Ellis’ Contract Won’t Be Voided

A team source confirmed the team has decided not to void Monta Ellis’ contract. The Warriors sent a letter to Ellis’ agent, Jeff Fried, stating the team relinquishes its right to void his contract for the scooter accident, ending a months-long drama between the star guard and the organization.
Ellis was suspended 30 games, costing him $3 million, after he injured his left ankle (requiring surgery) and lying about it. When he announced the suspension, team president Robert Rowell said the team was reserving the right to void his contract – which the collective bargaining agreement allows – if Ellis did not fully recover from his injuries. Ellis, who signed a six-year, $66 million contract in July, disagreed with the Warriors stance that they could void his contract after suspending him for 30 games.
Team sources have said the potential voiding of Ellis’ contract has been at the root of Ellis’ unhappiness all season. With that now out of the way, the Warriors can repair the relationship with Ellis, their franchise player.

Marcus Thompson

  • blah

    About time.

  • Trade Jackson

    good, can we now void rowells contract?

  • Mike

    Why does Cohen want this team? He doesn’t attend games and doesn’t want to win or at least do what it takes to win.

    And Rowell acts like a guy who’s best college choice was lowly Cal Poly

  • Tony

    Miraculous – Robert Rowell doesn’t make the wrong decision. Although waiting this long certainly qualifies.
    He still needs to be fired instead of Mullin.

  • Dave

    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again…..without a superstar caliber, confident, established NBA star player that takes over in the 4th quarter, we are going nowhere.

    When you look at names like Bryant, Roy, Nowitzki, McGrady, Yao, Duncan, Ginobili, Paul, West and Anthony…………..there are no names on the Warriors that are even in the same planet as those names I just mentioned.

    The “go to” guys that other Western Conference teams have are worlds and worlds better than any player we have. We have no comparison at all to those names……..not even close…………that means that we have a tremendous amount of work to do………an absolute tremendous amount.

    We are far from being where we need to be to compete for a playoff spot.

  • the Seer

    Void Rowell’s contract and let him go panhandle on the streets..Hey all your Warriors fans, do you feel good about making Cohan and Rowell tons of money for that attendance?? Enablers..

  • the Seer


    No superstar will ever come and play for this dysfunctional mess and you know the front office is way too clueless ever to draft a superstar, so don’t waste your breath, these idiots will never figure it out..In another ten years when Nelly is 82 and still coaching the team, we will look back fondly on those Baron Davis years..The team will have had one playoff year in the last 23 years and the fans will still be selling out the place..

    Cohan and Rowell have zero incentive to win, as long as the 19,600 show up every night..Enjoy the mediocrity..

  • “The Ricker”

    I dont know why Ellis was upset. He caused his own troubles. Ellis shouldnt have lied and he needs to man-up and accept responsibility for his own actions!


    Jeff Kent

  • commish

    let the healing begin. By the way, Mike (#3), if you were Cohan, would you show your ass at a game and get booed off the court? Why do you think Rowell says he doesn’t read the papers or blogs. These guys insulate themselves from the reality of how the fans feel, although I’m sure the renewal numbers won’t escape their notice.

    It is sad that Cohan, his wife, nor Rowell had the guts to give Ronny his well deserved award last night. That really sucked big time IMHO>

  • jsl

    Robert Rowell: The ULTIMATE schmuck!

    SLO’s loss is our albatross. What a cretin that stupid doofus is. And he STILL seems to think he’s got half a brain. Zounds!

  • Lufty455

    Good for Ellis… NOW fire Rowell and Nelson… I’m tired of making these guys richer… enough said…

  • Lufty455

    sorry I forgot to mention you can also fire yourself Cohan…

  • Dave,

    Duncan and McGrady are done. Have you seen them recently? Captain Jack will ruin Dirk and West in any meaningful 4th quarter. Your obsession with having a star is romantic at best, say it all you want. But back to reality the Warriors must field a team to compete with the Yao’s and Kobe’s. Both Randolph and Ellis will be mentioned by you soon enough

  • A’s in 2009

    😆 @ Rowell

    We should not be in the business of getting rid of talent for nothing but to save money.

  • kshaq

    Mr. Marcus Thompson, I have to commend you on the Turiaf article. You have no idea how much I enjoyed it.

    I greatly appreciate it.

