Would You Want Kirilenko?

The Salt Lake Tribune’s Ross Siler wrote that the Jazz may be looking to move forward Andrei Kirilenko this offseason to cut money. He threw out there the idea of Kirilenko for Corey Maggette.
That’s a pretty good scenario to ponder. For a second.

Kirilenko is due more than $34 million over the next two years. That’s a lot of money for someone who averaged 11.6 points and 4.8 rebounds in 27 minutes last season, and 11.0 points and 4.7 rebounds in 30.8 minutes the year before that, and 8.3 points and 4.7 rebounds in 29.3 minutes the year before that.
Suddenly, Maggette’s production and contract doesn’t look so bad when you put him next to Kirilenko.
If I am Utah, and the Warriors are interested, I’d do that deal in a heartbeat. It would require another player (do the Warriors have someone making about $7-10 million who they don’t want around?), but I would still do it if I’m the Jazz. $60 million total over four years is better than $34 million over two when you consider the production. They need veteran scoring off the bench (Maggette) and could use a dependable playmaker in the backcourt (Crawford) with Deron Williams. Even with their defensive deficiencies, it would be a good move for Utah.
The Warriors, on the other hand, should hang up the phone on this one. They do not need a lanky, energy player who can, at times, dominate on both ends but struggles with his emotions. They already have one of those, and he’s better and way cheaper.

Marcus Thompson

  • A’s in 2009

    We have too many offensive only players. Trading our two highest paid ones for AK would be a nice addition by subtraction for our team. AK gives us defense, shotblocking, ball-handling and a shorter contract. I’d do it.

  • Tom

    If you add in the fact that Maggette only pays 50 games a year then he is really paid about 200,000 dollars per game. AK plays a position of need, and would only be here half the time. Add in the fact that the Warriors could use his expiring contract toward the deadline in the second year of his contract, and this salary cap flux the Warriors are in is not so bad. I would do this deal in a heartbeat.

  • Kyle

    This isn’t a terrible idea.

    While Kirilenko’s overpaid he’s only got 2 years. We’re stuck with Maggette’s contract for 4 more. I’m not a Maggette hater but I do think Crawford has to go. The Warriors need more players that are solid defensively in order to compete and Kirilenko can defend well. The only thing that makes me hesitate is that Kirilenko doesn’t have a great shot, so I’d be curious how Nellie would use him (if he played him).

    Bottom line, the Warriors need a point guard most of all, and AK is not the answer. But, getting rid of Crawford’s contract would, I think, have to be a pretty strong incentive.

  • Phil

    hilarious blog post mt2. u doing pr for the w’s? nice attempt to distract fans from whats really wrong with the team – cohan, rowell and nellie.

    my bad, though, cause if you criticize the team they’ll revoke ur press pass. lol

  • Screw Regrette and Crawford. Let’s get this deal done. It’s worth taking on his ugly contract for 2 years. Also, more PT for Morrow!!!

  • Big Rebounder

    Besides, AK47 would fare far better in the Warriors system where the “you rebound it, you can take it down the court,” rule is in effect. His presence allows SJax to play the 2 and adds an defensive, passing player who can cover either a 3 or a 4. He’s made for Nellieball.

    AK or AR
    AR or AK

    with Turiaf, Morrow, Wright and Azu off the bench? Dig it.

    With all the blocks and rebounds, the Monta “one man fast break” Ellis show would be off to the races.

  • brett

    heck yes!

  • Scott

    The thing that intrigues me is that Kirlenko seems to play best in a Don Nelson paced game. At 2 years, I don’t think it is too much of a risk. For Crawford and Maggette, I would take the chance and do it.

  • Efren

    Andrei Kirelenko is a typical Nelson guy, a player who wants to play his own kind of game. If this trade happens, it would be a big lift for the W’s fronline and defense.

  • There is no way the Jazz would trade AK47 for Maggette and Crawford. NO WAY. I would do it in a heartbeat. I would even throw in the the #7 pick from this weak draft.

    I think AK will be alright when he can play more consistent minutes and be a highlight of the team he’s on.

  • uweblab

    I think an even better fit than Kirilenko would be Tayshaun Prince. He’s a better defender and can probably run the wing on a fast break better…

  • ag

    This line up will be a good defensive starting lineup.

    On my PS3 I easily beat teams i could not before as AK kept block and stealing and throwing lobs to Monta to finish a fastbreak at the other hand.

    First substitution would be Morrow\RT.

    Much better then what we have now. I would do it.

