Your Warriors Grades

My end-of-season report card came out today. I’ve been getting some emails saying I am crazy. Some saying I am dead on. It makes me wonder what you think.

Here is your chance to grade the Warriors. My approach is to grade each player on reasonable expectations for them. What approach would you take? Feel free to grade one or all. If you like, put an explanation for your grade.

Front Office –
Don Nelson –
Stephen Jackson –
Monta Ellis –
Andris Biedrins –
Jamal Crawford –
Corey Maggette –
Kelenna Azubuike –
Marco Belinelli –
Brandan Wright –
Ronny Turiaf –
Anthony Randolph –
C.J. Watson
Anthony Morrow –
Rob Kurz

Marcus Thompson

  • Trade Jackson

    Front Office – F- (ROB ROWELL)
    Don Nelson – C
    Stephen Jackson – C+
    Monta Ellis – B-
    Andris Biedrins – A-
    Jamal Crawford – B
    Corey Maggette – B
    Kelenna Azubuike – A
    Marco Belinelli – B-
    Brandan Wright – B
    Ronny Turiaf – A
    Anthony Randolph – A-
    C.J. Watson A
    Anthony Morrow – A
    Rob Kurz – B

    wheres jamaereo davidson? keith smart?

    really though, the front office messed this year, and coming years, up for the warriors. But the players worked hard for the most part. We are missing leadership and a pg, that plus a little bit of defense and we’ll be a good team hopefully by next year

  • Kyle

    Front Office (C-) – Due credit given for picking Anthony Randolph late in the lotto and finding a gem in Morrow who wasn’t even drafted. The call-ups and D-Leaguers are also pretty solid. Unfortunately, the Harrington/Crawford deal was stupid to begin with and then didn’t work. Maggette’s contract was at least 30% more than we should have paid. The Jackson and Nellie contract extensions made no sense. Most importantly, the way they’re pushing Mullin out and showing dysfunction in a way that’s going to make it much more difficult for the W’s to get good free agents and front office talent in the future is a killer and was totally unnecessary.

    Don Nelson (D+) – Not his finest hour. At times during the year I and other thought he was actually trying to get fired. That’s not good, especially coming from your fans. The only reason he doesn’t get an F is b/c his tough love approach with Randolph looks like it’s really paying off. The thing with Nellie though is that even when he sucks you know he could still be great next year. As Harrington said, “he’s just a gangsta, he does whatever he wants.”

    Stephen Jackson (B) – I love Jack. I love his intensity and his approach on defense. I love his playmaking though we’d be a better team (who turns the ball over less) if he wasn’t asked to do as much. He plays hurt and plays well. He sets a good tone. If he didn’t get all those silly T’s and complain to refs instead of getting back on D at times he’d have a solid A.

    Monta Ellis (F) – Before the moped I couldn’t even imagine a grade like this. If he had handled this whole thing well he could have gotten up to a C. He acted like a baby, then moped all year (pun intended), didn’t attend games when he was injured, etc. I’m not convinced he’s a good teaammate. I know he’s not a PG, but that’s not really his fault. He could try a little harder on D. He has a lot of maturing to do, frankly. Grow up, we want to like you.

    Andris Biedrins (C+) – Is he ever going to have touch around the basket? He tries hard, rebounds, and has gotten much better on D, but he should be more of an offensive threat even without a shot. Free throw shooting still needs improvement. He’s a cornerstone but with the injuries and the lack of offense he still has room to improve. I’m a fan, though.

    Jamal Crawford (B) – I’m not going to bag on the guy though I think he needs to be on another team. He played the way he’s played his whole career; there was no mystery here. He can’t play D at all and he’s inconsistent, but when he’s hot he’s great. He’s also not a PG. I don’t like his game but he’s a good guy and a good teammate. He didn’t trade for himself.

    Corey Maggette (B-) – Is he really that bad a passer? Is he really that selfish? Anyway, he did what he does well, which is score and get to the line. He accepted the sixth man role with grace and I think he could be the sixth man of the year next year. He is who he is, which is pretty special though clearly limited. I do question his ability to play through injuries, and I’m not convinced he cares enough about winning. When you go from the Clippers to the Warriors, though, can you really blame the guy?

    Kelenna Azubuike (A-) – He always gives good effort, he rebounds well, plays good D, shot the 3 very well, and played hard all year. The minus is b/c he tends to disappear from games and needs to be more consistent offensively. If everyone had his attitude we’d win a lot more games. What a great deal, too, at $3 million per year. His next contract could be the midlevel exception; he’s got real value.

    Marco Belinelli (C) – He was a nobody, then looked great for a bit and was surprisingly effective on D (remember that Lakers game – wow), but stay healthy! His big opportunity should have been the second half of this year but he couldn’t stay on the court. At some point potential isn’t enough any more. What a question mark.

    Brandan Wright (B-) – Looks like a solid career backup PF. Not bad, not great. I don’t want to question his toughness but it seems like it doesn’t take much to keep him out of games. When he’s healthy, though, his on-ball D has been much improved and he’s both a capable rebounder and force around the rim. He’s still very young so he has room to improve. I just don’t see that thirst to be great, though. He needs to hang out with Randolph more.

    Ronny Turiaf (A+) – If you like basketball and you have a soul you have to like this guy. He plays his heart out every game and played through this last stretch even though his knee was messed up. He’s a captain from the bench and he’s always in the game, even from the bench. His energy’s contagious. He plays very good D, including against tough, bigger PFs and Cs, and always rebounds. His mid-range jumper is getting pretty consistent, too, which is a big help. I love his game and his personality.

    Anthony Randolph (B+) – He’d get a higher grade if he hadn’t started the season with a badish attitude. He’s young and he had never not been the best player on the court, so he had some adjustments. Nellie’s approach has worked and he has totally bought into the sytem and will get much better. I love his desire to be great and his heart. With guys like him and Jack we’ll definitely play with passion. He could be a superstar and I think if the team trades him I wouldn’t be able to stay a fan of the franchise. He’s my favorite player in years – can’t say enough about how excited I am with who he will become as a player. The defense, rebounding, shot blocking, point-forward potential, emerging shot, freakish athleticism… I can’t wait for next year just so I can see him play.

    C.J. Watson (B+) – Talk about getting the most out of your potential. Legitimately he probably should have never gotten to the NBA yet he’s played himself into being a legit backup PG who should have a roster spot for a while. He’s tough and his jumper is money. His vision’s improving though I still question if he’s a “pure” point. I’d like to see him used to spell Monta next year, since he’s a defensive liability like Ellis, though less so. Gotta like this guy.

    Anthony Morrow (A) – Who scores 37 points in their first career start? Who goes undrafted and leads the league in 3-pt %? Who knew the “shooter” could rebound and even take guys off the dribble? His game’s expanding and he will be a very solid NBA player. Players with his ability to shoot are a real rarity and he’s shown he can even do more than just shoot. This is the front office’s best achievement of the year.

    Rob Kurz (B+) – He is who he is, which is probably a bench guy but not a rotation guy. He’s got value b/c he can board and he has a nice shot with range. He’s super limited though and not very athletic. He seems to get the most out of his potential. I’d like to see his passing improve and I think he could be a nice bench guy for us.

    …my two cents… GO WARRIORS!

