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Ronny Turiaf is easily the most entertaining guy in the Warriors locker room. He is so friendly and intelligent and edgy, he is a blast to talk to. Trust me when I say you can ask him most anything, and he will answer it – and he won’t sugarcoat it. The only thing he won’t do is throw his teammates under the bus. He is ridiculously loyal.
But knowing what I know now, if I had to choose one player to have lunch with, I’d say Ronny Turiaf (Stephen Jackson and Jamal Crawford tied for second). I said that to say be ready for a live chat in every since of the word.

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Marcus Thompson

  • Drew

    Q: Ronny, why did you stiff me on my tip when I picked you up in my cab over by UCSF & drove you back to your place in the Oakland hills? Seriously, a 9% tip? A benchwarmer for the SF Giants tipped me 30%. I gave you privacy, played some good Nas & Mobb Deep and only asked you 1 short basketball related question. What gives?

  • tellronnyisaid

    Bring the heart, player!

  • A’s in 2009

    Hey Ronny! What do you think of smallball? Doesn’t it get lonely down low when Nellie plays 4 guards and you at center? Doesn’t playing with Randolph or BWright at the 4 make your job so much easier? Do you think you should play more at PF with Biedrins at center?

  • Thabo

    Hi Ronny,
    Who do you hang out with the most on the team and what do you do for fun? When you think about this past season what is your favorite story from either on or off of the court? I love your game, keep up the energy and enthusiasm. Thabo

  • Jun Won

    HI, Ronny! i can’t speak engligh well. Sorry. I liked period of your lakers. and now like you. How do you think abuot your lakers life and Anderw Bynum’s ablitity up? you’re big man, but you have a celan middle jumper, tell me your secret jumper know-how.

  • Whats this season been like having players alienated by their coach?
    What kind of effect does that have on the locker room?
    How many minutes do you need to be effective?
    Do you like starting or coming off the bench?
    What do you have to work on this offseason to become a more complete player?
    Compare and contrast Don Nelson and Phil Jackson’s coaching styles.
    What are your pre-game and post-game routines?
    Top three restaurants in the Bay Area?
    Top three restaurants in LA?
    Top three restaurants outside of CA?
    Best thing you purchased since signing your contract with the Warriors?
    Most worthless thing you’ve purchased since signing with Warriors?
    Patty Mills or Pargo?

  • AirplaneRider


    You’ve put up the best numbers for your career playing for Don Nelson. Explain the transition to playing for coach Nelson and how that differs from what you’ve experience in the past. Also, given that you’ve had good success this year, do you see yourself having an expanded role next season, maybe playing more power forward?


  • Hodson (

    I 39 and had open heart surgery on new years eve. I had to get a valve replaced and one repaired due to a freak illness. I wanted to get back out in mid-march but my doctor said I should wait until May. What did you have done, are you on blood thinners and how long did it take you to get back out on the court.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Ronny, what an amazing story about your heart condition! Thank God the doctors detected it in time! How are you feeling? Has the heart given you any more problems? Is there any chance of future complications, or is everything completely fixed? Is an enlarged aortic root something that shows up in routine examinations, or does it take a special procedure? How would a man of modest financial means and limited health insurance, like myself, be able to find such a problem?


    Ronny: What are your offensive and defensive roles when you are the center playing alongside Anthony Randolph, and when you are playing power forward alongside Andris Biedrins? Which position do you prefer,and why?

  • notanelsonfan

    Ronny: Compare Nellie’s half court offense, to that of Phil’s when you played with the Lakers.
    To that, which offense do you like playing better in, and why?
    All past championship teams won because they did not play with a small lineup. Lakers had Shaq, Kareem, Wilt etc.., Celtics have KG, in the past Parish.
    Do you honestly think that with Nellie’s small ball lineup the Warriors can win a championship?

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering Marcus if you could post the Chat up for the rest of us to view.

  • HaHa

    Hi Ronny, I tried to see you while you were in India for NBA camp. I didn’t know that you were coming. I heard that news the date when you came. I saw only pictures and video of you.Do you still remember our school? American Embassy School

  • fastbreak

    notanelsonfan, stop spending so much energy hating. nellie never had hakeem, kareem, moses, dr j, bird, magic, jordan, isiah. ok clown

  • Kyle

    Why can’t I ever see these chat transcripts? Am I an idiot and/or is this link broken?

  • A’s in 2009

    It doesn’t work for me in firefox, but when I open it in IE tab it works.

  • dirt Pittt

    Doesn’t work for me in either Fire or IE. Maybe Ronnie didn’t answer any of the questions.

  • notanelsonfan

    Slowbreak: The main question is to find out what he fells about playing in Nellie’s tempo of offense to that of Phils. Okay Bozo?

  • fastbreak

    notanelsonfan, obviously you have zero knowledge of basketball. JUst because overphysical slow it down to a halt hackfest with a bunch of football reject thugs is the norm does not mean it was always the norm in nba history. So listen simpleton I understand you want nelson out and you want games 75-71 where no skills or talents are displayed just utter barbaric physical play. Sorry moron nelson is back for 2 more years so get a new team who will play like they are locked in prison and just came out to play 1 hour a day.

  • Warrior

    CJ Watson, what a performance against Utah on Saturday! And honestly someone needs to change the Al banner already. It’s disgraceful

  • Joyce

    #1: Ronny comes from France! I have many French friends after doing some of my schooling over there on the other side of the pond. I love them to death but going out to dinner with them can be a little scary since in France the tip is always included so they always calculate straight off what the bill says…have to remind them that the tip is NOT included. I don’t think they know what a good tip is since in France it is automatically added to the bill. It’s one of those cultural differences that you could interpret as rude or cheap, but really it’s just probably something he’s not used to….

  • Air France

    Just wondering, but who was screening the questions during the live chat? I asked three questions, only one getting through. They were legitimate questions, I thought. I guess whoever was screening them really was curious about Ronny’s pot smoking habits rather than his Lakers vs Warriors experience.

  • notanelsonfan

    Slowbreak: And you got knowledge of the game? Bet your in your early 20’s idiot! What do you have to offer as far as B’Ball knowledge? I haven’t read anything from you that everyone else is agreeing with.

    “Football reject thugs” Explain that and how you can relate that to my first comment that upset you.

    Have a nice off season BOZO!