Chris Mullin – Stay or Go?

It is only natural that we finish off this series with Chris Mullin, the Warriors executive vice president of basketball operations. I wrote today, as best I could considering the lack of willingness for anyone to talk on the record, I don’t think he’s coming back. From everything I’m told, it’s possible, but in the sense that it’s possible for the Warriors to reach the Finals next year. It would definitely take someone (Chris Cohan or Robert Rowell) stepping in and saying “we need to keep this guy” for Mullin to stay. The Nellie’s power would have to be figured out/diminished. Mullin would probably have to get comfortable with not having his guys next to him, or the Warriors would have to allow him to bring someone he trusts in. A lot would have to happen. The question for you is, should it? …

He turned around the franchise. Period. He’s the only guy in the organization who has the credibility around the league to make things happen. His eye for talent, at the very least, is pretty good. He’s batting .800 when it comes to trades, which is the only way the Warriors are going to be able to improve the roster thanks to their financial commitments.
Perhaps the biggest reason: the Warriors are losing their recently attained reputation for being a player-friendly environment. The way players have left here of late, not to mention how Jamal Crawford is expected to leave, the Warriors need someone to make Golden State a desirable place again. One thing I will say about Mullin, one of his advantages from being a former player is that he understands how players think.

Chris Cohan isn’t going anywhere. Neither is Robert Rowell. Neither is Don Nelson. Keeping him around is like dragging out a bad relationship, hoping something will happen to make it like it used to be. For purposes of moving forward, let him go and let him move on.
Plus, this could be an opportunity to go get someone big time. They didn’t like the money he spent. They didn’t like some of his draft picks. They didn’t like his communication.

Cast your vote right here.

Marcus Thompson

  • Trade Jackson


    Fire Rowell.

  • jsl

    Mully should stay; Cohan-Rowell-Nelson should go. It’s really that simple.

  • Trade Jackson

    btw mt2, who is this “big time” person they can get? who in their right mind would want to come here and work under rowell?

  • Save Mully.

  • “The Ricker”

    Mullin should stay, the T.V. announer should go!!

  • Trade Jackson

    which tv announcer? fitz? or barnett?

  • Andrew

    They didn’t like his ability to bring in talented players. They didn’t like his player-friendly attitude.

    For the second time, Don Nelson is letting his ego destroy this franchise. The difference this time is he has a bigger ego and a bigger idiot in Robert Rowell to quickly facilitate the franchise’s demise.

    Let Mullin go, because he deserves to be treated with more respect and dignity than that pair know anything about.

  • David

    The tv announcers? Are you kidding? Fitz has Emmys on his resume and Barnett sees things before they happen, what else could you want from them??

  • Trade Jackson

    Radio fitz > TV fitz

  • zgreat

    We need to boycott the team until Rowell is gone or maybe even until Cohan sells the team.

  • Folsom Dub Fan

    What a shame, how this all has turned out. One big power struggle mess. And it appears like the two most responsible for the current dysfunction (rowell, nelson)will be here next year. And the one most responsible for turning this franchise around (Mullin), will be gone. Freeking disgusting! Oh… gotta throw Cohan in the mix too… The straw that stirs Rowell’s drink. Cohan, Rowell, Nelson should be the one’s gone.

  • Ryan


  • Dave

    Stay………..he had already begun to “right the ship” when he was blacklisted by the Warrior organization.

    He had already begun to put the pieces back together and solidify himself amongst the ranks of the best former player GMs along with Kiki Vandeweigh and Mitch Kupchak……I think Dumars has fallen out of that race.

    He had already begun to reverse the big contracts to JR, Murphy, Dunleavy, Fisher and had already begun to make offers at big name free agents and aggressively begun the search for offseason acquisitions when all of a sudden he was put on the backburner.

    Mullin was just starting to make his name……..the Davis trade was the start…he was already beginning to do a fantastic job after those initial mistakes…………kind of like when Belinelli and Wright got injured a few months back again, they had JUST started making some headway and finding their way……..same with Mullin……he had JUST started reversing his early mistakes and making a name for himself in management…….but he was quickly silenced……

    Terrible move by a terrible organization……they never know what they have..they never appreciate………….wait till he’s gone and we struggle to find an indentity or a GM that players respect around the league.

    Then trying getting big name players to come here…………no chance in Hell without Mullin……no chance in Hell!

  • Dave

    Bob Fitzgerald is widely regarded and respected in the Media as one of the best at what he does.

    Did you guys know that he called some FIBA tournament games , he called some Team USA Basketball games in the 2004 Olympics, he called Handball in the 2008 Beijing games along with swimming and waterpolo events as well……..he was one of many announcers who was asked to call many events at the Beijing 2008 games along with Jim Cozemore and Grant Napier of the Sacramento Kings…..those guys called some Olympic events as well in Beijing 2008.