  • oregonwarriorfan

    What a great idea, Marcus. I will probably be a little more lenient in my grades than some, I don’t take this as life-or-death:

    Front Office: D+, suggestion,hire a Keving Pritchard clone and get out of his way!
    Don Nelson: B. Put up with a lot of criticism but realized this season was a lost cause early enough to give his prospects a lot of playing time.
    Steven Jackson: A- Had a hell of a year, next year he ought not to have to carry the load.
    Monta: Incomplete, but answered questions about his complete recovery late in the season
    Andris: A-
    Jamal Crawford: B Liked his clutch, not his D
    Corey Magette: B Liked him as 6th man
    Azubuike: B Finished strong, valuable trade piece
    Belinelli: B- When he got a chance to start showed that he’s got a chance at being a hell of a player.
    Wright: Incomplete. A shame injuries robbed him of a lot of opportunity to grow.
    Turiaf: A- An unexpected gem.
    Anthony Randolph: A+ Nuff said
    Anthony Morrow: B+ Bonus!
    CJ: B
    Kurz: C, but great end-of-bench value.

    Grab David Noel, a Magette/Az body type who runs and passes from the D league and cheap insurance in case the off-season doesn’t go as well as we all hope.

  • Pete

    Front Office – F. An amazing number of dumb moves (Maggette signing, SJax extension, Harrington trade), and Rowell/Cohan should be ashamed of the way they’ve treated Mullin.
    Don Nelson – F. Too busy pulling the strings in the front office and stepping over (and on) Mully to concentrate on coaching, and basically gave up by the all-star break.
    Stephen Jackson – B. Team MVP, but still takes too many bad shots and his temper gets the best of him too often.
    Monta Ellis – F. No excuse for the mo-ped, or for never apologizing to the fans for wrecking the season. Remains a poor defender and will never be a PG.
    Andris Biedrins – B. Great first half of the season, but still lacks low-post moves and a shot outside of 4 feet.
    Jamal Crawford – C. Streaky shooter who can score a lot, but he’s Charmin-soft on defense.
    Corey Maggette – F. Perhaps the most selfish player in the league. A shoot-first, pass-last forward who plays no D and can’t stay healthy.
    Kelenna Azubuike – B. Improved his 3-point shooting and is the best bargain on the payroll.
    Marco Belinelli – C+. Showed signs of improvement, but missed too many games to prove if he’s for real or not.
    Brandan Wright – C. Also showed positive signs, but he’s proving to be frail.
    Ronny Turiaf – A. Inspirational team leader who gives everything he’s got.
    Anthony Randolph – B. When he finally got a chance to play, he made the most of it. Great rebounder, good defender and promising scorer.
    C.J. Watson – B-. He’s a scorer that’s good in spurts off the bench, but you don’t want him running your team.
    Anthony Morrow – A. Great find by Mully. Exceptional shooter and hard-worker.
    Rob Kurz – C-. Not sure if he’s an NBA player (lacks athleticism and misses too many open shots), but there are worse 12th men in the NBA.

  • PJ

    I Agree with Kyle’s take almost 100% — with exception for Andris Biedrins. I think he has great hands and finishes very well around the basket, especially when he is on the move. However if he is forced to do something relatively static, like shoot a free throw or a make a post move starting with two feet planted, he becomes stiff and mechanical. I’m guessing that he will never develop a shooting ‘touch’ from these stand still positions.

    My disappointment with Andris is his inability to defend the better centers in the league. He just doesn’t slow down the top big men (Duncan, Howard, Ming, etc) at all. I believe he has the size and the quickness to bring their shooting percentages down but we haven’t seen it yet.

  • Ewok

    Front office, a resounding E. E for effort but a failing effort. What a dismal office. Disgusiting politics. Tim Kawakami is right after all. What a terrible way to deal with the person/ and contributions of Chris Mullin.

    The Front Office is the main problem. Their inconsistencies affect the team performance. Period.

    Mullin will go. Not that I want him to go. But I don’t think he will be able to work with pretenders like Rowell and Cohan. Mullin might very well be in New York or Phoenix. I heard Steve Kerr is in danger of losing his position.

    Judging the players,

    I believe we have a good core in the team. What I expect to see is that we move for Chris Bosh and give up Brendan Wright and Corey Maggette or Azubuique for him.

    Hey, I hate giving up good players but you have to do it to get good players in return.

    My take on Crawford? I think what Nellie told him is a bluff for two reasons.. So he can lower his price, and secondly, so he can be willing to accept a second role to Monta because the organization has already invested on Monta with a big contract.

    If Crawford is not ammenable, then he will be a good trade bait.

    Speaking of trade baits, We have lots of them and that is really positive. I think Chris Bosh is the man we ought to get to turn around this franchise.

  • CA

    Front Office –
    Don Nelson –
    Stephen Jackson –
    Monta Ellis –
    Andris Biedrins – B
    Jamal Crawford – C+
    Corey Maggette – C+
    Kelenna Azubuike – B+
    Marco Belinelli – C
    Brandan Wright – C
    Ronny Turiaf – A
    Anthony Randolph – A
    C.J. Watson – A
    Anthony Morrow – A
    Rob Kurz – C

  • CL

    Front Office – F-
    Chris Mullin D-
    Don Nelson – C-
    Keith Smart B-
    Stephen Jackson – C+
    Monta Ellis – F
    Andris Biedrins – B
    Jamal Crawford – C-
    Corey Maggette – D+
    Kelenna Azubuike – B+
    Marco Belinelli – C+
    Brandan Wright – C
    Ronny Turiaf – B+
    Anthony Randolph – B-
    C.J. Watson B
    Anthony Morrow – A-
    Rob Kurz B

  • RB

    FO – An F. Seriously the dysfunction this ball club has created is absolutely disgusting and utterly inexcusable. To neglect Mullin, regardless of his job, and being a former Warrior is disrespectful and tarnishes this Front Office’s image. Not that this front office hasn’t already been terribly inefficient. Robert Rowell has no Hoops IQ whatsoever, and treats this ball club as more of a business venture then trying to create a team that is worthy of some of the most passionate and knowledgeable basketball fans in not only California, but in the country. Chris Cohan needs to sell this franchise to someone who is more passionate about making a winning team and spending some money (see Mark Cuban).
    Don Nelson – D. Nellie is Nellie. Pure and simple. He has his ups and downs, and this season has been just downs for him. His abnormal and erratic coaching might be the reason why we lost so many games. All offense no defense? Entertaining, but we will never win a championship or playoff berth on pure high octane offense. Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships, and as long as Don Nelson is coach, there is no such thing as defense.
    Stephen Jackson – B+ He is the leader of this team. His defense has dramatically improved, and with the absence of Baron, Jackson has learned how to distribute and become a team player. Barons absence has truly helped Jackson excel at the small forward position, and he will continue to improve his game and finesse.
    Monta Ellis – Incomplete. Moped Ellis never played a full season, but in the few games he has played, we have seen his former explosive off the dribble self. I hope he matures and learns from his mistakes. Contrary to what most people say about Ellis not being a PG, I believe that Ellis can learn to distribute. I already see flashes of PG in him when he makes a nice assist, and his 42 point outing showed why he is a cornerstone of this franchise.
    Andris Biedrins – B. Biedrins is one of the most effective and efficient players on the W’s, and he has an amazing ability to rebound and good hands to clean up around the rim and off the pick and rolls. Solid addition, great player, but might have been a little overpaid. Needs to work on his shooting, may never be as lethally offensive as other centers, but a solid player.
    Crawford – C+. Jamal plays hard and he does whatever he’s told. As a person, Jamal is a role model that other players should learn to follow, namely the prima donnas of the league like Kobe. He has never complained or felt the need to rebel against his team, and he came to the Warriors, and he did what he was supposed to. A great player, but not a right fit for the Warriors. His treatment here in Oakland is disrespectful to say the least, but Jamal deserves to win a ring, the selfless and amazing player he is.
    Maggette – B-. At the beginning of the season, Corey could not find his niche and thought he deserved to be a starter, however off the bench, Maggette has proven to be extremely effective. Probably one of the best 6th men in the league, Corey does exactly what hes best at, getting to the line. However Maggette also has a knack to stop the flow of offense, and play iso, something he is not good at. Needs to learn passing and play like a team. Overpaid.
    Azubuike – A. Solid signing. Amazingly good rebounder and scorer to play the small forward at only 6-5. Phenomenal three point shooter. No complaints here.
    Marco Belinelli – B-. Finally found his stroke this season. Amazingly good on D. Solid player, has amazing handles and plays like a PG. Unfortunately injuries stopped was a phenomenal season.
    Brandan Wright – B-. Injuries also ruined what could have been a breakout year for Wright. Unfortunately Don Nelson has a knack for cutting down PT for players who rightfully deserve it. Wright has much potential still unlocked, and he needs more playing time to find his groove.
    Turiaf – A. Great locker room guy, great player. Blocking machine.
    AR – A. So much potential yet to see. Absolutely stellar player and potential all star, and best of all, he’s only 19. If the W’s trade this guy, I will never forgive this franchise. A diamond to find at the 14th pick.
    Watson – A. Solid backup PG, has improved his play so much, a solid player and must keep. Poor defender.
    Morrow – A. Absolutely phenomenal player. Top 3 point shooter in the league, and went undrafted. Amazing ability to rebound, needs to be properly set up for shots, but no doubt definitely belongs in the NBA, and thankfully is on the Warriors. A MUST KEEP. Diamond in the rough. I look forward to seeing Morrow improve, he might be a Ray Allen someday.
    Kurz – B. Is what he is. No complaints here.

