Here’s an Interesting Trade …

The Warriors need a place to send guard Jamal Crawford, right? How about this trade:

Crawford to Portland for C Joel Pryzbillla and PG Steve Blake.

Portland needs a help in the backcourt for Brandon Roy, who is Crawford’s best friend, BTW. They maybe interested. Pryzbilla is getting $6.857 million next season and he has a player option for 2010-11 ($7.4 million). Blake has one year left at $4.9 million.

Plus, after pulling this off, the Warriors can afford to ship Andris Biedrins and Brandan Wright to Toronto for Chris Bosh. Golden State would have Turiaf and Pryzbilla as their centers. That ain’t half bad. Plus they’d be much better at the PF position.

I’d do this. If Toronto passes, you should still be able to make a move somewhere.

Marcus Thompson

  • Andrew

    Or we could just scrap it and go after Sergio Rodriguez

  • “The Ricker”


    Are they any updates on the Mullin situation?

    Is there any drama going on in Warriorland?

  • Trade Jackson

    it would be a good trade for the warriors but i dont see the trailblazers giving up pryzbilla since oden is unproven and injury prone

  • manhattanproj

    i wouldn’t give up andris for bosh. bosh hasn’t proven anything other than a stat sheet player. he couldn’t even win in the east.

    i doubt the blazers would give up blake. he’s too valuable.

    if it works out, not a bad trade.

  • Stan


    That would be a fantastic trade for the Warriors! No way it happens though. The Blazers would be crazy to trade a solid backup center who is their best rebounder when Oden is injury prone, and their starting point guard (who ideally would be their backup point guard) for Jamal Crawford. Crawford can score the ball, but he takes a ton of shots and needs the ball in his hands to be most effective. The Blazer’s GM is way too smart to make that trade. Nice wishful thinking though.

  • Kyle

    I love this trade idea.

    If Portland would go for this I think it’s a no-brainer. Pryzbilla’s a solid center who could help us rebound and guard bigger centers, in particular. Blake could either start or help run the second unit – either way the guy can shoot and handle the ball well. This would be a major upgrade and I don’t think it’s unrealistic.

    Portland has a logjam at PG and I’m sure they envision a bigger role for Bayless next year. The guy can play. They also have Sergio Rodriguez at the point and Fernandez can play some point, too. Blake made some really dumb decision in the first round of the playoffs – maybe they’re souring on him? My main worry is that without Pryzbilla they would only have 1 legit center. They’d have to fill that role with someone else that we don’t have (or wouldn’t want to give up).

    Now if only we had a GM…

  • Trade Jackson


    we do, his name is don nelson

  • A’s in 2009

    Something to know, Portland will have SOME capspace this summer, only a little thanks to Darius Miles, but I believe they will have about $7 Mil in capspace. I wonder if Portland could convince Crawford to opt out and just sign there. A deal starting around $7 Mil the first year could get him around $40M for 5 years, more than the mid-level exception. There’s also sign&trade possibilities, since they will be under the cap they can do unbalanced trades like trading Sergio($1.5M) for Crawford(starting at $8.5 Mil). Lot’s of possibilities here.

  • Trade Jackson

    the ideas in this blog and comments are much better than anything larry riley or don nelson can ever come up with, im mean seriously, larry riley? we are doomed

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    Well, one thing is for sure about this trade… Crawford would love it. Isn’t he really good friends with Roy?

    I too, am a big fan of this trade idea, even if we don’t seek out any other trades in the off-season. However…

    What if we were to combine this with the other proposal though?… Follow up with Maggette, Wright, Belinelli for AK47 (and a pick?). I like Marco and BWright a lot, but they don’t seem to be going anywhere on this team with the emergence of Morrow and Randolph.

    We then have Monta/Blake, Jackson/Morrow, Kirilenko/Buike, Randolph/Turiaf, Biedrins/Pryzbilla. That is a beastly 10-man rotation.

    Maybe we give up our 2nd rounder to Portland, then get the 2nd round pick from the Jazz in the second deal…

    Food for thought.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    Also of note… Crawford for Pryzbilla and Rodriguez works money wise… Still unsure if Portland would want to part with Pryzbilla.