    He is very good at what he does. Yes he can be a “homer” at times……but as far as delivering a quality product, most of his peers in the Media and those deciding who should call games in the Olympics regard Bob Fitgerald as one of the best.

    I think most of the guys on this blog didn’t know what I just wrote about Bob’s credentials………I think this is probably a shock to most of you.

  • RowellMustGo

    Mully stays.
    Rowell goes. Cohan goes. Twice.

  • Trade Jackson

    lol at ‘Dave’ that post was quite detailed,

    nice to see fitz reading the blogs

  • Scotty

    Stay, fire Rowell. Never happen of course though. He’s a goner for sure and some guy whose only real job will be to stroke Rowell’s ego is going to be brought in.

  • Kyle

    Chris Cohan – just sell the team so that we can stop hating you and your leiutenant douche bag Robert Rowell. I don’t like having all this hate in my heart. I just want to root for a good, fun team but I got stuck with the Warriors.

  • Robert

    This is Fitz even I admit I suck and Greg Papa should come back and replace my punk butt I am the worst play by play guy in the NBA and my radio show is lame.

    Thanks old Bob

  • JustPuked

    In the Fantasy land where this discussion even matters…

    Cohen sells to the Minority Owner Group. They fire Rowell, and give Mullin the keys to the franchise. Riley gets moved back to the bench, Nellie gets one last year but on Mullin’s short leash. Mullin solves the following issues:

    The trio of Crawford/Jackson/Maggette clogging up the salary cap.
    The lack of a of a point guard or efficient distributor.
    Long term plan to find the next coach.
    The cojones to attract the kind of “superstar” player necessary to win a championship.

    Back in reality, the recession ruled out the minority owners getting enough scratch to buy Cohen out. So, Cohen isn’t going anywhere which means Rowell is here to stay which means Mullin is on his way to some other franchise. They only thing I have left to be thankful for is Cohen so far hasn’t threatened to move or sell the franchise to someone who wants to move the franchise. Small blessing but when you’re a Warrior fan, you learn to subsist on a diet of “next year’s”, lottery hopes, moral victories, and bullshit.

    Go Dubs!!!

  • Trade Jackson

    cohan is not going to sell the team, so all this get rid of cohan talk is useless, BUT rowell on the other hand is a different story. MT2, i didnt think you would do a ‘stay or go’ on mully, since you did, how about one for rowell? i bet you would get the most feedback on that

  • Dave

    The Jackson, Harrington deal alone should be enough to tell ownership that Mullin knew what he was doing……..

    We got 2 legitimate NBA starters who know how to play and have played in big playoff and Finals games in Harrington and Jackson for a handful of under-achieving garbage in Diogu, Dunleavy and Murphy. Not to mention 2 “throw-ins,” one of which is Josh Powell who, when given the playing time, is one of the more efficient bench players that Phil Jackson has for the Lakers and the other was a tough, hard-nosed, perimeter shooter in Jasikevicius.

    It’s too bad because Mullin liked the same players I liked…….Harrington, Davis, Ellis,………these were all Mullin guys………….

  • bobo

    Can we fire Dave?

  • A’s in 2009

    Stay! Get rid of that nobody nothing ROWELL. 👿

  • A’s in 2009

    And Bob Fitzgerald sucks. He’s the play by play guy, Barnett is the color guy. Fitz thinks he’s both and its annoying as hell. You can sense that Barnett wants to smack him upside the head at times. Let Jim talk more you pumpkin head! 👿

  • mike

    Fitz replaced Greg Papa, bring back Papa and get rid of brown nosing Fitz.

    Nelson to the hall of fame for destroying a franchise twice.

  • sleepless in San Fran

    Fitz belongs in the same group as Nellie,Rowell and Cohen…all losers!
    Fitz(it’s all about me)broadcasts as though he really does believe it’s all about him…embarrassing to hear commentary on athletics when the commenter is anything but an athlete!His giddiness over some irrelevant plays that he deems are spectacular is downright bush league and evokes pity from an informed audience.

  • zgreat

    Barnett is great! Fitz is an annoying homer.

  • the Seer

    I hope that Mully ends up in NY and gets aways from this dysfunctional mess..Rowell sucks on Cohan, so he isn’t going anywhere and we are screwed..Mully deserves a lot better than a suckup and the old goat who should be drooling in a cup down in Hawaii..If the old goat gets in the HOF, it will be renamed the Hall of lots of games and mediocrity, because thats what the old goats legacy is..He found enough sucker owners to hire him..He must have pictures on all of these owners..The old goat will end up with more wins and more losses than anyone..Not HOF credentials at all..