  • jaysohn

    The problem I see with this trade would be that Nelson would either cut into Randoplh’s development by playing Kirilenko too much or he wouldn’t play AK47 because Nelson doesn’t like wing players who can’t shoot. The Warriors would be over paying for the same production that the Rook just gave them. I don’t see how that makes any basketball or financial sense. The Warriors need a banger in the post and a point guard. They would be trading two players of value for one with diminishing value. What are you guys thinking? Have you been taken over by the ghost of St Jean…

  • Jason

    Maggs+Crawford for AK47 is a great idea. The numbers don’t quite match but its pretty close. I wouldn’t worry about AK cutting into Randolph’s PT cuz that Russian tends to get hurt a lot.

  • Kyle

    Kirilenko can play the 3 no problem. Randolph can play the 4 or 5 in Nellie’s system. Those two could most definitely be on the court at the same time – not a problem IMO.

  • David

    Marcus, this is indeed a lot of money to throw at Kirilenko, but he also would give this team a defensive presence, which they need more of, plus another shot blocker. It would also help move out a big contract either Maggette or Crawford.

  • GG

    I’d be worried about his mentality. Nelson plays so many mind games and that’s part of the reason Kirilenko has had issues with his game.

  • DJ

    If your taking Ak, your taking him for his contract which is two years shorter than Maggette. This is something the Warriors should definitely entertain Marcus.

  • commish

    In a heartbeat! Would Sloan really tolerate Maggette’s lazy defense and bad passing? This can’t be for real, but it would be great if it happened. Of course as we all remember, all last off season there was this talk about AK47 being moved and nada happened.

  • wg

    one thing to note is that kirilenko is a good playmaker and ball handler for his position. he’s in that class of wing player (e.g., stephen jackson, mike dunleavy) with good court vision and passing ability for their position. i would like to think that the more playmakers you have on the court, the better.

    there would be a significant upgrade on defense, with long arms and quickness; and having three exceptional shot blockers on the floor would make for exciting basketball.

    however, the need for the raw ability to get the ball in the hoop (the way that maggette and crawford can, prolifically) can’t be understated. not sure if it’d be reasonable to expect ellis and jackson to carry the scoring load every night.

  • Kyle

    MT – could you PLEASE give your take on a potential trade with Chicago where the primary pieces would be Crawford for Hinrich?

    Maybe we’d need to incentivize this, such as trading first round picks this year or even giving them ours outright(if it’s not top-2). Maybe we’d throw in Marco or Wright… whatever. It just seems like the deal is perfect for both sides. The Bulls will need scoring and probably can’t sign Gordon. Hinrich’s $10 million per year is obviously too much for a bench guy and one would think Rose is the exact kind of player who can play with Crawford, given his size, defense and passing ability. Hinrich’s a perfect fit for the Warriors b/c of his solid defense and size, ability to guard the 2, pass first mentality, veteran leadership, etc. Is it realistic? Could it work?

  • boombaclot

    Regrette and Crawful for AK-47? Get irrrrrrrrr done.

    Where do I sign?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • luv w’s hate nellie


  • thor240z

    “dependable playmaker in the backcourt (Crawford)” LOL…how the hell am I gonna get all that coffee spit off my LCD?

    Mr. Softee JC’s only playmaking is his herky-jerky pound-the-rock for 15 seconds, then shoot a jumper. With the variation of slithering to the basket and tossing up a prayer while acting like he got shotgun blasted from the ticky-tack touch on the arm.

  • JustPuked

    Hey Marcus, I appreciate your take on it, but I disagree.

    While Maggs is great as a sixth man, he was given too long of a contract for a one way player. For all his offensive production, he kills the offensive flow. Add to that, he’s a sub-par defensive player. Same with Crawford, his “playmaking” skills are over rated and he’s an absoulte sieve on defense. Both Maggs and Craw are great at getting their own shots but they don’t help anyone else get theirs and they leave their teammates hanging on defensive. While I think both players are fun to watch when they get going, and seem like nice guys, ultimately they’re just not team oriented guys on the court.

    If made, this trade instantly improves the Warriors defense by leaps and bounds. The only major defensive liabilities would be Monta and Watson. The Warriors league leading shot blocking would continue (although I’d rather have league leading rebounding). The overall defensive intinsity would pick up and that has a halo effect on the whole team. Jack wouldn’t have to take on the toughest cover every night. Randolph and Wright would be indoctrinated in D every day in practice by their teammates even if Nellie ignored that end of the court. Addition by subtraction indeed.