  • MCJ

    Front Office – F
    as in failure to communicate

    Don Nelson – D-
    not enough coaching, stupid rotations

    Stephen Jackson – B-
    inflated stats, too many turnovers, bad shots, and arguments with the refs

    Monta Ellis – D+
    wrecked the season when he wrecked his ankle

    Andris Biedrins – B-
    too inconsistent, needs more minutes to be effective

    Jamal Crawford – C
    can light it up, great crossover move, and one of the worst defenders in the league at the 2

    Corey Maggette – C
    forced the team to move him to the bench to accomodate his needs for scoring and the ball

    Kelenna Azubuike – B+
    one of the few bright spots. continues to improve. well worth the extension.

    Marco Belinelli – C+
    lost in the shuffle, good playmaker, nice shot, not enough minutes or reps to be effective

    Brandan Wright – C+
    needs to be more aggressive and stay healthy

    Ronny Turiaf – A-
    best FA signing from last year. a true warrior.

    Anthony Randolph – B+
    would have gotten an A on his past month’s performance but struggled early. still he is the future.

    C.J. Watson B-
    still improving but can’t run a fast break for shit

    Anthony Morrow – A
    the brightest story on the team this year. the anthonys are the future

    Rob Kurz – C
    best 12th man in the league

  • CB

    Front office: F for being totally dysfunctional and incompetent and then trying to get others involved in their spin.

    Mullin: B. I’ll give him his own grade for getting a pretty darn good team together, two deep in every position. He did screw up initially with Dunleavey, etc.

    Nelson: D. Perhaps the most talented coach in the league spent too much time with Machiavellian schemes and stupid mind games. Once again he may leave a franchise in tatters and a lawsuit. You can see it coming.

    Playing the starters huge long minutes when he had a very good bench, taking out a big man whenever a two-bigman lineup was working and going small every single time, results be damned. Did not control Jackson, did not use his bench, did not seem to have installed in-bounds plays, a defensive scheme, a half-court offense for when it was needed, etc, etc.

    A bad job by a guy who could be great.

    Keith Smart. INC. Who knows? He got chances to coach, but Nelson was behind him, so was he doing what he wanted, or doing what he thought Nelson wanted? A couple of times he used players that Nelson had yanked. I thought that took some nerve.

    Stephen Jackson: C. He played at an all-star level at times, then would regress into some strange and puzzling episodes. That averages out to a C. He could be a really positive force next year if he figures it out and Nelson actually does coach stuff with him.

    Monte Ellis: D. This hopefully was his one and only screw-up year. He has A talent. Not a traditional point, but has other skills, obviously. Nelson will have to figure out a way to make this work. I’m sure a lot of other coaches dream of having him.

    Andres Biedrins: C+. Lots of rebounds and some blocks. No help offensively, poor at stopping dominant guys. Good grief, even 8th graders can shoot better. I have no tolerance for pros who can’t shoot. It is disgraceful.

    Jamal Crawford: B-. I think he was genuinely puzzled by Nelson and still played pretty well. Defense is not good, but in my view any one or two guy can get by any defender, and any liability is magnified by the lack of any defensive organization on this team. I’ll bet he is a better defender on another team that will help him out. He would be fabulous in my hoped-for Attles-like Future Warriors team.

    Cory Maggette: B-. Maybe the best sixth man in the league? That’s pretty good! Kind of a one-track offensive mentality, sure. Doesn’t pass? Well, is anyone moving, coming off a screen, even there for a pass? The entire Ws offense is one-on-five, so why should his be any different?

    Kelenna Azubuike. B-. Always has that bemused expression, like he never quite believes what he sees, but doesn’t let that keep him from playing hard and effectively. Fifth in the league in three-pointers? Not bad at all.

    Marco Belinelli. An INC, to be fair. At times he was a solid B out there, really fun to watch. I believe he was adversely affected by Nelson’s mind games and inconsistent playing time and roles. I thought the team as a whole played better when he was out there as kind of a point-Two alongside Ellis.

    Brandan Wright: Really an INC. He could play very well when healthy and given some confidence, but Nelson is awfully effective at making players lack confidence and a sense of value. Just hurt too much for a real grade, but potentially could be up in the B range.

    Ronny Turiaf: A. I think he did absolutely as well as he was physically capable of, had the fabulous personality and is a great-teammate. I see him getting even better as his shot does.

    Anthony Randolph: A. He is only 19. When I was 19, playing with older players, I…well, … He had to overcome that and Nelson. I do not buy into that tough love, Nelson brought him along stuff. I believe AR did what he did by doing well when he got into games, got support from fellow players, and that forced Nelson to play him lest the fans totally revolt. That happened to Wright last year. Nelson kept saying he couldn’t play, but everyone else in the world could see that he could. Nelson is not immune to fan reaction, despite what he says.

    CJ Watson:C+. A high grade for doing so well, coming from nowhere, being handled with the usual inconsistency. Sure, he is no Nash-like passer, or super talented like some other well-know guards in the league, but he has gotten pretty good and I believe has the mentality of getting better in the future. I doubt he will stay with the Ws, though.

    Anthony Morrow: A. Top three-point shooter in the league? Pretty good at other things and getting better. Jeez, what else is there to say?

    Rob Kurz: C. He did what he could under the circumstances. Doesn’t have the physical skills the other Ws big men do, but is a hard-working guy who is always in the right position and does ok. Must have been hard for him to be the obstacle guy for Randolph. Practices couldn’t have been much fun!

    The future for this team of course depends on trades and drafts. I just think that most trades will be lateral, just to get a couple of Nelson guys in there to make him feel better. If he is in on the draft, then he may well play that rookie since he will be a Nelson pick.