  • the Seer

    Isn’t the HOF about winning..If you put a guy in who never even made it to the finals, what are you saying?? The only coaches that should ever get in are ones like Jackson and Auerbach..The HOF should be about the players and only the most awesome coaches that win multiple rings should even be considered..Jerry Sloan brings absolutely zero to the HOF..Its a freakin embarassment..No rings and lots of ok teams, now thats a HOF resume..It just cheapens the whole process..

    Football and hockey at least have some standards in their HOF..Baseball and basketball, especially basketball are a joke..If you play long enough or coach long enough you get on the ballot and in, ridiculous..I would never ever set foot in either one of these so called HOF’s..Baseball has guys on the ballot that are completely laughable..

  • the Seer

    I totally agree with you guys about Fitz, he is another one that sucks the owner and Rowell..Just pathetic..He has absolutely zero credibility..Hey Fitz go listen to John Miller and stop sucking on Rowell, you might learn something about announcing..I am so happy about Ted Robinson doing the 49er games..Mr. Smooth..He will be excellent and twice as good as the team will be unfortunately..

  • Ewok

    Mullin is a victim of politics.

    True he made mistakes but he quickly corrected them. How else would anyone judge our playoff year two years ago?

    His critics use the past to bury him, but if we all think about it, the future is stil looking bright because of his moves.

    If he is such an incompetent manager, at least he should have been counselled privately and professionally.

    Baron Davis has nothing but good things for Mullin. He stated that in the past interview. So I really don’t know where Marcus got his info that Mullin has a communication problem with Davis and the rest.

    It is the Front office who made promises and didnt keep them to the end that place Mullin being the GM, on the spot.

    Rowell, Nelson and Cohan ganged up on Mullin. Plain and simple.

  • the Seer


    I listened to Fitz on the Olympics and he was actually good, that makes this over the top homerism that much worse..He isn’t a bad announcer when its not his team and all about him..He justs needs to be more objective, so he has some credibility..The guy does have talent, no denying that..

  • Lufty455

    He should stay but I think he’s had enough of the S..T that goes around the Dubs… they are pointing the fingers at the wrong person… fire Nellie, Rowell, and Cohan please sell the team to someone who knows basketball and owning a real team. This team needs to get rid of Nelson and the butt licker like Rowell now before the rest of the league finds out how they treat people.

  • fuzzy

    Rowell is a narcisistic moron. Thunder was more qualified to run this team…..Save Mully, Ax Rowell.

  • chikago

    i would love for mully to stay but that doesnt look like its going to happen. that playoff run from 2 years ago seems so long ago. i dont blame mullin for not being around. im sure it would be tempting to come out and say how he feels and part of me hope he does but hes a classy guy so i doubt that will happen. the warrior ownership is a joke and i think nelson is a grump who has an ego the size of california. mully is better off leaving , going elsewhere (new york with donnie walsh) and get a fresh start. its a shame cuz i thought hed be with the warriors for a long time.


    Mully stay. Cohan, Rowell and Nelson, go.

  • dan

    It is no surprise that newspapers are filing for bankruptry left and right when beat writers like MT2 wrote a piece like this. Now, people should know why papers are dying…

    Mullin batting .800? Are you f*cking nuts? he spent close to 300mils for Fisher, Foyle, JR, Dunleavy, Murphy and Baron Davis and they won 35 games. Mullin had to get Nelson from Maui because he was so desperate. He could not understand why his dream team could not win more than 35 games. You think he would have traded his dream team if Nelson did not come?

    Don’t forget about Diogu, POB, Wright, Pietrus either.
    Biedrins was an OK pick. Monta was good pick for 2nd round. and hopefully Randoplh can become somebody.

    A good advice for you MT2: stop kissing players asses and don’t let your personal hatred of Nelson get in ways of an honest piece. Stop hating, it would not hurt either. Stop kissing Mullin’s ass because he fed you some inside info.

    No wonder papers are dying when writers like you can put out a pathetic piece like this one. Batting .800? my azz.

    You are a f*cking joke. MT2. A f*cking joke.

  • dan

    btw, this reminds me so much of what happened to Bonds when he was here. The media continously attacked Bonds no matter what. Now it is Nelson who getting the same treament. What a F*CKING JOKE.

    All you guys should go find some other employment, really.

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    How did this get to be about Fitz? You guys who knock him, hell I can compare him to the best of all time, former Warrior announcer Bill King and then say that he’s no good. But that would be stupid. More realistically, try listening to ANY of the TV announcers for other teams on NBA Broadband and you’ll change your opinions; as a team, Fitz and Barnett are far and away the best. As for Mullin, he was a mixed bag and I am of mixed opinion. One thing I’m dead-certain about; you never get past a bad owner.

  • dan

    my final word here then I will go and never return.

    people are getting tired of slanted pieces by newspapers and reporters so they no longer care to read
    papers. Instead of writing an honest piece about the whole mess, writers like MT2 put out a slanted piece in order to make Mullin look good. Obviously, MT2 and other reporters have picked Mullin over the W’s management and Nelson which is ok but don’t ever write crap like this.

