Pregame Tidbits (vs. New Orleans)

* Monta Ellis is out tonight. He is a late scratch because of left ankle soreness. That leaves the Warriors with seven healthy bodies. Really, 6 1/2, as Jamal Crawford is dealing with flu-like symptoms. He looks under the weather and he said his whole body is sore.

* Anthony Morrow is starting in Ellis’ place.

* Stephen Jackson made an appearance in the Warriors’ locker room. He is on crutches and his left foot is bandaged. He’s in town for his long-awaited birthday party in San Francisco, which will feature a performance by Snoop Dogg (who is also at the game tonight). Jackson, who turns 31 on Sunday, is in obvious pain. Crawford had to help him take his seat at his locker.

* For the record, Anthony Randolph is not hurt. He sat out almost the entire the second half of Wednesday’s overtime win over Sacramento. The reason? Foul trouble. He picked up his fifth foul in the third and never returned. But he is healthy.

Marcus Thompson

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    Terrific game tonight, one of the best of the season. This team really has some options for next year. OK management; let’s be both smart and careful this off-season…

  • Le

    The Anthony’s are going to bring it for many years to come. Oh yeah, so will Ellis, Biedrens, Buike, and friends. Future looks good for us, this year was lost due to injuries.

    Go Warriors!

  • MountainJim

    You all may be underestimating the ability of this front office to mess things up further.

  • derek

    Marcus, just another piece of “conventional basketball wisdom” that’s completely counterintuitive if you’re a plainly logical person – a guy’s “in foul trouble” so you take him off the floor for the final 20 minutes (+ overtime in this case) because if you played him, then he might, worse case scenario, pick up the 6th foul and have to sit the final X minutes?! so you’ve arbitrarily created the worst case scenario yourself, without it actually happening?! wtf? i’ve never understood this. and particularly when we ended up with a couple of possessions at the end of the game, victory hanging in the balance, where Randolph’s skillset was uniquely suited to give us some advantage – still no Randolph. if Nelson had put him back in then, and explained away the previous 25 minutes or so as having protected Anthony from a last foul so that he’d be available in just that situation, fine. but he never came back in. he was being protected from NOTHING, at the cost of potentially playing another who-knows-how-many minutes of helpful basketball before picking up the 6th and being relegated to the bench WITH CAUSE. my head hurts.

  • notanelsonfan

    Last night was one of the more enjoyable games we got from our team this year. Our guys did a good job out there, and everyone really hustled and we got was what we deserved, which was the win.

    I didn’t catch myself yelling at the TV last night! Maybe it was because we did not have Jax and that idiot Magatte out there! Kinda wonder who will stay next year:
    I like MB, but I really feel for the guy, will he be around next year? And if he does will he get legite minutes?

    BW. Don’t know about his shoulder. Seems that it can be an ongoing type of injury, but again I’m not a doctor.

    Mags: I cant’ stand him period. I would not feel this way if he new his role on the court. Seems he got more perimeter happy rather than attacking the basket. Terrible defense, and HORRIBLE passer.

    I think we will be okay next season. The ESPN mock draft has W’s picking Willie Warren from Oklahoma. He received very good reviews and has decent size a 6’4.
    We’ll still be the youngest team, but we got to deal with that.

    Lets just cross our fingers that Mullin stays, and the rest of the mamangement gets their head out of their asses, and make some smart decisions.

  • notanelsonfan

    “Management” (Didn’t run spell check)

  • justafan

    When you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. I was a season ticket holder but no more. Sure I got a basketball Jones just like the rest of you, I loved this team since early 70’s, but how many times do you have to endure a broken heart? How many Sh*t draft picks,Sh*t trades, sh*t coaches, sh*t management, sh*t price increases? All because of an owner who could care less about Real NBA basketball. I say we start to take responsibility, by not participating. Yes I know that we will have withdrawals, but it is the only way to bring change. As Fans we do have a say….. JOIN THE BOYCOTT…….until this little a**hole of an owner sells the team!!!