Ellis’ Contract Won’t Be Voided

A team source confirmed the team has decided not to void Monta Ellis’ contract. The Warriors sent a letter to Ellis’ agent, Jeff Fried, stating the team relinquishes its right to void his contract for the scooter accident, ending a months-long drama between the star guard and the organization.
Ellis was suspended 30 games, costing him $3 million, after he injured his left ankle (requiring surgery) and lying about it. When he announced the suspension, team president Robert Rowell said the team was reserving the right to void his contract – which the collective bargaining agreement allows – if Ellis did not fully recover from his injuries. Ellis, who signed a six-year, $66 million contract in July, disagreed with the Warriors stance that they could void his contract after suspending him for 30 games.
Team sources have said the potential voiding of Ellis’ contract has been at the root of Ellis’ unhappiness all season. With that now out of the way, the Warriors can repair the relationship with Ellis, their franchise player.

Marcus Thompson