    I have not visited this blog for some time so it is shockingly sad to read a dishonest piece like this.
    Mully had f*cked up aplenty. Nelson has f*cked up too. Rowell has f*cked up too. But obvously according to MT2, Mullin is fine and dandy.

    RIP, newspapers because you will all die soon.

  • justafan

    Sell the the Team Cohan, to some one who cares. Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sell s the team!!! If enough Ticket holders/fans say no to bad management Cohan will be forced to sell.

  • Steve

    And the Bay Area News Group Soap Opera, GSW style, marches on. Good grief. Poor old Mully, what a beaten and battered soul. How dare they treat you that way, Mully. And by the way, if you still need a ride to the airport, my number is 1-800-GET-LOST. I really see no point in revisiting this tired issue, but what the hell. IMO, Mullin did not turn the Warriors around, (and yes, this franchise is finally headed in the right direction), Don Nelson did. Mullin would not have traded Dunleavy and Murphy if Mike Montgomery, for example, had remained coach of GSW. Mullin had just given those stiffs big extensions, now he’s suddenly going to trade them? No way! Nelson wanted them gone. He also wanted Richardson out of here. Nelson didn’t want Barnes or Pietrus back. Mullin responsible for signing Azubuike? Absolutely not. If Nelson hadn’t been coaching the Warriors at the time, Kelenna never would have been a Warrior. Azubuike was playing for the Fort Worth Flyers of the D-League, and the coach of the Flyers was Sidney Moncrief. Because of Moncrief’s relationship with Nelson he called and recommended the Warriors look at KA, which led to his signing. Obviously, from my perspective, the list of “good Mullin moves” is mostly a bunch of hooey. Yes, Davis, Biedrins, and Ellis were positives, but the majority of Mullin’s moves ranged from borderline to near-disastrous. These articles are all the same. They’re filled with sources say this and sources say that, and anonymous this and anonymous that. Linking Mullin and Azubuike was misleading, and implying that players around the league first wanted to come here, and now they don’t, is simply absurd. Before Nelson returned the Warriors hadn’t made the playoffs in over a decade. For players looking to go to a winning organization they naturally would’ve looked elsewhere. Now, what’s the problem? The other day Jamal Crawford said that Rudy Gay told him how good he thought the Warriors would be next year. Who’s left GSW that wanted to leave other than Harrington? Barnes wanted to stay, and so did Davis. Pietrus was happy but wanted more money and playing time. Crawford says he likes it here. Biedrins, Ellis and Jackson re-signed, and Turiaf chose the Warriors over the Lakers. I repeat, who are all these players that wanted to leave? And want to leave? As for the future, in a players poll conducted by SI, Don Nelson finished in the top 5 of coaches that players most wanted to play for. Hey, but why let facts get in the way of a good story. LOL I’m sure Mullin is a great guy. So what? This is a business, and someone else has done a much better job of building and running this team over the last 3 years than Mullin. His being shown the door is as simple as that.

  • Earl Monroe

    Mullin should be staying, but unfortunately he will be leaving.

    No one comes close to Bill King as far as calling a basketball game, not even Chick Hearn or Marv Albert.

    Fitz has his opinions but compared to other NBA announcers he is mild when it comes to being a homer, (get the NBA ticket for one season, and you will change your mind about Fitz really quick, he is more of a company man who knows where his bread
    is buttered. For 3/4 of the year he was rough on Randolph and sided with Nelson, and to the very end chooses to focus on his short comings. Barnett is a Randolph fan though.

    Randolph was special at the beginning of the season and will only get better. Good things happen when the kid has the ball in his hands. Way better and more fun than Jackson handling it so much.

    Win or lose the last few games have brought the fun back, play hard, share the ball attempt to play defense, can’t ask anymore.

    There are some players on the roster, just need them healthy for a season.

  • hurricane225

    Chris Mullin is gone, and has been for months now.

  • pixellatedspace

    Stay: Mullin

    Go: Cohan, Rowell, and Nelson

  • Dave

    “Steve”………..you are right in the fact that Nelson’s influence was the primary reason for a lot of Mullin’s good moves. Getting rid of JR, all Nelson influenced. But was it a good move?….Has anything good come out of that? Nelson forced JR out and they opted for a first round pick who doesn’t get any playing time in a Don Nelson system. So what’s the point? Are we making plans to pursue big names? No, we used that space to give extensions to Ellis, Biedrins, Azubuike, Jackson and Maggette. So Nelson’s influence hasn’t really gotten us that far as well.

    The Harrington, Jackson deal, which I think is one of the defining moves of Mullins’ tenure, had Nelson’s fingerprints all over it. Neither of the guys we parted with were Nelson guys (Diogu; Dunleavy; Murphy).