  • CL

    MT2, please put down the pipe. Portland will not trade Pryzbilla for Crawford. Good NBA general managers will not trade big for small unless the small is named Lebron.

  • jsl

    The Jamal trade would be great — tho I doubt Portland’s that stupid.

    Giving Toronto BW and Goose for a year of Rent-a-Bosh is just the kind of insanity the Warriors front office has been committing for years. (What? AR gets to ride the bench again as Bosh eats up all the “four” minutes, no doubt along with Maggette? Whee! What fun THAT would be!)

    Bosh would just HATE Nelson (unless Nelson let him call the shots and play without direction — a la Jack, who could be very good if Nelson weren’t his coach), plus Bosh is one of the league’s absolute worst defending big men. Oh, but that’s just what Nelson would love, yet another guy who can’t/won’t play D. We might even be able to break the “points against” record if we dumped Goose and BW for a year of Bosh.

    The insanity continues. . . .

  • y would we want pryzbilla when we have andris and ronny where would he get his minutes maybe if bwright32 was in the discussion but idk about his contract

  • and chris bosh what would happen to randolph he is a developing star and he would b pissed bcuz bosh is an all-star and for randolph to be happy he would want at leat 20-25 min a game and its not like an all-star to only play half the game

  • deano

    Marcus: I like the Crawford for Blake trade; but throwing in Channing Frye, rather than Przybilla, would be better for the W’s and better for the salary match.

    Next season, Crawford makes $9.36MM; Blake, $4.93MM; Przybilla, $6.86MM; Frye $4.3MM. Frye has only one year left, which is better than Przybilla’s two.

    I do not like the Bosh for Biedrins trade. Beans and Turiaf are a good combination at center, and both are well-liked by their teamates. Bringing in Bosh and Pryzbilla is a risky experiment without any obvious gain going in.

  • gkingus

    Yeah, I like the Crawford for Blake plus filler idea but would pass on the Bosh trade. I don’t want anyone taking minutes away from Randolph. Crawford for Bayless and filler would be interesting too.

  • jer

    yes i’m down with getting whatever we can for crawford, portland’s probably the most realistic target. Samuraiiis scenario is definitely tantlizing but one of the big dudes would probably end up riding the pine playing for nellie. would portland really pass up a trade for blake and frye? What’s his contract status next season?

  • Best trade option that may work:
    Maggette + Crawford + B. Wright for Kirilenko.

    Lineup for W’s-
    1 Monta, CJ, 1st rd pick or MLE player- A. Miller)
    2 Jackson, Morrow, Belinelli
    3 Kirilenko, Maggette, Azubuike
    4 Randolph, 1st rd pick or MLE player- B. Bass)
    5 Biedrins, Turiaf

    Either Brandon Bass or Andre Miller would be a nice addition. The Warriors need defensive toughness and rebounding and Bass or Miller and Kirilenko would address those needs. Plus they all fit the run and gun, i.e. Nelly’s system.

  • oops, strike Maggette from the lineup


    Can’t see anyway Portland would do this trade. Crawford’s not a replacement for a true point guard. I think making an effort to get the lesser-light Sergio Rodriguez is more doable. Flashy, fast and often in McMillan’s doghouse because of trying to do too much and throwing the ball away, he might fit the Warriors to a ‘T’. An upgrade over what they have now at any rate.

    By the way, Portland would not be interested in a 2nd rounder, they already have FOUR.

  • B Ditty

    I don’t know whats more shocking:

    the fact that some posters are going gaga for Blake, Portlands version of CJ Watson…or that some posters are going gaga for the pryz, who has been a second rate center since he joined the league. the only reason portland kept him was for insurance in case oden got hurt.

    a little reality check is needed. the portland trailblazers are as good as roy and aldridge. those are the only players we should be trying to get.

    and besides Nellie already told crawford to take a hike in the press. not a very effective bargaining tool in my book.

  • JustPuked

    Like the Crawford trade…

  • Lufty455

    Trade Nellie for anyone… this guy is a dumb ass.
    Trade Rowell for anyone too… another dumb ass.
    and Riley well a puppet to the dumb asses..
    Well at least we can dream of having a real coach and a prez someday.

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