Want Boozer?

The Carlos Boozer-Utah Jazz relationship, which has been up-and-down to say the least, is expected to meet a crossroads this offseason.
Boozer, who earlier in the season said he would opt out, is now saying he wants to go back to Utah. But Utah, perhaps still a bit irritated by Boozer’s opt-out announcement and certainly impressed by Paul Millsap’s development, is reportedly set on shopping Boozer on the trade market to at least see what they can get for him.
The Warriors are no doubt on the market for a dominant big man. Because center Andris Biedrins is untouchable, that big man would have to be a power forward.
There was a time I would’ve said go get Boozer. If Baron Davis was still here, I would still take Boozer. But now, thanks to Anthony Randolph, I’m not so sure.

The promise of the Warriors’ young stud certainly amplifies Boozer’s shortcomings. Boozer has the agility and skills to fit in the Warriors system, and he brings the missing traits the Warriors have been seeking. And I know Warriors fans have coveted him since he dominated the Warriors in the 2007 playoffs. But … did you see Randolph this year? Am I alone in pumping the breaks when it comes to the PF position?
Boozer is a 20 and 10 guy, but it is no doubt a complementary 20 and 10. He hasn’t ever been the dominant player on his team. And unless he was going against Matt Barnes or Al Harrington, he’s never carried his team to new heights in the postseason. His clutchness has long since been in question and murmurs are that Deron Williams is starting to think Boozer’s too soft.
According to 82games.com, last season, Boozer ranked 25th in clutch scoring. But 73 percent of his clutch-time scoring was assisted. Only Amare Stoudemire (75 percent) and Stephen Jackson (85 percent) were higher. What does that mean? Boozer’s most-often the finisher, not the dude that made it happen. For Utah, that guy was Deron Williams, who ranked 36th in clutch time scoring and 3rd in clutch time assists.
Does this make Boozer a bad player? No. But this is the stuff Randolph has me thinking about now. I now look at Boozer through different glasses.
Because his presence will take away from Randolph. Boozer, who has a $12.7M player option for next season, is a 35-minute kind of guy (which with the Warriors means 40 minutes a night). Where will Randolph play? At SF? That would be a mistake, I say.
Is Randolph the answer now? No. But if they are going to push him aside, it had better be for someone who is the answer now. Otherwise, I’d almost rather wait on Randolph.

Marcus Thompson

  • LT in LA

    welcome back! Forget boozer…get a point guard! We are like a Porsche with a lawnmower engine.

  • jl

    The W’s championship window is now AR’s prime years. Play him at both forwards and see if he’s like Pippen or
    more like KG, then fit pieces around him.

  • Lufty455

    Boozer would be a nice addition but I really think a point guard would be our first priority. Through the draft or FA, I think a real point guard like Andre Miller would be a better fit. Boozer has some health issues and you know what that means with the DUBS… he will be injured for half a year with their luck…

  • KL

    As I thought more about this, I think a Jason Kidd would fit better, he has about 2 more years in him, we overpay him for a 3 year contract, he can guard the shooting guards while teaching Monte how to run the point. Would he want to come home and finish his career?

  • Warrior Streak


    I’d be all for it

  • MCJ

    i too think our young bigs (biedrins, randolph, turiaf, and wright) have alot of upside and will get better playing more together. i agree the real need is at PG. but if we could get boozer as part of a package deal that would involve either maggette or crawford, i’d be all for it. maggette could fit well in utah and they could use a good wing scorer. i’m not sure utah would be so desperate for a PF in return, since millsap is playing well. maybe wright as a backup could be thrown in. but either boozer or bosh will cost the warriors some serious $ and lock up cap space. i just checked and maggette and wright for boozer works in the trade machine. http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=ct5upm

  • oregonwarriorfan

    It is nice to be in the position of being able to not knee-jerk in thinking about acquiring Boozer. I say take him. This team is still the youngest (and probably skinniest) in the league and I would imagine a bruising, respected veteran presence would be worth an awful lot to both the Dubs and gaining the respect of opponents. Another bonus: not having to read the out-of-control howls of protest on this blog should they not make a serious effort to get him. I could live with out Wright and one of the high priced wings.