  • Swear1

    WOW, about time. Randolph needs more PT. Randolph + Monte = Future.

  • MountainJim

    McGrady’s been done for a few years now. I’d say Duncan still has a couple to go, but this year he’s hampered by the knee.

    Once Monta set foot on the court the whole issue of voiding his contract became very difficult legally imo. This is just a typical Rowell move – hold something ephemeral over a guy’s head causing bitterness that is real and waiting way too long to admit the obvious.

    This is hands down the worst front office outside of Clipperland.

  • Ron TMC

    I like Trade Jacksons idea of now voiding Robert Rowell contract.
    Until Robert Rowell leaves the organization, I am not throwing any more $$$ towards Warriors.

  • Trade Jackson

    yup nice work on the turiaf article, but whats up with the big words, ‘famished’, haha i had to hit up the dictionary for that, knew it had something to do with hunger though

  • Marcus Thompson

    Xavier Henry,

    You are spot on, IMHO

  • haastheman

    Voiding contracts is bad business. Especially for a team trying to lure potential free agents to town. However, I don’t feel confident about Monta’s future the way i did a year ago. We need a Trade.

  • Wilson

    All this negativity. I like this team, after tweaking, for next year. Just watch.

  • Dave

    No thanks “Xavier Henry”……I would much rather live and die with the guys I mentioned than the guys you mentioned……….

    Ellis and Randolph are talented young players but they fall substantially short in the 4th quarter dominance department. What track record do they have that would tell you that these guys can confidently dominate a 4th quarter? Randolph is too young to tell, I’ll give you leeway on that, but Ellis……..you think he can be like a Brandon Roy?……….I don’t know, my friend, I think you’re living in a fantasy land.

    I guess that you think that Randolph and Ellis will be able to compete with the likes of Bryant, Roy, Yao……..wow, …….are you serious?

    But continue to hold out hope……….you seem to be very hopeful……that’s fantastic.

    I will certainly make a note of your comments, then use that note to wipe my ass!

  • Dave

    “Xavier Henry”….. Dirk Nowitzki is the 4th leading scorer in the NBA and has an MVP trophy to his name…………what does Stephen Jackson have?

    All the guys I mentioned are in the top 20 in scoring……I’m not saying scoring is everything but the guys I mentioned are real NBA players that know how to take games over…..we don’t have anyone like that.

    Stephen would run circles around Dirk in any meaningful 4th quarter?…….Are you kidding me……….?

    Problem is, we never really play in ANY meaningful 4th quarters because we don’t have the kinds of players that strike fear in opponent’s hearts.

    Most teams gamble on our guys in the 4th, let them pull up for the 3 on 1 3 pointers and they are happy with that. Other teams know we don’t have an aggressive 4th quarter scorer who gets to the basket, draws fouls and puts the pressure on the defense.

    No other team in the NBA is scared of Monta Ellis and Anthony Randolph……nobody!

  • A’s in 2009

    I agree with you Wilson. This team is an easy fix. We’re loaded with young talent. We just need some addition by subtraction to allow the youngsters to grow.

  • Dave

    Easy fix?????????????

    Have you guys lost your mind?

    We won 30 games this year, we regressed, we’re worse than Musselman, Cowens and Montgomery…….

    You guys are something else.

    Do you guys even realize what you’re saying?

    In a Conference with the Lakers, the Spurs, the Hornets, the Blazers and the Nuggets…the Golden State Warriors are an “easy fix?”

    You guys have absolutely lost your minds.

    You guys are basing your over-optimism on a bunch of meaningless games at the end of the season…..yes we play hard, yes we have young talent, NO we are NOT an easy fix.

  • Dave

    You guys are just happy with 40 wins and sniffing the playoffs….that would make most of you happy.

    I come from a school where Championships matter, winning matters and great players matter.

    You guys have allowed the futility of your Golden State Warriors to affect your sound reasoning and most of you bloggers would just be happy with being entertained and winning 40 games…….

    Demand more, demand a Championship team…….At the end of 2006-2007 the Boston Celtics didn’t know what way was up! Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge were shitting their pants because they thought they would be out of a job.

    Then the following year, they win the Championship!

    You have to have great players to win Chapionships……if you guys want to win 40 games a year..then you can have Monta Ellis, Anthony Randolph and Anthony Morrow.