    I am a fan of the running style and feel it can succeed. I hope they don’t go the way of the horrid big and slows out there. Nelson has the personnel and the depth to run that Al Attles platoon system so they can run all game, every game, and not burn out the team. I think they could be great at doing that and that would be really fun to watch. Sure, Attles had a bonafide superstar, but Nelson has more depth as the second team is damn near as good as the starters. Unfortunately, Nelson’s imagination as a coach only goes so far and he probably will stick to his plan of playing a short rotation a long time and using the remaining reserves as his whipping boys.

  • A’s in 2009

    Front Office – D
    Drafting Randolph keeps them from getting an F. Everything else was utter failure.

    Don Nelson – F
    Worst coaching performance of his career. The stupid mind games with Randolph was completely unneccessary. Any coach that starts DeMarcus Nelson 6 games, Rob Kurz 5 games gets an F. He overplayed Maggette early on, which lead to an injury, and an injury prone year. It took him to too long to realize the obvious, that he’s just a 6th man. He never controlled Jackson who was way out of control this year. Small ball was death this year. We did not have the right roster for small ball but he forced it anyways. F

    Stephen Jackson – C
    Monta Ellis – F
    Andris Biedrins – C
    Jamal Crawford – C
    Corey Maggette – C
    Kelenna Azubuike – C
    Marco Belinelli – D
    Brandan Wright – B
    Ronny Turiaf – A
    Anthony Randolph – A
    C.J. Watson – B
    Anthony Morrow – A
    Rob Kurz – C

  • commish

    Front Office – what front office?
    Don Nelson – Just horrible and should be fired
    Stephen Jackson – C because he blackmailed the org to give him his extension and tried too hard to do too much. And demanding so much playing time that could have helped others develop in a really down year.
    Monta Ellis – B for making it back and making it real
    Andris Biedrins – A for Andris
    Jamal Crawford – C because he never tried to play D
    Corey Maggette – C because he never tried to play D
    Kelenna Azubuike – B+
    Marco Belinelli – B for putting up with Nelson and still playing and working hard to improve under shitty circumstances
    Brandan Wright – C+ but who knows what his upside could have been had he been given playing time that Randolph got because of injuries. Shame on Nelson.
    Ronny Turiaf – A+
    Anthony Randolph – A after he got over his early tantrums and learning curve
    C.J. Watson – B Good guy and never gave up through the ups and down of playing time
    Anthony Morrow – B but could have been higher if Nelson would have developed an offense to showcase his skill set.
    Rob Kurz – A for effort. Too bad his skill level is C

  • skk

    anyone who is giving maggs a better grade than beli clearly hasn’t watched a warriors game this season…

  • punchmonkey

    Front Office – (D) Horrible basketball decisions (signing Maggette, extending Jackson & Nelson, jerking around Monta Ellis and his contract status) together with the positives of plucking Randolph out of the draft, finding Anthony Morrow, and signing Turiaf.

    Don Nelson – (D) His offensive style just doesn’t work with the personnel (esp. lack of a true PG). I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

    Stephen Jackson – (C) Although not entirely his fault, he is just not a go-to player and can’t be the first or even second option on a team. Takes horrible shots and always fails to get back on defense because he’s yelling at the ref for not bailing him out with a foul. But good numbers can’t be overlooked.

    Monta Ellis – (F) Everyone says he finally showed that he is back to his old self but I won’t agree with that until he does it for a full season. Still doesn’t play any defense. Moped or whatever-it-was accident didn’t necessarily ruin the season (the Dubbs never woulda made the playoffs anyway).

    Andris Biedrins – (B) Consistent double-doubles until he got hurt. Showed more offensive skills this year but FG% was down. Can’t shoot free throws, probably never will.

    Jamal Crawford – (C) Everyone knew the kind of player he was, so when he comes here and doesn’t fit in, why the heck is everyone surprised? Has skills, just doesn’t do enough of what this team needs.

    Corey Maggette – (C) See: Jamal Crawford.

    Kelenna Azubuike – (B+/A-) One of the few bright spots of the season. Doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, plays defense and hustles. Love this guy. Another smart move by the Dubbs to match contract offer.

    Marco Belinelli – (C-) Was he really hurt at the end of the season or was it another “we’re-just-gonna-say-you’re-injured-because-we-don’t-want-you-to-play” injuries? I like his game, his flair for slick passes and his sometimes on shooting. I think he can have a place on the team but Nellie hates this guy.

    Brandan Wright – (C) Very under-control player who can be a solid backup. Perhaps his youth and potential make him trade bait? Can’t seem to stay healthy. Arms like straws.

    Ronny Turiaf – (B) Very positive energy player who is a defensive force. Everyone loves having a guy like this on their team. He’ll go to war with you.

    Anthony Randolph – (B-) His emotions get the best of him at times, but, then again, he’s only 19. Has potential to be a very very good player. Marked improvement with mid range jumper and decision-making from the beginning of the year. Needs to develop more post moves and lower body strength so he can push 4s off the block on defense.

    C.J. Watson (B-) Was almost a waste of space at the beginning of the year but improved dramatically. His gain in confidence has a lot to do with it. Hope Dubbs can re-sign him as a backup.

    Anthony Morrow – (B) Every time he shoots the ball I think it’s going in. How many players can you say that about in the NBA? Best as a spot up shooter or catch and shoot off of picks. Showed knack for rebounding.

    Rob Kurz (C-) Did what he was asked most of the time. Not much else to say about him.

  • E_Culb

    Front Office – F-
    Don Nelson – D-
    Stephen Jackson -C+
    Monta Ellis -B
    Andris Biedrins -B
    Jamal Crawford -C+
    Corey Maggette -D+
    Kelenna Azubuike -B+
    Marco Belinelli -C+
    Brandan Wright -I
    Ronny Turiaf -A
    Anthony Randolph -A
    C.J. Watson-B
    Anthony Morrow -B
    Rob Kurz-C

  • Front Office – F
    Don Nelson – F
    Stephen Jackson – C
    Monta Ellis – C
    Andris Biedrins – C
    Jamal Crawford – C
    Corey Maggette – D
    Kelenna Azubuike – B
    Marco Belinelli – B
    Brandan Wright – B
    Ronny Turiaf – A
    Anthony Randolph – A
    C.J. Watson – C+
    Anthony Morrow – B(would be an A, but his defense is horrible)
    Rob Kurz – C(He just isn’t as gifted as others. He does the best with his ability.)

  • Front Office – Rowell – F- Did not resign Baron. Saved Exemption money instead of spending on talent. Organization actually worsened its reputation around league and with fans if that was even possible. Extremely poor communicator.

    Chris Mullin – B+ He drafted Randolph and signed Morrow, Azibuke, and Turiaf (A+ moves). He signed Ellis and Andris (B moves). Traded Harrington for Crawford (C a wash, agreed?). Extremely overpaid Maggette (D-) when he could have used that money for Baron. Tried to sign Arenas/Brand for 100 million plus (F- for the thought) which could have wrecked the francise for another decade. Tried to resign Baron (B). Poor communication with fans.

    Don Nelson – C I am a Nelson fan. Brutal honesty and head games were more obvious and annoying than in previous seasons. If he helped oust Mullin – shame on him. Mullin brought him some talent. If Nelson can turn this team around season – the Hall of Fame will be calling.

    Stephen Jackson – B+/A- He’s really playing above my expectations. Not his fault that he’s been asked to be THE MAN. Turnovers frustrating, but who else is creating? Good at most everything (scoring inside and out, passing, creating). Great at defense and whining to refs/getting technicals.