    And as for Kirilenko low numbers, we all know wings usually see a pleasant bump in their production in Nellie’s “system”. I’d expect his stats to jump up to around 15 and 6. As for him cutting into Randolph and Wright’s minutes, come on. If Nellie wants to send a message it doesn’t matter if he’s only got Rob Kurtz, he’ll play him in front of whichever player he’s currently “teaching”.

    In summary, a big boost for the team defense, eases the long term contract jam, and the “loss” on offense is over stated. Do it.

    PS, Why would Chicago willingly take Crawford back?

  • Dan

    The last thing the Warriors need is another guy that could get beat up by 9/10’s of the league. I realize that it’s super low brow to phrase it in these terms, but really AK is comically soft. He is on the all sensitive face team, with Brad Miller, Anthony Randolph, and Jason Terry. Why not aspire to sign a Milsap, or a Bass. Someone who is intimidating in any sense of the word.

    Objectively: Last Bully-ish Warrior? Baron.

    Don’t get me wrong I loooove some of the not too scary Warriors, i.e. Ellis, Goose, Randolph, Turiaf. But there is not an Oakley in that group.

    I want an Oakley, not a Kirilenko.

  • Marcus Thompson


    I am with JustPuked. That wouldn’t work for Chicago.

  • ECJ

    No Way!

    You guys that think we should trade both Crawford and Maggs for Kirilenko must really be objecting to Maggette’s contract. Kirilenko is WAY overpaid, and he’s just as injury prone as Maggette. He takes too many shots to be considered a “defensive” player, even though he does have skills on D. He’s only 6-9 225lbs, so he’s yet another undersized PF. As a SF, he doesn’t have the scoring ability needed in the W’s uptempo offensive system.

    I think that the W’s should trade for Boozer.. his deal expires after next year. We could probably trade crawford for him straight up, or throw in Wright. Maggette is an effective sixth man, and he is more valuable than many of you give him credit for.

    I agree with Dan.. Kirilenko is another soft, undersized player who would make the W’s weaker in the long run. We need beef.. Brawn.. and size. We need someone who will make other teams pay for driving the lane. We need rebounding. We don’t need Kirilenko and his 17 million dollar contract.


  • JustPuked

    As fun as it is to consider why in the world would Utah do it? Crawford +Maggette for AK & filler is OUR hope to move Crawford? Utah might want Maggette but they’d want other players to balance the contracts. Some combination of players like Wright, Marco, Morrow, Azubuike, etc. Suddenly it makes more sense from Utah perspective and would give Warriors fans significant pause (well, maybe not Belinelli).

    #27 Now you’re making sense Marcus! (I kid)

    Dan. Nellie is still the coach. He doesn’t much play the Millsap, Leon Powe, Brandon Bass, Richard Hendrix, Charles Oakley, Baby Davis, Carl Landry type players. It’s not part of his “system”. No need to beat yourself over the head about it. Nellie just isn’t interested in those kinds of “Bulldogs”, unless they can RUN, shoot lights out, handle the rock a tad and dish.

  • Kyle

    Let’s talk trade targets.

    So, my Crawford for Hinrich trade is not well receieved. Maybe it’s pie in the sky thinking. I thought maybe a first round draft pick and a young guy or two might be enough to make it happen, but maybe not. We still need to send Crawford on his way.

    Some other players that might be acquirable (with Crawford being our main piece we’d be sending in exchange):

    -Bobby Simmons ($10.6 mil, 2 yrs – he’s underperformed but plays good D and can hit the 3 from the corner. The Nets could use some more offensive fire power to pair with Carter and Harris)

    -Earl Watson ($6.2 mil, 2 yrs – I love Watson’s game b/c he plays great on the ball D and can shoot a jump shot. Westbrook is a big enough guy to help Crawford out defensively and I would think adding some fire power to help Durant might make sense. This could work, no?)

    -Jared Jeffries ($6 mil, 3 yrs – he isn’t particularly good but he does play solid D. Doesn’t really fit a positional need and his lanky frame makes him duplicative to Randolph/Biedrins/Wright. Should be available though, and NY would cut a year from their commitments. They liked Crawford before they gave him up; a D’Antoni kind of guy)

    -Samuel Dalembert ($11.2 mil, 3 yrs – he doesn’t do much offensively but he’s a solid rebounder and defender who’d add some toughness down low. His presence would let us go really big if we wanted, with Randolph at the 3 and Turiaf at the 4. Philly would gain a year less of commitment which would do them well given all the money tied up with Brand and Iguodala. Maybe we’d throw in Wright to help them shore up their front line.)