  • the Seer


    These Warrior fans are so delusional because most of them weren’t alive or don’t remember the one championship in the 70’s and have seen nothing but Cohan garbage, so they have no clue what a real championship roster looks like..Hey naive Warrior fans, until someone in this franchise figures out that defense wins rings and small ball is just a freakin gimmick, you will keep enjoying a team that scores and lot and loses a lot..

  • Dave,
    Relax dude. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I said Ellis and Randolph will soon be mentioned with the likes of those stars. Roy, Kobe, Yao, CP3 are still the class of the west. You infer too much. Like I said, TMac and Duncan are done in terms of dominance. West and Dirk are easy covers for Stephan Jackson. Do you even watch Warrior games? Chris Paul and Terry kill the dubs, not either of those two soft forwards.

  • Purvis Short

    Like your #5 comment. We have to draft a star. No one is going to come here as a free agent. The only two good trades that we pulled off was because the coaches in NO and Ind. did not want their players. With the team we have we will be lucky to make the 8th seed next year.

  • the Seer

    Ellis is a one dimensional player who can score..He isn’t a leader, plays zero defense, isn’t a good passer, and chances are will never be an all star..So lets keep him the proper perspective..

    Now Randolph, the sky is the limit..You gotta love his game..Now all we need is a coach who can teach these young guys how to play championship basketball, not another one of the old goats gimmicks..

  • justafan

    It starts at the top…. new owner…. new (Better) team! Get a new coach and Pr dept. New vp of BB ops Give the loyal Fans a Price break Keep ME AB RT AR AM BW Get rid of CRAWMAGJACKBUKI and any other no defensive useless dead weight. Trade, draft with a bit of intelligence. And most of all get us a real Point Guard. and if not Then Hey fans let’s “Boycott the warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team!!!”

  • Valley J

    Ellis and Randolph are more than solid building blocks. People need to remember just how many games were lost to injuries. If you take any teams top 5-6 guys in the rotation out for significant amounts of time they would win 30 games as well. This season was a blessing in disguise, because if those injuries don’t happen then the young talent would still be on the bench and the team would be unsure of what they had moving forward. The injuries as bad as they were, forced Don Nelson to play the rookies and younger players. From that the team was able to see who can really contribute and who can’t. A legitimate PG and draft pick along with the top guys in the rotation healthy will make this same group of players a team to watch out for, not a championship contender, but at least respectable and possibly competing for a playoff spot. A couple of changes are needed, but for the most part there is a solid core move forward with.

  • A’s in 2009

    We only won 30 games because we TANKED you bafoons. 😆

    Jackson and Biedrins sat thru injuries they would have played thru had we not tanked. Nellie sat guys who were completely healthy. Factor in Monta being hurt all year and Nellie waiting too long to play Randolph. Remember Nellie starting DeMarcus Nelson over guys like Watson and Morrow? lol haha, Nellie tanked like crazy. You’re an idiot if you can’t see the talent on this team. A few tweaks and we’re a 50 win team, easy.

  • commish

    Many of these posts are just amazing to me. By that I mean the loyalty and optimism of the fans given the following reality: we won less than 30 this year; we have the same old, tired coach whose coaching values include loving small ball and crazy mis-matches and enjoys playing vets into the ground while giving no value to team or individual defence. Mix that with a front office in complete disarray with no GM to hold the coach accountable and a club President who knows nothing about basketball but enjoys putting his ego into the middle of basketball negotiation. And, just to make things worse, this franchise has burned so many players and agents that it will be virtually impossible to get any free agents to come to the Dubs so we are just down to the luck of trades with a stupid and underwhelming front office to make those decisions.

    So, when anyone talks about an “easy fix”, they don’t have a clue. It’s just like saying it would be easy to get LeBron or even Bosh here to play. Pass the pipe please.

  • deano

    Now that Ellis is officially reinstated, either he or Crawford has to be traded – to get us a starting point guard and to free up minutes For Morrow at shooting guard. All we need is a quality 1 to make this team hum. Maybe the Suns will continue their suicide by picking up Steve Nash’s option and then trading him for JC or ME. We throw in Belinelli to make the salaries match. Nash and Nellie, together again.

  • A’s in 2009

    You guys have no idea how close we are. Open you’re damn eyes man.

  • Oregonwarriorfanjr.