    However, the guys we got in return, were all Chris Mullin guys. Harrington was never coveted by Don Nelson. The Barnes extension, the Pietrus extension, neither Barnes or Pietrus were ever Don Nelson guys, per se.

    The fact remains that we did’t make the playoffs until Nelson arrived, no question about that. But I think that you are too quick to not give credit to Mullin as well “Steve.”

    Let’s face it, it’s not like Nelson has orchestrated some great dynasty or anything here. 1 playoff appearance, same with Mullin, he hasn’t done anythingTHAT special,……..I understand.

    But without Mullin, a lot of those moves would not have been made because other GMs and players don’t like Don Nelson and ownership enough, to decide to want to play here. They need that extra push, that player connection and that comes from Mullin. For some reason, he has the respect and the admiration of a lot of guys around the league……why do you think other teams are coveting him now and already making plans for next year?……..Mullin will be successful at his next stop………no question about that.

  • Arudolph

    Mullin was a much better player than GM.I’d be fine if he stayed.Though his record Pre-Nelson is not very good.Now I guess you guys can blame Nelson for Mullin’s bad moves too if you think that adds up.Marcus, I think you know the vast majority of fans would like Mullin to stay but it ain’t going to happen. So what’s this stay or go all about? Why don’t you do one on Rowell.

  • Slam Dunk

    Mullin can stay or go. I think he wants to leave and at least I will get to stop hearing this same martyr story over and over and over. Oh and Rowell can go to.

  • Marcus Thompson


    In case you haven’t already departed forever, just wanted to tell you to get your read on. I said he’s batting .800 on trades. Also, I barely mentioned Nellie in my story. So I don’t know where my so-called hatred of Nellie is coming from. And if newspapers are dying because of me, then they deserve to die for resting their fate on lowly me.

  • Marcus Thompson


    It goes without saying the Warriors would have to make some changes to lure someone. But if they are committed, I imagine they’d interest some. Solid fan base. Exciting young talent. Nice market. Cohan spends money on players and could be talked into paying the tax if necessary, I’ve heard. This could be a desireable spot

  • pdxraider

    Stay, he should be given authority so he can treat Nellie like a little bitch so Nellie will leave without demoney!

  • danikil49

    These last few games show that without Jackson this team has a better(more positive atitude)and for some reason play defense a liitle better. I was not a Mullin fan a couple of years ago, but his recent acquisitions and deraft selections indicate he was learning.

    If the Warriors could get rid of Nelson , Rowell and Jackson I could really enjoy the games. Nelson is such a egotist that he ruins any good he does. He was toxic in the early 90’s and he is even more toxic now. Same with Jackson, notice how the team has responded since he has been out with his injury.The games have been a joy to watch, when Nellie wasn’t forcing small ball on us.

    Mr. Cohan, I know you will not seell or step down, but please do all(most) of us fans a favor and fire Rowell( or strip him of basketball decisions) and fire nelson( or make him GM so I don’t have to see him anymore). I guess we are stuck with Jackson because of the stupid extension he just signed. In any case I will not see another Warrior game in person until Nelson, and jackson are gone.

    Keep Mullins.

  • Lufty455

    Why is Nelson and Rowell still here???? Haven’t they stolen enough money from us already? This team needs a facelift now. Cohan get rid of these jokers… Create a bond and trust between you and your staff.
    Start speaking up if your hand pick management does not do well or makes a mistake.
    Mullin is a very well respected individual throughout the basketball industry.
    He will leave soon and he will make another team better… Good luck Mullie!

  • Dave

    Stephen Jackson has played for some pretty good coaches throughout his career……………Rick Carlisle, Gregg Popovich……..it’s funny how he’s found a home here with Don Nelson, of all people.

    He hated everywhere he’s been, but he loves it here in the Bay Area……….amazing,…..absolutely amazing………how lucky are we that Stephen Jackson considers the Bay Area as his home?…….Most teams can say that about guys like Kobe Bryant and Brandon Roy……..we say that about Stephen Jackson……….lucky us, ..huh?

    Anyway, I thought I would comprise a list of the best players the Warriors have drafted over the last 10 years, in order. Now, this will included guys who were drafted and traded on draft day, so they may not have played 1 minute in a Warrior uniform…..but I am looking at the entire body of work so this will include draft day trades. Here is my list, from best to worst:

    1. Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway
    2. Gilbert Arenas
    3. Antawn Jamison
    4. Vince Carter
    5. Chris Webber
    6. Latrell Sprewell
    7. Monta Ellis
    8. Jason Richardson
    9. Andris Biedrins
    10. Anthony Randolph

    Penny, is, without question, the most talented out of all those players….if he played longer than what he did……..you would be putting his name up there with some of the best guards in the last 20 years. He made it to the Finals, he was a prolific scorer and a fantastic floor general. Injuries slowed him down…..otherwise, he would eat Monta Ellis for breakfast…………maybe not Gilbert…but he would eat Monta alive. So maybe you can flip flop Gilbert and “Penny” at # 1, you can go either way with that.