  • PG pease!

    Pass on booze and go after a point guard. Moving Rabdolph to the 3 takes away the things he does best. If he is guarding perimeter small forwards he is too far from the basket to inhale rebounds and provide weak side blocks.
    Keep Ellis at the 2 (where he averaged 20+ ppg), Jack could be the starting SF, let Maggette stay as the 6th man, move Azubuike and Wright for a pg
    1 Point guard to be named and Watson
    2 Ellis and Morrow
    3 Jackson and Maggette
    4 Randolph and draft pick(?)
    5 Biedrins and Turiaf

    That is a productive lineup up improving youth with a veteran presence

  • jsl

    I like our young bigs, too, but would certainly be willing to give two of our three old guys — Jack, Jamal and Maggette — adding BW, if necessary, to make it work. Boozer’s a plus, but he’s also a nut — and inconsistent (except against the Warriors) to boot.

  • JustPuked

    Boozer was a problem in Cleveland and surprise, he’s become a problem in Utah. He’s a passive-aggressive malcontent and he’d just add to the locker room problems already inherent in a Nellie locker room. That said, if trading for the Booze the only way to unload one of these bloated contracts: Jackson/Maggette/Crawford, I’m all for it.

    This also avoids the elephant in the room. Warriors desperately need a big point guard or a ball handling off guard to pair with Ellis. I said ball handling, not ball fumbling turnover waiting to happen, so NO Jackson doesn’t count.

  • JimPunkrockford

    I’m a bit surprised by the lack of love for Brandan Wright. He looked really good to me, I know Randolph has all the hype but that is because of his hops and being a teenager. Giving up Wright before really knowing how good he might be would be a mistake. Do you really think Boozer would be a good fit with Nellie? Let’s face it, if Don doesn’t like a player personally that player will not play. The problem with this team is coaching, keep all of the players and fire the coach and see how good this team is when properly motivated and coached.

  • blah

    Boozer? Yes, please. Randolph shows promise but who’s to say he actually gets better (tyrus thomas didn’t). If they can get him in a sign and trade and keep our favorite parts, i.e. ellis, goose, and AR. Then yes. But how often are all stars ever traded within their own conferences?

    Love AR but we need a guy like boozer and AR just can’t do the same things(vs versa as well). they would be an awesome 12 punch. Too much depth is not reason for advoidance to me.

  • Ewok

    There’s two guys to contemplate on.

    Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudamire.

    Get Brandon Jennings on this coming draft.

    Then we will be set.

  • Ewok

    If Boozer goes to the Suns then they will be set and we will be in the cellar once again.

  • Twinkie defense

    Boozer is gonna be some team’s Elton Brand next season… if the Warriors are to get another PF, it ought to be a serviceable vet; someone they don’t have to max out and who can play second fiddle to Randolph… Someone to be to AR4 what Turiaf is to the Warriors’ Biedrins.

    More importantly now than a adding a stud PF is getting the PG situation settled. My fingers are crossed for Rubio…

  • Thomas park

    We should wait on Anthony Randolph to develop into a star by starting him af PF. It’s VERY clear to me that Ellis can’t play PG so we need to get Andre Miller instead of Boozer. Boozer can’t block shots which means his not good at protecting the basket. He is the definition of a average defensive player

  • Gunner

    Is there any way for us to get BD back? Can we ship some combination of Crawford/Maggette/Belinelli/Wright to the Clips for him?

  • “The Ricker”

    Whoa! A Marcus Thompson sighting!

  • commish

    Commish’s prediction: we’ll get a quality vet (PG or PF) when Marcus gets a new banner. Why does any vet want to come here if they can help it? Or, if we are talking a trade, who do we have to give up to get him? Nelson made it hard to get any real leverge to trade Crawford. Maggette had an off year with injuries and once again demonstrated his very one dimensional game. And we are unlikely to want to trade any of our young players other than Wright, who once again we don’t know that much about because of his up and down year with injuries and Nelson’s weirdness about playing him early on.