    So first off, its a real good thing that Monte’s contract is safe, because he is one hell of a fun player to watch. Most of the comments about skill at point are somewhat useless to debate, as he is only a shooting guard – which he showed in his return this season with his lost look and horrible turnovers – not a point guard, and won’t be until he has someone to teach him the position on that roster.

    But moving on to the two most important things for the warriors to do this off season, in my opinion:

    1. Acquire a legit point guard. Forget the things that won’t change even if you whine about it. Coaching and front office drama should not be part of playing basketball, and has been discussed enough to kill a dead cat. But moving players and assembling the best possible roster is the core of off-season basketball, so the first step is getting a point guard. But maybe not the one everyone has gotten used to at golden state. Legit, for sure, but maybe not a starter and instead a backup vet with reasonable skills and some quicks left who gets along with Nellie, and can lead the way for CJ and Ellis to become strong, true point guards in the future.

    2. Move some talent scoring for some talent passing and moving without the ball. This is the core of the success of Nellie’s offense, as any half decent athlete can score from 2 feet away, and is why he always is looking for a passing big man. One player I followed lately in the D-league (Nellie’s favorite hunting ground)was Reno’s David Noel. He posted 3 triple doubles on the year, 2 for Reno, had a 41% 3 point shooting in an up tempo, pass happy, full court offense. He averaged 19 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds, and 2 blocks while averaging 41 minutes a game. Still, his best attributes are that he is 6’6 and 223 lbs. He is almost Azubuike, but likes to pass and will be much MUCH cheaper come next season.

    Looking forward to the two Anthony’s next season!!

  • Oregonwarriorfanjr.

    Additional info on David Noel:

    He was within one rebound of having three more triple doubles, making a possible total of six triple doubles on the season with three more rebounds. Of those six games there were four wins and two losses, and the losses were by a combined total of 10 points. The wins? By an average of 16.5 points per game. Sound like the warriors? In the future, I hope so.

    Watch his most recent game, a 142-126 drubbing of the Colorado 14ers (the team with the best record in the D-league) on the main D-league website: http://www.nba.com/dleague/news/webcast_archive_0708.html

  • HannibalX

    No way any superstar signs with Golden State. Garnett, Elton Brand, Arenas, already rejected this team and their money. I laugh when someone mentions Boozer or Bosh, Wade or (gasp) LeBron.
    Dream on.
    It all starts at the top people. This team will never amount to anything until Cohan sells. We need a Steinbrenner type owner who will not settle for anything less than a championship, and will hold those who do not perform accountable.
    Franklin Muelli is rolling over in his grave!

  • A commitment to Ellis is an obvious move. The team needs some stability. @23.6 years old, they’re the youngest team in the NBA and their offense is second to one. Injuries killed this year and their record reflects it. Could the front office have signed a few D’leaguers to give our 7 man practice squad an extra win or two at the end? Probably, but A’s_09 said it- the tank was in (record & GM-wise).

    Before the jury on Ellis goes out, give him some run without Jamal ‘is-the-camera-on?’ Crawford in the way. The speed of the game Monta and Randolph will operate at together will soon be on display for everyone. Put your track shoes on..

  • JustPuked

    Dude, how hard is it to swap out the source image file on your website so that the Al banner can be properly retired?

  • the Seer

    A’s in 2009,

    Whatever your smoking, its making you hallucinate..The Warriors play zero defense, how could they be close to winning 50 games?? They don’t consistently rebound well..They haven’t had an all star since Latrell Sprewell and that won’t change for a couple of years..Other than Turiaf, they are incredibly soft..They are much closer to 35-40 wins that 50..Lets try to deal with simple reality here..You don’t win 50 when you give up the most points in the NBA, period..

  • the Seer

    By the way A’s the ping pong balls make tanking stupid and a thing of the past, so get real..I can agree with Nelly tanking and not coaching games and being disinterested, but the players never gave up, a tribute to their heart..

    Lets draft the freshman point guard from Memphis if he is available..He was almost as good as Derrick Rose..If he is there when we pick, take him for sure..

  • the Seer

    Does anyone beside me get a little unnerved when they mentioned Monte Ellis as our franchise player???
    He will never be a franchise player because he doesn’t and never will have an all around game..Unless he decides that he wants to play defense and stop moping around and get his attitude straight..The other thing is he shows zero leadership qualities, so please, he is a very nice player and lets leave it at that..he doesn’t need anymore pressure..