    -Tracy McGrady ($20.4 mil, 2 yrs – Obviously we’d need to throw in Maggette or another huge contract to match, but it’s hard to argue Houston’s any better with McGrady. Nellie could use him offensively if he can get healthy. Addition through subtraction? I’m not sure this is even a decent idea but he might be available.)

    -Chris Kaman ($9.5 mil, 4 yrs – With all the big men the Clips just got suddenly Kaman looks available. I’ve always thought he was good but not sure he’s a running Nellie style player. He can rebound and block shots and I can imagine thinnner bigs being a nice complement to him. I think the W’s could do worse, though I’m not thrilled about the idea of adding 2 more years to the financial commitment.)

    -Darko Milicic ($7 mil, 2 yrs – I do not care for his game, but then again I do not care for Crawford’s game. He should be able to play some D and board and he’s not the worst athlete ever. Not much to get excited about, other than he’s young and he’s huge. Not sure Memphis needs scorers, either, as they already have Mayo, Gay and Conley.)

    -Mike Miller ($9 mil, 2 yrs – Miller’s a perfect Nellie guy: great offense, no defense. At least the offense is consistent, though, and you know Nellie would use him correctly. Minnesota could use some help at the 1, with Crawford helping spell Telfair. Would Minnesota do this, though? I doubt it. Throw in some other pieces, though…)

    -Peja Stojakovic ($12.5 mil, 3 yrs – Obviously he’s lost a step or 2 and looks like a shell of his former self. We know the franchise is looking to shell payroll – they tried to give away a very good center – and this would save them a couple mill for the next 2 years and then the whole contract that third year. Nellie loves shooters, though it’s hard to get excited about another guy who’s awful defensively.)

    -Antonio Daniels ($6.2 mil, 2 yrs – A veteran PG who plays smart and could at least help set up the offense, though maybe it’d be the second unit. I don’t know why New Orleans would want to add payroll and I don’t think Crawford and Paul is a good pairing, so this doesn’t make much sense, probably.)

    Any thoughts?

  • Chris

    “Kyle” …….some of the names you mentioned makes me even more skeptical about the true objectives of Warrior fans………..

    I mean, are you guys striving for 42 wins, mediocrity and barely sniffing the playoffs?……..Or are you guys striving to put a team together in the mold of the Portland’s, Houston’s, Denver’s and Los Angeles’?

    I don’t think most Warrior fans understand Championship pedigree and Championship caliber NBA franchises.

    Bobby Simmons? Antonio Daniels?……….Role players at best, an aging Stojakovic?……The guy was content to give up every pass that came to him in those final blow out games against Denver in the first round……he seemed disinterested and ready to retire.

    I understand your reasons for wanting to acquire these players and they are primarily motivated by financial reasons and your general loathing of one, Jamal Crawford.

    Tracy McGrady, old and injured, looks the best on that list, Chris Kaman would provide something this young squad is obviously lacking…..a low post scorer. But again, not someone who I think would command enough attention in the low block to free up open shots for our perimeter oriented players.

    Mike Miller, good suggestion, he knows how to score, can get to the line, shoots well, smart, NBA player, played for Team USA in the FIBA tournament……..any NBA fan knows what they’re getting with Mike Miller.

    The Dalembert suggestion is feasible, obviously he would quell some of the low block issues (i.e. rebounding, tough interior play)

    Again guys, most of you fans strive for mediocrity.

    Why not a bolder move, why not a package deal for Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton? Defense and an extra 4th quarter scorer who is confident, seasoned and knows his game.

    Why not a push for Chris Bosh?……a player who would command the type of attention in the low block that is conducive to freeing up our shooters: Morrow; Belinelli and Jackson.

    If we get a low post guy like Bosh, this team would be fantastic.

    Think about it, Belinelli is a fantastic and confident offensive facilitator and can hit open perimeter shots. He just needs the PT, a little confidence from his coach and the ability to have an open shot. The best way to get our perimeter guys looks, is to have them be wide open looks. The way to do that, is either by having slashers command attention when penetrating or have a dominant low post presence, or both.

    We have slashers in Monta and Corey, both can fill that role, no problen. You guys are out of your mind if you don’t see what Corey brings to the table. The guy has been in the top 10 in ppg for the last 5 years. He was big in the Clippers playoff push a few seasons back and he gets to the basket better than any other player on our squad.