  • GS Smith

    Ricky Rubio….please avoid Boozer.

  • WTH Nelson!!!

    is everyone in love with boozer cause he kicked the warriors ass 2 years ago. boozer is land bound and doesn’t fit this team. TD had it right, he would be our elton brand of this year.

  • Dave

    I agree with “Just Puked” in the fact that Boozer gives up playing hard if he doesn’t like the team he’s on or his coach. Cleveland was the first stop.

    In Utah, if you notice in the series against the Lakers, he looked detached, disinterested, and unhappy. He made that stupid prediction in game 3 claiming that “We won’t go down 3-0.”………Yeah Carlos, …but you will go down 4-1.

    All that being said, a day after Utah was eliminated by the Lakers, I saw on ESPN insider, an article outlining Boozer’s desire to stay in Utah.

    I disagree, I think Boozer and Kirilenko both leave Utah. Boozer seems like a flaky personality, plays hard when he wants, a little “wishy washy” and he complains during the game. He is known for his whining.

    I have never liked Carlos Boozer. I think he’s a good NBA player, but not a great NBA player. Offensively, his ability to score with both hands in the low block and his turnaround mid range jumper are tough……..but against more athletic low post players, he is completely smothered. I’ve seen him miss easy high percentage shots around the basket, because he gets nervous and rushes against bigger, more athletic players.

    I don’t know what we need to be honest……….but I think we need a closer. A great player who can take over in the 4th quarter.

    I like Anthony Randolph, but I think he is a 15ppg and 10 rpg guy, not a 20ppg and 10rpg guy. I would rather develop Randolph into a Josh Smith type player. Use him for weak side blocking and defense……and count on him for 14ppg, 7rpg and 4bpg a night. He turns the ball over way too much. Other rookies like Derrick Rose and Brooke Lopez, played with composure and confidence, didn’t get rattled and didn’t make stupid turnovers. Anthony is a talented young player, but more like a Hakim Warrick and Lamar Odom type player as opposed to a Carmello Anthony type player.

    I agree with “Blah” on Randolph.

    Also I agree with “JimPunkRocks” assessment of B. Wright. I like B. Wright a lot. Defensively, he is miles ahead of AR, he is a better shot blocker, times his jump better, better off the ball defender. He is long on defense and he is our best low post scorer. No one else on our team can score in the low post. B. Wright is a UNC product, from a good program with good coaching. At his best, B. Wright can be the low post scorer version of Lamarcus Aldridge….because Lamarcus is primarily a jump shooter. Besides that, I think their games are similar. Both decent free throw shooters as well.

    No Ricky Rubio, no other rookies will do shit for our squad. You are on the right track in looking for an established NBA player like Chris Bosh. Those are the kinds of players that would help our team. Chauncey Billups would be great, but who else is out there at PG that could make a difference?

    I think we just need a finisher, a guy who is not scared to take over in the 4th quarter. Look at the playoffs, guys, they are filled with these types of players……..#24, B. Roy, D. Wade, Y. Ming, C. Anthony, D. Rose, D. Nowitzki, J. Terry…………we have nothing like that on our squad. Until we do, we are going nowhere.

    Let’s be honest guys, Phoenix won 46 games this year and was outside the playoff bubble. We won 48 in 2007-2008 and we missed out.

    You have to win 50 games a year to make the playoffs in the West……….the door is open…Utah, San Antonio and New Orleans are finished….if we can get an established star player who can score in the 4th quarter, we can take a playoff spot in 2009-2010.

    Carlos Boozer is a whiner and doesn’t play hard when he’s unhappy…………we don’t need that shit.

    Chris Bosh, excellent suggestion, can anyone really picture Chris Bosh sulking, not playing hard because he’s unhappy?……….No, I don’t believe he would. Bosh is cut from a different mold. Chris Bosh would be fantastic.

  • Dave

    Think of how much attention Chris Bosh would command in the low block…….leaving shooters like Anthony Morrow, Marco Belinelli and Stephen Jackson wide open from the perimeter.

