama between the star guard and the organization.
Ellis was suspended 30 games, costing him $3 million, after he injured his left ankle (requiring surgery) and lying about it. When he announced the suspension, team president Robert Rowell said the team was reserving the right to void his contract – which the collective bargaining agreement allows – if Ellis did not fully recover from his injuries. Ellis, who signed a six-year, $66 million contract in July, disagreed with the Warriors stance that they could void his contract after suspending him for 30 games.
Team sources have said the potential voiding of Ellis’ contract has been at the root of Ellis’ unhappiness all season. With that now out of the way, the Warriors can repair the relationship with Ellis, their franchise player.


Chris Mullin – Stay or Go?

It is only natural that we finish off this series with Chris Mullin, the Warriors executive vice president of basketball operations. I wrote today, as best I could considering the lack of willingness for anyone to talk on the record, I don’t think he’s coming back. From everything I’m told, it’s possible, but in the sense that it’s possible for the Warriors to reach the Finals next year. It would definitely take someone (Chris Cohan or Robert Rowell) stepping in and saying “we need to keep this guy” for Mullin to stay. The Nellie’s power would have to be figured out/diminished. Mullin would probably have to get comfortable with not having his guys next to him, or the Warriors would have to allow him to bring someone he trusts in. A lot would have to happen. The question for you is, should it? …

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Talk to Ronny!

Ronny Turiaf is easily the most entertaining guy in the Warriors locker room. He is so friendly and intelligent and edgy, he is a blast to talk to. Trust me when I say you can ask him most anything, and he will answer it – and he won’t sugarcoat it. The only thing he won’t do is throw his teammates under the bus. He is ridiculously loyal.
But knowing what I know now, if I had to choose one player to have lunch with, I’d say Ronny Turiaf (Stephen Jackson and Jamal Crawford tied for second). I said that to say be ready for a live chat in every since of the word.

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Postgame Tidbits (at Sacramento)

* The Warriors could win their fourth straight game on Wednesday vs. Minnesota. Then if they could win two of the last four (vs. Houston, at Utah on a back-to-back, vs. San Antonio, at Phoenix), that would make them 6-2 over the final eight games. That’s just good enough for the franchise to manufacture hope heading into next season. If that happens, be prepared to hear “we won 6 of 8 down the stretch” a million times this offseason.
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