  • lefty1

    Mullin will probably be gone. Rowell should be the one gone, but won’t happen.

    Were all gonna have to just wait and see. Our young player did a good job these past few weeks. Lets hope mgt. see’s how well they did and make some serious roster adjustments to give us a stronger team next season.

  • jeremy

    I’d have gone a couple years deeper and added Mitch Richmond and Tim Hardaway to that list.And you can’t put AR on a list based on his potential.And you also can’t double dip guys that we made draft day deals involving and count both players. That’s silly.Thus P. Hardaway and Carter are gone and T. Hardaway and Mitch Richmond move to the top of the list and Chris Gatling takes AR’s place until he actually develops into the player many think he can be.

  • blah

    Losing Chris Mullin is worse than losing Baron Davis. Who wants to be part of a franchise with no loyalty? Hopefully Ellis since we’ve already got him, but Damn man, who’s gonna want to come here?

  • Dave

    It’s funny how the Nelson supporters seem to be the Mullin haters…………..I mean, what the hell has Nelson done for this franchise that’s so damn special?

    The Lakers and the Spurs make the playoffs every single god damn year. They win 50 games a season like their walking in the park on a Sunday afternoon…..no problem……..50 wins a season…..you can chalk that up in Summer League for teams like the Lakers and Spurs.

    Now, you guys are holding Don Nelson up like he’s Moses and he just parted the red sea.

    This guy has 1 playoff appearance to his name since returning and 2 winning seasons………big deal……whats so special about that…….If you were blacklisting Mullin in favor of names like Jerry West, Mitch Kuptchak, Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovich……then yeah…I understand…..but when you say, “Mullin didn’t turn it around. Nelson did.”

    What exactly do you mean, what has he “turned around?”

    We haven’t done shit since either of them have been here but you rather live and die with Nelson? A guy who has a track record of destroying the internal workings of many NBA franchises……..you guys would rather take your chance on that, huh?


    Most of Mullin’s mistakes were at the beginning of his tenure. He learned from those mistakes. In a league of guaranteed contracts, he was able to miraculously reverse his mistakes and put together the hot new team in the NBA.

    But as soon as Mullin demonstrated his growth into a shrewd GM, and gained the trust of the players and fans, Rowell and Cohan started the process of taking him down. This is unbelieveable, and disgusting. The current miracle is that the current Warriors play so hard for such a dysfunctional franchise.

  • Purvis Short

    Who was our last all star player???
    We ae never going to win anything until we draft some talent. It takes a hall of famer and 2 all stars to make a great team.
    We have not had an all star for how many years??

  • Lufty455

    Hey Cohan are you looking at the majority of the your Warrior fans are saying on this blog… please read the fine print and do the right thing…. or you will be sitting in a empty arena with Nelson and Rowell wondering where have all the Warrior fans gone to… Don’t be surprise if half of the season ticket holders don’t re-up this year … Thats right it is all about the money, right!!!

  • Steve

    Dave, in regards to your #59, I’m neither a Mullin hater or a Nelson lover. I’m just a sports nut who follows all pro sports very closely, and especially the local yocals (Giants, Warriors, Sharks). The Giants organization has been run by incompetents both on and off the field since they moved to the west coast in 1958. It’s no coincidence they’ve never won a World Series in all that time. The Sharks Doug Wilson is a smart guy, and he made an excellent move in hiring Todd McLellan as their new coach this season. They have a good team, but I’m not convinced they’re going to win the Stanley Cup this year. And then we have the Warriors. Say what you want about Don Nelson, but the ONLY time the Warriors have been worth watching over the last 35 years (save their NBA championship season of ’75) has been when Nelson has run the team. He’s a tough coach but I like that style. Webber wasn’t tough enough to handle Nelson’s coaching methods, but Anthony Randolph was, and look how that kid has grown as both a player and person since earlier this season. The first time around Nelson drafted players like Hardaway and Richmond, and found Sarunas M. in Lithuania. He found Dirk Nowitzki for Dallas. He knows talent and he knows the NBA. He’s an innovater and a winner. He won championships as a player, and learned the ropes under one of the greatest basketball minds ever, Red Auerbach. His Bucks of the ’80’s had the 3rd highest winning percentage of that decade, behind only the Lakers and Celtics. The Lakers and Celtics are also the reasons Nelson never won a title with Milwaukee. After that he’s taken on nothing but NBA reclamation projects, which is why he’s lost more games than the other so-called great coaches. I’m sorry, but Mullin had the Warriors doing their usual going-nowhere-fast routine until Nelson returned 3 years ago. And who’s been calling almost all of the shots since then? If Nelson’s career is any indicator, Nelson has. And I like what has happened with GSW from then till now. There’s no way anyone could realistically evaluate this TEAM this past season because of injuries and youth, but individual player evaluations could definitely be made, and I like a lot of the talent on this team. More changes have to be made, and if done correctly, with some good luck thrown in, the Warriors will be exciting, and they will be winners. Nelson was great in Milwaukee, the Warriors were so intoxicating during his first tenure with GSW they had a nickname (Run TMC), and he left Dallas in great shape to make repeated playoff runs. Given all this vs what Mullin has accomplished post-playing days, why would I vote Mullin over Nelson? I don’t hate one and love the other, I’m just a fan who wants to watch exciting NBA basketball, and Nelson produces that wherever he goes. And these morons who say Nelson’s run-and-gun style can’t win championships? The Lakers weren’t dubbed “Showtime” because they played halfcourt and won games 82-80. They ran, and just kept running. Even Paul Westhead, who’s a run-and-gun maniac coached the Lakers to a title. If your players are good enough in the system you run as a coach, you’ll win, AND win big if your players are REALLY good. Who knows whether or not the Warriors can put together that kind of talent, but if they can Nelson is easily a good enough coach to win a title. BTW, your comments about Utah and the Warriors on the other blog? The Warriors will have more wins than Utah next season. Ciao.