    Monta Ellis – D Was to earn an F-, but came back strong. If only he can take his game to a higher level (Defense and/or create for others)…

    Andris Biedrins – C Took a step back this season IMHO with Baron gone. Has not improved offensively or defensively at all. Needs a dominant passing point to look good with his catches and dunks. At least Turiaf can stick a free throw or high post shot. And I am not convinced if the team doesn’t do better with Turiaf in there…

    Jamal Crawford – B- Can light it up, but streaky jump shooter, average finisher. Great at the free throw line and wicked crossover/dribbling. Matador defense. Perhaps not a “winner,” but a nice guy. Has an Awesome agent as he can’t opt out because he’s getting paid too much!!! Trading him will require a young player or a good contract.

    Corey Maggette – C+ Instant offense. Can get to the line when he goes to the bucket but settles for jump shots. Panders to the referees WAY TOO MUCH instead of trying to make the damn play. Settles for blocking fouls/reach fouls instead of defense. WAY OVERPAID (has AWESOME AGENT!)

    Kelenna Azubuike – A+ Glue guy. Great value/trade piece. Excellent 3-point shot and scoring mindset. Learning to create. Great rebounder and defender. Versatile – 2, 3, or 4. Good Nellie system guy.

    Marco Belinelli – INC. Flashes of brilliance but too many games missed.

    Brandan Wright -INC. Potential but I can’t say that he’s a prime time player yet. Could be a baller or a bust…

    Ronny Turiaf – A+ Glue guy.

    Anthony Randolph – A+ Baller. Plain and simple. It only gets better with time. Could be the steal of the draft in a year or two in a very good draft. Future potential all-star. Point forward offensive skills developing, defender, shot blocker, rebounder, mid range shooter, devastating finisher… He’s coming along nicely!

    C.J. Watson – A- Anything you get from a D-leaguer is a blessing. The W’s now have a back-up score first point guard! Improving all parts of his game. 86% free thrower.

    Anthony Morrow – A+ The steal of the draft… wait, he wasn’t even drafted! Lights out shooter whose working on the rest of his game and won’t be one-dimensional (someone compared him to Ray Allen… AM has the potential to be that kind of player down the road). A baller. What a steal!

    Rob Kurz – C I like him – can shoot a little, knows his role.

    Davidson – C See Kurz.

  • Dave

    Marcus, I thought your grades for the team were pretty accurate, as well as the recommendations as to what needs to be done to improve this mess. One way to instantly get better defensively is to get rid of the no defense players (Crawford, Maggette). Ellis needs to work on his too. To improve rebounding, Nelson needs to get rid of small ball. It doesn’t work with this crew anyway, especially without a sharp point guard. A big acquisition would really help in the form of a low post scorer/rebounder, or a real point guard, but right now there is nobody to negotiate this without a GM. They do indeed have too many two guards, and probably need to move Marco, along with Wright, since he and Randolph are basically the same player. Let us know if management wakes up and hires a real GM to lead this team, because Riley is not the answer, and I don’t trust Nelson, Rowell and Cohan.

  • the Seer

    Front Office-F-Bob Rowell I will never set foot in that arena until he is gone..
    Nelson-D disinterested, dodderly, don’t come back
    Jackson-B did his best with bad foot. only guy who plays good D
    Ellis-F he is the most to blame for this mess
    Biedrins-D no progress, weak D, ????
    Crawford-B Did his best Can’t ask for more
    Maggette-C He is what he is & so overpaid
    Azubuike-B nice improvement
    Bellinelli-D This guy has done zero but get hurt
    Wright-F Wasted season, ???????????
    Turiaf-A great pickup, love his attitude
    Randolph-A-Love his game, needs to get stronger, smarter, but he will & be our first all star since Sprewell in 2011
    Watson-B 2nd biggest nice surprise
    Morrow-A-biggest nice surprise
    Kurz-C better not be on the team next year

    This team even healthy is at best a five hundred team..We need to get extremely lucky in the lottery..

    How do you get Nelson to stay in Maui?? How can we get rid of Rowell?? How do we find someone that knows how to draft?? Good luck Mully you are the lucky one to get out of this mess..The suits and the old goat ruin everything..

  • the Seer


    When the hell did Bellinelli play????? He is a pussy!!

  • Ashley Pinkston

    hey… um… its sad that the warriors didnt make it this year… im pretty positive that they will make it to the playoffs next year… we have sum terrific players… if they all were healthy then we would get somewhere… wit monta nd his ankle and stephen nd his toe… its kinda hard but im glad that the warriors didnt give up when things didnt work for them… im proud of my team and i am VERY HAPPY to say that the GOLDEN STATE WARRIROS are my team and i wont eva give up on them… keep up the good work warriors and dont worry… next year… the playoffs is ours…

  • ECJ

    Front Office – F.
    Comment: In complete disarray, with a lame-duck owner and no urgency to put together a winner

    Don Nelson – C.
    Comment: Good job with Randolph. Bad PR decisions discussing Harrington and Crawford’s status publicly. Needs to use his entire bench more, and stop playing guys out of position, increasing their risk of injury

    Stephen Jackson – B-
    Comment: Did a great job moving the ball, avoiding too many bad shots, and playing D. Needs to stop the constant complaining to refs, even though he gets no respect. His arguing and then fouling out of frustration is a bad influence on the team.

    Monta Ellis – C-
    Comment: Had bad attitude, chip on shoulder after returning this season. Didn’t show much leadership quality, although it would have been tough after ruining the season for the team he was supposed to lead. Needs to swallow his pride and improve his game this summer, and be ready to lead next fall.

    Andris Biedrins – B
    Comment: Great rebounder, character guy. Did a poor job defensively, commits far too many fouls by slapping at balls and reaching in. Needs to add strength and develop his post game.

    Jamal Crawford – C
    Comment: Has skill, but seemed to disappear once Monta came back. Only seems to shine when he’s the best player on the court for the Warriors. Took too many bad shots this year.

    Corey Maggette – B-
    Comment: Worked hard this year, got to the rim, got to the line, was efficient and played adequate D. Sure, he was hurt a lot, but he was also forced to play PF most of the year. Blame that on Don, not Maggs.

    Kelenna Azubuike – A-
    Comment: Solid performance. Played out of position, played ridiculous minutes down the stretch. Does everything well. Shows a lot of heart. Great value.

    Marco Belinelli – D+
    Comment: Dude missed 40 games with a sprained ankle. Improved on D, but with the emergence of Morrow, and Beli’s absence down the stretch, he’s become expendable.

    Brandan Wright – C-
    Comment: Way too fragile to play starting PF in the NBA. Poor defender, although improved rebounding. With the emergence of Randolph, Wright has no place on the W’s as an “athletic” PF. He needs to be moved.

    Ronny Turiaf – A
    Comment: Played hurt. Played out of position all season at C. Nice shooting touch, great passer, and provided the only shut down defender down low for the W’s. Great attitude. Wish they could all be like Rony.

    Anthony Randolph – A-
    Comment: Showed a lot of maturity handling the benching and improving his habbits. Has amazing skill set, and showed some shooting touch at the end of the season. Has a will to win that will take him very far. Best prospect in the organization, will be a star.

    C.J. Watson A-
    Comment: With rare exception, CJ was extremely consistent and reliable this season. Didn’t take bad shots, moved the ball well, and was a surprisingly effective scorer. Showed poise and growth. Needs to improve defensively.