    Dominant low post presence (Bosh), Morrow, Belinelli and Jackson wide open for 3, Monta and Corey taking it to the basket…………………..50 wins, hands down, no problem……..we would be like the Magic of the West. Turkoglu and Lewis excel in a system where Howard commands attention, then Pietrus, Lee (when healthy) and Nelson (when healthy) get to the basket…..

    Every team in the playoffs, save for Dallas, has a low post presence that commands a double team either all the time or sometimes…..with Nene being the weakest of the bunch out of him, Y. Ming, A. Bynum, P. Gasol. And low and behold, the team struggling the most right now in the playoffs, Dallas, does not have a low post option.

    I’m not saying it’s the only way to win in the NBA, but when you look at recent Championships, last year with Garnett, years before with Duncan, Shaq in 2000-2003, Olajuwon for the Rockets in the mid-90’s, Detroit was a little bit of an anomale under Larry Brown with only Ben Wallace, but Rasheed also commanded some attention on that squad when he would post up.

    We are a terrible NBA team right now and one that needs a player of Bosh’s caliber to turn the tides.

    If we want to dump Crawford and Maggette that bad……you better make sure we accomplish the goal of attaining players that can contribute to a long-lasting, winning franchise, instead of wasting it on stupid moves……..Harrington for Crawford….what sense did that make?……Isn’t Harrington exactly what Don Nelson covets? ……..A big who can stretch the defense and run the floor,…….Nelson is a stupid idiot, ……….we wasted a chance to keep a legitimate NBA pleyer who is underrated. Harrington can run the floor, get to the basket and can stretch the defense and does it fairly well. Don Nelson mentally and emotionally abused Harrington like he did to C. Webber and T. Hill in his initial stint……………

    Then, stupid Warrior fans who don’t know anything about the NBA believe that Nelson must have known something about Harrington and that he’s not a good player.

    Instead of looking at the fact that the guy can score in a multitude of ways, can start for 86% of NBA teams and has the exact skills that a small ball line-up would need…….

    I don’t know, I’m just frustrated with these Mickey Mouse moves and transactions…..time to make a real move and acquire a real player…..like we did when we traded Claxton and D. Davis for one, Baron Davis……but hold on a second, that was a move with Mullin’s fingerprints all over it…………..do you think we will have that abillity with Riley at the helm and Nelson poking and prodding in the background?……..No, I don’t think we will.

  • LoPo

    AK would be perfect at PF. This guy was the MVP of the Euro tourney two years ago when he got to play PF again. He’s hidden in Utah, but would excel in the Nellie system. Nellie desperately wants to dump Crawford and he’s always liked AK. I’d do this trade:

    Crawford, Turiaf and #7 for AK and #20. Add D, athleticism and a passer for a malcontent, a bench big and a high draft pick in a bad draft.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii


    I wouldn’t say we purposefully want mediocre moves, but we’re trying to be realistic. Trading for Tracy McGrady is realistic… The Rockets don’t want him anymore. Trading for Chris Bosh? Less realistic. Toronto will never make a deal for Bosh that doesn’t include Randolph or Biedrins. Are you prepared to make that trade? I’m not.

    If we could magically turn Maggette into Mike Miller, I’d be all for that. Miller fits into our system way more, and is an infinitely better passer. There’s something to be said about players like Maggette… they are black holes on offense. When you’ve been in the league as long as he has, and you have more turnovers than assists in your career, there is something philosophically wrong with your game.

    Real Warrior fans see a strong core in this team. I just can’t see Maggette or Crawford being a part of that core. Since they haven’t fit into the system well, their value seems low to us. We also look at the contracts and think that no other team in the league is going to take them unless the trade is unbalanced talent wise. That’s where the suggestions like Bobby Simmons come in…

  • Kyle

    “Chris”… If you took my post to mean that I would prefer anyone on this list to Chris Bosh, Tayshaun Prince or Rip Hamilton, you’re crazy. Then again, I’d also love Lebron James, Deron Williams or even Al Jefferson.

    My post was intended to discuss ways of getting rid of Jamal Crawford while getting someone serviceable in return. I’m trying to be realistic. (Maggette’s name was only thrown in to make the money work.) This trade idea wouldn’t preclude another bigger, better deal. I’m even open to getting rid of Monta if we can get back a player or two of comparable skill.

    I like the basketball analysis you gave and agree with many of the points you make. We’re fans of the same team and I promise you I’m not an idiot when it comes to basketball.