    With slashers like Monta Ellis and Corey Maggette……..that would make this squad very tough to beat.

    We would be better than Bosh’s 2007-2008 Toronto Raptors, which I think was his best team.


    Marcus: Thanks for the proof of life, yours and ours. I go with the comments at 3, 4, and 8: we at last have quality and promise at power forward (Randolph, Wright, Davidson); what we need is a veteran starter at point guard. Whatever we have that the Jazz would want for Boozer would be better spent on Kidd, Nash or Andre Miller. All three of those players may be available.

  • Bill

    Boozer is a loser….

  • slimman

    Was about to type, “Boozer is a loser,” and then I looked at the comment above. Touche…

  • lavalovers

    No Boozer! forget this, who is going to sign him, Rowell? I say since mullin is gone we have to suck it up and make Nelson the GM for the winter. I don’t like it but what else can we do. fire rowell, nelly blah blah i wish cohen would, but no way….. the only way i see the Warriors making a dent is getting a point guard in the draft. Trade up to get Rubio, go to you tube and check him out he’s like marco but more exciting(better) and younger… we suck fellas, and not much will change this offseason in terms of the front office…… By the way i love BD as well but Gimme a break, he’s done.
    nice to hear from you again marcus keep em comin’

  • Kyle

    Nice to have you back MT

  • blah

    Does a point guard doesn’t help Rebounding or Defense, aka our two biggest deficiencies?

    If they do then yea, we don’t need a guy like Boozer. BTW defense is not always measured in blocks and steals.

  • justafan

    Boozer? don’t we already have one in the coach? W’s need a PG and the fans should stay home and watch it on the tv next season so I’ll say it again ” Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sell the team!!!”

  • ECJ

    Alright Marcus,
    Let me enlighten all of you on this subject.. (obnoxious opening line, for effect)

    I’ve posted often about Boozer’s potential value to the Warriors. He provides one thing the Warriors have not had in 15 years.. MUSCLE. Boozer would give the Warriors a defensive presence in the post, something they currently get only from Ronny. One defensive big man is not enough in the NBA, especially in the playoffs.

    Also, Boozer can score in the post. He can rebound. He adds a “tough-guy” mentality and swagger to the team that they currently lack. For those of you who say the W’s need a point guard INSTEAD.. you need to look at the teams that are fighting it out in the playoffs. A point guard is a need, but any team that goes far in the playoffs needs size, toughness, rebounding, and defense. Another guard / small player will not make the Warriors a contender. We have plenty of small players.

    As far as Randolph goes.. I agree that he is special, and the future for the Warriors. I think he has more potential than any other player on the team, and I would NEVER consider trading him, for Booze or anyone else. I think he’ll be better than Chris Bosh before its all said and done. But, the fact is, Boozer and Randolph can co-exist.

    Boozer could play at the 4, and Randolph at the 3 when the W’s want to go big.. a luxury they have not had much at all in the past several years. Boozer could play more minutes in games where the W’s want to play tough D and muscle inside.. games where they need a post presence. He can play less when the W’s want to run.

    You said that Booze only dominates against “Al Harrington and Matt Barnes”.. but that’s not true. Didn’t you see what he did against the Lakers in this past playoff series? He was dominant in the game the Jazz won, and that was against a big, physical team that will likely win the NBA championship. Fact is, The W’s MUST get bigger to be a legit contender, like all other contenders are. Boozer would be a great first step in that direction.

    As a matter of fact, the Jazz may have use for Jamal Crawford. The Jazz have a shortage of wings, other than Brewer, they don’t really have athletic wings that can dribble and get to the basket, or create their own shot. They may be willing to take Crawford, with another player like Brandon Wright, for Boozer. If the Warriors could do that deal, it would be impossible to pass up.


  • ECJ

    Response to other posts:

    1. Jason Kidd is in a SERIOUS decline. He’s not shooting the ball anymore.. he’s much slower, and unfortunately, he’s too far past his prime to be a real factor. Unless he’s brought in to teach Monta the tricks of the trade, he’s not going to make a big difference for the W’s. Plus, he’s likely far too expensive.