    Anthony Morrow – B+
    Comment: I know everybody loves Morrow, but there are a few things he needs to address. He commits senseless fouls, and he is a lousy defender. Otherwise, he plays hard, rebounds, is a fantastic shooter, and makes the Warriors better. Great find.

    Rob Kurz D+
    Comment: Its not his fault, he just doesn’t belong in the NBA. He’s too short to be an effective big man, and not athletic enough to play anything else. Decent shooting touch, but a liability on D and doesn’t rebound well enough to keep around.


  • Steve

    Seeing all the C’s, D’s, and F’s that were given, it brought back memories of my high school report cards. It just goes to show that even us dumb f**ks can make it through life relatively unscathed. Interesting reading. I thought Kyle #2 pretty much mirrored my thoughts on the Warriors roster. Anyone who watched Anthony Randolph play in last years summer league could see this season coming, at least the last month or so. A tremendously talented kid, with emphasis on the word “kid”. That’s what makes his potential upside so scary in a great way. I love his fire and passion. He wants to be great, and probably will be in time. We all have our favorites outside of the most obvious players, and mine is Marco Belinelli. He made a somewhat shocking improvement on defense this year, and his range as a shooter is unlimited. He can also create his own shot at any time, which makes him a great candidate for those last second quarter-ending possessions that usually isolates one player with the ball. But more than anything I love his passing ability on a team with few if any good passers. I’ve stated ad nauseum that I like Don Nelson, but his impatience with young player’s mistakes can be frustrating at times. If Nelson would let Belinelli play through those mistakes I think Marco could become a very good NBA PG. With the offseason changes to come I’m hoping they don’t give up on MB just yet. From now till October should be one of the most interesting offseasons in GSW history. Let’s hope they get it right. BTW, can a day go by without someone panning the Warriors front office in general, and Robert Rowell in particular? This was posted on GSOM (for all you Robert Rowell groupies). http://www.goldenstateofmind.com/2009/4/9/828111/meeting-with-robert-rowell-8th-apr

  • kshaq

    Front Office – In all fairness, you cannot give the Front Office a grade that falls between A-F. An “E” would be most suitable.

    Don Nelson – F
    The Maui Man couldn’t love money more.

    Stephen Jackson – B-
    Stats are pretty good, but his leadership skills over the course of the season has fallen.

    Monta Ellis – N/A

    Andris Biedrins – B
    Defensive and Offensive presence and the team’s most reliable rebounder.

    Jamal Crawford – C-
    If Jamal wants to play for a respectable team in the future, driving to the hole and defense are two key objectives to FOCUS on.

    Corey Maggette – N/A

    Kelenna Azubuike – B+
    What more can you ask from an undrafted third year player?

    Marco Belinelli – N/A
    A month of playing isn’t enough to grade.

    Brandan Wright – C
    Needs to become a better rebounder but his hook shot is a lethal offensive threat.

    Ronny Turiaf – A+
    Leadership, defensive presence, block leader, front-line anchor–Ronny Turiaf, the ultimate teammate.

    Anthony Randolph – B
    If jump shots become a consistent part of his game, this kid will be MVP in 3-5 years.

    C.J. Watson- B+
    Many people forget that he continued to play at a high level with that huge brace on his hand. Career high 38 points in UTAH to go along his seven assists was impressive.

    Anthony Morrow – B+
    Undrafted and lead the league in threes? WTF?

    Rob Kurz- N/A

  • War Years

    I notice there is no swearing on this board, given the topic, I find that rather limiting. The front office and Nelly are all I have time for now.

    Nelly—Many good points by other posters. And the list goes on and on: Early on there were numerous twisted behavioral experiments involving pulling young players when they start getting comfortable or even hot, on the floor.
    He bullies, and humiliates players, whatever one thinks of Crawford, he deserved better treatment. What would have been an arrogant overstepping of his authority as Coach becomes evidence of the expansion of his position in the franchise.

    More interested in playing his style of basketball than winning. Sacrifices size for speed. Flatfooted for minutes on end when we are trounced under the boards. Should have started giving young players more minutes after our 2 of 16 winning streak in December.
    Absurd rotations, designed to confuse his fans that there‘s some 3- steps- ahead, scheming basketball genius, behind some sleight of hand but opposing teams know that Emperor Nelson indeed has no clothes, and are quite willing to exploit this inept magician.
    The only real trickery he did pull off is that despite his decisions being a poison pill for fans throughout the year. He did manage to undermine Chris Mullin. And now management treats him like some exalted sage. An “A” for cunning but a stubborn “F“ for his insistence for playing his outmoded system and not playing the talent he has. An additional “F“ for lack of any concern about leaving this franchise any better from where he found it..

    I’ll defer to Petey B. Good post highlighting a real up and down performance.

    “Chris Mullin – B+ He drafted Randolph and signed Morrow, Azibuke, and Turiaf (A+ moves).
    He signed Ellis and Andris (B moves). Traded Harrington for Crawford (C a wash, agreed?).
    Extremely overpaid Maggette (D-) when he could have used that money for Baron.
    Tried to sign Arenas/Brand for 100 million plus (F- for the thought) which could have
    wrecked the franhcise for another decade. Tried to resign Baron (B). Poor communication
    with fans.”

    We could add to that, Giving big contracts to Adonal Foyle, Murphy and Dunleavy. No one else mentions the bullets we dodged, the disastrous moves that could have been taken ( Brand, Arenas, Brand 10 million offered over the 76er’s! ) but miraculously we were turned down.

    Petey said:
    “Extremely overpaid Maggette (D-) when he could have used that money for Baron.”

    This is where I disagree. There is certainly controversy about recent disclosures by Rowell that Baron’s overall package was a 5 year 75 million dollar contract., but included second and third year game incentives to play a fourth year and third and 4th year game incentives to play a 5th year. ( And no performance incentives at all !)
    Many would never believe Rowell but I think if it was untrue, Baron would have said something by now.

    I loved what Baron did for our franchise, but Baron’s refusal of a contract that was 10 million more than was offered by the Clippers, but was not guaranteed shows Baron has serious doubts about his ability to play out the contract. Which would also be OK except he bitched about not being appreciated. I’ll confidently predict he’ll never go back to his old form, and the awful year he had with the Clippers reinforces that belief.
    After the failure to sign Baron , Mully overreacted to try to just come up with something. He dodged a few bad moves involving Brand and Arenas who hardly played at all this year. And signed Maggs at half the financial commitment. It may seem like a foolish commitment now, but if he had done nothing, everybody would have wanted his head. Mullin, saved from himself—B.