    I, too, was not a fan of the Harrington trade. Also, please don’t pretend to know my “true objectives” which were simply to get rid of Crawford in this post. When you say “again guys, most of you fans strive for mediocrity” I sure hope that isn’t directed towards me. Nothing I said implies this – I’m simply trying to get rid of Crawford.

  • Sleepy

    Typical Warrior fan reaction . Looking to to try to plug the hole in the titanic instead of realizing the ship is going down and to start trying to build a better ship.

    There is nothing wrong with Crawford in fact I would say he is the best ball mover on the team the problem is we have no offense. How else could someone join the team late not even play the entire season and still end up with the second most assists.

    Same with Mags Don Nelson basically told him to follow jack he will show you how we do it and you see how that turned out.

    Everyone on our team struggles to play defense for 48 minutes and we have essentially built our team around 3-4 players in which NO ONE not the fans or the FO is willing to place any responsibility for how well this team ultimately performs on their shoulders……but yet we paid them big dollars .

    Blow it up and leave no one but Randolph and if we dont do it by the end of this season I will say get rid of him too.

    You know how teams like the spurs and Pistons can stay successful for so long ? They do it by preying on the franchises that love to acquire talent but have no real game plan so they always end up buying high and selling low

    We signed Maggette which was fine but why did we extend Jack ?

    We dealt for Crawford but then converted our offense to a system where everything went through jack.

    The only way Monta/Crawford would work is if the ball went through them and they were always in attack mode . Thats what we did in the past with Baron/Monta they had the ball and jack played off of them but we spent more time this season trying to create mismatches for what used to be our 3rd option on offense.

    Without Crawford we probably dont win 20 games but if all we were gonna do is feature jack and basically create a chaotic environment we shouldve just taken the losses and played the kids .

    Stop trying to blame the newest guys to teh team

    Stop trying to live in the “we believe” past

    lets get Nelson out of here and get a longterm winning philosophy in here

  • Todd Nizzle

    marcus, pass along whatever you’re smoking my friend…this is the chance to dump 2 loser players, and only have to take back 2 years of a contract…from a money stand point, it’s a no brainer, in fact, it makes too much sense to actually happen. If mully was still around, he’d do it. There’s no way Rowell is this smart. We can play a bigger lineup with better defense and most importantly, we don’t give up AR.

  • ECJ


    A few comments on your post. First, I agree that the Warriors must avoid making moves simply to make them. They have a good young core, and with the help of a few specific pieces, they will be much more competitive next season. Thus, guys like Bobby Simmons, Earl Watson, Jared Jefferies, Darko Milicic, Peja and Antonio Daniels would be horrible acquisitions. They’re old, and they would not be difference makers on this team.

    I also agree with your assessment of Corey Maggette. People on this site love to hate the man, but he’s a proven scorer who plays adequate D, and gets to the free-throw line better than any other Warrior. As a 6th man, he’s a terrific piece for the Warriors.

    I do not agree with your comments on Al Harrington. Al is a nice guy, but he was not nearly as skilled or effective as you’ve said. He was undersized, and was regularly stuffed at the rim when he tried to score around the hoop. He could not dribble, and regularly turned the ball over when trying to get to the hole. He did have a nice outside stroke, but the Warriors have plenty of guys who can shoot. Al Harrington is not the answer at PF for the Warriors.

    Then again, neither is Andre Kirilenko. He’s undersized, tries to be a scorer (although he’s not), and is very temperamental. He’s one of the most overpaid players in the NBA. I’m shocked that so many fans here would want the Warriors to acquire him over Boozer, who’s deal would expire after next season. An expiring contract would be a great trade chip for the W’s if Boozer didn’t work out. Apparently, nobody seems to care about that. Strange, considering how much everyone’s concerned with salary and long term contract commitments. Boozer for Crawford and BWright would get the W’s off the hook for Crawford’s deal after next season, and it would address an area of need, a true banger PF.

  • A’s in 2009

    what good is Maggette if he only plays 50 games a year?

  • Chris

    Portland has a “good young core,” Memphis has a “good young core, Minnesota has a “good young core”…………the Golden State Warriors have “good young talent”……………

    “What’s the difference?”……..Some of you “ladies” may ask.

    I’ll tell you guys the difference. A “good young core” plays well as a unit, as a team, can coincide together on the court and execute on both ends.

    “Good young talent” is where 1 or 2 young players have breakout games every once in a while, like Randolph did down the stretch in some meaningless games…….

    Memphis with Mayo, Gay and Gasol……Warrick off the bench..that is a “good young core.”

