Chris Mullin – Stay or Go?

It is only natural that we finish off this series with Chris Mullin, the Warriors executive vice president of basketball operations. I wrote today, as best I could considering the lack of willingness for anyone to talk on the record, I don’t think he’s coming back. From everything I’m told, it’s possible, but in the sense that it’s possible for the Warriors to reach the Finals next year. It would definitely take someone (Chris Cohan or Robert Rowell) stepping in and saying “we need to keep this guy” for Mullin to stay. The Nellie’s power would have to be figured out/diminished. Mullin would probably have to get comfortable with not having his guys next to him, or the Warriors would have to allow him to bring someone he trusts in. A lot would have to happen. The question for you is, should it? …

He turned around the franchise. Period. He’s the only guy in the organization who has the credibility around the league to make things happen. His eye for talent, at the very least, is pretty good. He’s batting .800 when it comes to trades, which is the only way the Warriors are going to be able to improve the roster thanks to their financial commitments.
Perhaps the biggest reason: the Warriors are losing their recently attained reputation for being a player-friendly environment. The way players have left here of late, not to mention how Jamal Crawford is expected to leave, the Warriors need someone to make Golden State a desirable place again. One thing I will say about Mullin, one of his advantages from being a former player is that he understands how players think.

Chris Cohan isn’t going anywhere. Neither is Robert Rowell. Neither is Don Nelson. Keeping him around is like dragging out a bad relationship, hoping something will happen to make it like it used to be. For purposes of moving forward, let him go and let him move on.
Plus, this could be an opportunity to go get someone big time. They didn’t like the money he spent. They didn’t like some of his draft picks. They didn’t like his communication.

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Marcus Thompson