    Rowell decided a triumvirate with 2 good Basketball minds wasn’t good enough. Increasingly became involved in decisions that weren’t his. Made a pivotal choice and put his trust in the least trustworthy.–F

  • colonel

    Front Office – F (for doing nothing of substance, and most of what they did do either hurt the Warriors roster or hurt their future chances of improving.)
    Don Nelson – C- (About what we expected. Poor use of roster.)
    Stephen Jackson – D (for selfishness, not befitting a team captain. I am not that impressed by playing hurt, if you are playing bad)
    Monta Ellis – C (About what we expected, post moped. If you set expectations pre-moped this is obviously an F)
    Andris Biedrins – (B- , tailed off badly in second half –lack of support?)
    Jamal Crawford – C (About what we expected)
    Corey Maggette – C- (About what we expected. Not such a good attitude, compared to what Front Office wanted us to believe. Otherwise, don’t blame CM for the front office’s errors.)
    Kelenna Azubuike – C (About what we expected)
    Marco Belinelli – D+ (We saw some good and more bad from Marco. Probably trade bait, lower rotation player. Needs to improve defense, toughness, agility. Be a better teammate.)
    Brandan Wright – C (About what we expected, considering Nelson hates his guts)
    Ronny Turiaf – B+ (Best example on Warriors of intensity, professionalism, and positive attitude. If only he had an offensive game. Or could rebound better.)
    Anthony Randolph – B (B is too high for the whole season, but this is for the intensity and talent on display in the last 25% of the season.)
    C.J. Watson – B (I saw improvement. Positive attitude. Can shoot and finished with a few good Assist/Turnover games.)
    Anthony Morrow – B (Surprised coaches and improved throughout the year. Needs to contimue to improve but could be a very solid NBA player)
    Rob Kurz – C (About what we expected)

  • Briod

    Front Office – F
    Don Nelson – D
    Stephen Jackson – A
    Monta Ellis – B (But He missed too many games)
    Andris Biedrins – C+
    Jamal Crawford – C
    Corey Maggette – B+ (in 6th man roll)
    Kelenna Azubuike – B
    Marco Belinelli – C
    Brandan Wright – C
    Ronny Turiaf – A
    Anthony Randolph – B+
    C.J. Watson – C+
    Anthony Morrow – C+
    Rob Kurz – D

  • Chris Webber

    Front Office – F The drama along with RoRo is a recipe for disaster.
    Don Nelson – D- He is part of the drama. Not playing the young guys sooner.
    Stephen Jackson – C Best player on the team, but he just drives you crazy sometimes with his erratic play.
    Monta Ellis – D- should be an INC but he played well when he was in (most of the time).
    Andris Biedrins – C+ Another INC, but he’s the best center this team has had in a decade.
    Jamal Crawford – C- He needs to go.
    Corey Maggette – C- Pack his bags along w/Craw
    Kelenna Azubuike – C Good solid contributor most of the time but needs better court awareness (passing)
    Marco Belinelli – C He should be shooting better, but he is what he is. A 2nd string SG
    Brandan Wright – C Another one that should be INC if he gets injured that easily. He’ll have a short career. Needs to get stronger.
    Ronny Turiaf – B+ Best ball player this season. Too unselfish for his own good.
    Anthony Randolph – C Talented but a total knucklehead as well. Hopefully he’ll become smarter w/more playing time and less of a bonehead.
    C.J. Watson – C Some say he’s a decent backup but he just isnt a PG, although he did show some skills at the last week of the season. Dont know why it took so long for him to figure it out.
    Anthony Morrow – C Good kid and can shoot. Definitely a keeper
    Rob Kurz – C Meh. I cant believe Nelly didnt find a free agent better than Kurz, but he was a one year rental (hopefully).

  • cp

    Front Office –
    Don Nelson –
    Stephen Jackson –
    Monta Ellis –
    Andris Biedrins – B (pretty inconsistent)
    Jamal Crawford – D (not reliable on defense)
    Corey Maggette – C+ (productive player but overpaid)
    Kelenna Azubuike – B+ (put up good numbers on a injury prone team)
    Marco Belinelli – C inconsistent..still not living up to the 1st round pick.
    Brandan Wright -C often injured
    Ronny Turiaf -A surprise addition to our club. One of the guys you would love on your team. Plays hard.
    Anthony Randolph -A improved throughout the season.
    C.J. Watson- B good backup pg but not starter material.
    Anthony Morrow – A for being an undrafted rookie, he was quite a surprise. Hopefully he makes it to the fresh/soph challenge next year.
    Rob Kurz- C good 12th man. good practice player

  • Cedric

    Front Office – D. Didn’t do enough to determine who was in charge.
    Don Nelson – C-. Contributed to much of the front office and team turmoil.
    Stephen Jackson – B-. Became the team leader by default.
    Monta Ellis – Incomplete
    Andris Biedrins – B
    Jamal Crawford – C
    Corey Maggette – C. Was a bad fit for the chemistry until he came off the bench.
    Kelenna Azubuike – B+. Got as much as he could have gotten from his ability.
    Marco Belinelli – Incomplete. Showed some promise but found himself injured or in the dog house.
    Brandan Wright – C+. Has to show some consistency.
    Ronny Turiaf – A-. Couldn’t ask for much more from the backup center.
    Anthony Randolph – B-. Took a while to get on the court. Hope he learns how to stay.
    C.J. Watson B. Best as a backup point guard. Showed he can handle the task.
    Anthony Morrow – A. He got all anyone could ask from an undrafted rookie.
    Rob Kurz C. He’ll float around the league for a few years. Maybe here, maybe not.

  • Lufty455

    Front Office – F… please fire Rowell
    Don Nelson – F… needs to retire
    Stephen Jackson – C… needs to chill
    Monta Ellis – C… needs to stop acting like a baby
    Andris Biedrins – A… lots effort
    Jamal Crawford – B… great shooter but no D
    Corey Maggette – C… is a baller but needs to share the ball
    Kelenna Azubuike – A… bang for the buck here
    Marco Belinelli – C… needs more playing time
    Brandan Wright – B… lots of potential
    Ronny Turiaf – A… great FA
    Anthony Randolph – A… the next Chris Bosh
    C.J. Watson- C… a good bench warmer
    Anthony Morrow – A… great shooter to be
    Rob Kurz- C… a good bench warmer

  • slimman

    Front Office – F. The very definition of failure. When your only consolation as a fan is, “at least we aren’t the Clippers…”

    Don Nelson – C/F. I can’t decide. Every once in a while Nellie does something brilliant. Then again, didn’t I just see Azubuike playing center?

    Stephen Jackson – C. Tried to do it all and was too tired. Didn’t he know he is our only lock down defender? Gotta love the heart, but he can’t be your first option for everything.

    Monta Ellis – D. Nice motorcycle a$$hole. Couldn’t defend before, got himself a star complex and is even worse now. I wish they’d trade him and someone else for an unhappy superstar (not Chris Bosh).

    Andris Biedrins – B. Andris is a top 5 center and started showing signs of being an offensive force. That sign turned into a U-turn. Hopefully he gets some moves around the hoop in the off-season. He is a top-5 all-around center, our best rebounder and a good defender. Hope he is never traded.

    Jamal Crawford – D. Scoring 50 is great, but not when the man you are supposed to be defending does too. Hope he packs his bags and opts out. Not holding my breath for that sadly.

    Corey Maggette – B. I could complain about him, but we knew who we were getting. When he came off the bench he was good. He never rebounded and played D like that in LA. Still, what am I thinking… C.

    Kelenna Azubuike – B+. Once he works his passing in he is the 6th man of the year… on another team probably. Refer to #1… our FO sucks.

    Marco Belinelli – C. Grow some sack and demand time on the court. He has skills but is inconsistent and doesn’t seem like he demands from the coaches that he should get his.

    Brandan Wright – C+. Nice moves around the basket. Now eat some damn Wheaties and play D!

    Ronny Turiaf – A+. Heart, effort, skill. You know the Lakers are secretly wishing they had Ronny instead of Andrew Bynum. He’s our MVP.

    Anthony Randolph – B+. The only one on the roster with the potential to be a superstar. Here’s hoping he isn’t crazy. High high high hopes for this one. So fun to watch. Imagine if he actually had earned minutes early in the season. Damn.

    C.J. Watson – B. He exceeded expectations. Perimeter defense is horrible. Great 3rd PG. Too bad he’s out first PG.

    Anthony Morrow – A-. What basketball is about. Only Turiaf has bigger heart. This guy is amazing, always improving, plays defense (at least tries hard).