    Portland with Roy, Aldridge and Oden, that is a “good young core.”

    Minnesota with an improved Foy (had a good year in 2008-2009), Love and Jefferson…..that is a “good young core.”

    Can you guys see the difference. We don’t have the young pieces that mesh together as a winning unit yet………..Minnesota and Memphis aren’t winning now either, don’t get me wrong guys……but when I look at their young core compared to ours…..I feel like they are more complete than we are.

    Any thoughts?

  • Chris

    Remember guys,……it’s easy to have a great game when your team is 30 games below .500 and 25 games out of 1st place and you’re running around the court like a wild jungle animal that has just been set free from his captors.

    You got nothing to lose……..you’re playing spoiler for playoff teams. You’re young, you’re excited and your team stinks!

    Of course, you’re going to give it everything you have, leave everything on the court, play loose and free, not worry about anything……

    Anthony Randolph’s big games came at the most meaningless junctures of our 2008-2009 season. Now, not all is his fault, after all, it took Nelson nearly half a season to start playing the guy.

    That being said, what I really want to see, is Anthony Randolph’s production in a playoff game or a 1 game playoff like we had against Denver in 2007-2008 for the 8th spot in the playoffs.

    Basically, I want to see if he can have a big game in a game that means something…………the way B. Roy does, the way D. Rose does, the way L. Aldridge does……..let’s be honest with ourselves here guys………

    Any thoughts on that?

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii


    I’m sorry if it sounds like I would prefer AK47 over Boozer but honestly… does Crawford and Wright for Boozer sound like a trade that Utah would actually do? I mean, Boozer is worth a whole lot, slightly less than Chris Bosh. But we supposedly offered Biedrins and Randolph for Bosh and Toronto turned that down. What makes you think we can go from that failed trade attempt, to one of significantly less value and have Utah accept it? Just because Utah has Paul Millsap right behind Boozer doesn’t mean that they’ll just give Boozer away for any half-decent player. He’s still a 20-10 guy…

  • ECJ


    First, Bosh is regarded as a “franchise player”, Boozer is not. In fact, Boozer does not figure into Utah’s long term plans; the team is hoping he’ll opt out of his final year with them. Bosh certainly would figure into any team’s long term plans.

    Actually, several columnists and analysts believe Utah is looking to move Boozer. They are facing the luxury tax this next season, and they need to get more athletic. They have a glut of forwards who are big and slow, either post players or spot up shooters. They need a slasher / athletic G/F who can create his own shot and get to the rim. At this point, the only two guys that can do that consistently are Deron Williams and Ronny Brewer. Read the link at the top of this blog post, the author of that article says himself the Jazz are looking to move Boozer and / or Kirilenko.

    The Jazz know that Boozer is easily replaced by Millsap. They have several other large PF and C’s; they have plenty of size. What they lack is athleticism, and adding Crawford and his scoring ability plus an athletic change-up option at PF like Wright would be a perfect way to make them more athletic, while getting rid of Boozer, who they don’t need, and who they will let walk at the end of the season anyway. Even without Boozer’s salary, the Jazz won’t be under the salary cap next year, and thus will not be able to add anyone significant through free agency. Thus, they need to improve their team thru trades, and adding Crawford and BWright would make them faster and more athletic. Their GM already said he’d be willing to take on longer term contracts in a trade if the players made his team better. They already tried to get Maggette a few times in the past. Sounds like they might well be interested in trading Booz for Maggette or Crawford plus BWRight to make the $ work.


  • Chris

    Toronto doesn’t know what they’re doing……….Colangelo Jr. threw my neighbor in Blackhawk Jason Kapono, a 3 year $37 million deal for standing at the 3 point line and doing absolutely nothing else.

    They go and get Jermaine O’Neal at the beginning of the 2007-2008 campaign, then turn right around and trade him along with one of their more productive energy players in Jermario Moon.

    Then, …….to top it all off, they turn around and fire Sam Vincent, former Coach of the Year, the best coach they’ve had in their short history in 2008-2009.

    Point being, previous offers that were rejected maybe looked at again by Colagelo. I say make an offer…….offer some young talent, if AR has to go he has to go,…………throw in what they’re looking for and make a push to acquire Chris Bosh.

    Why would they let him walk away and get nothing for it in 2010. If they were a team on the way up, then you can understand how they would bank on the future and maybe decide to go a different direction after not really getting anywhere during Bosh’s tenure.

    Desperate teams and desperate GMs make desperate moves,……..we need an aggressive GM who can do that.