  • PJ

    Keep Mullin, I think there’s zero question in any fans mind whether to move or keep Mullin.

    Though I think it’s of equal importance we rid ourselves of Fitz.

    Yes I have league pass and yes it’s awful listening to other announcers just as bad or worse. (When watching a Clipper game I’ve had to actually turn off the volume because their announcers are so-so bad). But without Barnett, I just don’t see how Fitz could do anything right. Trade him plz.

  • Dave

    “Steve”………good response………you made reference to the greatest team ever assembled by mankind,……..the “Showtime” Lakers.

    You’re right…..with the right players and talent, any system can succeed with any coach.

    Those great Laker teams you mentioned had guys like Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Kareem, “Big Game” James Worthy, B. Scott, Michael Cooper, “Silk” Jamaal Wilkes……….those were some “legendary” players……..you’d have to wake up pretty early in the morning to find a cast better than that. Also, your boy, Paul Westhead and his young star from Michigan State, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, did not really get along by all accounts and Magic was happy to see him leave.

    Look at Doc Rivers, at the end of 2006-2007, people were calling for his head. Save for a miracle, Doc was about to be stripped of his MD title……because we all know Doc Rivers is actually a real doctor and MD, right?

    It was funny, because at the end of 2006-2007, the Golden State Warriors were flying high, fresh off a first round defeat of the 60 win 2006-2007 Dallas Mavericks and it was the Boston Celtics that were in shambles with Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge holding their nutsacks, not knowing if they were going to be around next season.

    Wow, how the tides can turn in such a short period.

    Why couldn’t we have made those types of moves at that time? Getting guys like Garnett? Getting guys like Pau Gasol? Why have we not been able to acquire those big name players that we see on other teams, players that light us up, game in and game out, every time they see us?

    I don’t think getting rid of Chris Mullin will help that cause.

    Remember, before Stephen Jackson came here, he never played for Don Nelson, so he had no idea what to expect. He never knew he was going to be Nelson’s favorite player. For all Stephen knew, it was just another stop on the Stephen Jackson “tour” that he has called his “career” for the past 8 or so years in this league. Mullin wanted Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington………..without that trade there is “0” “We Believe” 2006-2007 playoff run……

    It is because Mullin orchestrated that deal and his presence was enough to make Indiana decision makers’ , Larry Bird and Donnie Walsh, happy to deal with a guy that they felt comfortable in dealing with…..it wasn’t because of Nelson.

    I don’t even think Bird and Walsh would have listened to an offer if “washed up,” “has been” Don Nelson was the GM and threw a proposal their way….I don’t believe they would have.

    Let’s face it, Don Nelson left Golden State in shambles the first time around……he blacklisted good NBA players like Tyrone Hill and Chris Webber. In his second stint, the blakclisted guys were JR, Pietrus, Harrington and Barnes………weren’t these guys at the fucking core of the 2006-2007 playoff run?

    I don’t know, say what you want, injuries, etc., but this season’s coaching has been terrible……..fun to watch or not, I like to watch a winning team.

    Sam Vincent was COY in 2006-2007, he had a good team with cornerstone’s Bosh and Calderon, good role players like Bargnani and Parker …………he starts off 8-10 in 2008-2009 and he’s fired……..2 years after winning Coach of the Year?

    Nelson gets a free pass????……Why, is he that special?