    Rob Kurz – Who? Just kidding. Best practice player ever I’m sure. Practice MVP. Hope he gets 5mpg on the Spurs for the minimum next year.

  • marko

    A perspective game. Just for fun and only looking at the past ten years or so… (How many of you fellows were even alive in 1975?) Posted a version on FB, but they were too busy calling each other names…

    Kinda answers your grading question in comparison with the last ten Warrior years.

    Who in each group made the biggest impact while a Warrior?

    Group A (150-160 games) 2-year rotation studs. OK, so Hughes was 2+ years. I left off Vonteego Cumings and Jason Caffey – they lack studliness.
    – Derek Fisher
    – Larry Hughes
    – Matt Barnes
    – Felton Spencer

    Group B (320-360) all 5 year guys who were starters much of their time. These dudes should have been our bread & butter. I think only Antawn cut it.
    – Troy Murphy
    – Mike Dunleavy
    – Donyell Marshall
    – Antawn Jamison
    – Andris Biedrins

    Group C (100-110) Here are another bunch of 2+ year guys. But these were way out on the bench or injured a whole bunch, so they struggled to make a contribution. Only Zarko really failed (my opinion)…
    – Tony Delk
    – C J Watson
    – Speedy Claxton
    – Danny Fortson
    – Zarko Cabarkapa

    Group D (170-200) I think of these dudes as the true heart of the club. Serious role players for 3 years or so at different times. Possibly add Chris Mills to the group.
    – Mookie Blaylock
    – Kelenna Azubuike
    – Bob Sura
    – Bimbo Coles
    – Calbert Cheaney
    – Stephen Jackson

    Group E (125 or so) Two years. “Almost” stars. Big minutes, big disappointments.
    – Gilbert Arenas
    – Al Harrington
    – Clifford Robinson

    Group F (60+ games in one bright shining year apiece.) Too many came to us late in their career. Hope this year’s crop is different!
    – Rony Turiaf
    – Brian Cardinal
    – Tony Farmer
    – Earl Boykins
    – Anthony Morrow
    – Adam Keefe
    – Anthony Randolph

    And the last group (400+ games). Did we get anything of value here?
    – Adonal
    – JRich
    – Damp

    Then there are Baron and Monta; 227/232 games (respectively) over 4 Warrior seasons each.

  • haastheman

    Does it really matter. All we can do is grade PLAYERS individually because of all the injury problems.

    all things considered the young players: Randolph, Wright, Bellinelli, Morrow, Biedrens, Bukie and Watson all played well. Some even above expectations.

    The vets on the other hand:
    mags C
    crawford B-
    jackson B
    ellis F
    toriaf A

    Nellie gets an F
    mullie gets an B

  • jim back from fishing

    Grades –
    Nelson A
    Davis A
    Ellis A
    Jackson A
    Biedrins A
    JRich A
    Randolph A
    Morrow A
    Pietrus B
    Barnes B
    Turiaf A
    Belinelli B
    Azubuike A
    Harrington B
    Watson B
    Mullin A

    The Team that might have been. But still too many wings.

  • Kinglear

    You forgot Donyel Marshall – Category D, one of my favorite players

  • johnfree

    Front Office – F Mullin, Jax signing
    Don Nelson – D play the d–m kids already!
    Stephen Jackson – C
    Monta Ellis – D moped
    Andris Biedrins – B+ seems to have leveled off
    Jamal Crawford – C+ so much less than the sum of his talents
    Corey Maggette – B +=sixth man role -=injured too much
    Kelenna Azubuike – A got everything out of his talent
    Marco Belinelli – B- injury really set him back
    Brandan Wright – C- not sure if this kid will ever contribute
    Ronny Turiaf – A+ bright spot of season
    Anthony Randolph – A- cut out dumb play
    C.J. Watson B+ TOO many turnovers
    Anthony Morrow – A+ other bright spot
    Rob Kurz B- see Buke comment

  • Michael Poe

    I grade on the curve. I grade on the NBA curve, not the Golden State Warrior curve. Why, because I am old enough to remember when the Warriors had good, competitive teams and, gasp, even a championship team. When players meshed and complimented each other. When they game was like a drama on stage and you held your breath waiting for the ending.

    Front Office – F
    When Mullins was running things, it was a D. I do not see any rhyme or reason to the way this team is put together.
    Don Nelson – F
    He is just collecting a paycheck.
    Stephen Jackson – C
    Decent player but he would come off the bench on a good team.
    Monta Ellis – C
    I like Monta but I am not sure that he has the juice to an elite.
    Andris Biedrins – C
    He is okay but double-doubles on a bad team means nothing.
    Jamal Crawford – C
    Cab score if you let him shoot alot but I remember a game where he played over 48 minutes and did not committ a foul. Plays absolutely no D.
    Corey Maggette – C-
    If the Warriors had a good team, he would not be here.
    Kelenna Azubuike – B
    I like him. Good coming off the bench.
    Marco Belinelli – C-
    I have see some flashes but with Nelson you do not know if he is for real.
    Brandan Wright – C-
    Expected more before injury. Maybe some day.
    Ronny Turiaf – C+
    He alright for a backup.
    Anthony Randolph – B
    I like this guy.
    C.J. Watson – B+
    Has become a NBA player
    Anthony Morrow – B
    Grade would have been higher except for Nelson factor. Rob Kurz – C-
    Should be last guy off the bench.

  • Tim1234

    Front Office -F- Loosing Baron just unforgivable. That ended the season. Nellie flatly stated without BD there was no hope for the play offs. Putting too much responsibility on ME’s shoulders caused his accident. He should still be in college. Why force him to be the leader-not ready obvious to anyone with a brain? Give the team to BD for 4 to 5 more years and then a 26 year old ME will be ready to lead the team if he has it in him. Letting Matt go and MP for nothing just pathetic. Rumor was Detroiot was willing to deal Billups for Baron. Way btter than nothing but BD wa sthe man for Nellies team.

    Don Nelson – AAA+ This team was destined to win 18 games without ME, Baron, Matt, MP, AH and injuries to others and he won over 25 and turned two Anthonys into legit NBA players. Watson continued to develop. Buke did as well as he could. Wright was a disappointment. But no other coach could have competed with a bunch of D leaguers.

    Stephen Jackson -A he is the fourth best player an a great team. But loosing JR and BD forced him to do way more than he should be doing and he did his best.
    Monta Ellis -Incomplete-fell apart with too much pressure put on him to replace Baron when he is not a true point.
    Andris Biedrins -C- No etter than last year maybe worse. More turnovers. And with out Baron feeding him for layups his field gold percentage suffered.
    Jamal Crawford -M A mystery.
    Corey Maggette -D 10 Million dollar sixth man. Is he really better than Matt Barnes who was available for the NBA minimum? Mat can rebound and pass.
    Kelenna Azubuike -A Does his best with no passing skills.
    Marco Belinelli – C-Seemed to be humming mid season and then took time off.
    Brandan Wright -F Trade JR for this stiff who has one good game in 2 years. Trade him and Bellineelli for Baron.
    Ronny Turiaf -A Limited skill, lots of energy.
    Anthony Randolph -A For the youngest player in the league he did as well as you can hope in a 14.
    C.J. Watson A Came on strong for a D leauger and can clearly play back up to Baron or another real point gurad.
    Anthony Morrow -A One skill and its a good one. Works hard on defense, and rebounds. If Baron were feeding him would have lit it up more often.
    Rob Kurz C Don’t give up on him. Nice shot and smart. If he can put on 20 pounds could be a good role player.