    Chris Mullin was beginning to turn into that aggressive GM that this franchise has not had in a decade.

    Every new job has a learning curve. Everyone makes mistakes. Being a GM is no easy task because your every move is out there for everyone to see and scrutinize.

    Give credit to Mullin for growing in the role. Again, he could have sat back and not even offered anything to Brand and Arenas……..both of whom would help this franchise when healthy.

    He could have sat back and not made a push for Corey Maggette or matched Azubuike’s deal……….then it would have been back to the NBDL or CBA to turn the tides.

    A big trade is needed. One that would compare to the acquisition of Baron Davis in 2004-2005 (I think it was that year…….don’t hold me to it).

  • Chris

    Please correct my last post………the Jermaine O’ Neal acquisition was at the beginning of the 2008-2009 campaign, not 07-08……..my fault

  • Warrior

    we already have Beidrins, Wright, and Randolph

  • A’s in 2009

    was already have the worst defense in the universe.

    c’mon people! trading our two worst defenders for 5×5 is a no-brainer, DUDES.

  • Kyle

    If we trade Anthony Randolph I’d have a hard time continuing to be a fan. He’s the only guy on the roster I feel that way about. The guy’s special and an absolute joy to watch play. Bosh is a great player but we could get him without giving up AR.

  • Ron

    I can’t believe half these folks saw AK play the last 3 years…PART TIME player,even if he’s in the whole game. Last time we played them,He could not guard Morrow or Azubuike..at all. Utah had to put Harpring in because Kirilenko was pouting. The last few years…he’s show up about 5-10 min and then take the rest off. Even with bad wheels Harpring played better. Rebounds? Per minute Wright is FAR better (blocks too). I don’t think AK even matched Maggette as a rebounder.

    The GOOD part…..He’s just a high price salary dump and if he sits so “The Future” olays…so what?
    Don’t expect much. We will not show much plus on D but will score a bit less. Azubuike and Randolph do attavk the rim..but Mags was real good at that. We Waste $30 million on the Kirilenko era….well…..typically we’d go after a worse move.

    Bosh will be VERY high $ contract and we’d be in the lux tax a LONG time. We’d be putting our eggs in one basket…..take a look at J O’Neal,Arenas, Elton Brand,Marbury, Iverson, McGrady…HUGE money and Azubuike had a better year than any of them.

    Boozer….is as injury prone as Ike Diogu ( and no better on D. Ike however will be about $9 mill a year less and if you feed him in the paint-he scores.

    I’d do Maggette-Crawford-Our #1, for Kirilenko-Millsap and Utah’s #1. Then I’d try trading Kirilenko to Memphis.

  • @chris
    AR is a future hof player, he has got a unique combination of talent and freakish athleticism that only a handful of players in nba possess( read lebron, durant, d.howard ) plus he is only 19! he is basically k.garnett minus postgame plus handles.
    why in the hell would we trade future hof player just to get 50 wins when he can bring us to promise land in 2 years?

    in my opinion if utah wants to trade ak for maggs they know something that we don’t and i would be very cautious. if kirilenko is our only option, then maybe we should wait till mid-season to try and trade maggs contract.

  • Chris

    “Farid”……since we haven’t had much luck in previous drafts……Anthony Randolph stands out a lot in most Warrior fans’ minds.

    However, he is no KG or Chris Bosh, he’s a talented, young player, energetic, works hard, athletic….but he is nowhere near as smart a basketball player as KG.

    He is only standing out because our recent draft picks have been terrible. So now, every Warrior fan is just looking for something to get excited about.

    Mark my word, 14 ppg and 7 rpg and 3.2 bpg will be around his career average. He is not a 20ppg 10 rpg guy.

    He makes too many mistakes……..turns the ball over way too much. I know he’s young, but if you put him in the category of a future HOF’er or KG, you better know what the hell you’re talking about.

    KG was already ready to play and make an impact in the NBA right out of high school, he was about the same age as Anthony but KG is 10 times smarter a basketball player and has a better NBA basketball IQ.

    Derrick Rose will have a better career than Anthony Randolph, mark my words.

  • imani

    We already have 2 thin SF/PF players who can defend /rebound in Wright and Randolph, plus they’re coachable and young. Why disrupt chemistry? Had a pure point guard (Marcus Williams) who Nelson never played and a quite decent back up in CJ Watson (see Warriors last 8-10 games). Maggette can give points off bench and ability to get to foul line will offset any defensive liabilities.

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