    Also, let’s just go back to the first point for a second “Steve” and please do not put Don Nelson and the Golden State Warriors in the same paragraph as the “Showtime” Lakers. We don’t have a PG like Magic, we don’t have role players like Cooper, we don’t have scorers like James Worthy……..so it goes back to your point, you need the right players for your system to work, no argument there………..but getting rid of Chris Mullin will put another GM in that role, inexperienced or experienced, who knows who it’s going to be, ..but I don’t know if we have someone lined up with the NBA experience and the regard around the league that I think Mullin has……….obviously you don’t think that way……..you think Mullin is overrated as a GM, Warrior fans kiss his ass, etc.

    That’s how you feel, this is how I feel, I don’t think it’s going to change. Also, desperation move or not, Mullin brought in your boy, Don Nelson. For as much as you love DN, you should praise all God that Mullin went after him and not another NCAA coach like Montgomery.

    Again, Nelson listened, because Mullin approached. Mullin has respect, he even had the respect of your boy Don Nelson, that’s why Don Nelson came back……….that’s the most ironic point about all of this back and forth.

  • Swear1

    STAY!!!! Mullin got us back into the playoffs, Nelson and Rowell got us right back out. ‘nough said.

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    Re Dave at #65: “getting rid of Mullin will put another GM in the role”… well yes, and his name will be Don Nelson and the coach will be Keith Smart. This would not surprise me at all, and it would be perfectly fine with me, too.

    And Steve your comments are spot-on, and Earl Monroe, it’s nice you remember how good Bill King was. There is some old video around of him doing a game and his talent is just staggering.

  • GS Smith

    Keep Mullin, get rid of that punk Rowell!!

  • Dave

    “Oregon”…………you have a team in your own backyard that has shown what drafting young talent and re-building an organization is all about……….the Blazers…………

    The ownership and management of your hometown Blazers is night and day compared to your Golden State Warriors………..funny how you have such a great example of how an organization should be run, right in your own backyard, with the Blazers……

    Yet you tout, Don Nelson, as a savior and Keith Smart as a successful coach……..

    I’ve read your ocmments in the past, you’ve read mine too, I’ve used the names: Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, etc. in the past…….you’ve read my stuff before.

    I have to say your last post at # 67 is completely unparallelled intelligence and though wise, to your previous posts.

    You’ve made good suggesstion before, but your idea that Don Nelson and Keith Smart can win a Championship is absolutely retarded.

  • Dave

    Also “Oregon”………..funny how you pick the biggest douche bags on this blog to agree with……….”Steve” and “Earl Monroe” for god’s sakes………..

    You guys deserve each other.

  • oregonwarriorfan

    Dave: You are correct in observing how fine a team the Trailblazers have become; just a few years ago they were being laughed at as the ‘Jailblazers’ and had a 21-62 record. The key element to their success IMHO was the hiring of an exceptional general manager. Kevin Pritchard is awesome, acquiring high-character, high-ability, team chemistry players. It also didn’t hurt that the owner is the 5th richest man in the US, and gave Pritchard free rein to swing draft day deals. No surprize, a great organization begins at the top.

    Now how do the Warriors leapfrog them and the Lakers and Houston and Cleveland and San Antonio and a bunch of other teams to win the championship? I guess it’s OK to strive, but if I am dependent for my personal happiness on them getting there, I might not be happy for much of my limited time on this planet. No, my personal happiness basketball-wise I choose to link to ‘Was I entertained?’

    People think I’m nuts to enjoy being a Warrior fan instead of a Blazers fan and maybe they have a point, but even as good as the Blazers are, they may never be champions. You have to take some pleasure in the here-and-now or most likely you’re doomed.

  • Eric

    Mullin has made it comfortable for current and past players to improve their practice habits. I.E. BD has alot of respect for Mullin.

    They never gave him a fair shake! He put his head out there for Ellis silly accident and now somebody has to take the bullet for it!

    Whoever the next GM is the W’s will slowly be in the decline. Mully has a great talent at finding and viewing players. At least give him 1 full yr to prove with what he has built. And give him the chance to make another pick to turn this franchise around next yr

  • Steve

    Oregonwarriorfan, I enjoy reading your comments. I guess us high-intellect guys just kinda flock together, eh? 🙂 Portland has a nice group of young players. I really like Brandon Roy. That said, I think the Warriors will give you plenty to brag about up there in Blazer country in the coming seasons. As for Dave, my folks taught me as a kid to never make fun of the handicapped, so I’ll refrain from any further comments. LOL Have a good one.

  • oregonwarriorfan

    Peace, everyone. It’s been fun reading the comments and contributing to this blog, differences of opinion are valuable and valid. Let’s also remember that these are just young men playing a game in ridiculous underwear.

    To Dave, Steve and all the rest of us loyal fans, have a nice off-season everyone!

  • Dave

    “Oregon and Steve”…………take care!

  • David

    Please Mullin stay. Rowell, please go.