    2. The only problem with our “young bigs” is this.. They’re NOT BIG ENOUGH! haha. Brandon Wright and Randolph and Davidson are far too light in the shorts to embody the true “POWER FORWARD” essence. I love Randolph, but the W’s need an actual Power Forward to team with him to give the team both options.. athletic power forward, an Big, tough power forward.

    3. Chris Bosh would be a complete waste.. we have Randolph. They’ll be very similar players if they’re not already. Amare is a nice option, but he’s very expensive, more so than Boozer.

    4. Boozer is not a “problem” in Utah. He wasn’t a “problem” in Cleveland. He left the Cavs to get a paycheck in Utah, which he cannot be blamed for. Utah doesn’t have a problem with him.. they just don’t need him with the emergence of Milsap, and they don’t want to pay him 14 mil.

    5. Brandon Wright is a “nice” player. But he’s too similar to Randolph. Problem is, Randolph is better than Wright, and because they’re both undersized as PF’s, it makes no sense to keep both. BWright is a nice change-up option for a team with a traditional PF who would like to add a finesse, athletic PF who can give the team a different look.

    6. Boozer will NOT cost the W’s cap space, his deal (should he use his option) would expire after next season. If nothing else, the W’s could use his expiring contract to acquire a player they want next season. Or, if he adds a valuable element to the team, they could extend him. If Boozer allowed the W’s to get rid of Crawford’s contract, they would be in a better position for acquiring him. Boozer is the type of player that a contender would trade for at the deadline to fortify their front court for a playoff run, should the W’s not be in contention next year.

    I think they should break their necks trying to get Boozer. Even if he’s only here for 1 year, he gets us off the hook for Crawford or even Maggette’s deal; If he’s here for 1/2 a year, he becomes valuable trade bait at the deadline. Pull the trigger, Nellie. Lets stop bleeding and get tough up front.


  • danikil49

    Listen, the Dub’s should play Randolph at SF and Wright at PF because he rebounds and blocks shots almost as well as Randolph. The idea that Randolph would be hamstrung as a SF is ridiculous. This guy can play an of the forward positions (he can probably play a little PG when asked. The Dub’s should stop doing anything until we get someonme in management who knows what he is doing.

    Pass on Boozer, trade Jackson, draft a point guard or buy one and move on.

  • danikil49

    The people suggesting that the Dubs trade BW are probably the same idiots that suggested the Giants trade Matt Cain a couple of years ago. I hope no one is listening.

  • Wilson

    Against most teams the Warriors will match up just fine with Randolph at power forward. But there are intimidatingly large teams – Utah and San Antonio come to mind – that are just too damn big to confront with an all-skinny team with much hope of victory. So the Warriors need a beast. If we could get Boozer without giving up too many of our talented younguns, that would be fantastic, but I’d be happy with a bulky power forward just a notch below – somebody like Millsap, for example – somebody who can rebound like crazy and hold position against a monster and hopefully score a little.

    The keepers no matter what are Monta, Randolph, Turiaf, and Morrow, and I hope we can also hang on to Biedrins, Azubuike, and Belinelli.

    Assuming that no trade has been done by that time, here’s my strategy for the draft. If somebody is available who has the potential to be the point guard of the future, grab him; otherwise take DeJuan Blair, who fits the beast role perfectly.

  • Tim1234

    Both Boozer and AK would be great in a running game. Trade Crawford, Magetti, BW, and Baldinelli for them. And get Baron back and this team will rock. But without Baron or Kidd, forget it. I would sign Matt Barnes too. He is just as good as Magetti for one tenth the price. At least Barnes can throw the ball cross court.

  • deano

    ECJ makes a good point that the Warriors can benefit from what they might give up in a trade for Boozer. Shedding the minutes and salary of Maggette and/or Crawford should be an off-season goal. A trade for Boozer for one year that accomplishes that is beneficial to the team, regardless of what Boozer might add.

    But Boozer, like Randolph, Turiaf, Biedrins and everyone else on the team, cannot be effective unless the Warriors get a point guard. A trade that dumps Cory and/or Jamal AND gets us a point guard should be GSWs first choice.

    As for Jason Kidd, he is old but his assists to turnovers ratio this past season was a fantastic 3 to 1. I would prefer the slightly younger Andre Miller (just under 3 to 1) because he is a better shooter and ran an up tempo team in Philly. Also, it looks like he wants a move. He just bailed on his exit interview. If he can’t hook up with his hometown Lakers, he might be interested in the Warriors.

  • Dave

    Marcus, first of all, this team needs to name a competent GM, who knows what the heck he is doing before you could even consider talking about trying to adjust the roster. The discussion about Boozer is moot until the team has someone who can decide a direction for the franchise, and can negotiate trades. They seriously need to dump the fat contract players (Crawford, Maggette) who don’t play defense, and then take a close look at the what Riley is supposed to be doing.

  • the Seer

    Just what the Warriors need, another injury prone whiner..Boozer is bad news period..If he comes here he will be injured and will miss at least 20 games..Do we need more players with horrible injury records??

    Get a point guard who can play defense..I guess Andre Miller would be too smart for these losers..

  • the Seer

    Hey Marcus,
    What is happening with Mullin and the worst thing that has happened to the Warriors since Cohan bought the team, Rowell?? I thought the team, including the old goat, Nelson, showed their true lack of class and care for the fans when no one faced the press after the season..

    I often wonder where these 18,000 people come from that watch these dysfunctional losers..The old goat, Rowell and Cohan don’t deserve the loyalty that the bay area fans give them..I loved the old goats comments about that he wouldn’t change anything he did during this horrendous season..A delusional senile old goat, pathetic!!

  • Chris

    Marcus……thanks for not putting up my last 2 posts….I appreciate that….especially when I’m one of the more consistent bloggers and I always grace your blog with great commentary………

    I don’t know what was wrong with my last 2 posts…..but I guess if you don’t make complete “homer” comments, there is a chance that you might get blacklisted on this blog. I posted as “Dave” in my last 2 posts…..you rejected both.

    Just because I don’t think Anthony Randolph is the second coming of Kevin Garnett, or becuase I think the Warriors will go nowhere until they add a 4th quarter scorer/closer like # 24, #23, B. Roy, P. Pierce, D. Rose, D. Wade, Y. Ming………Marcues doesn’t want to put up my posts.

    “Seer” you’re right………these fans are delusionsal.

    I hear things like “I like what we have” or “I think we got something good here”………then I ask those same people how we can win half as many games as the leader in our division this year, the Lakers, and still say that with a straight face?

    We won 30 games, our division leader, the Lakers won 60 games……that is a huge discrepancy and one that can’t be made up by Anthony Randolph.

    Teams that we couldn’t even had a flicker of hope of beating, like the Nuggets, will get wiped all over the floor by the Lakers the next round. So if we can’t beat Utah, Portland, Denver and San Antonio, how the hell are we going to beat the Lakers?

    We need a lot of changes to make this team even competitive.

    The most improved teams usually increase their previous year’s win’s total by maybe 17 games max…..that would be considered a great turn around.

    The Celtics turn around of 2007-2008 would be one of the best.

    But if we won 17 more games in 2009-2010 than we did in 2008-2009, we would have 47 wins and likely miss the playoffs again.

    We are not going to improve our win total by 20 games ladies and gentlemen, ………..maybe great teams like the Lakers and Celtics can do that…..but not us.

    I can’t believe how you fans cannot see that we are nowhere close to competing for a playoff spot unless we get a top eschillon scorer and closer, one who is confident in taking and making shots in the 4th quarter, one who puts pressure on the opposing teams’ defense in the most critical juncture in the game, the 4th quarter.

  • Sleepy

    We should be looking to dump in order


    the only reason Crawford is last is because he has a two year deal.

    Its amazing how many Warriors fans think Nelson can turn water into wine .

    Blow it up… B.L.O.W IT UP !!!